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serie tvSlayers

Lina Inverse, protagonista della serie, è una giovanissima maga guerriera specializzata in magia nera e magia del caos.Al contrario di quanto può sembrare, Lina non è la classica eroina amante della giustizia che vuole salvare il mondo, pensa solo a se stessa e al proprio tornaconto, ma poi per un motivo o per un altro, si ritrova a compiere opere di bene. Irascibile, permalosa e a volte anche presuntuosa, in fondo (anche se molto in fondo) ha il cuore tenero e un animo sensibile, anche se nasconde sempre questo lato della sua personalità, forse per insicurezza. Le tre cose che più ama sono i soldi, la magia e il cibo: cerca di racimolare sempre e in ogni dove botti e tesori di ogni dimensione e per farlo aggredisce bande di briganti per poi rubargli quello che loro avevano rubato in precedenza. Per quanto riguarda il cibo, la vediamo in ogni puntata della serie, così come in ogni episodio del manga, girare i ristoranti più rinomati di ogni città che visita e sbafarsi centinaia di portate in poco tempo. ma la cosa a cui più ambisce è diventare la migliore maga del mondo e imparare sempre nuove formule di magia nera di cui lei è già esperta.

Titolo Originale: スレイヤーズ
STAGIONI/EPISODI: 5 Stagioni , 106 episodi, conclusa
Durata episodi: 22 min.
Attori principali: Yasunori MatsumotoMasami SuzukiYumiko KobayashiHikaru MidorikawaMegumi Hayashibara
Creata da: Hajime Kanzaka
Genere: Azione, Avventura, Animazione, Comedy, Fantasy
Network: TV Tokyo

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Angry? Lina's Furious Dragon Slave!

In the season's opener, we meet the lovely, Lina Inverse. She's just stolen a few treasures from a couple of bandits called the ""Dragon Fangs"" after using the ""fireball"" spells. The next day, Lina is hunted down by some of the bandits whom she stole from. A guy talks to her while the rest are not-so hiding well, willing to attack her. Right when she is about to fight, a tall, blond guy named Gourry comes to her rescue (although she could of handle it herself easy). Gourry is disappointed on the girl he saved (a child looking girl, who is underdeveloped) but he invites himself with Lina to the next town which is Atlas City. Once there, they eat at a restaurant. A village elder approaches Lina, and asks if it's really her, the great sorceress Lina Inverse. Lina smiles and says yes. Gourry is surprised to know that Lina is a sorceress, because of the clothes she is wearing. Lina gets angry at Gourry because he thought with the clothes she is wearing, she would be some kind of wait

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x2 - Bad! Mummy Men Aren't My Type!

A guy wrapped in bandages, and another creepy looking guy looks over the town that Lina destroyed using the ""Dragon Slave"" spell. The bandage guy reminisce on how he became that way, when Lina stole and attacked those Dragon Fangs. The creepy looking guy tells the other bandage guy to hurry up to retrieve the ""item"" that Lina stole. Lina and Gourry managed to run away from the angry villagers, and arrives in another town. Lina stops by a magic shop but doesn't go in. She tells Gourry to wait for him, while she runs off. Lina starts to sort out her treasures which includes gems, old coints, an enchanted knife, and rare Orihalcon statue. With the gems, Lina proceeds to make several magical amulets. She returns to the shop where she proceeds to sell the items. When the shopkeeper looks at the knife, he is put under a spell. He goes violent on them, and throws the counter at the door, preventing them to escape. They take it outside, where Lina and Gourry debate on how to defeat th

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x3 - Crash! Red and White and Suspicious All Over!

In this episode, We find out that the creepy looking man and the bandage man names are Zelgadis and Zolf (or the Mummy Man as Lina likes to call him). Zelgadis wishes to purchase the item that Lina stole from the Dragon Fans, but doesn't tell her which one. Only two things come to mind the statue and the knife. Lina over prices the both items by 100 times the street price. Unfortunately the prices are to high, so Zelgadis leaves (with the Mummy Man) quietly. He tells them they are sworn enemys. Gourry is worried about them being ambushed in the night, but Lina knows better. Someone like Zelgadis keeps his word. The next day, when they leave the inn, they are ambushed by Zelgadis minions. Lina is attacked early one and Gourry had to defeat them all. They head to another inn, where more of Zelgadis minions is attacking them. They get help by Rezo, the Red Priest, who puts a spell on all of Zelgadis minions and make them leave quietly. Lina thanks him, and Rezo explains that Zelga

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x4 - Dash! Run for it! My Magic Doesn't Work?

While heading for Atlas City, Lina tells Gourry to stick close to her durning a battle (if any) because she has lost her power for two or three days. She doesn't say how, but Gourry thinks it has to do with the fact that it's ""the time of the month."" Suddenly Zelgadis and his minions appears out of nowhere, and challeges them. Dilgear, a werewolf, says how they need to take the Orihalcon statue from them, but Zelgadis gives him the glare to shut up. Lina runs away while Gourry fights with Rodimus (the old man who attacked her last episode), and Dilgear. Zelgadis corners Lina, and she manages to stun him with a light spell to his eyes. She runs away to a dead end where she is just surrounded by water. Zelgadis is right behind her, and Lina tries to use her Flare Arrow, but it goes limp before reaching him. Lina runs away, but Zelgadis uses a Shadow Snap, preventing Lina to move. Zelgadis then hits Lina with a Mono Bolt, that made her unconsicious... Will Lina wake up in time?

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x5 - Escape! Noonsa, the Flaming Fish Man!

Lina wakes up as she hangs with Zelgadis and his two minions watching her (Rodimus is watching guard outside). They tell her about how Gourry abandoned her, and asks her about the Orihalcon statue. Lina whispers... ""The Orihalcon statue..."" and Zolf leans in. Lina screams in his ear, which pisses him off. Zolfcalls for Noonsa, a fish creature with arms and legs to kiss her. Noonsa does a deep kiss (which is putting her whole head into his mouth), and she is very disgusted about it. Lina kicks Noonsa away and starts to call Zolf a third rate wizard, which really pisses him off now. He gags her, and starts to call her everything she's not (a fifth rate wizard, a boobless girl, a girl with ugly hair) and she screams for him to stop. Zelgadis figures out that she doesn't have it, and must of gave it to Gourry. Lina then tells him she did a protection spell on the statue so that no magic whatsoever could locate it. Gourry wanders to the next town and sees a girl who looks like Lina.

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x6 - Focus! Rezo's the Real Enemy?!

Zelgadis and Rezo bicker about Zelgadis turning against Rezo. When Rezo is just about to make his move, Zelgadis grabs onto Lina (her boobs!), and Rezo isn't afraid that Zelgadis is using Lina as a shield. Zelgadis then reveals that he isn't using her as a shield. Zelgadis throws Lina towards Rezo, and he dodges her. Zelgadis then runs towards Lina, and throws a couple of fireballs at Rezo to slow him down. He then meets up with her after she struck a tree, as they run for their lives. Dilgear is upset at the fact that Lina escaped, and is yelling at the guards. Dilgear then get a message from Rezo, telling him to get Zelgadis... the traitor. Meanwhile, Gourry is ultra board and hungry and tries to entertain himself in his search for Lina. Lina and Zelgadis starts to rest nearby a lake. Lina asks for answers, and Zelgadis tells Lina that the Orihalcon statue is holding the infamous PHILOSOPHER'S Stone, that is very powerful. Lina then figures out that Rezo used the story of res

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x7 - Give Up! But, Just Before We Do, the Sure Kill Sword Appears!

Rezo calls for Zorom, of the Monster race for his help to get the stone, as well as to kill the traitor. Lina and Zelgadis wanders into a inhabitated town, where they are not so ambushed by Dilgear and severeal trolls, and other hidious creatures. Lina manages to use her fireball to get some of them. Lina and Zelgadis seperate, as they try to take them on, but the only interested in Zelgadis as they chase him, not Lina. Lina met her match as Zorom challeges her. After using her non sucessful fire ball against Zorom, Gourry comes to her rescure. Lina explains that no sword or magic will do good against Zorom, who is a pure bred monster, whose body is like a ghost. Meanwhile with Zelgadis, he manages to kill all of the creatures and takes on Dilgear himself. Just before they fight, Zolf and Rodimus appears. Dilgear is happy, but he is unaware that Rodimus and Zolf loyality is with Zelgadis. Rodimus and Zolf kills Dilgear. Gourry is pretty confident against Zorom, and calls forward

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x8 - Help! Shabranigdo is Reborn!

While in a town, Lina and company gets a message from Rezo. He shows his power when he turns a little boy into stone and demands Lina and company to his tower. Rezo tells them he could easily kill off the whole village. They have no choice but to ""talk"" with Rezo, which ends up ugly. While at the tower, Lina wants to know the truth, but figures that Rezo must of struck a deal with that monster (from the last episode) to cure his blindness (from the stone) inexchange for ressurection the Dark Lord. They ask why meet them in the tower, and he responds this is one of the spots Shabrangido's parts are. Rezo steals the statue and manages to control Zelgadis (remember Rezo sort of created Zelgadis on what he is today). He forces Zelgadis to fight against Lina and co. Rezo runs off into another room, while Lina snaps Zelgadis out of it. Rezo completes the ritual, but things turn when he got information wrong. It turns out that Shabranigdo only had a ceremony there, and not one of this

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x9 - Impact! The Eve of the Great Life or Death Struggle!

Rezo finally opens his eyes, but his blindness has turned him into the Dark Lord, Shabranigdo. Shabranigdo offers them to join him, but they refuse it. After a few words, Zolf tries to stop him using ""Dragon Slave"" but it has no affect on Shabranigdo. Shabranigdo then fires back, and Rodimus runs to save Zolf. They are caught in Shabranigdo's attack, and die. Leaving Lina, Zelgadis and Gourry all alone. They decide to run for it, and decide to sleep on it for one night. While at dinner, Zelgadis explains he did a spell against Shabranigdo, that is almost as powerful as Dragon Slave that uses the astral plane. Gourry doesn't get most of it, and Lina tries to explain that using Dragon Slave, or any other black magic is not an option, due to the fact that Shabranigdo is the ""Dark"" lord. They only way for them in hopes to atleast hurt him in some way is by using the sword of light. They all embark in this adventure tale, whether they die or not. They are interrupted by trolls runni

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x10 - Jackpot! The Great Life or Death Gamble!

In the battle for their lives (and everyone elses), Gourry tries to use the sword of light but it doesn't work against Shabranigdo. Shabranigdo then attacks Gourry and Zelgadis, leaving Lina all to Shabranigdo by herself. Shabranigdo is about to attack Lina, but Zelgadis stops him by calling Rezo who is still apart of Shabranigdo. Gourry then throws his Sword of Light, and Lina decides to use ""Giga Slave."" This spell (combined with the sword) with help from the ""Lord of Nightmare"" which is more powerful than ""Dragon Slave. She takes a swipe, but Shabranigdo blocks it. Shabranigdo thinks he can't lose, but with Rezo's help, Lina breaks the barrier and kills Shabranigdo. Lina's hair turns to white as a part of the outcome. Zelgadis decides to part ways with Lina and Gourry. Lina reminds Gourry that he was suppose to join her until they reached Atlas City, but he asks where is she headed next? Lina tells him, she'll be with him until he gives her the Sword of Light. What is in store

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x11 - Knock Out! The Seyruun Family Feud!

Lina wants to meet a prince named Philionel who is suppose to pass a way she is going. Gourry is bored, and decides to go to the next town. While Gourry is refreshing himself in a river, he hears someone calling for help. A bandit demands an average joe for his stuff. Gourry is about to save him, but a clumsy girl named Amelia saves the day. Meanwhile with Lina, she waits, but no one comes. She retreats to the next town. While having dinner, she is approached by two men, one saying that he is the Prince Philonel and shows Lina the sign or the royal crest to prove he is a prince. Randy, the other guy tells Lina in their need for help. A monster has been terrifying the village and they want her help to defeat them (and their boss), whose staying nearby in a cave. Lina agrees after they promise her a reward, and they enter the cave. We find out that the other guy, is actually the Prince's brother, Randy, and lured them (particually the prince) into a trap, hoping to kill him. Th

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x12 - Lovely! Amelia's Magic Training!

Amelia wants to learn how to do the spell ""Dragon Slave"" after Lina uses it against some bandits. Amelia goes to through with Lina's training (doing Lina's dirty work) ontop of a mountain between two towns. While getting food for Lina, Amelia almosts crashes into a old woman. Phil (the prince, who will be called that from now on), asks why don't she go around the mountain. She responds, it will take a whole day, but taking the short cut through this rough mountain seems shorter. Amelia comes up with the idea, for Lina to blow up the mountain so that the villagers have it easy. Lina uses her ""Dragon Slave"" to blow up the mountain. People are shocked why Lina did that because ontop of the mountain, their was a shrine that a priest had sealed evil spirits in (that is now gone.) Lina tells Amelia that ""Dragon Slave"" is for important things only and should be used only when needed. The evil spirits run a much in the town, and manages to go into Lina's body, making her a little girl, a

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x13 - Money! Knock Out Those Bounty Hunters!

Lina, Gourry, Amelia and Phil reaches Seyruun city, and are surprised to see Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadis' picture on a reward/criminal poster. Shortly after, guys come after Lina and Gourry, and Amelia, whose fighting for good, decides to turn her back and wants to help catch Lina and Gourry. Lina and Gourry manages to out run them, but they are approached by a group of people wanting the money. After beating group and group that kept on coming, Lina falls for a not so smart tric (a unicorn's horn hanging in a cage) and gets captured by Amelia. They all are approached by Zangulus, a bounty hunter, and Vrumugun, a sorcerer. They tie up Lina in small balls and chains, along with a circlet around her head that shocks her everytime she casts a spell. Along with Gourry, they put them in a cell. Lina is fed up and does a spell that breaks the all the balls/chains (while getting shocked.) Zangulus and Vrumugun want to give the award money to Amelia, who does not take it. They hear the cra

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x14 - Navigation! An Invitation To Sairaag!

Lina and Gourry are caught a group of bandits, paid by Zangulus and Vrumugun, that want to bring Lina to Sairaag. They are about to fight but Lina and Gourry retreats after Lina's stomach growls loudly. Amelia, with a whole bag full of food, spots Lina and Gourry running away. Lina spots Amelia with the food and uses her Levitation to fly up. Gourry grabs onto Lina's cape, and the bandits grabs onto Gourry, creating a whole chain. Amelia then jumps down, wanting to help but accidentally lands on Lina's face. They all fall, and the food is ruined. Amelia is clueless why Lina isn't talking to her that much after asking a few questions about where they are heading on the map. Lina clues her in by body slamming her (and more) saying that she gave all the money that they had for the food that is all ruined. Lina stops after smelling chicken (Gourry too his mad hungry like Lina). Both of them go into a cave, where they smelled the chicken. Amelia is cautious, saying that it is a trap,

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x15 - Oh no! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody?

Lina, Gourry and Amelia run into a guy named Hallas Ryzu. Hallas has been slapped with a girl repel spell, which Lina tells Amelia to cure. Hallas explains that a woman named Cally, is forcing him to marry her tenth daughter. He refused, and made a deal with Cally if he was able to find someone within a week to marry him, they would ship out. Hallas is uber happy on what Lina did and asks her hand in marriage. She tells him no, but he reminds her that it will be a fake marriage. He then offers Lina a carriage ride to Sairaag, as well as 1,000 gold pieces. She heistates, and he offers 2,000 gold pieces. She isn't quite to sure, and he offers 5,000 gold pieces. She accepts! Lina, Gourry, and Amelia (in disguise) meet Cally, and her daughter. Hallas tells Cally that their wedding will be in the morning. Cally then hire a group of bandits to capture Lina and Gourry who are in disguise. Things go sour at the wedding, when they are called to kiss each other. Lina refuses, and Cally

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x16 - Passion! Shall We Give Our Lives for the Stage?

Lina, Gourry and Amelia are hungry and can't go into the nearest town without the fact that they might get arrested. They smell something cooking close by, which turns out to be stew. They eat it, unaware whose it belong too. It turns out that the stew's owner is a director of a theater on the road show. Lina, Gourry and Amelia eat their food (that they presumably paid for or was offered) and are forced to join the play when some actors quit. They find out that the play is about the ""vicious killer Lina Inverse."" Lina is upset, but both Gourry and Amelia calm her down, saying that she might blow their cover. Amelia lands the lead, while Lina and Gourry are stuck with being a dragon. Zangulus and Vrumugun argue a bit, and Zangulus takes off. He ties up an actor (who was fired from his role) and the actor tells him the answers (that Lina is aboard.) It's time for the play to go on and Zangulus and Vrumugun crashes it. Lina and Gourry fall through a trap door, and sees that the dir

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x17 - Question? He's Proposing to THAT Girl?

In this hillarious episode, Lina, Gourry and Amelia has to go to the next town of Sanboa. They can either climb the steep snowly mountain, or by boat. They decide to go by boat, but just before that, can't just go into town without being noticed as fugitives, so they decide to go in town in disguises. They go into a restaurant where a guy named Volun falls for Gourry, who is dressed in drag (He looks like Usagi Tsukino of Sailor Moon!). Recent reports of a sea dragon hitting of each boat that passes the sea. He tells them not to worry, because he'll slay the dragon (for Lala, Gourry's drag name) behalf. They go onto the both, and after a few misunderstands with Lina, Gourry bears just to have a drink with Volun. Volun then asks Gourry to marry him, tomorrow. Volun walks away, and Gourry is ready for the sea dragon to eat him, rather being married by a guy... at that moment sea dragon attacks. After completely destroying the boat, they levitate (Lina is holding Gourry, while Amelia

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x18 - Return! The Red Priest Is Back!

To enter Sairaag, Lina, Gourry and Amelia sneaked into the city in the night, so they won't get caught. They hid in an alley and a girl named Sylphiel finds them. Sylphiel knows Gourry and brings them home. She explains that a month ago, a sorcereress named Eris had told them that an email sorceress named Lina Inverse had Gourry undermind control and is destroying the world. They decide to see this girl named Eris who is staying at a mansion in town. When they enter (through a hole they made in the wall), the walk upon the stairs and see a potrait of Rezo. Eris (along with Vrumugun and Zangulus) welcomes the intruders, they get into a fight. Vrumugun starts to appear more and more, and Lina figured that they all must a copy. At that moment, Zelgadis breaks in, and starts to kill off all of the copies. He then tells them that Eris is controlling him. Eris then welcomes the traitor. She then tells them that Zelgadis used to work for Rezo. At that moment, Rezo comes out of the shad

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x19 - Shock! Sairaag Falls!

Lina and company argue if it's the real Rezo, but Rezo questions if they killed him or not. He then picks a fight with them, and Lina, Amelia and Zelgadis do a protection barrier spell. When they can't no longer hold back, Sylphiel comes to the rescue and helps them. They do the only smart move they did so far, which is run away. They rest in a ruin place, where Zelgadis tells them he'll do some researching of his own. Lina wants to find out more about copying, so she tells them to go to the Dark Sorcerer's guild that specializes in chimeras. They go their, and offer a donation, where they proceed to clone themselves with Gourry and Lina's lock of hair. They speed up the process, which makes their clones ultra little. More clones of Lina and Gourry start to appear, and soon after the machine blows up. They run for it, and meet Zelgadis the next day. Zelgadis reveals that Rezo had made a sealed lab in the old ruins of Sairaag city that is ultra dangerous. They decide to head at

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x20 - Trouble! Rahanimu, the Furious Fish Man!

Lina and company refuge in abandoned home, where they plan out what to do with Rezo. Gourry asks why don't Lina use her Giga Slave that killed Rezo, but Sylphiel objects, saying that one wrong move could not only kill them, but destroy the world! They travelling onto Rezo's lab, but are caught in the middle by a fish man, Rahanimu, sent by Eris. Gourry and Sylphiel get split up with Lina, Amelia, and Zelgadis who are fighting Rahanimu and other creatures. Zangulus shows up and picks a fight with Gourry. He almost killed Sylphiel, but Gourry manages to hit him in a sensative spot that makes him retreat. Meanwhile, with Lina, she can't defeat Rahanimu. After Zelgadis kills the other creatures (with no help from Amelia after he told her to get out of his way) with a fireball, he kills Rahanimu with a swipe of his sword. Lina thanks him, and Zelgadis comments how he just used his brain. They make it to Rezo's lab, where Rezo is waiting for them...

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x21 - Upset! Gourry vs. Zangulus!

They reach Rezo's sealed door (that is in the floor), and Lina tries to break it with a spell, which doesn't work. They figure out that it can't be open by any spell, which explains why Eris wanted Gourry's sword of light. Gourry uses the sword, and they enter. They enter a room filled with crystals, where Rezo, Eris and Zangulus are waiting for them. With a touch, Rezo seperates them. Zangulus is upset, and goes off wanting to kill them, as Rezo promised with a reward. Lina and Sylphiel are trapped in a room filled with statues of golems. Amelia and Zelgadis are trapped in a library (as Zelgadis tries to find a cure to become human), and Gourry is trapped in an arena like place, where Zangulus is waiting. Each room (except the arena) has a statue-like potrait of Rezo in it, where both Lina and Sylphiel finds creepy. Lina and Sylphiel has a little girl chat while trying to find a way out. Sylphiel thought Lina was in love Gourry (like she is), but Lina reveals, she is just with

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x22 - Vice! The One Who Was Left Behind!

After walking forever, they reach a door, hoping to be the deep chamber, which turns out to be more stairs. They reach another door leading down to more staris, but notice another door. They know one is a trap, so they head for the other door. Which is a good thing because the first door (the one with the stairs) was indeed a trap. They enter a room, where they meet this chicken monster named Tiiba. He reveals Rezo ""hired"" him to do some research in his lab, because some their are some spells only monsters could cast. Lina demands him to take them to the deepest chamber, or she'll eat him. He brings them back where they first started, and stands on a what to be a platform to a short cut to the deepest chamber. They are now in front of a door, that only can be open with magic. Naturally, Lina steps up and opens the door. They enter the chamber, filled with many items. They have to look at every item that might be Rezo's legacy. Slyphiel notices the Tiiba wandering off, and she

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x23 - Warning! Eris' Wrath!

We find out that Rezo is actually a copy and maybe Vrumugun is disguise. Eris uses the tablet to bring forth Zanaffar, a demon beast who destroyed anicent Sairaag, and could be a match for Shanbrango if they fought. Lina tries to stop Eris completing the process. Eris manages to hit Gourry's forehead with one of her jewels that controls him to attack (or kill rather) Lina. They fight for a while, and thanks to Sylphiel's small knowledge of magic, Zelgadis tells her to cast a Flare Arrow. It's small as a pen, and he aims it for Gourry's forehead. He snaps out of it, and they watch above as Eris starts the process again. She hails Rezo's avenge. Just before Zanaffar is being (re)born, ""Rezo"" turns on Eris, and kills her with a shot thru her body. Eris falls, as ""Rezo"" agrees to her commitment on avenging Rezo's death on his terms as he removes the jewel from his head and breaks it.

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x24 - X-DAY The Demon Beast Is Reborn!

We find out Eris created the copy of Rezo, and is still alive. The others want to try help her, but Rezo (will be still calling him Rezo although he is a copy) stops them, and kills Eris. The connection is complete, and Rezo connects with the demon beast, Zanaffar, and has a lot of power. He picks a fight with the helpless group, who tries to stratch him but nothing works. Rocks start to fall on all of them, and Rezo saves them, saying that he want to kill them himself. Lina then comments who it's small, and Amelia backs her up. Rezo then transports them above ground, and destroys the lab. Rezo then flies up and wants to kill them. He wants to surpass the original Rezo by killing them, on what the original Rezo could not do. Rezo wants Lina to use the Giga Slave that killed the original Rezo, and she refuses. She tries to use the Dragon Slave, but it doesn't work. He then forces Lina to use the Giga Slave when he starts to beat up everyone. She proceeds to take Gourry's Light o

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x25 - Yes! A Final Hope: The Blessed Blade!

Sylphiel along with Amelia manages to stop Lina's bleeding. Sylphiel reveals she'll need a full body healing. Rezo (or Zanaffar) tries to stop them, and with Zelgadis help, he sends Sylphiel and Lina off somewhere safe. Gourry is about to do an attack on Zanaffar, but Prince Phil comes riding in with his horse. He tries to attack Zanaffar with a mace, but Zanaffar attacks back easily. Amelia then casts a dark mist spell, and all of them retreats. Amelia heals her father, while they think what to spell or attack to use against Zanaffar. Back with Sylphiel, she goes to a safe place, and is ready to heal Lina... but that's when she notice when Lina looks a different color. Lina's dead! She hits her roughly his her chest, with her fists, and starts to do CPR. Lina's heart starts to beat again, so Sylphiel proceeds to do the full body healing spell which uses all of her strength. Sylphiel faints, as a big blast came out of her. Sylphiel a then wakes up and notices that she used to

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

1x26 - Zap! Victory Is Always Mine!

Rezo starts to destroy the Flagoon tree, while Gourry and company tries to think of another way to kill Rezo. They get an idea after Gourry saying, why can't Lina be here to power up his sword. Meanwhile, Lina and Sylphiel run as they try to get to Rezo, with the Blessed Blade. Gourry uses his powered up Sword of Light, thanks to Amelia and Zelgadis, and manages to hurt Rezo. Rezo is still to strong from them, but Lina shows up! She gives them a plan to kill Rezo by using the tree, Flagoon. Rezo strikes back, but they are save when Sylphiel uses her defense. They proceed to attack Rezo with Gourry's powered up Sword of Light, as well as attacking themselves (Amelia and Zelgadis), while Lina puts the final thrust into Rezo's body and pins him against the tree. Sylphiel then uses a recover spell against the tree, and it proceeds to suck out the evil of Rezo. After killing Rezo, they return back to Sairaag as they villagers proceed to build back their city. The gang (except Sylphie

AUTORE: , Takao Koyama,

Stagione 2

2x1 - The Sudden Pinch! The Terror of the Monstrous Zoamelgustar!

In the season's opener, We see Lina and Gourry in an inn, eating, when suddenly a fight breaks out, spilling all of her food. They get a taste of her power by this. Amelia wonders what Lina is up too, since months passed by. Amelia, representing Seillun, goes into the city and hears the fight. It reminds of her of Lina, and to surprise Lina is there, teaching several guys a lesson. She hugs Lina, and say a few minor stuff together. Lina reveals she is here to see the Xoana book, which had several connections with Shabringo 1,000 years ago. Word is, it's about valuable as the Claire Bible, and is only being shown every fifty years. Amelia is about to say something else (why her being there) but lies and tells her she is there for that reason too. Amelia then wonders off, to the castle. At the castle, King Moras, and his daughter, Martina, plot away the kidnapping of Saillune's daugther. They think their forces will be sucessful in invading, Saillune, and taking ver the world! HA


2x2 - The Roguish Priest! His Name is Xellos!

Zelgadis tries to seperate himself from the group in order to look for the Clair Bible. When they aren't asking him why he is so distant, he gives a not-so secret clue by yelling at them. Lina wants to help him, so the middle of the night, she terrorizes a group of bandits about or location of the Clair Bible, but they don't know anything. The rest of the group go to Lina, and is shocked by her actions. She tries to lie, but Amelia isn't that dumb. A mysterious guy named Xellos shows up and asks for their help looking for the manuscript of the Clair Bible. He explains a group of bandits had stolen the manuscript from the temple he worked at, but they aren't fooled. Lina asks him what is his true intention, but he tells her ""It's a secret."" Zelgadis isn't pleased with Xellos, and decide to look for it on his own. Xellos then explains he knows the group of bandits that stole it called the ""Fighting Dragon's Blood Macho Battlers."" Lina and Gourry dress up in disguise and present the


2x3 - A Wonderful Business! Being a Bodyguard isn't Easy!

Lina and Amelia fight over which restaurant is better, Roast Beef or Hot Pot. Lina/Gourry goes to the Roast Beef restaurant, while Amelia and Zelgadis goes to the Hot Pot restaurant. Both parties are approached by two different men, and are asked to take a position as body guards for two candiates that are running against each other. What they both don't know is when playing dirty, Lina/Gourry attack Amelia/Zelgadis, and vice versa. Both candiates, Tarimu (for Lina/Gourry), and Demia (for Amelia/Zelgadis), decide for them to have a showdown at the ruins of the city, which is just north of there. When parties meet, they are not surprised who are they challenging, but they head back to town, where magical slime beasts are attacking everyone. Lina/Amelia goes to find the roots of the beasts, and it is revealed that it's coming for both of their candiates home. They throw Taimu and Demia in jail, but both Lina and Amelia forgot that they didn't get paid (after being promised to get high


2x4 - An Ancient Pledge! One Who Seeks Immortality!

They visit both Tarimu and Demia and they think Halcyform, the former guild director, did it to them. Lina and the gang go to Halcyform's home, which is the only place isn't damage, and they find out Halcyform pledge to the monsters (or to Saygram) to become immortal. Halcyform seem to powerful for them, but Lina trapes him in ice. Saygram wants to attack, but Xellos shows up, and Xellos tells him not to. Saygram retreats, and Xellos talks to them. He was about to explain how to kill Halcyform, but Lina beat him to it, explaining that inorder to kill the pledge, you must destory the stone that he pledge.


2x5 - Staying Behind For the Sake of Love!

The group manages to search around the home, and find a hidden room in the attic. By this time, Halcyform has already been defrosted. They escape his wrath when Lina makes a whole in the ground around them. They land in a sewer like place in the home, where slugs are present. Lina gets scared and hang on to Gourry. They proceded to get transported to another place by Saygram, while Zelgadis and Amelia fight of the slugs. Then Amelia and Zelgadis manages to get kidnapped. Shortly after, Lina and Gourry runs away after being transported and end up in a lab. They see a woman laying there, and Halcyform shows up. We learn his back story, why he is doing this. He is trying to bring back the love of his life, Rubia (the woman in the box) after monsters attacked them, and he wasn't unable to save her. Amelia and Zelgadis shortly appears, wrapped up in a cococun, they fall into the pool, where they lose their energy, giving it to Rubia. Lina figures out where the pledge stone is, and


2x6 - You Can't Escape! The Return of the Obsessive Martina!

Martina swears to take something from Lina and tries to do so in a disguise but fails when stealing her jewel that explodes on her. The gang decide to rest at a spa (hot spring looking but isn't) sorta of place, where Martina manages to steal Lina's bandana while sleeping. Martina then proceeds to curse Lina (thanks to Lord Zoamelgustar.) The next morning, when Gourry stole Lina's food, she attacks him, and gets hit herself. Xellos, then gives a demonstration saying that someone cursed Lina, and if she hurt (or touch you) she get the touch back. By proving this, Xellos forces Gourry to grab Lina's boobs. She then kicks him in the groin, only to have the pain return to herself. Martina shows up and explains she did this. They run away as Monsters suddenly shows up and attacks them. Martina while running accidentally drops a knife, breaking the spell. Lina does a fireball, sending Martina away. After a hard days work, Amelia suggests to Lina they'd go to a hot spring next time so th


2x7 - Sudden Cooking! Follow the Phantom Dragon!

Lina and the gang stop by in a town offering a Dragon Course feast. The workers try to fool Lina and co., with imitations, or whale food. They notice it, and they go to the back and demand their food. The head chef tells them personally he'd get the dragon and make it himself, making Lina all excited. He offers them to go hunting for the dragon, and they accept. Basically they have trouble capturing the dragon, but they manage to. In the end, as Lina awaits her food, it is revealed that due to the dragon's poision, it will take long to cook (at least 2 months - 6 months a dish.) Rather waiting for their cuisine, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadis drag Lina out of the restaurant as she screams for the dragon cuisine.


2x8 - Be Eternal! The Day Prince Phil Died?

They return to Seyruun only to find the flags are at at half-mast. They think Phil (Amelia's father) is dead, but no body was recovered. They soon learn that there was (and still is) some kind of plot against Phil, which could of been why he died. While talking one late night, they are interrupted by a intruder at the castle, making the guards go into a frenzy. The next morning, Lina and the rest are attacked by the same intruder, but only to find out that it's Phil is disguise. He then reveals that the only way he could of find out who was really against him was to fake his own death. He is worried because the battle has just begun.


2x9 - Hidden Ambitions! The Shocking Confession?

Lina and company find out that Kanzel and Mazenda, who are loyal subjects of Christopher (Phil's brother and who is next in line for King if Phil died) and Alfred (Christopher's son) are behind it. They (Lina and Mazenda) get into a fight making Lina loses her magic at the end of the episode.


2x10 - On a Journey With a Pack of Scoundrels?! Take Back That Magic Power!

After the battle (Kanzel and Mazenda got away), Lina can't use her powers, so she (by herself) decides to see the doctor (at mount Rune) who is famous for curing problems. Lina manages to get Xellos (and Martina as a stowaway) up there as well. When they get there, they find out that is doctor is a 10 year old kid, who is actually a relative's real doctor who died long ago. When mixing up a sensitive potion together, Martina manages to slip something in, in hopes of killing Lina only to have the potion blow up and house and everyone in it. In the midst of the debris, they are attacked by monsters. Lina notices that Xellos is using some magical orbs/amplifers to give a power up on his magic. Lina manages to convince Xellos to give her the ampliers, and she puts it one. After killing the monsters, Martina stumbles out of some debris, only to have something ontop her head... The Claire Bible Manuscript!


2x11 - Voices from the Darkness! Slash 'em to Bits, Ragna Blade!

Back at Seyruun, Phil, Zelgadis, Amelia and Gourry are brought to another dimension by Mazenda and Kanzel. With Lina, she eagerly reads the manuscipt that tells of a spell called the Ragna Blade, and will be useful later on in the show. Martina fells left out, and grabs the book only to have it burned Xellos. Lina notices the smoke signals, and remembers what it meant. If Phil and the others were in trouble, the guards (or whoever) would do a smoke signal of some sort. Lina uses the new Ragna Blade spell to break through the barrier, only to have Phil kidnapped again by Kanzel. We find out they were after Lina from all along.


2x12 - The Unexpected End? The Shocking Truth!

It was Alfred (Amelia's cousin) who was all along behind the whole kidnapping/kill Phil situation, only to have Kanzel and Mazenda turn and kill him-- the actual bad guys. Phil manages to get himself knocked out, while Lina and the rest are being taken by Kanzel up high in the sky (thanks to one land piece of Seyruun.) They manages to kill Mazenda, but are they strong enough to kill Kanzel?


2x13 - Impending Fall! The Moment of Ambition's Defeat!

Lina was only bluffing that her powers were gone, so when thinking that Kanzel managed to kill Lina by pushing her at the edge of the cliff (and straight down to Seyruun), she manages to get a sneak attack with a Dragon Slave which does little damage. She then amplify her power and uses the Laguna Blade to kill Kanzel. The problem is Kanzel's power was holding up the little island, and it's heading towards Seyruun. Lina and company manages to get down before the island, and Xellos sugests to do a magical amplified version of a Dragon Slave. She does it, and it not only blows up the island but a small piece of Seyruun as well. At the end, they are worried about Lina, saying that Gaav, the Demon Dragon King is after her and why is she linked to it...


2x14 - The Forbidden Dance? Where is the Strongest Spell?

Lina pays for a map, saying that their is treasure in an anceint ruin that may or may not contain the real Claire Bible. They reached the ruin only to find two other groups are also looking for this ""treasure"", and a silly looking monster, guarding the ruins. Lina manages to slow the two groups down as the monster goes for both parties. Leaving Lina and company alone as they enter the ruin. It has several stupid obstacles at first (When Lina tells them if you see a button... Gourry pushes it, only to find out you're not suppose to push it, etc.) but they reach a room containing a treaure like chest. They look at the contents of the chest, only to find out that it contains a book and two dresses that are needed to perform the spells in the book. The silly monster attack them, while the other groups show up. The all of them (except Lina, Amelia and Zelgadis) fight each other. Lina and Amelia stop the fight as they put on the dresses, and proceeds to do sing the 'spells' in the book (a


2x15 - A Big Crash? The Battle at Artemay Tower!

The gang visit a place called Artemay Tower, after Xellos tells them a story spooking them of their wits. He tells how a guy lived in the tower, with all dolls and fell inlove with a villager. When the girl went missing, angry villagers went to the tower, only to find all the dolls has the girl (who he fell in love with) had all her face on the dolls. Thanks to the chef at the inn they were in, they get some cute costumes and head for the tower. They disreguard the dolls, only to have the dolls scare them (in broad day light.) They figure out about the costumes, and uses it, as they enter the tower. The dolls aren't arrive of them, and they get a visit from the guy from the story named Joe. After a few twists and turns, they manages to kill the real monster, who was acting as Joe's doll. Back at the end, Lina is upset at Xellos saying that they did that for nothing, thinking that the Claire Bible could be actually up there. But the others are happy with their cute costumes.


2x16 - Bitter Curve Balls! Gutsy Fast Balls!

Lina manages to get herself stuck in a situation she cannot refuse. When thinking that if you enter Brass Rackets (like Tennis but with special rackets, and you control the ball) competion, you could win a clue to the Claire Bible. A man, Rudo, approaches Lina after seeing her fight the last meat ball. She doesn't aceept it at first, but does when Martina and Keith, Rudo's rival challenges them. As the match goes on, Xellos and Amelia manages to sneak into the competition, only to be beaten by Lina and Rudo. In the final, Lina/Rudo, and Martina/Keith scares the rest of the opponents, and get disqualified-- leaving Xellos and Amelia the winners. They then find out that the clue wasn't actually for a Claire Bible, but a Claire GABLE-- the guy who invented it. Zelgadis is pissed, and manages to hit Xellos with a spell. As this episode end, we find out that Keith is actually Rudo's son, and Lina and Martina goes berzerk. They chase them with the balls, and the rackets.


2x17 - They're Talking About a Girl Named Zelgadis?

The gang decide to head to the town called Femille, who they think the Claire Bible may be there. The thing is, Femille is inhabited by females... ONLY. So yes, this would mean, Gourry, Zelgadis, Xellos would have to dress up. While heading to Femille, Zelgadis manages to save the princess of Femille, Miwan, after being attacked by monsters. They bring her back to (of course) the queen, and she warns them, ""It's a good thing she was saved by all females. If any men would of be present, they would be sentenced to die-- no questions asked."" sort of warning. Zelgadis starts to have a crush on Miwan, but she had problems on her own. Miwan is pressured to become a shrine maiden, but she doesn't want to. She decides she wants to break the fountain that would make them a shrine maiden, by just placing the water(fall) on the person's head. Of course, they are attacked by monsters, and with Lina and company help (Zelgadis, and Gourry break out of their disguises in the process) they defea


2x18 - The Temple of the Sand! The Secret of the Giga Slave!

Lina is fed up for looking and getting unexpected results for the Claire Bible, but Xellos reveals ontop of that mountain, in the temple holds the Claire Bible Manuscript. After a hike up to the mountain, they enter the temple, and find out they entered another dimension-- a desert like place. Xellos manages to reveal a tablet that is an actual manuscript of the Claire Bible. The only problem is, it's written in code, which is very confusing... and that 1,000 more tablets have been brought up by Xellos. They don't know where to start, but they get help when a mysterious old lady, Auntie Aqua, tells them she is the keeper of the tablets. They ask for her help, and she reveals the tablet they seek is a three-day journey to the other side. They decide to camp out the first night, and while Lina can't sleep, she sees Auntie Aqua by herself. Auntie Aqua reveals the tablet that Lina was looking for, and tells her to touch it. Lina does and gets a glimpse, if she used a Giga Slave spell th


2x19 - Disclosure at Last? Xellos's True Form!

We find out that Xellos is actually part monster, and is extremely powerful. They (Xellos, Lina) manages to get away, only to have Saygram (the hencemen) follow them. The others tries attacking but nothing works. Gaav shortly shows up, and when the gang think they are going to die... Martina shows up. Martina uses her brooch looking thing as a shield (Lord Zoamelgustar!), and to everyone's surprise, it works. They manage to run away, and Auntie Aqua pops out of Martina's brooch. Auntie Aqua then reveals the truth, saying she is what's left of the Water Dragon King from the many years ago. She tells them to head to Katahto Mountains where the original Claire Bible is being held. She breaks a doorway for them, and they all manage to escape. Eating at an inn, Martina finds out that Xellos is part monster, breaking her heart. What surprised them the most, Gourry knew this all along (before the rest of them.)


2x20 - No Other Choice! Set Course for Dragon Valley!

A boy tries to steal Lina's wallet, but they catch on. As punishment, Lina makes him massage her neck/back, etc. They ask him about Kahato Mountains, and he gives them a map.


2x21 - The Thousand Year Old Truth! The Traitorous Demon Dragon King!

Lina steps through the barrier along with Milgasia, the guide/dragon who suppose to show her there. Along with Martina clutching on her leg, they reach a place where Lina manages to view the actual (ball of light) Claire Bible. She gets her answers, when using Giga Slave, she is actually calling on the Lord of Nightmares herself which enters her body. While this is all happening. her friends, fight off Saygram. Lina comes back with full of knowledge, after Gaav manages to enter the dimension, killing Auntie Aqua. She shortly arrived when Lina showed up but fought him back and told them get out of there. Lina manages to kill Saygram with the Laguna Blade spell. Just when Xellos congratulates her, he gets atatacked by Gaav.


2x22 - The Stolen Sword of Light! The End of the Demon Dragon King!

Towards at the end of the last episode, Amelia is badly and is being healed by Milgasia, while the others fight Gaav off. Xellos escapes Gaav's grip, while Martina and the little boy are watching from afar. Gourry and Zelgadis tries to fight him off, but when think they are about to get killed, Amelia wakes up and stops Gaav. Gaav starts to head for Amelia, but Zelgadis jumps, taking the blow which saves her. Lina is very weak, and is now being healed by Milgasia. She is fully recovered, and fights Gaav. She uses the Laguna Blade to kill him. When they are about to celebrate, Martina notices the boy missing. All off a sudden, Gaav shows up, and they try to make a run for it. But then, the Hellmaster, shows up... who was actually the little boy in disguise. With a snap of his fingers, Gaav is instantly killed. The Hellmaster, named Phibrizzo, somewhat retreats and takes Gourry as a hostage, so that Lina follows his unknown plan to them. He tells them go to Sairaag, to save Gou


2x23 - The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!

While going to Sairaag, Lina takes her anger out of some bandits, and someone hiding in back of a bush, who turned out to be Sylphiel. Sylphiel has no doubts on going with them (including Martina-- but she has something else in mind, non-revenge on Lina) and questions Lina about her relationship with Gourry. Lina gives her answer like she did with the first season, is until Gourry decides to give her the sword of light, they will be off (despite Sylphiel liking Gourry.) They are then attacked by a guy, who has the Sword of Light. They fight him off, and joining the fight is Zangulus. Lina manages to use the Laguna Blade against this skilled swordsmen, only to find out it's Gourry behind it.


2x24 - Sinister Trap! The Mysterious City of Ghosts!

Phibrizzo takes Gourry back, and which forces them to go to Sairaag. They reached Sairaag, and eariler reports were true. Sairaag was the city that the Copy Rezo had destoryed, but is suddenly back for no reason. Further evidence is proven, when Sylphiel manages to meet/hug her dead father. He then reveals they are all dead but was brought to ""life"" by Phibrizzo. Lina tries to get more out of Phibrizzo, but they way that Sylphiel's father and everyone else, he is limited to answer questions. Although he can answer this... Phibrizzo is in a temple located in the center of the town. Lina and company tries to enter the temple, but it has no doors. Suddenly a door appears, and Lina rushes into, only to have her running back out. They figure it's something to do with the dimension, but before they could invistage more, they are ""cornered"" by villagers, who doesn't attack. Lina knows they are under Phibrizzo's order, and leave quietly. Later in midnight, they decide to come up with a


2x25 - The Souls of the Dead! Lina's Final Decision!

The three of them (Lina, Sylphiel, and Zangulus) reach Phibrizzo who reveals he is holding the dead (who ever was killed in the city) as his puppets. Sylphiel then tells Lina to do a Dragon Slave, and she does. It is no match against Phibrizzo but Sylphiel does a Dragon Slave herself surprising him (and Lina.) When they think they killed him, he shows up for what seems to be their final battle. Phibrizzo manages to bring Amelia, Zelgadis and Martina to him, and proceeds to slowly kill them off (he is the death master) until she decides to do the Giga Slave spell. He starts to ""kill"" them one by one which forces her to do it. As Martina has her last breath, she tells Lina to do what she believes in (love with Gourry.) Lina does the spell and indeed lose control, and when it looks like his plan has suceeded, something happens. Lina starts to talk to Phibrizzo. The person who is actually possessing Lina reveals he is actually the Lord of Nightmares himself. He reveals when someone d


2x26 - Go to NEXT! And Then Again...

Phibrizzo didn't know when someone casts the Giga Slave spell, he/she calls on the Lord of Nightmares himself. He wouldn't of not proceeded with this plan of more power, if he had known about this. Lina (Who is actually possessed by the Lord of Nightmares-- note: I'm still refering to him as Lina) gives Phibrizzo what he wants, and kills him. Everyone (including Gourry, but minus the already dead people) awakes from their humble sleep, and sees Lina. They are shocked to know that Lina is no more, since she is possessed by the Lord of Nightmares. They place starts to crumble and Lina proceeds to go back to the dark where she came from. Gourry doesn't want to lose Lina, and goes after her. Amelia, Zelgadis, and Sylphiel tries to stop him but it's no use, when more of the debris stop them. Meanwhile with Martina and Zangulus, he suggest to pray to Zoamelgustar for there safety. As Lina starts to head to the dark ball where she came from, Gourry still goes after her. He goes through


Stagione 3

3x1 - Majestic? Hoist Sails for the Journey!

After killing Phibrizzo, a barrier that was holding them in for a thousand of years (or so), has been removed, arranged by Phil (Amelia's father.) Lina gets a letter from someone named Filia, who wants to meet her and offers her money (something Lina can't refuse.) While looking for her, they meet up with Zelgadis, who doesn't mind on coming along. His true intention was to go to the other lands and try to find a cure for himself. Filia shows up and wants to talk in private, so they go into a more secluded place. When Filia starts to talk, Gourry does something that is far unexpected. After seeing a tail, he looks under her skirt. Freaking her out, she grabs a mallet of some sort, hits Gourry and runs away. Things get settled, and they meet with her again, just when the boats are leaving. She tells them about wanting to test their strength and disappears. Suddenly a gold dragon appears, attacking the boats. Amelia joins the fight on this golden dragon attack. A few spells go o


3x2 - Doubtful? A Letter from Home!

On the verge on dying, since they have no food on the ship, sea gulls are trying to eat Gourry. Zelgadis figures out that their must be land nearby, and Lina starts to go a lot of wind spells pushing them closer to land. Once on land, they notice several creatures attacking the townsfolk. Lina and the group save the towns people and they reward them by giving them all you can eat food. After their meal, they are shocked to see that the golden dragon they thought they killed is still alive. They rush to the landing site, only to be semi-shocked/surprised that the golden dragon turns back into Filia. Filia then reveals the usual, the world is going to end which Lina is hesitant to do. Filia then gives her something incase something like this would happen. It's a letter from Lina's older sister, Luna, saying ""Just do it."" Filia then reveals they need to go to the temple of the Fire Dragon King, so off they go!


3x3 - Where'd That Arrogant Guy Go?

Lina and the gang starts to put off on going to the Fire Dragon King temple, and decide to check out the current city they are in. Needless to say, Lina and Gourry are checking out the food; Zelgadis is wandering around looking at old temples for a possible cure, causing some ruckess with locals; and Amelia loves the view, so she decides to go up to the highest point of the city, drawing a crowd bellow her. After casting a few spells, Zelgadis is labelled as a demon (his looks and spells) and Amelia is labelled as an angel, when curing someone. Filia is upset at this, and tells them that this part of the word could only do simple spells. Suddenly Filia senses evil, and Lina swears she seen Xellos. Yes. It was him. Lina thinks this whole prophecy thing might be connected with the monster race. When finally heading out of the city, Lina and the gang are attacked by someone named Valgaav, someone who served under Gaav. He starts to pick a fight with them.


3x4 - On the Move! He's Out for Revenge?

We find out Valgaav's plan: 1- Take the Sword of Light from Gourry. 2- Avenging his master Gaav, by killing Lina Inverse. 3- Looking for another ""Sword of Light"" item. After showing off his double sided, Sword of Light and sampling it's power against Gourry, their swords cancel each other out. Valgaav's major boss comes (named Alymace) tells him to retreat. Lina tries to attack him, but Xellos shows up, saying that Alymace cannot be hurt by magic of anykind. It looks like Lina and gang has a big war coming up...


3x5 - A Wild Rumor! You Can't Have Smoke Without Fire?

Filia gets trialed in a small town after revealing she is a golden dragon. While on trial, Xellos shows up and puts down the dragon race (Xellos is a monster, and Filia is a dragon. Both races hates each other) and sets Filia off. Before anything can get finalized, Filia destroys the town.


3x6 - Wandering Around? The Runaway Shrine Takes a Trip!

Lina and the gange reach an ancient temple which turns out to be an ancient train heading towards the temple of the Fire Dragon Temple. It is powered by magic, so Lina and the rest can't use anything. They are heading nearer and nearer, and they figure to get their magic back, they'd need to find the source that is collecting their magic. Lina decides to cast Dragon Slave against the train, but it didn't work, and they end up only breaking part of the temple.


3x7 - A Peace Conference? This is the Dragon Shrine?

Lina and the gang are tricked to rebuild the temple they broke. When they are done, they demand answers about the prophecy only to have Almayce show up.


3x8 - Be Careful! The Plan has Begun!

The Elder are sketchy with Lina, trying to save the world, but she gives them and everyone else and sample on what she could do. She uses the Laguna Blade spell, cutting (but not killing) Almayce. Valgaav is upset that Almayce told him to stay back, and decides to go to the temple, wanting his revenge on Lina. He then proceeds to become an anicent Dragon, who is powerful than other dragons--wiped out thinking they might try and rule the world. Almayce some how gets away in all of this.


3x9 - Continuous Fire! The Wind-Swept Shore of Battle!

Lina and the gang split in two diffent groups, Xellos, Amelia and Zelgadis in one, while Lina, Gourry and Filia in another. They need to explore two different cities at the same time that seems to be holding magical vessels. The two countries, Alto, and Bantone hate each other, and Lina and the group experiences their daily cannon ball fight against each other. We find out that the King's daughter of Alto, Sera, had befriended and fallen in love with the Queen's son of Bantone, Marco. Both sides, approach each group and they have a plan on stealing the magical vessels. As they do that in the middle of the night, both sides is alerted somehow. They all head for a tiny island that seems to be in the middle of the sea that is blocking them, and each city heads there too. Wait there is even more... creatures show up wanting to take the magical vessels what will Lina and the gang do next?


3x10 - Ready for Exile! Isn't Two People's Love Eternal?

One of the creatures named Gravos, has the double headed Sword of Light looking weapon. He uses it against Lina and the gang, breaking the island in several pieces, seperating Sera and Marco from them. Filia, Zelgadis and Amelia go after the kids, while Lina and Gourry fight Gravos. Filia, Zelgadis and Amelia catch up with the kids, and Marco starts hating Sera. They refuse to help each other, so Amelia and Zelgadis step up to use the magical vessels, which we find out it was weapons from the anicent times, representing Holy and Dark powers. Gravos starts to lose control of the weapon, and Lina decides to do a Dragon Slave to stop it. Then suddenly, it went away, thanks to Zelgadis and Amelia, but it's too late for Lina, and she casts her Dragon Slave. In the end a bridge shows up connecting the two kindgoms, and Sera and Marco truly hate each other. Lina is surprise to see that the magical vessels are broken, thanks to Zelgadis and Amelia when hitting together to hard...


3x11 - The Hurdle's Cleared? Jiras' Hidden Power!

Lina and the gang get tricked by Jillas who tellsl them a great power is on top of this funny looking mountain. They get paired by couples, Lina/Zelgadis, Gourry/Amelia, and Filia/Xellos which Filia ultimately refuses. This pairing also upsets Amelia. After some minor fights and tricks by Jillas, Gourry's recklessness causes the mountain to tip over losing his Sword of Light to Jillas.


3x12 - Selfless and Senseless! Pursuit Through the Labyrinth!

After 10 minutes of utter nonsense, Jillas runs away to their main base. Once again, they are split it groups, Lina/Gourry, Amelia/Zelgadis, and Filia/Xellos. Amelia/Zelgadis runs into Jillas, and takes the Sword of Light back. Lina/Gourry find Almayce sleeping and wake him up accidentally. We find out his true plans, is not summoning Dark Star, Dark Lord of the Overworld, but wanting to destroy him. Meanwhile with Filia/Xellos, they decide to split ways when hitting a fork in the Labyrinth. Xellos isn't fooled by Filia's way to trick him also, so they both head in the same direction (even though Filia doesn't know it.) Filia hears voices, and is not surprised (yet shocked) to see Xellos trying to cut a deal with Valgaav, who tells him his objective was to bring him to the Monster side. What will Valgaav do?


3x13 - An Explosive Situation! The One Who Holds the Key!

Valgaav refuses Xellos' offer, and Lina and the gang show up (along with Almayce.) They get into a little fight with Valgaav, and Gourry again loses his sword, but to Valgaav this time. Valgaav reveals to open the gate, you only need two weapons, and hurries to the gate way. Almayce tells everyone without the rest of the weapons, Valgaav will lose control on opening the gate way. He transport them to gate way also, where Valgaav is just about to open it.


3x14 - Striding and Swaggering! Lamentation Without End!

After 15 minutes of talk, We get to the climax. As Valgaav open the gate way, Lina decides to use the Giga Slave to stop him, but two figures show up with the other two Sword of Light items, and closes the gate way. As this happens, there is a big explosion, following Lina floating on a debris in the ocean somewhere.


3x15 - Disaster and Danger? This Place is a Wonder Island!

In this filler (A.K.A. Useless episode) Lina wanders around in several worlds guided by a pig. She finds Zelgadis in costume, and decide to break out of this utter nonsense. She uses a Dragon Slave, breaking a wall, and they both find out they are in an amusement park, theme is where you could travel the world, where Filia is having a good time.


3x16 - Pandemonium! Terror of the Cursed Jar!

In this filler (A.K.A. Useless episode) Lina, Filia and Zelgadis decide to ditch the island. They take a small boat, unaware their is a hole in it. Lucky for them a ship pass by, and they get on it before they could go down with the boat. To their luck, the ship is haunted. The Captain, in form of a jar, tells them to get rid of the ghost, and gives them food for it. We find out the Captain had a jar obession and would do anything (even lose crew members) for saving his ""precious"" jars. We find out the ghost was actually a ship mate that is mad at him. He is a ghost because he can't cross over to the other side. Filia reveals she could help and helps him cross over. The Captain then reveals he can finally cross over too. They are left wandering on a piece of wood (or raft). Filia reveals she took a jar that is decaying. They then realize, whatever that was on the ship must of been really old, and would decay too... including the food!


3x17 - Immediate Results? Love is in the Tiny Differences!

So it's Amelia and Gourry's turn at useless, filler episode. We find out they are together off an island somewhere, saved by fish people. Amelia and Gourry finds out that one of the fish-girl, Lila, is in love with a human, Kerel, when she saved him from a ship wreck. The father of the girl, Honar, objects at first, but their love is stronger. Their is an ancient spell that could change her into human. The only thing is, they need a beautiful young woman to get the stone off a sea creature from. Yes, Gourry is in drag, and they manage to get the jewel of the sea creatures head. When they try to do the spell, it doesn't work. The father feared this might of happen, and reveals they would have to kiss each other to prove their love. This would then transform them oppose each other (she human, he fish) to prove they actually love each other. Of course, they kiss and each other turns shape.


3x18 - The Right Person in the Right Place! Amelia in the Village of Justice!

In this useless, filler episode, Amelia and Gourry decides to hang out with 3 old people (and their friends) ""fighting in the name of Justice"" wanting to slay some demons. In the end, the evil trolls (or dwarfs) are actually good, and the demons that Amelia and Gourry had to slay was Lina, Zelgadis and Filia. Lina and Filia got offended when the 3 old people start to call them demons, and started to yell at them. Then the old people fell over, and Lina tried to wake them up (of course they weren't dead.)


3x19 - Three People, Three Ways! Where the Light Leads!

Almayce sends out several creatures looking for the last weapon. Unfortunately, they start to destroy towns, and everything in it's way. Lina and the gang decide to stop it, only to have on of Almayce men, Erulogs show up, attacking them. In the midst of the fight, Jilas shows up wanting to kill Lina. He reveals his new weapon, a bomb as powerful as a Dragon Slave, and uses it on the town, but not before Lina and the gang could a barrier around themselves. In the end, the weapon wasn't in the town that they were looking for.


3x20 - A Hero's Advent? To Whom does the Young Girl Pray?

Lina and the gang goes to an old town that was once populated with a lot of people due to it's water and gold source, thinking that the last weapon might be there. Once all the gold (and the water) was gone, people left. Erulogs, one of Almayce's men, shows up and fights them. He end up destroying most of the town, which was sort of a good thing. Underneath the town, water was there hidden there that they were longing for, for many years now.


3x21 - Savage and Unexplored! History Sealed Away!

Lina and the gang reach a temple, which turns out to be an anicent temple for the graves of the Anicent Dragons, that was slaughter by the Golden Dragons. It is sealed off by several magical barriers that Filia could easily break through. Except for one that was sealed by the Anicent Dragons themselves, holding the final weapon. We learn the back story on why the Golden Dragons killed the Anicent Dragons, they feared their power and that's why all (except Valgaav, who escaped) was killed. While this is happening, Xellos has a plan on his own, he decided to befriend Sirus, in an attempt to bring back Dark Star. Almayce tries to talk to Xellos about this, while Lina and the gang fight of Erulogs, except for Filia who is trying to get the the final weapon. To Lina's shock all of the Golden Dragons appear.


3x22 - Eternal Death, Final Farewells! A Cry to the Fallen!

Erulogs and Sirus goes on a killing spree, killing on what it looks like to be hundred of Golden Dragons. Lina manages to get away to Filia, seeing if she could get the last item. Filia can't so Lina decides to use the Laguna Blade spell to try and break the barrier. It works, and Lina takes a hold of the cross bow, she fires a shot, displaying it's power. Almayce demands the weapon, but Lina refuses to give it to him. He declarees an all out war on them, but is killed by Erulogs as they come back to the room. Xellos manages to get away and steals the weapon (by appearing in the back of Lina giving her a ""karate chop"" on her next) and runs off with Erulogs and Sirius... what will happen next?


3x23 - No Time for Arguing! Head for the Showdown!

Filia tells the Elder, she is no longer a priestess for their temple and vows to never return to them, as she found out about the truth. Lina and the gang head to the center/the gate what is also called ""Ray of Light"" in hope to stop Xellos, Sirius, and Erulogs. They then run into Jillas, and Filia manages to save him from his own bomb, and he joines forces with them. They then move forward to the Ray of Light stop them. We foind out Xellos true plan, he is there wanting to destroy the Dark Star. Will Erulogs and Sirius go with him? Will Lina and gang get their in time?


3x24 - No way to Guess! The Forbidden Gateway is Opened!

Sirius and Erulogs decide to join forces with Lina and the rest hoping to kill Dark Star. Dark Star is release but the close the gate way, making his power only half what is truly is. They fight him just a bit only to have him take off, heading towards the Fire Dragon's temple where a voice starts heard, calling the for the Golden Dragons... they realize who it is... it's Valgaav.


3x25 - He Who Emerges from the Dark Star!

Valgaav reveals both the Dark Lord, Dark Star, and the God, Vophied, wanted to purify the world. In doing so, they would recreate everything, meaning killing everyone and starting over. Lina and the gang tries to fight him, but a Dragon Slave would not work. Valgaav tries to talk to them, but moves onto another location.


3x26 - TRY Again! When All Returns to White!

Filia figures out where Valgaav is going, and transport her last huge power to the Ancient Dragon temple. Erulogs get killed by Valgaav, so Lina decides to do something by combining all of the five weapons (that Dark Star created) and using Filia's Holy Power, and Xellos' Dark power (as well as she casting a spell.) They manage to kill him and save the world again (for the third time) where they all decide to start a new beginning. Gourry decides to give his Sword of Light to Sirius who will take the rest of the weapons back to his world. Filia spots something floating, which turns out to be what is left of Valgaav (a baby Ancient Dragon) and cares for it. In the end, they all part ways, Amelia goes back to Seyruun, Zelgadis goes on his own way, Filia opens a shop with Jillas and cares for the baby, while Lina and Gourry set off to whatever they could become... perhaps a new adventure? You may never know.


Stagione 4

4x1 - AMAZING Astonishing Dragon Slave!?

Lina and Gourry bump into some pirates on the high seas, and demonstrate they still got what it takes to beat up the bad guys. The pirates have a fish woman who was taken hostage. Zelgadis travels with Amelia, who brings her Seyruun fleet to Lina. As the gang reunite, a guy named Wizer Flayon, an inspector from the kingdom of Ruvignald, proceeds to arrest Lina Inverse with the crime of being Lina Inverse. As the gang try to bail out of town, they encounter increasing military opposition and someone who can cast a Dragon Slave!

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x2 - Because - You're Lina Inverse, That's Why!

Amelia and Zelgadis explain why they brought Wizer to Lina. Wizer is still intent on arresting Lina, but Lina presses him to provide reasons for suspecting her. Wizer talks about how some mage tanks have been destroyed recently, but the evidence is still circumstantial. Wizer arranges for them to guard a mage tank at a fortress. But the little green creature who casted the Dragon Slave in the last episode causes some more shenanigans. While Amelia and Zelgadis tend to the wounded, Lina and Gourry manage to chase down the creature, who goes by the name of Pokota.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x3 - CHASE Never ending pursuit

In the middle of an eating challenge between Gourry and Lina, Wiser arrests Lina for abducting pets of nearby rich nobles. Lina protests as usual, but in addition to proving her innocence, she hears that the nobles are offering a reward for their pets return. Lina and the gang attempt to cross a lake to a mysterious and dangerous island.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x4 - DRIFTER Chasing or being chased

Lina tries to hunt down Pokota in the woods and nearly destroys all the woodland creatures. Later she and Gourry go into town. Zelgadis comes up with a plan to capture Pokota by luring him with food, and it actually works! Pokota reveals that he is trying to stop the mage tanks from destroying everything, and suddenly Amelia is sympathetic to his cause and sides with him. They go into town where they encounter one of the magic tanks shaped like a rabbit, but little do they know it's actually a fake tank created by Lina and Gourry.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x5 - ETERNAL The Forest that has Slept from the Ancient Time

Lina and the gang follow Pokota into a forest that suddenly grows misty. They end up encountering Xellos, who is wandering in the woods. The mist reveals a lost city of Tarofshia whose inhabitants were put into suspended animation by Rezo the Red Priest (yes, that Rezo) in order to save them from a disease that was incurable back then. But strange things are amiss as Pokota discovers that someone's invaded the king's mansion.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x6 - FALL ON Peculiar Festival! Unusual Festival? Lift that ball up!

Lina and the gang are hired to create a golem and compete in a ball rolling contest with a large amount of food and money (just the right incentive for Lina) as a reward. But her rivals are not pushovers as they include Pokota and a duo sent by Duclis to go after the Sword of Light.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x7 - GORGEOUS The Luxury Yacht is the Target!?

On the way to Ruvinagald, the gang boards a ship and live it up with food and relaxation all thanks to poor Amelia. But instead of dealing with pirates, they get attacked by monsters and flying arrows. Lina and Pokota stage an act where they try to draw out their assassins, but are surprised at the result. Later on the assassin of assassins Zuuma makes his debut and that means big trouble for Lina.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x8 - HURRY UP Interfere! What, don't interfere?

Lina's party reaches the outskirts of Ruvinagald but Wizer is there to arrest her, and has taken the time to build an elaborate building full of traps and tricks. That should be a cinch for Lina, but thanks to Wizer's alliance with Xellos, the traps are especially devised to exploit Lina's weaknesses, such as her desire to push buttons that are marked "do not push". And when Xellos himself becomes one of the obstacles, Lina's group is in serious trouble.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x9 - INSIDER He who knows the real Truth!

Lina had surrendered to Wizer, and the group is brought to Marquess Giaconda's place, to be held in the dungeon. Wizer suggests they use Lina to fight the mage tanks to prove their power. Xellos decides that Wizer isn't aligned with his agenda and has him fall into a pit. Meanwhile, Pokota sneaks into the castle but encounters Duclis, and it is revealed they were former friends. Lina's group gets freed by Ozel, but they end up in an underground arena and now have to battle some fierce enemies.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x10 - JUDGEMENT The silver one resurrects!

Duclis and Pokota square off against each other, while Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadis have to fight Marquess Gioconda, Ozel, and Yuuma. The battles are fierce, especially when Gourry only has a stone sword. Lina tries a few trick spells against Yuuma but he quickly catches on and dodges them. Duclis and Pokota talk about the day when Taforashia was afflicted with the disease, and what Rezo did to save their people, including putting them in their current forms. Zuuma uses the dark mist to cancel out magic attacks. Lina launches all sorts of spells, but when things look bleak, Pokota manages to turn the tide, when he and a supposedly sympathetic Duclis arrive. But as some enemies fall, a new enemy is about to rise.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x11 - KEEP OUT the approaching Demon!

Zanaffar has arisen from the ashes, absorbing the bearer of the true Zanaffar armor. He is hungry for power and destroys Gioconda's mansion easily. Lina and the gang try all their standard spells but with no luck. Pokota even tries the sword of light, but it runs out. Lina and the gang retreat and rest up. Wizer reports the next morning that the city of Brokol has been leveled, and Zanaffar is growing stronger. Meanwhile, Duclis makes a deal with Zanaffar. Pokota feels he needs to take sole responsibility, and tries to leave the party, but Lina and the gang decline; they will help him instead.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x12 - LEGACY The decisive battle for Seyruun!

Lina's group rush to Seyruun where Zanaffar has targeted the gate to the kingdom. Sylphiel is there; she and troops try to defend but are not having much luck. Lina and the gang arrive and get in the way. With the sword of light in Pokota's hand, Duclis has Zanaffar retreat, but they will be back. As Lina and Gourry eat up to re-energize, Pokota asks Prince Phil to help out, but Phil's advisors are uncomfortable with the idea. Phil decides to assist Pokota and Lina's party heads out to confront Duclis and Zanaffar in a neighboring abandoned part of town.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

4x13 - MISTY The downward swinging sword!

Gourry manages to land a hit with the sword of light, but Zanaffar retreats into the ground. In an effort to create another Zanaffar, the mighty astral demon dragon strikes down Duclis. Pokota rushes to try to help his former comrade. Meanwhile Lina's group reassembles at the gates of Seyruun for one last stand against Zanaffar.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

Stagione 5

5x1 - NEW COMER? A new voyage!

Lina and her friends search for the Hellmaster's jar to bring Rezo back so he can help revive the people from the plague. Meanwhile they run into a woman whose soul was forged into armor.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x2 - OH MY HEAD! Where did it go?

Nama leads the crew to a village that has been being harassed by a headless knight named Hans. When they capture him, he offers one of his jars in exchange for them helping him find his missing head.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x3 - PARTNER! They`re sharing a body?

Amelia and Nama get separated from the crew and Amelia ends up stuck inside of Nama. The two then hear about a dragon from a nearby village and decide to take it on.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x4 - QUALITY TIME? A loving life?

Kuppi, the fishwoman captured by the pirates, comes to Gourry under the pretext that he is the father of her two children. Madness ensues as Lina fights to get Gourry back.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x5 - RAIDER! A voice from the darkness!

Nama finally leads the gang to ruins where the jar that sealed her soul into the armor lies. Unfortunately, as Xellos notes, this is not the real Hellmaster's Jar, and the Hellmaster's Jar lies in Zuuma's possession.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x6 - SEEK! Who is the target?

Upon Zuuma's demand, Lina and company go to Vezendi and find out that a merchant named Radock has the Hellmaster's Jar. As a target of Zuuma, he hires them to be his bodyguards, but they are attacked by two monsters, Gduza and Dugld.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x7 - TOWN SCAPE Because it's a thing made by the people

In order to find out more information on the Hellmaster's Jar, Lina, Gourry and Pokota follow Ozzel, encountering Zuuma along the way. Meanwhile, Amelia and Zelgadis are attacked by Gduza and Dugld while guarding Radock.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x8 - UNCOVER! The Darkness Unvielded!

In order to lure Zuuma out, Radock, Abel, and Lina's crew go on a business trip. While they stop, Zuuma, Gduza, Duguld, and an army of monsters attack. Lina and company learn that Radock was Zuuma all along, but he is killed by Xellos.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x9 - VOICE! What`s inside the jar?

Having obtained the Hellmaster's Jar, Lina and the party hear Rezo's voice inside. Following random instructions, they go through several tasks before finding Ozzel and the jar stolen by some bandits.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x10 - WISDOM Pursuing the Irrevocable Time!

Zelgadis steals the Hellmaster's Jar and reveals the true nature of Rezo. Rezo confirms this for Pokota and tells him that in order to save Taforashia, he must inhabit Pokota's body. Meanwhile, Zelgadis learns the truth about chimeras.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x11 - XENO Compensation For Resurrection

Accepting the fact that Rezo must have his body, Pokota steals the Hellmaster's Jar and goes with Ozzel to Taforashia with Lina and the gang in pursuit. Xellos attempts to stop the ceremony, while Ozzel struggles with her own feelings.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x12 - YESTERDAYS MEMORY Regained Days

Having finally been revived, Rezo the Red Priest awakens the people of Taforashia and cures the disease. However, Lina, Gourry and Xellos question Rezo and find out that his soul is still host to a fragment of Shabranigdo, the Dark Lord.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama

5x13 - ZERO HOUR The One Being Ruined!

Shabranigdo has been revived, and Lina and the gang struggle to hold out against him. Pokota holds him off while Lina readies the Giga Slave, the spell she used to defeat him before.

AUTORE: Jiro Takayama