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Ayurveda: Art of Being

Nalin Pan Indiában nőtt fel. Családja sok-sok generáción át mély hittel éli világát, hétköznapjait az ayurveda

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin, Dan Castellaneta, Gilbert Gottfried, Frank Welker, Jim Cummings, Val Bettin,
GENERE: Animazione

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Le magiche penne di Petra

Abu often steals dates out of trees so Rasoul threatens to throw Abu in jail if he steals one more. Later, someone sets Abu up for stealing more dates and Aladdin must prove him innocent by finding Abis Mal.

1x2 - Le lune di re Mamoud

A little king rules over a precious area, but if the people don't keep him happy his bad moods will cause bad weather. It's up to Aladdin and company to keep him happy until the prince can learn to fend for himself.

1x3 - Un talento incompreso

Abu constantly steals whatever he likes and causes the Aladdin trouble as a new palace resident. Aladdin tries to keep Abu on a leash to keep him from mischief, but Abu hates it and runs away.

1x4 - I bassifondi di Agrabah

Aladdin doubts that Jasmine could survive as a street rat. Jasmine gets angry at this, so she spends an entire day at the marketplace. She steals a mirror that casts a magic spell on her and becomes a real rat while Iago becomes a frilled lizard.

GUEST STAR: , Jim Cummings,

1x5 - La città abbandonata

The city of Gezistan crashes everyday and it's up to Aladdin and friends to stop whatever is causing it. They find that a group of imps are doing the damage, then turning around and accepting payment by the sultan of Gezistan to fix the damage.

GUEST STAR: , Rene Auberjonois,

1x6 - Insetti meccanici

It is discovered that mechanical bugs have infested every mechanical device in Agrabah. The Sultan requests that Aladdin investigate them. Aladdin finds that an evil genius, named Mechanickles, is behind the damage.

1x7 - Il demone del fumo

Abis Mal is able to steal from Agrabah blind. He does this by burning this magical powder that creates smoke demons when burned.

1x8 - Il tesoro più prezioso

20 years ago the young Sultan had to pass through an evil plant-man's garden. The Sultan promised to give the plant-man his most precious treasure in return for safe passage. Now the evil plant-man has come back for the Sultan's most precious treasure: Jasmine!

1x9 - Abù il grande eroe

An ancient civilization is giving premonitions to Abu. Aladdin thinks the premonitions are for himself. Abu shows that size doesn't matter by saving the ancient civilization from a dinosaur.

1x10 - L'uomo di latta

Aladdin feels left out when the Sultan and Jasmine have their royal parties, so Iago teaches Aladdin some manners. Aladdin impresses everyone at the next royal party except for Jasmine who wants him to be himself. Aladdin gets a little conceited, and overcomes this when he has to stop one of Mechanickles' evil schemes.

1x11 - Un amore cosmico

Abis Mal steals Genie's lamp. While Genie's on his quest to find his home he meets a female Genie along the way. Her name is Eden, and she is the master of a poor boy. The 3 of them all help Genie find his lamp, and when they catch up with Abis Mal he decides to dump Genie, and be Eden's new master.

GUEST STAR: , Debi Derryberry,

1x12 - La città nascosta

A colony of giant spiders called the Unkhbut have kidnapped Jasmine.

1x13 - Il popolo del fango

Aladdin and company are captured by mud creatures called the Al Muddi, and they need water in order to beat them, but it's hard to find that in a dessert so they improvise by using the sun!

GUEST STAR: , Jim Cummings,

1x14 - Il mostro del triangolo di Nettuno

Mechanickles has created a mechanical sea monster that is tearing up ships. Aladdin volunteers to join with Captain Al Bahtross in stopping the Kraken.

1x15 - Un amore impossibile

Aladdin saves a fellow street rat named Sadira from Rasoul. Sadira falls in love with Aladdin, but he explains that he already has a fiancé. This annoys her so she decides to become a sand witch. She uses her powers to make Aladdin fall in love with her, but the power of true love is stronger than her magic.

GUEST STAR: , Kellie Martin, Jim Cummings,

1x16 - Il genio alla riscossa

Mechanickles is tired of Aladdin foiling his plans so he gets an evil hypnotic robot to bring them around to his way of thinking.

1x17 - La regina della pioggia

Agrabah is a very hot place, so to cool it down Aladdin wants to take a rain cloud from elsewhere, but there's only one problem. The rain clouds have a keeper; a bird named Thundra. Iago distracts Thundra with his male charm while Aladdin takes the rain cloud. When Thundra finds out that one of her rain clouds are missing Iago finds out that business and pleasure don't mix.

GUEST STAR: , Candi Milo, Whitby Hertford,

1x18 - La rosa dell'oblio

Abis Mal gets the rose of forgetfulness. His original plan was to use it on the Sultan to take over his throne, but Jasmine gets becomes affected by it instead. Abis Mal takes advantage of Jasmine's amnesia to remake her into a villain.

1x19 - Il piccolo Squirt

Jasmine receives a cute animal for a present. The problem is that this little animal has the power to make your wishes come true which makes him a target for evil.

GUEST STAR: , Jeff Bennett,

1x20 - Un incantesimo quasi perfetto

Sadira uses a magic spell to trade lives with Jasmine so she can be close to Aladdin. Now Sadira is a princess and Jasmine is a street rat. The spell effects everyone except for Abu, Iago, and Rajah which means it's up to them to set things right.

GUEST STAR: , Kellie Martin,

1x21 - Il giorno della fondazione

Abis Mal uses a time machine to go back in time to become the Sultan of Agrabah. If he succeeds Jasmine will never have existed.

1x22 - Prigioniera della Luna

Aladdin and Jasmine have a very romantic date and before he can finish it the others want him to help them find a treasure.

1x23 - Le pietre dell'umore

Abis Mal and Mechanickles team up to get their revenge on Aladdin. They decide to use magical jewels each of which contain an emotion. The jewels effect everyone except for Aladdin who decides to reverse the curse and use the jewels on Mechanickles and Abis Mal.

1x24 - Il signore dei venti

Thundra is tired of doing controling the weather, so Iago volunteers to take over while Thundra is on vacation. All goes well until Iago makes a bad deal with Thundra's rival Malcho. Iago gives him Thundra's weather medallion.

GUEST STAR: , Candi Milo, Hector Elizondo,

1x25 - Don Chisciotte

Sadira puts a spell on Aladdin so he will love her over Jasmine, but the spell goes wrong and now Aladdin thinks he's Don Quixote. The only way to cure this spell is a kiss from Sadira, but Jasmine won't allow it.

GUEST STAR: , Kellie Martin,

1x26 - Il morso del rocciadrago

Abis Mal puts a curse on the Sultan's bathing oils to turn him to stone, but Iago uses it instead and has before sundown to get the cure. He does everything that he can to get it.

1x27 - Il castello ghiacciato

After Aladdin and company take a trip to the frozen north they meet an ice efreet named Frajhid. He gives Agrabah something they've never had: snow, but soon gets caught up wanting the people of Agrabah to be living2 in an icy wonderland.

GUEST STAR: , Dan Castellaneta,

1x28 - Il dragone di Pei-Ling

Aladdin and friends encounter a dragon while on a trading mission.

1x29 - Abis Mal l'invincibile

Two kids love the stories of the heroic adventures of Aladdin, so Genie, Iago, and Abu tell them some. All goes well until Abis Mal starts telling them more and tricks the kids into helping him find a treasure.

1x30 - Una sirena ad Agrabah

An evil sea mermaid named Saleen has the elemental power of water. She usually uses this ability to drown sailors, but this time she's caught Jasmine. When she finds out that Jasmine has a boyfriend she decides to hook, line, and sink him.

GUEST STAR: , Julie Brown,

1x31 - Lo spirito dei vulcani

Abis Mal threatens Agrabah with a fire elemental.

GUEST STAR: , Tone Loc,

1x32 - Che vinca il migliore

Genie has never won a game against carpet, but when he meets two game-loving wizards, how far will he go to win?

1x33 - L'abominevole uomo delle nevi

Aladdin and friends are forced to go through a castle when there's no other way around, and the resident decides he wants Genie to stay and be his court jester.

1x34 - Il regno degli animali

Aladdin and company find themselves in a village with talking animals. These animals are prejudiced against humans and don't trust them, but when Aladdin saves the day they learn that you need to judge each creature by their actions.

GUEST STAR: , Michael Dorn,

1x35 - Genio per un giorno

Iago thinks that Genie's magical job is easy, so Genie gives Iago his powers for a day. Iago has fun with it at first, but then he realizes what a tough job it is to be a genie.

GUEST STAR: , Dan Lawer,

1x36 - I cavalieri del destino

Aladdin and company are caught between two armies of horsemen fighting each other. This wouldn't be such a tough battle if there weren't only one problem. The battle keeps repeating itself everyday. As each day goes on each member of Aladdin's team either gets captured or turned into a horseman. Now it's up to Iago to figure out how to save the day, and to stop whatever keeps making the battle repeat.

1x37 - La terra delle sabbie d'oro

Evil sorcerer Mozenrath is looking for someone who can take challenges. He learns about Aladdin, and when he does he kidnaps Genie to force Aladdin to rescue him and destroy a monster called Thirdak who's trying to eat Genie's magic.

1x38 - L'oro dei poveri

Iago can't stand being greedy so he steals valuables to give away.

1x39 - Il cristallo di Ixtalah

On a lovely day Aladdin and Jasmine are about to go on a date, but it is quickly ruined by Mozenrath. He kidnaps Aladdin for Genie, and now Jasmine has to disguise herself as a guard to rescue him.

1x40 - Chi ha paura dei gatti di fuoco

Aladdin and friends meet Mirage, the evil catwoman with incredible powers.

1x41 - Le sette facce del genio

Genie experiments by giving himself seven split personalities, but something goes wrong and those personalities split out of him and rampage all over Ghezistan.

1x42 - Il ritorno di Mozenrath

Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu go out on a secret mission to stop Mozenrath's new evil magical creature: a wind jackal. Convinced that they've gone on a treasure hunt without him, Iago gets Genie and carpet to go after them. What they don't know is that Mozenrath's got magic detectors all over his kingdom.

1x43 - Un eroe quasi perfetto

Mechanickles decides to be a father and builds himself a robotic son, but things go wrong when this robot son has a mind of his own.

GUEST STAR: , Jim Cummings,

1x44 - Missione impossibile

Nefir and the imps are back, and they've got a new plan. To steal the golden silk of Panacea.

GUEST STAR: , Rene Auberjonois,

1x45 - Barbare usanze

Aladdin and Jasmine travel to Odiferous to attend Uncouthma's wedding, but someone is trying to ruin the happy couple's wedding day.

GUEST STAR: , Tino Insana,

1x46 - Un brutto miraggio

Mirage tries to eliminate Agrabah with a black spire that eliminates anything its shadow touches. Can Aladdin and friends stop her before Agrabah disappears at sundown?

1x47 - Ritorno ad Odiferus

It's the return of the newlyweds Uncouthma and his wife. This time they have a son, and he thinks brawn is the only way to solve problems. But when a real problem comes up and lizards are affecting Odiferious' cheese Aladdin teaches him it's good to have brains and brawn.

GUEST STAR: , Elizabeth Daily, Tino Insana,

1x48 - Il mercante di armi

Nefir and his imps are making Agrabah and Odiferous go to war. The imps are supplying both cities with war supplies and making a nice profit it at the same time.

GUEST STAR: , Rene Auberjonois, Tino Insana,

1x49 - La notte dei fangaddi

Aladdin gets some well deserved relaxation time, but when Iago tracks Al Muddi mud into the palace, can he, Abu, and Genie handle it without Aladdin?

1x50 - L'uovo di grifone

A griffin is terrorizing Gezistan and its all Abis Mal's fault.

1x51 - Lo stregone senza testa

Aladdin and friends are tricked into finding an evil wizard's body. When they do the wizard attaches his head to his body then removes Aladdin's head from his own!

GUEST STAR: , Vincent Schiavelli, Susan Yezzi, Dan Lawer,

1x52 - Mekanikos il distruttore

Mechanical termites are tearing down Thundra's rain forest. When Aladdin and company tell Thundra that they've found out that Mechanickles is doing this Thundra decides to take care of him herself.

GUEST STAR: , Candi Milo,

1x53 - Quando arriva il

Aladdin gets overconfident and thinks he can overcome any challenge that evil presents him so Chaos, the ultimate evil, gives him a real challenge.

GUEST STAR: , Matt Frewer,

1x54 - La prodigiosa armatura

A rampaging monster named Dominous Tusk becomes a threat to Agrabah while Aladdin and genie are gone. The Sultan decides to don a suit of armor from an ancient warrior. The Sultan successfully defeats Dominous and all of Agrabah wants him as their protector. However, the more the Sultan uses the armor the more possessed he becomes with the spirit of that ancient warrior.

GUEST STAR: , Jim Cummings, Tim Curry,

1x55 - La statua smarrita

Saleen turns Aladdin into a shark, so she can have a new sea animal to play with.

GUEST STAR: , Julie Brown,

1x56 - Sabbia nera

Each one of Aladdin's friends gets replaced by undead mamluks.

GUEST STAR: , Jeff Bennett,

1x57 - Un bel gioco dura poco

A group of sprites teach Aladdin how to fly and carpet feels left out. When the sprites want to play all the time they seem to good to be true and carpet teaches them a lesson they'll never forget.

GUEST STAR: , Nancy Cartwright,

1x58 - La rivincita di Iago

Butterfingers has some tricks up his sleeve and he's after the Sultan who's been turned into a miniature gold statue.

GUEST STAR: , Jeff Bennett,

1x59 - La perduta Città del Sole

Mozenrath enslaves the sprites and forces them to find a lost city that contains an enormous amount of power. Some sprites escape and go to Aladdin for help.

1x60 - Ritorno dal Mondo del Non-Ritorno

Iago acts greedy again and this time it leads them to the Netherworld. Now they are trapped in the Netherworld with Ayam Aghoul. Can Iago and Abu escape and prevent Aladdin from falling into Ayam's trap?

GUEST STAR: , Hamilton Camp, Jim Cummings,

1x61 - La pietra del destino (parte 1)

When Aladdin finds out that 3 theives from the past have somehow turned into powerful magical creatures he tries to stop them. Before he can do so all of Aladdin's friends( except Abu) ask him who are these old thieves, so Aladdin tells him how he knows these theives.

GUEST STAR: , Charity James, Michael Bell,

1x62 - La pietra del destino (parte 2)

After telling the story of how he met them, Aladdin and co. go find their headquarters to put a stop to them once and for all.

GUEST STAR: , Michael Bell, Charity James,

1x63 - Il rivale

Queen Hippsodeth has fallen in love with the Sultan of Agrabah, but King Pecter has fallen in love with her. A deadly love triangle means trouble for the Sultan and Agrabah.

GUEST STAR: , Kate Mulgrew,

1x64 - Un temibile avversario

Aziz is back, and he's turned the Sultan, Jasmine, and the rest of Agrabah into slugs while Aladdin and the gang are on vacation. Rasoul is the only one from the palace who has managed to escape. Aladdin and Rasoul must find a way to work together to finally beat Aziz without fighting each other in the process.

GUEST STAR: , Michael Bell,

1x65 - Il ritorno di Malcho

The Sultan and everyone else are going on a little trip except for Aladdin and Iago. The Sultan tells Aladdin to take charge of the kingdom while he'a away. All goes well until Malcho comes back from the frozen north to get his revenge on Iago. Now Aladdin has to protect Iago and the kingdom against him.In the end Malcho decides to now take his revenge out on Aladdin instead.

GUEST STAR: , Hector Elizondo,

Stagione 2

2x1 - Lo squalo d'oro

A land swimming shark rampages through Agrabah. Aladdin and company climb aboard Captain Murk's flying ship to hunt it down.

GUEST STAR: , Dorian Harewood,

2x2 - La pillola di Makkhanà

Genie catches a magical cold that effects his magic that prevents him from controlling his magic. Iago and Aladdin find a magic orb to cure him.

2x3 - L'occhio del profeta

A prophecy of doom for Aladdin spells disaster for the evil monster of Fashoom.

2x4 - Il principe Uncouthma

Prince Uncouthma of Odifferous comes for Jasmine, and Aladdin thinks he has no reason to be jealous, but when Jasmine starts flirting with him to make Aladdin jealous he starts to realize what he's got.

GUEST STAR: , Tino Insana,

2x5 - Lo sciamano

Genie becomes the target of a shaman who wants his magical powers and will go to great lengths to get them.

GUEST STAR: , Dorian Harewood,

2x6 - Il giorno del morto vivente

Aladdin finds a chest filled with spice and a necklace. When he gives them to Jasmine he releases Ayam Aghoul, the duke of the dead who wants to marry Jasmine.

GUEST STAR: , Hamilton Camp,

2x7 - L'eroe dalle mille piume

Iago is destined to wake up an ancient evil, and when he does it tramples Agrabah. Iago gets frightened and blames Genie.

2x8 - Le streghe della sabbia

The ancient witches of the sand have returned to rule Agrabah and Sadira must choose between power and real friendship.

GUEST STAR: , Kellie Martin,

2x9 - La vipera nera

A message meant for Aladdin gets sidetracked by Iago and Abu.

GUEST STAR: , Hamilton Camp,

2x10 - Mai sottovalutare il sultano

Jasmine is kidnapped by Queen Hipposedeth and her amazons. Everyone else gets defeated and so it is up to the Sultan to save the day and get his daughter back.

GUEST STAR: , Kate Mulgrew,

2x11 - Caccia al genio

Genie's old master allows a muktar to hunt Genie to get him back.

2x12 - La stirpe degli el-katib

Children are disappearing all over Agrabah. Aladdin has to stop El Katib from taking them.

GUEST STAR: , Jim Cummings,

2x13 - Con la forza dell'amore

Mirage argues that love is weak, while Fashir thinks that it is stronger than her evil. Mirage sells Jasmine a magic lotion that turns her into a snake. Aladdin loves her anyway, but can't touch her because he'll die, so he proves that love is stronger by turning into a snake with her.

Stagione 3

3x1 - La preda

Mozenrath hires the Muktar to capture Genie. Muktar hunts down every one of Genie's friends and leaves Genie for Mozenrath, but struck by Genie's friendship he decides to help Genie defeat Mozenrath and free the others.

3x2 - I cavalieri di Ramond

Marauders are blocking a trade route between Agrabah and other deserts. Aladdin investigates the situation only to find out that the leader is stopping time, stealing the deliveries, and capturing the tradesmen.

3x3 - Il libro di Khartoum

Genie's got a date with his genie girlfriend Eden, but he gets a little sidetracked when Mozenrath kidnaps him for his power in order towake Khartoum. Eden gets angry and by the time she finds Genie Mozenrath decides that two genies are better than one.

GUEST STAR: , Tony Jay,

3x4 - L'incantesimo sulla città

Mirage has opened up a magical music box, and everyone in Agrabah has fallen asleep forever except Aladdin and Jasmine. Can they stay awake and shut down Mirage's music box before the whole world falls asleep?

3x5 - Spirito maligno cerca casa

Mozenrath's magic glove is destroying his body and he's decided to switch bodies with Aladdin, but something goes wrong and they both wind up in Aladdin's body.

3x6 - Il giorno del giudizio

Jasmine has a dream about the destruction of Agrabah. She tells the others, and they think she's crazy until it comes true. An evil being called the ethereal comes to judge Agrabah and she's not happy by what she sees.

GUEST STAR: , Kath Soucie,

3x7 - Le ombre viventi

Ayam Aghoul escapes the Netherworld and uses his shadow to remove the shadows of Aladdin and his friends. They all have to get their shadows back or they'll join Ayam Aghoul in the Netherworld by sundown.

GUEST STAR: , Hamilton Camp,

3x8 - Il grande Molok

Aladdin discovers the Lost Jewels of Mizmeria. One of the jewels is taken by a bird who used to be a king. In the sun the jewel becomes Queen Deluca.


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