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The Guild

The Guild is a independent sitcom web series about a group of online gamers. It is written for gamers, about gamers by a gamer. Episodes vary from 3-6 minutes in length, and follow the Guild members’ lives online and offline.

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Robin Thorsen, Amy Okuda, Vincent Caso, Wil Wheaton,
GENERE: Comedy, Drama

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Wake-Up Call

Cyd Sherman's online gaming habit brings more than she bargains for ... a stressed-out therapist and an even more stressed-out life.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x2 - Zaboo'd

Cyd Sherman's imaginary world becomes all too real when a gnome warlock shows up on her doorstep.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x3 - The Macro Problem

Codex's problem with Zaboo gets sidetracked by a crisis in the Guild.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x4 - Cheesybeards

The Knights of Good finally meet face to face's awkward.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x5 - Rather Be Raiding

Codex struggles to keep the Guild meeting on track, and everything turns out great! Not.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x6 - Total Wipe

Emotions run high in the Guild after the disastrous Cheeseybeards meeting.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x7 - Home Invasion

Codex discovers why Zaboo is so weird. It's genetic.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x8 - Tipping Point

It's up to Codex to grow a spine, eep.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x9 - Owning Bladezz

The Guild confronts Bladezz and Codex holds the trump card.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

1x10 - Boss Fight!

The Knights of Good must face their toughest enemy: Zaboo's Mom.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

Stagione 2

2x1 - Link The Loot

Codex adjusts to Zaboo as a house-guest, while the rest of The Guild finds a valuable object in the game.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x2 - Block'd

Clara blows up in-game and out, while Codex lays down the law to Zaboo.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x3 - Quest Accepted!

Zaboo begins his journey on the road to manhood; Codex learns more about Vork than she'd ever want to know.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x4 - Heroic Encounter

Codex meets her new neighbor; The guys and girls of The Guild dish in separate channels.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x5 - Sacking Up

Zaboo continues his quest to become a man, while Tink tries to "help" Codex.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x6 - Blow Out

The girls give Codex advice, and friction between Vork and Zaboo escalates.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x7 - Panic Attack

Codex deals with yet another Guildie on her doorstep.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x8 - Emergency!

Vork calls a guild meeting to deal with the server downtime.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x9 - Grouping Up

The Guild splits up into guys and girls night while the game server goes down.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x10 - Socializing Sucks

Bladezz takes control of Guy's night; Codex's neighbor shows up at her party.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x11 - Collision Course

The "Guild" guys crash the girls' night; Zaboo gets a rude awakening.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

2x12 - Fight!

Characters collide (literally).

AUTORE: Felicia Day

Stagione 3

3x1 - Expansion Time

The Guild waits in line for their game's expansion to come out, and deals with inter-personal tension in…dysfunctional ways.

3x2 - Anarchy!

A group of rival gamers cut in front of The Guild at the game store. And they aren’t nice about it.

3x3 - Player Down

The Guild tries to cope with one man down. Or maybe two.

3x4 - Get It Back

Codex enters enemy territory to get her guildie back.

3x5 - Application'd

The guild struggles to fill Tink's spot.

3x6 - Newbtastic

Mr. Wiggly joins the Guild...unfortunately.

3x7 - Coping and Stuff

The Axis of Anarchy thwarts Codex's attempt to counter their attacks with logic and reasonableness.

3x8 - +10 to Bravery

Codex takes desperate measures to save the Guild. She even goes outside!

3x9 - Wit's End

The Guild crumbles under the Axis of Anarchy's attacks.

3x10 - The Return!

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Vork returns to rebuild the Guild. Not really that dramatic, but you get the idea.

3x11 - Battle Royale

The Axis of Anarchy and The Knights of Good face off.

3x12 - Hero

It's up to Codex to save The Guild all by her lonesome. Solo. No pressure, really.

Stagione 4

4x1 - Epic Guilt

Codex wrestles with telling the Guild about her date with Fawkes.

4x2 - Strange Allies

Codex gets some computer help while the Guild struggles with how to build a Guild Hall.

4x3 - Oversupportive'd

Vork's competitive spirit kicks in and Codex is awestruck by Zaboo's supportive nature.

4x4 - Moving On

Codex deals with her Fawkes "relationship" problem, and another "Cheesy" door opens for her.

4x5 - Loot Envy

Codex's new job brings out unexpected feelings in the Guild. Clara gets a good idea.

4x6 - Weird Respawn

Zaboo struggles to deal with his mother’s new attitude; Codex juggles work and gaming.

4x7 - Awkward Birthday!

Fawkes' arrival at dinner throws Codex for a loop; Clara and Tink's business congeals into a plan.

4x8 - Busted

Vork and Avinashi form a weird partnership and Codex is busted.

4x9 - Pirate Paddy

Codex's creative endeavours do not pay off' she turns to the Guild for support.

4x10 - Festival of the Sea

The Guild joins forces to help Codex with her job.

4x11 - Hostile Takeovers

Vork refuses to put his honor aside; Zaboo does something right for a change.

4x12 - Guild Halls

The Guild's problems come to a head INSIDE the game!

Stagione 5

5x1 - Road Trip!

The Guildies head to the gaming convention but find the road a bit…bumpy.

5x2 - Crash Pad

Six people sharing one hotel room does not a happy Guild make.

5x3 - Megagame-O-Ramacon

The Guild members hit the floor of the gaming convention full-force! But separately!

5x4 - Ends and Begins

Codex grasps at emotional straws, while Clara discovers a Shiny convention booth.

5x5 - Focus Problems

Codex's neurosis is rejected by the Guild as close quarters lead to hot tempers.

5x6 - Revolving Doors

Vork manages Bladezz' career as Codex sets out on her own to solve the problems with their game.

5x7 - Downturn

Zaboo’s Seat-Saver’s network gets serious as Clara tries to cozy up with a new group of friends.

5x8 - Social Traumas

Bladezz and Vork hobnob with "the fancies" as Codex encounters Tink's secret origins.

5x9 - Invite Accepted

Zaboo pays back Clara’s favor as Tink and Codex set out on a mission together..

5x10 - Strategy Timez

The crowded hotel room hosts a war summit as the Guild regroups to head off the breakup of their game.

5x11 - Costume Contest

The Guild, semi--somewhat incognito, infiltrate the convention costume contest to stop their game from being ruined.

5x12 - Grande Finale!

Codex tries to save the day while having to avoid cosplay carnage and hired muscle.

Stagione 6

6x1 - Dream Questline

Codex starts her dream job at The Game with the support of her fellow Guildies, while Bladezz deals with a personal gaming setback.

AUTORE: Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis

6x2 - New Party Members

Codex has her first company meeting, Clara gets a new houseguest and Vork plans a day with his lady.

AUTORE: Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis

6x3 - Makeshift Solutions

Zaboo begins crafting his perfect partner, Clara makes a video and Codex gets an odd task and an access code.

AUTORE: Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis

6x4 - Raid Timez

The Guild crashes Codex's workplace, Vork faces the uncomfortable facts of a real life relationship.

AUTORE: Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis

6x5 - Strange Frenemies

Codex struggles to cover up Zaboo's presence at The Guild, and Bladezz offers to help Clara out with her Wiggly problems.

AUTORE: Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis

6x6 - Into the Breach

Tink and Zaboo venture into the private test server. Codex deals with yet another Guild interference at her work. Bladezz bonds with Wiggly.

AUTORE: Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis

6x7 - Occupy HQ

Zaboo progresses his love with his NPC mermaid, Sabina. Vork takes a stand for gamer rights by camping outside Game HQ.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

6x8 - Dialogue Options

Codex steps into the game with Tink's help. Vork's attempt at culling Madeline's favor backfires.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

6x9 - The Case of the Game Leak

Codex tries to investigate the Game leak. Clara's vlogging has a surprising effect and Vork discovers the drawbacks of advocacy.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

6x10 - Tipping Points

Vork’s protest picks up steam as Controller Grrl and Black Knight raise the stakes. Codex attempts to talk Floyd down and Tink uncovers some unpleasant truths.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

6x11 - Raid HQ!

Codex and Zaboo try to leave Game HQ, but face complications as Vork's protest outside turns into a riot.

AUTORE: Felicia Day

6x12 - End Game

Floyd and the Game team weather the riot outside Game HQ as the Guildies work together to save the day.

AUTORE: Felicia Day


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