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A heartwarming hero from the coolest corner of the world! Pingu is a beloved claymation series of TV shorts about a Penguin Called Pingu. Despite it being aimed to younger audiences, it is also a family show. About The Show Pingu is a young mischievous Penguin that lives in the South Pole with his Mom & Dad, his Sister, Pinga, his best friends Ping & Pingo (HIT entertainment dubbed Pingo Punky), Robby the Seal, & a cast of other colorful characters. The show doesn't use english words, but it's own creative language called Penguiniese (OR, Pengish). History The show originally began in Switzerland from the company Trickfilmstudio back in 1986. But over the years, it had spread to America and other countries of the world such as Japan where the show is famous amongst young teen girls (ages 13-17). & also in England where Pingu has become a household name.

Titolo Originale: Pingu
STAGIONI/EPISODI: 6 Stagioni , 156 episodi, conclusa
Durata episodi: 5 min.
Attori principali: David SantDavid SantDavid SantMarcello MagniDavid SantMarcello Magni, David Sant, David Sant, David Sant, David Sant, David Sant, David Sant, Marcello Magni
Creata da: Otmar Gutmann
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Silvio Mazzola
Genere: Animazione
Network: SRF 1

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Ciao Ciao Pingu!

Pingu and his parents are having a yummy lunch. But Pingu is eating disgustingly; smashing his fork so he can scoop up potatoes (possibly eggs or nuts ) and swallow them whole in his mouth like a grape. Blowing bubbles in his drink, eating fish disgustingly, and of course refusing to eat his greens. After this comical lunch, Pingu goes out to play with his red ball, but two of Pingu's "friends" Pingo and Pingg come to take it away from him (this is contrary to later episodes; they've become nicer to him). After a fight in which Pingg knocks Pingu's head and his ball is burst (Pingu fell on it when he was tripped over by the two bullies.) He gets his ball back and sadly returns home (after being chased by snowballs thrown at him off-screen by the two friends. Although only two of them hit Pingu.) His parents put a patch (plaster that was meant) on his head and his ball. Then suddenly, they rock him to sleep in a hammock that was almost about comfy for Pingu.


1x2 - Pingu cova l'uovo

Pingu’s family has an egg, and while his parents do the laundry, Pingu has to sit on it. At first he is proud and happy to help, but he quickly gets bored, and gets up and starts listening to music called "Woodpeckers From Space". He does dances and other steps, but the egg suddenly sprouts a leg and starts to dance around the house. When Pingu notices this, he tries to stop things and catch the egg before his parents find out, trashing the igloo in the process. Pingu's parents, eventually noticing the commotion and finding out what's happening, rush over to help. Father catches the egg and mother turns off the record. Mother finds Pingu hiding in a cupboard beneath the record player; afraid his parents would be angry at him. They are not, however, and mother hugs him. Mother and Pingu clean up the igloo and Father sews him a hat for a great job taking care of the egg.


1x3 - E' nata Pinga!

Pingu is reading a book that he thinks is interesting while Mother and Father are watching that egg from the preceding episode Its apparently about to hatch and Mother tells Father to call the doctor The penguin doctor is called at 1st Pingu expects to and wants to see but his told to stay away and be quiet and he gets tired of the waiting in tension But finally the egg cracks and Pinga is introduced what will Pingu and his family think of her.


1x4 - Pingu va a pescare

Pingu is going fishing; he climbs down a series of cliffs into a craggy, secluded area and finds an ice-fishing hole. He catches a fish, but he is unaware that Robby the seal, behind him, is emerging from another hole that the one Pingu is fishing at connects to, eating the bait, and snatching and attaching the same fish to the line each time. Pingu finds out and foxes Robby by luring him away from the ice holes and closing them off with large slabs of ice. A high-speed acrobatic chase ensues and Robby tries desperately to escape the young penguin by forcing his way under the ice-slab which stands between him and freedom. When Pingu tries to stop him by shouting at him, Robby's right flipper briefly gets trapped, and the weeping seal seems severely hurt. Pingu is struck with remorse and sympathy, consoling Robby before his flipper is 'miraculously' healed. Robby recognizes the goodness in Pingu's soul and rewards his sensitivity with a much larger fish.


1x5 - Pingu postino

Pingu is helping his dad deliver the mail. His dad lets him wear his postman's hat, and they go to the post office to pick up the mail and then deliver it to the town's various eccentric residents; including an old, kid-hating granny penguin, a tall, loud-beaked (bird style for loud-mouthed) penguin, a short, zippy and strange penguin in suspenders (this is Punki, who also slams the door right in Pingu's face as he opens it!), Pingu's friend Pingo, a sad penguin with bad news, a woman with three children, and others, before returning home again to his mum's arms.


1x6 - Pingu è geloso

Pingu, Pinga and mum are spending the day inside. Pingu is building towers with blocks, but to his dismay they keep falling down. Despite mother's efforts, Pinga does not want to go to bed - until mother rocks her to sleep. Pingu goes to his mum for help with his blocks, but she is too busy knitting clothing for Pinga. Pingu looks at Pinga, who notices that she is in bed. She starts to cry and is comforted and given attention by mother, who continues to apparently ignore Pingu. Pingu desperately tries to get attention by behaving like a baby, kicking a chamberpot around, and pretending to be a ghost, but he gives up and hides in the toy box. Mother soon puts Pinga back in bed, which Pinga still doesn't want to do. Realising that Pingu feels neglected, mother apologizes and hugs him, and he goes to sleep with Pinga.


1x7 - Pingu e la lotta con le palle di neve

Pingu is going out on a play-date with Robby. They find some old and ruined igloos with junk and debris scattered around, and first play a game of hide and seek, and then have a snowball fight. Pingu tricks Robby by making a bust of himself with some things he finds in the ruin he is hiding and putting it on a stick and waving it outside, so that Robby throws the snowball at that instead of him. While Robby is quizzically investigating the smashed bust, Pingu runs and hides in a barrel. He then sneaks up behind Robby and throws a snowball at the ruin Robby is investigating, causing him to turn his head to see the barrel Pingu is hiding in (Pingu hides quick enough to avoid being seen). Robby then goes into the ruin, and he looks over to see Pingu (out of, but still in the barrel as a precaution of sorts) taunting him, then throwing a snowball at him. A chase then ensues, with Pingu coming out of the barrel due to tripping over a small block of ice. Robby then gets hurt while holding onto the rolling barrel, and Pingu vainly tries to cheer him up with some funny moves and postures, but finally manages with a hoola-hoop. Robby gets a hoola-hoop too and they play that instead.


1x8 - Pinga si perde

Pingu brings Pinga along with him to play with Pingo. When they meet up, Pingu and Pingo start playing leap-frog and Pinga really wants to join in. But Pingu, however, forbids her to play with them because she's too little. While he and Pingo are rampaging about, she sadly runs away from them. Pingu and Pingo look everywhere for her, and finally find footprints and her scarf at the edge of a deep pit. Assuming she has fallen in, Pingu and Pingo go home in tears and tells mother what happened. But Mother explains to them that she was at home all along. Pinga starts tormenting Pingu, who gets very angry and starts to hit Pinga with her scarf, but Mother stops him and tells them to make up, to no avail. While Mother and Pingo watch on, Pinga refuses to speak to Pingu, but he soon discovers that patting Pinga's hand comforts her and they both make up. Pingu then happily feeds Pinga.


1x9 - Pingu gioca a tennis

Robby the seal jokingly attacks Pingu with snowballs. Pingu is enticed immediately to join an acrobatic game in which a large pink fish is the object of their japery. Pingu, in a bizarre moment of claustrophobic inertia, finds the fish's mouth trapped over his head and Robby, briefly abandoning his joking around, aids his relatively new friend by removing the fish from Pingu's head. They then play a tennis-style game using the fish. However, the fish is eventually caught on the rope and, after a futile attempt to retrieve the fish, Pingu retrieves it using a pair of ice-stilts placed conveniently by his igloo. Robby strips the fish of its skin and flesh and divides fish in totally equal parts.


1x13 - Pingu e la valanga

Pingu jumps outside and flies around like a plane, when he sees the carrot for the snowman's nose has dropped off. He puts it back on and finds it looking like a Rhino's horn when he turns the head. He then sits on a sledge and starts drumming on his belly, when he sees Pingo coming along on his new skis. Pingu, most impressed, decides to tag along with him and, not having a pair of skis of his own, uses some junk in a ruined igloo to build a make-shift pair of his own. Pingu and Pingo then go climbing one of the mountains, with Pingo nearly slipping. After having fun whizzing about down the mountain, with Pingo taunting Pingu, they start racing competitively with Pingo going first, Pingu going next, with both stopping at one point, and both of them end up breaking their skis. They put what they can back together, and then decide to go with each of them on only one ski and go home, arm-in-arm, singing instead.


1x11 - Pingu gioca a hockey sul ghiaccio

Pingu, Robby and their new friend Pongi are dawdling around when they see a hockey team having a game. They decide to join in. At the first two tries they didn't get a goal, but then on the next try, they get one. The other team is a bad loser, however, and on the final try, they play aggressively to ensure they do not win, knocking them with the putt, forcing them into corners, and so on, and they win the game. They want another game, but Pingu and his friends refuse due to the team's bad sportsmanship and for injuring Robby as well. Them and the team then discard all their gear, and do figure skating instead, and the song called "Hand in Hand".


1x12 - Pingu e Pinga non vogliono andare a nanna

It is time for Pingu and Pinga to go to bed but they have other ideas. First they play with their blocks and fakely fight over them, and then mum tells Pingu to brush his teeth and he goes by shuffling with the block boxes on his feet. Pingu brushes the bathtub instead of his teeth, then knocks Pinga's potty, and mum finally manages to get them to go to the bedroom. At first they tried to leave when she wasn't looking. They keep demanding things such as a teddy, pacifier, fish, or bottles. When she stops coming to their demands (though Pinga made one), they go out to find their exasperated mother asleep. They move her into the bedroom and finally go to sleep all together

1x10 - Pingu e la botte

Robby plays around some barrels near some ruins, when he sees a barrel that is half covered with planks, like a sledge. Pingu comes around and he and Robby play with the sledge-barrel. They go down a long and winding hill two times, with Robby being the brakes - almost crashing into a sculpture both times. Unfortunately, when they go down a third time, they lose control, and Robby falls off and Pingu crashes into the sculpture which collapses over him, trapping him inside. Robby goes for help, and gets an emergency paramedic to lift a slab of ice from the rubble in order for Robby to slide under and get Pingu. He gets Pingu out just before the paramedic's arms give way to the weight of the slab. The paramedic then puts a patch on Pingu's head, and he, Robby, and the paramedic leave.


1x15 - Pingu costruisce un igloo

Pingu is going on a camping trip of sorts with Pingo. When Pingu said goodbye to his parents, Father offers Pingu a hat. He does not want to wear it, but father insists. When he leaves he gleefully takes the hat off and puts it in the box. When they meet, they head up at the spot how they will use blocks of ice to build an igloo, however, they cannot agree on where to build one, get into a fight, and go off to build their own separate igloos. Due to them only having half the blocks each, however, they can only build hopeless half-built structures which promptly collapse after some fighting over the last remaining block (Pingu's collapses, much to Pingo's amusement, then Pingo's collapses, much to Pingu's amusement). They then make up, build a proper igloo, and start up by happily eating fish at night on a blanket inside.


1x14 - Pingu scappa via di casa

Pingu and his parents are enjoying a quiet dinner, but Pingu isn't happy due to him refusing to eat his disgusting dinner. Mother and Father decide to share their food. Father give Mother fish, Mother gives Father greens and Mother tries to give Pingu a brown potato, but he refuses and splatters it all over Mother. Father becomes enraged and tells him off. Pingu then rocks his chair and ends up pulling everything off the table. His parents becomes furious and Pingu ends up getting a spanking. He tries to make amends, but gets neglected instead and runs away, feeling that his parents don't love him anymore. Pingu's parents enjoy some quiet time, but they're not really enjoying it because they are worried about Pingu because of what time it is and what they have done. Meanwhile, Pingu becomes hopelessly lost. He nearly gets crushed by falling ice, and then comes face to face with three ugly, menacing monster-faces in the snowdrifts. They look like a human skull, a grumpy dwarf and a dragon. Terrified, he runs and hides in an ice cave. His parents, realizing how late it is, feel pretty bad of how they treated Pingu, so they come out and find him, with Father using his post truck to find him. Pingu notices his parents finding him and shows himself. Happy to see their son, Mother and Father both apologize to him and they take him back home. After Pingu is fed hot soup by Mother, they all go to bed together happily.


1x16 - Pingu a lezione di musica

Pingu is playing with his blocks, and teaching Pinga what they are, while Mother and Father bake a cake (possibly something else). While Pingu plays with his blocks, Pinga plays her trumpet. Pingu likes this and shows Pinga his instrument, an accordion. Pingu then starts playing awful music hysterically with it, and Mother tells him to stop. Pingu sticks his tongue at her, and resumes playing music with it again (this time holding it from one side and bouncing it up and down like a yo-yo). Finally, Mother has had enough and sends Pingu outside, Pinga, who liked Pingu's playing, is annoyed and starts crying. Meanwhile, all around the town, people flee and lock themselves in their houses to get away from Pingu's playing, but when he finally gets to his grandfather, he finds him playing his own accordion nicely. Asking him how he does it, Grandpa gives Pingu music lessons, and he swiftly ends up playing excellently. Pingu then goes home and plays some nice, proper music for his family.


1x17 - Pingu nella grotta di ghiaccio

Pingu and his parents are doing odd jobs when Pingo comes over and asks Pingu on a playdate. The two go off hysterically. They play with their ball and have fun at first, but get a bit carried away, and the ball goes off into an overhang in the ice. When they try to retrieve it, they fall through a sort of trapdoor in the ice and into an ice cave. The entrance collapses above them, and they must find another way out. After looking around in the dripping, echoing caverns, they see a slope to the surface - which happens to be on the other side of a deadly chasm. Pingu manages to cross by swinging on a rope, which comes off as he gets to the other side. He then lassoes the ropes onto a small stalagmite next to Pingo, and tells Pingo to hang onto it and shuffle across the chasm, with Pingu holding onto the rope on the other side. But Pingu begins to slip due to Pingo's weight on the rope and he nearly falls. Pingu quickly tugs on the rope, pulling Pingo back up unharmed and catches him just in time, and the two crawl out cheerfully to the surface.


1x18 - Pingu e la gara di slitte

Pingu and his friends Pingo and Pingg are going tobogganing up in some high mountains. After a long climb, they reach the top, and sled their way down. Pingu's friends go down at great speed, but Pingu has trouble; his sled doesn't seem to slide and he can only go slowly. It then turns out that the skis on the bottom of Pingu's sled are rusted, and his friends give him a greased rag to polish them with. After Pingu's friends come down a second time, he shows them how clean the skis are, and does a test, which turns out successful. They try a third time, but Pingu over-polished the skis, and he goes zooming down too fast to control. His sled breaks, and he crashes into a snowman, getting stuck inside it. Pingu's friends find him, move the snowman inside, and then put it near the furnace so it melts to free Pingu. When he thaws completely, Pingo offers him the greased rag again. Pingu rejects angrily. Then they all have a good laugh about it.


1x19 - Pingu e la toilette

Pingu and his family are eating lunch. Pinga opens her mouth for Pingu to put a piece of fish in her mouth, but Pingu ends up eating it himself, much to Pinga's annoyance. Pingu then heads off to go to a bar type shop to get a drink. Pinga follows him and wants a drink too. Pingu buys her two, but when she drinks them, she tinkles on the ground and Pingu hurriedly sends her home; she makes it to her potty just in time. Pingu then finds he needs to go to the toilet, and rushes home just in time to see his dad go into the bathroom. He pushes Pinga off her potty so he can use that instead, and is sent outside, and he then in a rage plays doorbell ditch so that dad has to rush out of the bathroom to get it and Pingu can run in and use the toilet. He urinates on the floor because it is too high, however, father angrily tells him to clean it up. While finished and walking away thinking of an idea, he then attempts to go to the toilet on stilts, but Mother comes in and tells him that he can't go in the toilet with them, Pingu explains to her that he can't reach the toilet. Mother thinks of an idea and suggests they build some steps out of ice. They do so, and Pingu is finally able to go to the toilet in peace..


1x20 - Pingu va a scuola

Pingu walks to school with his backpack, and on the way, calls for Robby. Robby slides down a slant on a snowy mountain. Pingu does the same sliding on his backpack, rather further than Robbie. Pingu slides his backpack to Robby. Robbie dons the backpack, Pingu is amused. Pingu and Robby find two rows of desks, a blackboard and an igloo. The teacher walks out of the igloo. As the teacher turns around to close the door, Robby quickly jumps into a water hole. The teacher rings the school bell. Pingo and Pingg arrive at the school. Before a lesson, Pingu tells Robbie to hide down the water hole. The teacher, Pingo, and Pingu walk over to the water hole. Pingo jumps into the water hole, much to Pingu's surprise. Pingo jumps back out. Pingo goes to the blackboard and draws a fish. Pingg jumps into the water hole. Pingg jumps back out. Pingg is sent to blackboard and draws a fish skeleton along with a tail fin and head. Pingu laughs in amusement. Pingg points to the blackboard telling him why it isn't funny. Pingu acts out Robby's actions (first trying by mimicking the noise Robby makes, then, when this fails, moves like Robby). Pingg, Pingo and the teacher do not know who he is. Pingu goes to the blackboard and draws his friend Robby. Pingu takes a fish out of his desk and holds it over the water hole to attract Robby. Robbie jumps from the water hole and eats the fish's body leaving the skeleton, head and tail fin. The teacher, Pingo and Pingg are astonished. Pingu calls for Robby. He leaps from the water hole and Pingu introduces him. The teacher is much satisfied. Robby brings a fish out of the water while the teacher erases the chalk drawings. They pass the fish down to the teacher and plaster it onto the blackboard. Robby gets an eel and repeats the process with a flounder and a lobster. Pingg and Pingo are asked what the creatures are. Pingu tries to raise his hand in order to answer. Pingu is finally brought up to answer the question of what the lobster is. Robby


1x21 - Il nonno di Pingu è malato

Pingu is painting a painting while his mom is ironing clothes, but then the telephone rings and Pinga answers the phone, Pingu's mom rushes Pinga off the phone - it is Grandpa who's suffering measles. Pingu tells Pinga not to mess up his painting but Pinga throws red on it. Pingu gets really angry at Pinga and she runs away from Pingu. They go to Grandpa's house, but Pinga blocks the door so Pingu can't get out. Pingu backs up and rushes the door, but Pinga has moved away and he falls flat on the ground. They all go to Grandpa’s house and while Mother tries treatments, Pingu and Pinga run around babbling and dancing, possibly to entertain Grandpa, but end up annoying him. Mother lectures them and tells them to be quiet, but they pretend to cook something in a pot and the lid falls off. Mom tells them to stop messing about and again tells them to be quiet, but they play dress-up while Pingu is on a sled and they crash into the drawer. Pingu's mom, exasperated, makes them go outside, where Pingu finds a board and puts it above a giant wad of snow to play seesaw. Mother, exasperated again, tells them to stop. Pingu then kicks snowballs into the door and kicks one into Mother. She finally has had enough of their behavior and tells them to go home. They then use markers to make fake spots and then call Mother. She comes home, lifts the bed sheets and finds them all spotty, like the measles. When Mother rubs their heads she finds out they have used crayon and they try it on Mother. When she jumps on the bed in the ending, she breaks it (much to Pingu's surprise). They then laugh.


1x24 - Pingu e gli amici fanno troppo chiasso

Pingu and Pingg are playing hopscotch, not knowing they are doing it in a parking space. When a parking neighbor comes here to park in and they get into a fight. Then suddenly, Pingu and Pingg are forced to play somewhere else. They go over to another igloo, and start running and playing about very noisily. The grouchy neighbor starts yapping at them. Pingu, Pingg and Pingo who comes along tease her. She was about to hit them with a carpet beater but she missed. She leaves and accidentally closes the window on her hand! She cries like a wolf (in the early version of course she did this,) making Pingo, Pingg and Pingu laugh. They then start playing ball, and the ball accidentally goes onto the grouchy neighbor's roof. She catches it and takes it inside. Pingo and Pingg protest to tell Pingu to go get it back so he begs for it back. With no avail, but then suddenly, the grouchy neighbor gets locked outside, and though hearing them, laughing at her. At first, Pingu decides to help her, by climbing through the window and unlocking the door. Then suddenly, she gives them their ball back, and they all play together. But the grouchy neighbor accidentally hits the window on her igloo making them all laugh again!


1x25 - I genitori di Pingu vanno a un concerto

Pingu’s parents are off to a concert for a change leaving Pingu and Pinga in charge of taking care of the house and promise to good, as Pingu and Pinga started to cry. As their parents leave, Pingu and Pinga perform antics such as jumping on their beds and asking Pinga to turn on a radio (as the music blares) while Pingu makes a pancake. Mother and Father had arrive at the concert. Pingu flips the pancake into the air many times, much to Pinga's delight and it ends up getting stuck to the roof! Pinga tells him to look up, Pingu does so just as the pancake falls on his head making him look like an elephant then he trumpets . Meanwhile, Mother and Father have a small talk while at the concert hall (as the Orchestra plays classical tune in piece). Then, Pingu bounces his red ball and he and Pinga play catch making a big mess in the process. At the concert, Father has fallen asleep and Mother wakes him up and they are a little bit worried about Pingu and Pinga. Afterwards, Pingu rifles through a dresser strewing a top hat at Pinga. He then puts on a women's hat and throws it at Pinga who is stuck in a blue box then Pingu pushes her as Pingu convinces Pinga (with the box she was stuck in now on her head) to come back to where he is standing then Pingu pretends to be a monster and is devouring Pinga. Meanwhile, Pingu’s parents are worried about what Pingu and Pinga might be doing as they have a look at the photo of Pingu and Pinga. Then Pinga turns on the bathtub and adds bubble bath to the bath water as Pingu jumps into the bathtub and play messily and then they tip over leaving a mess on the floor. Meanwhile, the concert is finished, and Pingu and Pinga try desperately to clean things up and Pinga shuts off the radio while Pingu shoves every single pair of clothes he has all strewn about into the dresser by jumping on the clothes. When Pingu's parents come home, Mother find out that the dresser had clothes completely shoved in. They are not amused and Mother asks if


1x26 - Il sogno di Pingu

It is time for Pingu's bedtime, and he falls asleep while Mother is reading him a story. As Pingu sleeps, the igloo jumps up and down before floating away. His bed then sprouts legs and moves around. Although being rattled at first, he has lots of fun riding the bed, but he is unaware that a giant non-tusked whiskered walrus (or a leopard seal) is stalking him. The walrus/leopard seal eventually shows himself to Pingu and puts the igloo on top of him and the bed. The walrus/leopard seal takes the igloo off, squishes and stretches Pingu as if he were a plaything, and as the bed tries to escape, the walrus/leopard seal takes the mattress from it and eats it like a chocolate bar. While the walrus/leopard seal is distracted, Pingu and the bed run off in fear, but Pingu trips over a ledge and falls down a steep mountain slope. The minute he lands at the bottom, Pingu wakes up, finds out that his "snowy mountain" is actually the bed, which isn't moving, and realizes it was all a dream. Pingu then sadly tells Mother all about it as she comforts him.


1x23 - Pingu e il suonatore di organetto

Pingu is spending time with a stranger who is busking by playing a barrel organ, which makes him feel upset because of how poor he is. He is more upset when arrogant penguins just walk past refusing to give money. First, a male penguin just walks around the organ. Secondly, a female Penguin walks past the organ. Pingu tries to stop her, but she pushes him away with her belly. Pingu asks another male penguin for some money, but he gets a fish instead. Pingu gives the fish to the busker and tries the organ. Pingu asks another penguin for some money. They both look up and the penguin walks away. Seething with rage, Pingu turns the organ's handle quickly. The penguin doesn't look where he's going and falls into a fishing hole. Pingu is even more upset when he follows him home to find it an old, broken down, messy ruin. Feeling sorry for the busker, he borrows the barrel organ and goes around town playing it in front of a tailor, bakery, tavern and a fishmonger, the pleased owners of which give him free supplies. He then goes back to the busker's place and sets out for him a nice meal with the supplies, and goes outside to make some repairs to the house. The pleased busker then rewards him with a harmonica.


1x22 - Il circo di Pingu e Pinga

Pingu, Pinga and Robby put up signs announcing a circus and lots of penguins start to go see the circus, and during the performance, Pingu plays the drum, Pinga plays the trumpet and Robby plays the accordion, Robby does roly-polies, Pinga juggles balls (which failed when Robby laughed when she dropped them, though she threw one at Robby's hat flattening it.), Pinga and Robby do a "lion-tamer's act" and Robby does dog acts. Pingu does a bunch of dances and actions during Robby's accordion performance and he lifts a big faux dumbbell, drops it (to make it look heavy) and Pinga takes it away with no effort at all. In the next performance, Pingu and Pinga jump on top of a board and Pingu lands in a bucket of blue paint which splatters all over Pingu and Robby, Pinga arrives and scolds Pingu to be more careful and jeers at him by laughing. After this, Pingu decides to spit blue paint onto Pinga, covering her in paint too. The audience laughs and then for the rest of the episode, Pingu, Pinga and Robby are clowns using their instruments again.


Stagione 2

2x1 - Pingu at the Doctor's

Mother goes out and leaves Pingu and Pinga at home. They decide to play dentist, but Pinga does not want to play when Pingu threatens to use a hammer and chisel on her. Pingu chases her, and during the chase a table gets knocked over by Pinga and Pingu bangs his beak on it. His beak is broken and bleeding. Pinga is sympathetic and bandages it up and takes Pingu to the doctor. Pingu is terrified when he sees the tool the doctor is going to use and runs off. Pinga and the doctor chase him round the outside of the igloo, but Pingu comes back inside and locks the doctor and Pinga out. Inside, all the other patients laugh at the whole fiasco. Pingu then rings Mother, who comes to the doctor and comforts him while his beak is being treated. While Pingu ends up with a brace on his beak, Pinga wants a lollipop, the doctor gives her one. Asking for the other one too, she kindly cleans the lollipop for Pingu and gives it to him. Mother then takes them both home.


2x2 - Pingu's Admirer

Pingu goes to school. On the way he meets Pingg, Pingo and Pongi playing limbo, and joins in, but then the schoolmaster rings the bell. The schoolmaster has just started the lesson when a new student arrives. The new student is a girl named Pingi. The schoolmaster greets Pingi, and he finds a place for her to sit. Unlike his friends, Pingu does not want anything to do with her. He spreads out his things all over his desk and puts his legs wide apart to make it seem as though there is no room at his desk, and is infuriated when the schoolmaster picks his seat anyway. Pingo offers Pingi a lollipop, which she takes and offers to Pingu. He refuses, so she gives it back to Pingo. She then draws a heart and offers that to Pingu, and he snaps at her, earning himself a reprimand from the schoolmaster, who firmly orders him to be nice to her. On the way home after school Pingi follows Pingu and, when Pingu lets her have a piece of his mind, she cries. Pingu walks away, and Pingi throws a snowball at him. He throws one back in retaliation, but it goes through the window of a nearby igloo. He and Pingi both hide in a barrel to escape the wrath of the igloo's irate owner, and they end up liking each other. They walk together the rest of the way and Pingu actually cries a bit when they have to part.


2x3 - Pingu ed il gabbiano

It is a nice day and Pingu is out riding his brand new blue scooter. Circling overhead is a Seagull. It squawks, and Pingu hoots back and waves to it. The Seagull then poos on the scooter, rather annoying Pingu. Pingu goes indoors, cleans up the scooter and puts a cover over it. He then goes outside again. The Seagull is now sitting on top of the igloo, and squawks when it sees Pingu. Pingu makes a snowball and throws it at the Seagull. The snowball narrowly misses as the Seagull takes off. The Seagull retaliates by pooing on Pingu's right foot. Pingu cleans himself off, and then spots that the Seagull has landed on the ice nearby. He tries to grab it, but it takes off and flies out of reach. The Seagull lands again, and Pingu has another attempt at grabbing it, but this try also fails. The Seagull lands for a third time, but this time Pingu sneaks up on it from behind and succeeds in getting hold of its legs. The Seagull tries to fly away, and eventually Pingu has to let go. The Seagull circles around, and poos on Pingu again, this time on his right shoulder. The Seagull then lands to have a drink from a nearby ice hole and is grabbed on the beak by a lobster, which won’t let go. After initially being amused, Pingu takes pity on the Seagull and tugs the lobster off. The lobster turns on Pingu and follows him into the igloo. Pingu eventually chases the lobster away and back into the pool by banging some pan lids. He pets the Seagull, and just when he thinks he’s made friends with it, it flies away and poos on him yet again, right on the top of his head. He goes inside and tells Mother all about it, and she washes his head clean.


2x4 - Pingu Surfing on the Ice

Mother has hung out some washing, with help from Pingu. Mother has just gone back inside the igloo when the wind suddenly gets up, so Pingu decides to have some fun on an ice-surfer. He builds this himself, making the platform and mast from some stuff he finds in the shed, and for a sail using one of Mother's clean sheets that she has just hung out to dry. After some fun zooming around, while going up a hill the wind suddenly stops and Pingu and his ice-surfer go crashing back down. The sheet he’s used for the sail is now filthy. Pingu mournfully goes back home, is told off by his mother for dirtying the sheet, and has to clean it. As he is doing this, with not very much success, Robby comes along. By swish-swashing his tail, Robby very quickly gets the sheet spotless. Mother is very pleased by the result, and Pingu and Robby share a fish given to them by Mother as a reward.


2x5 - Il primo Bacio di Pingu

Pingu and his friends Pingg, Pingo and Pongi are doing some tricks on skates when Pingu's girlfriend Pingi comes along. Pingu greets her by kissing her on the hand, and the other three laugh and take the mick out of him. Annoyed, Pingu impresses all of them with the best trick yet. Pingi applauds and suggests to Pingu that they go off together, but Pingu’s friends want him to stay with them. Pingi goes off, and Pingu is not sure what to do. He goes back to his friends but, as Pingo tries a new trick and the other two watch him, sneaks away to join Pingi, who is gracefully dancing on her skates. Pingu joins in the dance, and they’re about to kiss for the first time when Pingg, Pingo and Pongi skate past teasing them. Pingu and Pingi go off to be alone a couple more times, but each time the others find and tease them. They eventually manage to evade the others and have their first kiss, and then impress the other three with some figure skating


2x6 - Pingu's Curling Game

Robby, who has a proper curling stone, invites Pingu to have a game with him. Pingu doesn’t have a curling stone, but borrows Mother’s hot water bottle to use instead. On their first go, Robby gets his the furthest, on the second Robby again gets his the furthest, but both finish up near a neighbour who is sitting on an ice block reading, and he tells them off for disturbing him. They swap stones, and play back the way they came. Robby wins this as well. Pingu is annoyed, and plays the stone as hard as he can. Unfortunately, it goes toward the neighbour who is reading and knocks the seat from under him, depositing him on the ice on his backside! He is understandably rather annoyed at this and goes to tell Pingu off, but Robby tries to pull him back. This annoys him even more and he follows Pingu home. Pingu goes indoors and hides, but the neighbour bangs on the door and comes in. The neighbour explains to Pingu’s Mother what has happened, and Mother gets Pingu to apologise. Fortunately, by now the neighbour has cooled off a bit, and he and Pingu shake hands. The neighbour and Pingu then have a game. Pingu gets his the furthest (because his jumps over the other!), much to the neighbour’s annoyance.


2x7 - La Famiglia di Pingu Festeggia il Natale

Pingu and Pinga are getting ready for Christmas. They help Mother make some biscuits, and then they go with Father to help choose a Christmas tree. While Father puts up the tree, Mother gets the wrapped presents to put under it. Pingu and Pinga want theirs now, but Mother says wait. Mother then trips over a rope on her way to the tree, and drops the presents. Fortunately not breaking them. She blames Father, and they have an argument about it. Pingu and Pinga go out to see what the fuss is about, and when Mother and Father see them, Pingu and Pinga tell them to stop and make up, which they do. Mother then tells Pingu and Pinga to go into the igloo, and to make sure they stay there and can’t see out she locks the door and blocks up the keyhole. Mother and Father then decorate the tree, while inside the igloo Pingu and Pinga wrap up Mother and Father’s presents. When Mother lets them out, they take their presents to put under the tree, and are amazed when they see it all decorated. They give their presents to Mother and Father; Mother gets some hand warmers and Father gets a spotted bow tie. Pingu and Pinga then open their presents. Pingu gets a book, a ball and some earmuffs; Pinga gets a teddy bear, a dummy and a scarf. As night falls, the tree lights up and together they all sing Silent Night.


2x8 - Pingu as an Icicle Player

Pingu has gone out, and meets up with Robby and Pingo. They play a game where one person has to find the others and, once found, get back “home” before they do. Pingu starts as finder and counts while Robby and Pingo hide. When Pingu starts looking, Pingo creeps up and gets home before Pingu notices. Pingu then spots Robby’s tail sticking out of some ice blocks, and throws a snowball at him that lands on his tail. Robby comes out, and Pingu wins the race home. Robby then counts, and the other two hide, but Pingo doesn’t realise he’s leaving a trail of footprints behind him. Robby goes to look for them, comes across the footprints and finds Pingo. Robby just wins the race for home. Then they both go off to call in Pingu, but they can’t find him anywhere. Then Pingo hears some clanging sounds and finds Pingu, who is making the sounds by hitting an icicle with a broken off piece of icicle he’s using as a striker. Pingu shows Pingo the cavern he has found, which is full of icicles of all shapes and sizes. Pingo gets a striker and makes his own sounds. Then they both hear some deeper sounds; Robby has found them and is making his own sounds with the icicles. Pingu then plays a tune on the icicles and Pingo and Robby both applaud him.


2x9 - Pingu as a Chef

Mother and Father go out, leaving the children at home. Pingu puts a pan on the stove and Pinga brings him a cob of corn. Pingu puts the corn kernels into the pan and puts the lid on, and they soon have a pan of popcorn. The both gobble down the popcorn until there are only a few pieces left. Pinga distracts Pingu, and gobbles down the last of the popcorn while Pingu isn’t looking! Pingu goes to the cupboard, which is full of corn, and fills a big box with the corn kernels. He then loads all this corn into the boiler and puts on the lid. The corn starts popping, and soon there’s a big pile of it. They wonder what to do with it, and then Pinga starts filling boxes with the popcorn while Pingu gets the sledge. Pingu loads the sledge and sets off round the neighbours to give it away. He gives away three of the boxes, one to the post office attendant, one to a mother with three babies, and one to a neighbour. He goes back and tries to give his last box to the mother with three children but she curtly refuses it; the babies have made a terrible mess in the igloo with the box they’ve already had. He tries at the post office, but the attendant is full. Pinga then spots some empty boxes outside the post office, and they fill one of the boxes, put on the lid, and address and stamp it. They hand it in, and the postman delivers it to the neighbour, who is still struggling to eat what Pingu had brought him before. The postman leaves the box on the floor. It starts to rumble and expand, and then bursts scattering popcorn in a pile around it. The neighbour is not pleased! By now Pingu and Pinga are at home sharing a large plateful of popcorn. They realise that Mother and Father are soon due back, and rush to finish before they get home. When Mother and Father arrive the children are snuggled up in bed, pretending to be asleep. Mother pulls off the covers and greets them, not noticing how bloated they are, and then she and Father offer them the gifts they’ve brought home f


Stagione 5

5x19 - Stinky Pingu

Pingu and Pinga have breakfast, but the breakfast is fish porridge, which Pingu doesn't like. Mother is not pleased, and she tells him to eat it. Pinga eats hers, and Pingu offers her his porridge, but she declines. As she has finished, Mother allows her to leave the table, but Mother won’t let Pingu leave the table because he hasn't eaten his porridge. This does not please him so, when Mother goes into another room, Pingu craftily puts the fish porridge into his backpack in order to fool her into thinking that he has eaten it. He then goes outside taking the backpack with him. He comes across Robby and tries to give him the fish porridge, but Robby takes one sniff of it and refuses. They then have a scuffle, and Pingu gets covered with the stuff. Pingu then goes home, but as he’s passing Grandfather’s igloo, Grandfather empties a basin out of the window and onto Pingu. Then Pingu trips over a dustbin and gets quite a bit of the smelly contents on him. All the neighbours he encounters on the way home are affected by the smell as he goes past (including Pingo, who is knocked out by the smell and revived by smelling salts; another one falls down a pool of water, a possible reference to Pingu and the Barrel Organ when a penguin looks up and doesn't realize a pool of water in front of him/her,he/she falls in). Even the carrot on the snowman falls off! When he arrives home he gets in the bath though Pinga is already in it. After getting clean, he and his family sit down for dinner, but dinner is fish porridge again! Pingu tells Father the truth. Then Father tells it to Mother. Fortunately, Mom gives Pingu a roast fish instead.


5x26 - Pingu's Bedtime Shadows

It is night, and Father keeps dozing off. Pingu and Pinga are playing outside, and Mother tells Father to get them in so they can get ready for bed. They come in and Mother takes them into the bathroom while Father dozes off in the chair again. After some typically naughty behaviour in the bathroom by Pingu, including squirting the toothpaste on the mirror and making a fiendish shape from the pattern, they eventually get to bed. Mother snuggles them down in bed. Pinga dozes off, but then wakes and is scared when she sees a shadow of a monster on the wall. Pingu is also initially scared by the shadow, but then realises that a mask and some other things have caused the shadow. They both sit on Pingu’s bed and Pingu makes some shadows on the wall that Pinga enjoys. She then wants Pingu to do Robby, but is not very impressed by Pingu’s attempt and does a better one herself. Pingu then does a sailing boat; Pinga does a schooner. After some thought Pingu does a shadow of Father and mimics him, which Pinga applauds. Pingu then thinks that Pinga is doing a lifelike shadow of Father, with appropriate sounds, and claps wildly, but doesn’t realise as Pinga has that it’s the real thing! Father tells them to go to bed, but when Mother comes in she finds all three of them asleep, snuggled together in Pingu’s bed which makes her laugh, and then puts a blanket over them.


5x20 - Pingu and the Band

Pinga has a spoon, and is banging on a box with it. Pingu thinks this is a great idea and starts banging on a tin. He then gets some spoons, and soon he and Pinga are banging on almost everything, making quite a racket. Mother has had enough of the noise being made, and tells them to go outside. They then bang on the sledge, the snowman’s hat, aunt's dustbins and front door, some mailboxes and at the post office, where Father is working, getting told to go away several times in the process. Eventually they arrive at Grandfather’s house. Grandfather is dozing in his chair outside, and they give him quite a waking up shock by banging loudly on the table. Grandfather retreats hastily indoors, but then comes out playing his accordion. Pingu sees some icicles and plays on them like a xylophone. Pinga then plays them too, after Pingu gets her a box to stand on so she can reach them. Pingu then uses a fish skeleton as a güiro (somehow it sounds like a snare drum). They try playing all together, but initially it doesn’t go very well. They then play in rhythm with Pingu starting, then Pinga, then Grandfather. Pingu and Grandfather march off, so Pinga takes an icicle and follows, playing the icicle like a trumpet. They march home, and those who hated the noise being made earlier enjoy the music now being played.


5x21 - Pingu and the Snowball

Pingu is enjoying himself by playing and juggling snowballs. Pingo comes along and starts a snowball fight. As the fight tails off, Pingu makes a larger snowball that he can’t lift. Pingo makes an even bigger one! Not to be outdone, Pingu makes his even bigger, so that it’s now larger than Pingo’s. Then they spot the ski hill and, with a lot of effort, push Pingu’s ball up to the top. As they push, the ball is getting bigger all the time, so that when they reach the top it’s quite large. At the top they take a rest. Unfortunately, the ball then starts to roll down the hill and they can’t stop it. Pingu manages to get out of the way, but the ball catches up Pingo as it rolls down the hill. The ball is rolling fast when it reaches the bottom of the hill and continues on, collecting a line full of washing (with Punki beside it and not in the snowball.) and a cactus (After Grandfather threw it after he sees the giant snowball.) before crashing through a public toilet (with a penguin in it.). It then rolls into an ice overhang and reverses direction, making Pingu, who has been chasing after the ball, hastily reverse and run hard to keep in front of it. On reaching the post office Pingu quickly makes a makeshift ramp from some parcels, which lifts the snowball up, and it breaks apart on landing. Pingo is very cold after his experience, so Pingu and Father take him to their house and sit him in front of the fire with a hot water bottle. Pingu then wraps Pingo in a blanket and rolls him around, to their amusement.


5x22 - Pingu's Stick Up

Pingu and Pinga are having their breakfast cereal when Grandfather calls and tells Mother that he has run out of milk. Mother gets some milk out of the refrigerator and leaves the igloo. Pingu helps himself to some more cereal, and some green fish stickers come out of the box. Pinga wants some of the stickers, but Pingu won’t give her any. Then Pinga shakes the cereal box, and gets some pink fish stickers. Pingu sticks a green one on his mug and Pinga sticks a pink one on the cereal box. Pingu then takes Pinga’s rabbit and sticks one of his stickers on it, and, much to her chagrin, won’t give Pinga the rabbit back. He goes into the bedroom and sticks a green sticker on Pinga’s bed. Pinga, who has followed to try to get her rabbit back, is not at all happy about this and stomps out of the bedroom. Pingu bounces gleefully on the beds, then wonders what Pinga is up to and goes out to see. She’s put her pink stickers everywhere. Pingu goes outside and puts a green sticker on the ground; Pinga puts one on the scooter and rides off. At Grandfather’s house, Mother and Grandfather are outside talking. Pinga puts a sticker on each of them and rides on. Pingu is annoyed when he arrives too late. Pinga then goes to the post office, Pingu catches up and, as Father comes out, they both put one of their stickers on him at the same time. He separates them, and then puts his green sticker on Pinga and his pink sticker on Pingu. Pinga rides ahead and continues to spread pink stickers about, including on Pingo! When they reach a playground Pinga claims the swing with one of her stickers, and Pingu claims the seesaw with a green sticker. They each sit on their claimed piece of equipment, but can’t play properly as Pinga needs Pingu to push her and Pingu needs a partner to balance the other side of the seesaw. Pingu goes and pushes Pinga on the swing and they both go on the seesaw, and then make up by placing their respective colour stickers on each other.


5x23 - Pingu and the Doorbell

Pingu and Pingo are playing with a ball outside Pingu's house. Pingu kicks it into the doorbell, which rings. As Mother comes out Pingu hits the bell again. She tells Pingu not to hit the doorbell with the ball, but instead just press it. They continue playing, and the ball hits the doorbell again, this time breaking it. Pingo runs off with the ball, leaving Pingu behind to take the blame. Mother, Father and Pinga come out, and Pingu tries to hide the damage to the doorbell, but Mother is not fooled and tells him to get it fixed. The rest of the family go off, and Pingu tries to fix the bell by pushing it together, but it comes apart again. He tries to fix it with sticky tape, but this also doesn’t work. Pingu angrily takes the broken bell off, and goes to the shop to get a new one. He finds all sorts of doorbell at the shop and settles for a trumpeting, yodelling one, and installs it when he gets back home. When his family return and go inside he keeps pressing the new doorbell, causing a lot of vibration, noise and disturbance. Father comes out to find the culprit. Pingu takes the new doorbell off and returns to the shop with it and the old one. He trades the noisy new one for a replacement button for the old one. When he gets back, he installs the repaired doorbell, and his family are pleased to have it fixed. Pingo, who heard the noise earlier, then returns and throws the ball into the doorbell. Mother tells him off and he contritely sits on the ball, but it promptly bursts under him.


5x24 - Pingu Plays Tag

Pingu is having a game of tag with Pinga, and he is determined to avoid being "it" at all costs, rushing round the igloo, hiding in bed and hiding behind the ironing board, where Father is ironing. When Pingu bangs the ironing board, causing the ironing to fly into the air, Father tells them to go outside to play. Pingu gives Pinga the slip by climbing up on an ice arch. When she can’t find him she gives up looking and goes home. Pingu meanwhile has discovered that there is no easy way down from the top of the ice arch! Pinga tells Father that she can’t find Pingu and, as it’s getting late, Mother, Father and Pinga set off in the motorised sledge to look for him. As night falls, Pingu is still on the ice arch, getting colder and colder, and Mother, Father and Pinga are still searching. Eventually they find Pingu, and Father persuades Pingu to jump down into his arms, which he safely does. Later, Pingu is helping Father by folding the ironing when Pinga tags him, to his annoyance. Father consoles Pingu, then surprises him by tagging him himself and running off …


5x25 - Pingu's Pancakes

Mother is making pancakes, and Pingu and Pinga ask if they can help. Mother lets Pinga have a stir, and then Pingu has a turn while Mother gets the stove ready. Mother then has to intervene when Pingu stirs too vigorously and sprays batter over them all, and around the room. Mother then shows them how to flip the pancake in the pan and they clamour to have a go themselves. Pinga goes first and with Mother’s help manages the flip. Pingu wants to try by himself but does it much too hard, and the pancake sticks to the ceiling. Pingu tries again, still gets it wrong and hits the picture on the wall. After a number of further unsuccessful attempts, which leave the room well covered in batter, Mother again shows him how to do it and prepares another pancake for him to flip. This one files out of the door when Father opens it to come in, hitting him in the face. Father flips the pancake back and it lands in the pan, much to the surprise of Pingu and Mother. When Father comes in, Pingu shows that he has at last got the hang of flipping pancakes, and they all applaud. Pingu then makes them all pancakes for tea, but doesn’t make one for himself - he waits for the first one he flipped to drop back onto his plate from the ceiling!


Stagione 2

2x10 - Pingu's Outing

It’s early in the morning and Mother is putting things in a pack for Pingu. She goes to wake him, and tells him to be quiet so as not to wake Pinga. Pingu goes to the bathroom, while Mother makes him breakfast. When Pingu comes out of the bathroom he lets the door slam behind him, which wakes Pinga up. Pinga cries, and is comforted by Father. Pingu eats his breakfast and leaves, carrying his pack. The family wave him goodbye. On his journey Pingu asks the way from an artist, who is out painting the sunrise, and the baker, where he’s given a free pastry. A delivery man on a motorised sledge passes him, and a package drops off the sledge. Pingu calls out, and the delivery man comes back for the package, and then gives Pingu a lift. He’s dropped off at a signpost where he has to go one way and the delivery man another. When he reaches his aunt’s home she greets him at the door, and he eats nearly all of the large meal she’s prepared for him. He’s nearly asleep on his feet, so his aunt suggests he go to bed, but he’s feeling homesick. His aunt offers him a doll to take to bed with him but he doesn’t want it, so she phones Mother. When he speaks to Mother Pingu immediately cheers up, as Mother has put his teddy bear in the pack he brought with him. He goes to bed, and falls asleep during the story his aunt is reading to him, cuddling his teddy.


2x11 - Pingu and the Camera

Pingu is out taking photographs of Robby. He then photographs an interestingly shaped block of ice from a variety of positions. Meanwhile Robby has found an ice-bridge, and shows it to Pingu. Robby climbs up to the top, and Pingu takes some photographs of him there, in various poses. They then spot a hot-air balloon drifting past, and Pingu snaps this as well. A photojournalist arrives, who also takes some pictures of the balloon, with Pingu standing in the foreground. Pingu goes home, and then goes with Father to the photo-shop to have the film developed. Unfortunately there’s nothing on the film, as Pingu has forgotten to take the lens cap off the camera. Pingu goes sadly home, and father consoles him. Mother and Pinga arrive home with the paper, and Mother shows Pingu the front page, which has a big picture of the balloon with Pingu standing in front. Pingu cheers up, and Mother frames and hangs the picture from the paper on the wall. Pinga wants to take a picture of Mother, Father and Pingu in front of the balloon picture. Pingu has to remind her to take the lens-cap off first!


2x12 - Pingu's Parents Have no Time

Pingu and Pinga are flying their kite when the wind goes light and it crashes onto the roof of the igloo. Pingu tries to pull it off with the string but the string breaks. Pinga goes inside to get help from Mother or Father, but they’re busy and say that they have no time to help. Outside, Pingu is trying to dislodge the kite by throwing snowballs at it. The first one hits Pinga as she comes back out of the igloo. She cries, but is comforted by Pingu. The second hits the kite, which slides off the roof and lands on the ground in a broken heap. This time Pingu goes in to ask for help, but Mother and Father are still too busy. Pingu and Pingu then go off on the sledge to see Grandfather, who helps them make a new kite. Meanwhile, Mother and Father realise it is getting late and go outside to get Pingu and Pinga, but there’s no sign of them. They get on Fathers motorised sledge and go looking, asking the post-office attendant, the fishmonger and a neighbour if they’ve seen them. They all say they haven’t. Eventually they arrive at Grandfather’s igloo, where they see a kite being flown behind the igloo; Pingu is flying the new kite, watched by Pingu and Grandfather. Mother and Father thank Grandfather for his help, and Mother, Father, Pingu and Pinga all go back home together


2x13 - Pingu and the Packaging Material

Pingu is out shopping for a birthday present for Grandfather. He comes across a shop selling shells and goes in. He finds a nice spiky shell, which is put into an oval box just the right size for the shell. As Pingu is coming out of the shop he sees Pinga on her way to Grandfathers, carrying a box almost as big as she is. Pinga’s box is bigger than the one he’s got, so he goes back into the shop and asks if he can have a larger one. He turns down the first two offered as not being large enough, and asks for a very large one. Meanwhile Pinga has arrived at Grandfathers and given him her present, which is a picture. Grandfather hangs it up, and Pinga sings “Happy Birthday” to him. Pingu then arrives, carrying a very large box. Grandfather opens the box, to find a slightly smaller box inside. He opens this box – there’s another slightly smaller one inside it! Eventually, inside the fourth box, Grandfather finds the oval box, which he opens to find the shell that Pingu bought. Grandfather then wonders what to do with all the empty boxes from Pingu’s present. He decides they ought to go back to the shell shop, so together they take the boxes back to the shop.


2x14 - Pingu the Apprentice Magician

Pingu is proudly presenting his magic tricks to Pinga and Pingi. He baffles them with the scarf and tube trick, he amazes them by disappearing from behind a sheet leaving only his hat and the sheet behind, and then reappearing in his trunk, and puzzles them with his hat trick. He then changes Pinga into a snowman, the snowman is given several different heads, such as Robby’s and Pingo’s, and finally appears headless; Pinga then reappears. Pinga is then made to disappear from inside a box put over her. Pingi is very puzzled until she sees how Pinga gets back inside the box. Pingu then shows his levitation trick, but unfortunately for him Pingi already knows how this is done and gets Pinga to cut the strings that support the sheet with scissors, much to Pingu's annoyance. Pinga and Pingi laugh! Pingu finishes by folding up the sheet he used for the levitation trick and throwing it into the air, where it shimmers and then disappears. Pingu takes a bow, and Pingi and Pinga applaud.


2x15 - Il Compleanno di Pingu

It’s Pingu’s birthday, and he’s having a party with Pinga and his friends Pingo and Pingi. The party area is decorated with balloons and lights, and there are snacks and drinks on the table. Grandfather is providing music on the accordion. Robby arrives with a present for Pingu. It’s a cap, which he promptly puts on. Pingu shows the others what he’s received; a book, some crayons and a ball. They then all tuck in to the snacks and drink. Pingu shares a drink and a snack biscuit with Pingi (which leads into a Lady and the Tramp-style kiss). Pingi then pulls Pingu’s cap over his eyes so he can’t see and tells him he has to find her. He goes where he thinks she is, but she steps out of the way. She calls, and he changes direction towards her, but she steps out of the way again. Robby calls, and Pingu tries to catch him, but Robby backs away. The others all join in, calling in turn, and Pingu doesn’t know whom to find. Eventually he looks for Pingi again, but she moves out of the way and he collides with Mother, who has just come out of the igloo. She takes his hat off so he can see whom he’s found, then puts it back on. The game continues, Pingu not managing to find anyone. Mother then comes out with the cake and they all gather round. Pingu, now feeling much better, blows out the candle, the others sing “Happy Birthday” (in Penguinese) to Pingu, and then they all dig into the cake.


2x16 - Pingu alla Fiera

Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father go to the funfair. They pass some balloons but don’t buy one. They come to a barrel organ, Pingu gives the player some money and he plays a tune. Pingu and Pinga rush on and stop at a candyfloss seller, and they both have some. At the “hit the tins” stall Pingu has a go, gets all the tins down in his three throws, and receives a lollipop as a prize. Pinga also has a go, but she throws before the stallholder has completely finished putting back the tins. The ball misses, bounces off the backboard onto the stallholders head, and then into the tins, knocking them all down. The stallholder is not very happy about this, talks angrily to her and doesn't give her a prize. They move quickly on. Both Pingu and Pinga then have an ice cream. At the sweet stall Father buys Mother a candy pendant that he puts round her neck, and Pingu and Pinga each have a twisty candy stick to eat. Pingu and Pinga have a ride on the roundabout. Pingu then rides on the swings, and Mother is concerned by how high he's going. When he gets off he feels a bit poorly. On the way home, Pinga has some more candyfloss, but Pingu doesn’t want any. They each get a balloon, but Pingu misses the string when taking the balloon off the seller and the balloon floats away, so Pinga lets go of hers as well. Then they all go home.


2x17 - Pingu Babysitter

Mother is going out with a friend, and Pingu has the job of babysitting the twins. After Mother and her friend have gone the twins, who were lying peacefully in bed, throw their pillows at Pingu, hitting him on the head. Then one twin cries because his dummy has come out. While Pingu is retrieving the dummy and washing it, the other twin crawls off and pulls the tablecloth off the table. Pingu is just in time to stop the vase smashing on the floor. The first twin then grabs the frying pan that’s on the stove. Pingu eventually gets both of them into their highchairs and feeds them. While he’s feeding one, the other is yelling, and vice versa. Eventually they both stop crying and Pingu checks their nappies. Luckily only one has a dirty nappy so Pingu changes it, and tucks them both back into bed. He then sits down with a book, but they both start to wail again. They don’t want their teddies, but doze off when Pingu rocks the bed. Pingu goes back to the chair, but they start crying so he rocks them back to sleep again. Then he has an idea, and ties a cord to the end of the bed, with the other end of the cord tied to his foot. Now, when they start crying, he can waggle his foot and rock the bed without having to get out of the chair. When Mother and her friend arrive back the twins are fast asleep; Pingu is in the chair with his foot rocking the bed, also fast asleep!


2x18 - Pingu Cannot Lose

Pingu and Pinga are bowling. Pinga takes the first throw, and doesn’t score, but then rolls up herself and knocks all the skittles down. Pingu is not very amused; he is very surprised! Then Pingo comes by and has a go; he knocks down two skittles. Pingu throws and hits four. Pingo’s next throw gets one, and Pingu gets four again. Then Pingo gets two, and Pingu gets three, but this time his ball takes an odd path before reaching the skittles. A passer-by has a go and gets six. Pingu’s next ball goes straight, and he knocks over a skittle, but it stands up again. The passer-by gets another six and Pingu gets a one. The passer-by then gets seven, and Pingu walks away unhappily. Then the passer-by gets an eight. Robby, who has just arrived, gets one but his ball also takes an odd path before hitting the skittle. Robby thinks this is very funny. The passer-by then gets all nine skittles, and the others applaud. Robby’s next throw misses completely, as does Pingo’s. This time they all think this is funny. Pingu then has another try, but to throw he faces backwards and rolls the ball between his legs. Again his ball takes an odd route, misses, and ends up in front of the group of skittles. He has another throw. The ball hits the ball that’s already there, and both balls go round the outside of the group of skittles. They all find this extremely funny.


2x19 - Pingu and the Disabled Penguin

Pingu decides he’s going to play a practical joke, and meets up with Pingo. Pingu leads the way to a nearby ice-shelf, opens a bag he’s been carrying and takes out a fish and a piece of rope. He puts the fish on the ground, ties the rope to the fish’s tail, takes the other end of the rope to the ice-shelf and then covers the rope in snow so that all that can be seen by a passer-by is the fish on the ground. He and Pingo then hide on the ice-shelf and wait. Soon a penguin comes past with her shopping and sees the fish on the ground. She’s just about to pick it up when Pingu tugs on the rope to pull the fish away, and the shopping goes flying. Pingu and Pingo find this hilarious, the female penguin doesn’t! She picks up the shopping and goes off muttering. The next penguin to come by is in a wheelchair. He sees the fish and is delighted, but can’t find an easy way of getting the fish. Pingu doesn’t think that they should trick him but Pingo does and, despite Pingu’s attempts to prevent it, pulls the fish away. The disabled penguin follows the fish, the wheelchair hits a jutting piece of ice and the disabled penguin falls flat on his face on the ground with the wheelchair upside down beside him. Pingu and Pingo help him back into his chair, and explain what they did. Fortunately he sees the joke, and decides to join in, so when Pingu and Pingo hide for the next victim, the disabled penguin also hides. The next passer-by sees the fish, takes a close look at it and spots the covered rope. He gives it a tug and Pingu, who is holding the other end, falls off the ice-shelf and hurts his foot. While Pingo and the disabled penguin see to Pingu, the passer-by has a chuckle, eats the fish and walks away. Pingu gets home with the help of the disabled penguin; the disabled penguin is in the wheelchair, Pingu is balancing on top and Pingo is pushing. When he gets home Pingu thanks the disabled penguin, and Mother bandages Pingu’s foot. The disabled penguin then a


2x20 - Pingu and the Gift

Pinga is playing happily with her teddy and toy pram when Pingu zooms up on his new scooter. Pinga immediately switches her attention to the scooter and really wants a go. Pingu won’t let her, and scoots off. Father then arrives on the motorised sledge, and Pinga greets him. He agrees to take her for a ride, but doesn’t look where he’s going and flattens the pram, destroying her teddy. Pinga is heartbroken and starts crying. Pingu arrives back, sees the broken pram and goes indoors. Pinga is still crying, so he tries to distract her by playing his drum. This has little effect so Mother tries a lollipop, giving Pingu one as well. This also has no effect. The family try other solutions, but none of these stop Pinga crying. Pingu then decides that he knows what she wants and gets his scooter and tells Pinga she can have a go. She immediately cheers up and sets off at speed. After crashing into and through various things she hits a bump and falls off, ending up buried under the snowman. Pingu is very worried she might have hurt herself, but she comes up laughing. Pingu gives her a cuddle, and the scooter!


2x21 - La Visita di Pingu All'Ospedale

Pingu and Mother visit the injured Pinga in hospital. When they enter the hospital, a doctor is pulling a badly injured penguin who got hurt in a bad post truck accident. When they find Pinga, Pinga is pleased to see them, and Pingu shows her a picture he’s drawn of her accident. The nurse comes in to treat Pingi, who is in the bed next to Pinga, and puts a screen between the beds. Mother gives Pinga some flowers, and both Pinga and Pingu have an apple. Pingu’s getting a bit bored, so he rides around on a stool with wheels. He then sees the shadows that are being made on the screen by the nurse and Pingi by a light the nurse turned on. The nurse turns off the light and goes out. Pingu pulls the screen round in front of Pinga and Pingi, puts a mobile table behind the screen, a pillow into the table, and the light behind. He turns on the light and gives a shadow performance to Pinga, Mother and Pingi, pretending to be a surgeon operating. Mother, Pinga and Pingi find Pingu’s performance very amusing and laugh out loud. The noise attracts the attention of the nurse and a surgeon, who come in to find out what’s causing all the laughter. They see the end of Pingu’s performance, and applaud with the others when Pingu finishes. Pingu is given his own surgeons outfit as a prize for his performance.


2x22 - La Gita di Pingu

The school class goes to see a sculptor, who is carving a giant whale. On the way, Pingg throws a snowball at Pingu that hits him on the head. When Pingu retaliates, his snowball hits the schoolmaster, earning Pingu a ticking off. When the class arrive at the sculpture they all look round. Pingg decides to help the sculptor, who is shaping the head, by carving some more on the body. This does not amuse the sculptor. On the other side of the sculpture Pingo has decided to climb the scaffolding, despite Pingu’s protests. When he gets to the top he calls out, which attracts the attention of the schoolmaster, who tells him to get down. The sculptor gives a talk to the class about the sculpture, but Pingg has slipped away and has climbed up on to the tail of the whale sculpture. He gleefully bounces up and down on it and part of it breaks off, crashing to the ground. Pingg just manages to save himself from falling by grabbing the edge of the remaining part of the tail, leaving him hanging on precariously. Pingo gets a long pole to try to help him get down, but it won’t reach, and the schoolmaster goes up onto the top of the whale but can’t get to the tail to help. The sculptor is muttering away to himself about the broken tail. Pingu comes up with a plan and, using some poles and a tarpaulin, the class build a slide that Pingg can use to come down. He lets go of the tail and slides down safely. Once the class have finished congratulating Pingo and themselves, they notice that the schoolmaster is still stuck on top of the sculpture!


2x23 - Pingu nella Stanza dei Bambini

Pinga is waiting impatiently to go to kindergarten, but Mother is busy and gets Pingu to take her. On the way they pass Pingo and Pingg on their sledges. They ask Pingu to join them but he refuses. When they get there Pinga is given a piece of paper, and she goes to sit down. On the way she trips and falls over, crumpling the piece of paper. Pingu helps her up. The teacher asks the class to make a hat with their pieces of paper, but Pinga is unhappy that her piece is crumpled, so Pingu asks if she can have a fresh piece. The teacher gives him two pieces of paper and he gives one to Pinga. Pinga tries to make a hat, but can’t. Pingu takes the piece of paper and makes the hat for her. He then uses the other piece of paper he’s got to make a hat for himself. Pingu then joins in the dancing, the session on the school slide, and listens to the story. On the way home they meet Pingo and Pingg by a pool in the ice, who laugh at the hat that Pingu is still wearing. Pingu takes off the hat, folds it into a boat and puts it on the water. He blows the boat into the middle of the pool, but Pingo and Pingg then try to hit it with snowballs. However, they don’t manage to hit the boat as it keeps moving out of the way, They’re puzzled by this until they see why; Robby is in the pool moving the boat from underneath. Robby then does some balancing tricks with the boat, ending up wearing it on his head like a hat, and they all applaud.


2x24 - Pingu and the Stranger

Pingu has gone out to get some fish from the fish stall. While he’s on the way, two strangers enter the village, and are shunned by everyone they meet. Pingu arrives at the fish stall, gets out his shopping list and is about to tell the stallholder what he wants when the stallholder sees the two strangers, who are just behind Pingu. The stallholder quickly closes the stall and walks away, leaving Pingu without any fish to take home. Pingu walks away, but hides behind a nearby igloo, and then surreptitiously follows the two strangers out of the village to a nearby ice pool. Another penguin is fishing. One of the strangers takes out a shell horn and blows it, getting a rasping squawk noise. The two strangers look up, and soon a fish drops from the sky into the hands of one of the strangers. Pingu is amazed. The stranger with the horn blows it again. Another fish drops from the sky and lands on the ice nearby, but this time the penguin fishing and Pingu are looking up, and they see that a seagull is dropping the fish. The strangers offer the fish to the penguin fishing, but he refuses and hurriedly walks off. Pingu comes out from where he’s been hiding and walks up to the strangers, who give him the fish and let him try the horn. Pingu blows, but only gets a gentle squeak from the horn. The strangers urge him to try again, and he gets a raspberry sound. No fish is dropped either time. Then the seagull swoops to catch a fish from the pool, and as it flies overhead the strangers urge Pingu to blow again. This time he gets a better sound, and the seagull responds with a squawk, dropping the fish it has just caught! The fish is given to Pingu, and Pingu then soon fills the basket with fish. As they’re waiting for the seagull again some of the villagers come to look at what is happening. The next fish dropped by the seagull lands on one of the villagers, and after initial amazement they all laugh. The horn is shown around and the villagers chat happily with the strang


2x25 - Pingu Helps Around the House

Mother is ironing and feeling a bit harassed, as she realises that there’s a lot of clearing up and other jobs that need doing, and she asks Pingu if he could help. Pingu, who is reading, is not at all keen to help and suggests that Pinga should. Mother does not want Pinga to help because she's too small though, but she helps anyway. But Pinga drops some on the floor on the way to the cupboard and Mother tells her off. Pinga bursts into tears and Mother comforts her. Mother then tells Pingu to help and gives him some large cloths to put away. Pingu balances them on his head, to the amusement of Pinga and the consternation of Mother, carries them on his head to the cupboard, puts them away and then goes back to his book. Mother then enlists Pingu’s help again, this time to wash the floor, and prepares a bucket of soapy water for Pingu to use. Pingu reluctantly comes over to do it, but then thinks it would be a good idea to make the water soapier, and does this when Mother is not looking. Pinga comes over to see what is going on, and Pingu covers her head with soapsuds from the bucket. Pinga goes over to Mother who wipes the suds off, and tells Pingu to get on with it. Mother then goes out with the washing. Pingu and Pinga play a game with the mop and washing cloth, then Mother comes to get Pingu to help her, leaving Pinga with the mopping to do. She accidentally knocks a blanket from the table into the bucket. When Mother and Pingu return, Pinga has finished mopping the floor and is busily playing with her toys. Later, Mother is cooking dinner when Father comes in. He greets them, and Mother goes to serve the dinner, but finds a nicely warmed blanket in the oven. Mother and Father blames Pingu and Pinga and they don't get any supper! Pingu knows how to use it though. When Pingu and Pinga go to bed they snuggle into the warm blanket.


2x26 - Pingu Builds a Snowman

Pingu and Pinga get up to find a nice fresh fall of snow outside. They go off in the sledge to have some fun, but hit a bump sliding down a hill and get thrown off. They decide to build a snowman and have made a start when Robby turns up and suggests it should be a big one. They all agree, and Robby helps to gather the snow to form the bottom half. They make a ball to put on top for the body, but have difficulty getting it up and making it stay on. Pingu then spots a nearby signpost, used by hikers to find their way, and has the idea of using this to support the snowman. Pingu and Robby roll the balls of snow across and build up the snowman around the signpost, covering up the signs with snow to form the arms of the snowman. They then have problems trying to get the head on, as it’s so tall. Pingu has another idea and goes off on the sledge, and Pinga and Robby work on finishing off the body of the snowman. While all this has been going on, a hiker has been wandering around nearby, clearly lost. He spots Pinga and Robby, and comes over to them. Pinga and Robby ask him for help with the snowman, and he kindly puts on the head and makes it appear that the snowman is on a hike by adding a rucksack and a pole on his shoulder with a bag. The hiker asks Pinga and Robby if they know the way, but they say that they don’t, so the hiker wanders off again. Pingu then arrives back on the sledge with a ladder, and a carrot in a bucket, and is surprised to see the finished snowman. He wonders how Pinga and Robby did it. The hiker then returns, having found a sheer cliff in his way, and asks them again if they know the way. As they’re about to reply the snow falls off one of the snowman’s arms revealing the sign, to the hikers surprise. The hiker brushes off the snow on the other arm, which to his relief tells him the way he needs to go.


Stagione 6

6x17 - Pingu and the Fish Flute

Pingu is out on his sledge when he comes across an ice pool, and sees a flute lying next to it. He picks up the flute and tries it, getting a rather discordant squeak. He excitedly goes home to show Mother and Pinga what he’s found, but they don’t take much notice. He blows the flute next to Pinga’s ear, making a loud screechy sound, and she runs away. Mother then tells him to go outside. He wanders into the village, making screeching noises with the flute, and doors are closed to shut out the noise. He startles two penguins having a conversation, and they tell him to stop making a noise and go away. He passes a penguin repairing the roof of his igloo. The penguin is up a ladder, and nearly falls off when Pingu halts at the bottom and starts making a horrible noise with the flute. Once recovered from the shock he also tells Pingu to stop making the noise and to go away. Pingo, wearing headphones, is outside his igloo listening to his record player when Pingu comes by and, once he hears the noise Pingu is making, tells Pingu to go away and slams into the igloo. Pingu then comes across a group of hikers and asks them the way, but is ignored until he starts making screeching sounds on the on the flute. They jump at the noise, and then quickly tell Pingu the way. Pingu trudges mournfully on and eventually comes to an ice pool. He sits down to play. By now his playing has improved, so the sound he’s making is not nearly as discordant as before. As he’s playing, fish begin to jump in the pool, but Pingu doesn’t notice. Robby comes along and is amazed to see what the fish are doing, so he tells Pingu and tries to get him to look. Pingu looks and sees nothing happening, so he turns away and starts to play again. The fish begin to jump again. The hikers come by and applaud, but Pingu still isn’t aware. The hikers come closer and applaud again. Pingu now looks at the pool and is amazed to see what the fish are doing. He takes a bow, but as he does so lets the fl


6x21 - Pingu and the Braces

Grandfather is wrapping up his barbells to get rid of them, and remembering 1948. the time he was a weightlifter. now in the modern day 2005. When the barbells are wrapped he gets the sledge, to carry them to the post office, but they’re too heavy for him to lift on. Just then Pingu and Pingg arrive, so he asks them if they’ll lift them on for him. They get the first one on, and the sledge bends in the middle with the weight. They put the second on, and Grandfather ties them in place using a pair of braces, but the sledge then breaks under the weight, with the barbells falling onto the floor and the braces coming loose. The phone distracts Grandfather, and Pingu and Pingg go outside with the braces. Pingu tries them as expanding arm exercisers, and Pingg then twangs them musically. Pingu spots a large melon on the table and they try to fire it using the braces as a catapult, but it’s too heavy and drops to the ground. They then successfully fire a banana, but it behaves rather like a boomerang and comes back, so they have to duck to avoid it. Pingg then holds the braces and fires Pingu, and Pingu does the same for Pingg. Pingu then decides that he wants to go further, and attaches one end of the braces to the igloo door, the other end to the table, and pulls himself back as far as he can. His feet slip, and he twangs forward, then back, then forward again. He tries to stop by grabbing the clothesline, but misses and only gets hold of a towel. This pulls loose, so he twangs back again. Then the end of the braces that is tied to the door of the igloo comes loose as Grandfather comes out, and the braces wind round and round the table with Pingu hanging onto the end. They then unwind, and Pingu ends up running in place on a disintegrating pile of logs. Grandfather asks Pingu what he’s up to, and Pingu suddenly remembers what he was supposed to be doing and improvises a sledge out of two logs and a wooden box. He and Pingg then load the weights into the box. With


6x19 - Pingu and the Daily Igloo

Pingu has found a leaflet advertising for a paper boy, brings it home and persuades Father to let him do it. Father takes him to the paper shop and Pingu goes inside to get the papers. When he comes out with them he can barely lift the box. Father offers to help but he wants to do it all himself and loads them onto his sledge. Father shows him how to fold the paper to get it through the letterbox, and he sets off. The first one he tries to deliver he gets all crumpled trying to get it into the letterbox, and also traps his fingers. The next one he has to deliver to Punki, and he has to try three times before getting the correct paper. On the way to deliver the next paper he passes Pingi, who is in the playground and wants a partner for the seesaw. He’s just about to join her when Father comes by and tells him he’s taking too long to deliver the papers. He leaves Pingi, and delivers the next paper at speed as he whizzes past the igloo, tossing it through an open window. It lands in a washing basin, soaking the penguin using it at the time. The next one is delivered in the same way, but this time it lands in the loo and surprises the penguin who is in the nearby bath. The following paper is delivered to Grandfather; Pingu gets this one in the bowl of cereal that Grandfather is eating at the time. He continues in this manner, and when he gets back to the paper shop dumps all the papers he hasn’t delivered into the bin outside. He goes to find Pingi at the playground, but she has gone. When he gets home he’s aghast to find a queue of angry penguins at the door, returning their papers and complaining to Father about the delivery service. Pingu feigns innocence. Mother and Pingu then clean up all the returned papers, with Pingu putting them through the mangle, Mother ironing them and Pingu folding them. Father then takes him out on the round again to deliver them properly.


6x22 - Pingu's Big Catch

Pingu is going fishing. Mother and Pinga come out to say goodbye, and Pingu says he’ll catch a big fish. On his way to the pool Pingu comes across Father, who is fixing his motorised sledge, which has broken down. Pingu hoots in his ear, which makes Father jump and drop the screwdriver. Pingu tells Father that he’s going to catch a big fish. When Pingu reaches the pool, Pingg is already there fishing. Pingu tells Pingg that he’s going to catch a big fish and starts fishing in a pool nearby. Pingg soon lands a small fish. Pingu then has a bite and catches a top hat. Pingg finds this very amusing. Pingg then catches another fish; Pingu catches a spring. The spring bounces around, and into Pingu, knocking him down. This again amuses Pingg. Pingu is annoyed, and insists on changing places with Pingg, who reluctantly agrees. They settle down to fish again, and Pingu catches a bicycle wheel. Pingg then catches another fish, and Pingu a lavatory seat. They swap pools again. Pingg catches another fish, Pingu catches a broken kettle, and then an old boot. Pingg is rolling about with laughter. Again they swap pools and, as Pingg lands yet more fish, Pingu gets a rusty pram. Pingu sits down, very dejected, while Pingg counts all the fish he’s caught, and then holds up a fish in each hand and makes fun of Pingu. Just then a rag and bone penguin comes by, sees all the junk that Pingu has caught, and offers him a big fish for it. Pingu is delighted to accept, while Pingg bemoans the fact that the fish he’s got are only small.


Stagione 3

3x10 - Pingu and the Message in a Bottle

Pingo is fishing, and Pingu meets up with him by the water. Pingu spots a bottle bobbing up and down in the water, and throws snowballs into the water to float the bottle to the shore. He smashes the bottle, and finds a mysterious map inside. This shows a route from the water into the hills, with a big “X” at the end point. Pingu and Pingo follow the route, which is quite hazardous in parts, to a boarded up cave. Pingu goes into the cave and discovers a padlocked chest. He brings it out and breaks into it, but he and Pingo are both disappointed to find that the chest is empty except for a shell. They then have a difference of opinion over who gets what, as they both want the chest; Pingo eventually takes the chest and Pingu the shell. When Pingu gets home with the shell Pinga is quite keen to have it, but Pingu won’t give it to her. Mother comes over and he gives it to her, but Pinga tries to grab it and it falls to the floor, breaking open. They’re all surprised to see a pearl drop out and roll across the floor. Pinga rushes to get it and gives it to Pingu, and they’re all pleased at their good fortune.


3x11 - Pingu Has an Idea

Pingu and Pinga are in the igloo, trying to decide what record to play. Pingu chooses a record and puts it on the record player, but before he can set it playing Pinga points out that Mother has fallen asleep in her chair. They take the record player outside, but as it’s not plugged in it won’t play. Pingu spots a wind turbine fan on the top of a nearby igloo and has an idea – he’ll build one to power the record player himself. He goes into the shed and finds an old broken one on the floor, which he soon mends. He takes it outside and fixes it onto the roof of the igloo, banging it into place. The noise startles Mother awake, but only briefly. Pingu and Pinga connect the turbine to the record player, but are disappointed when nothing happens – there’s no wind! They try turning the record by hand, but this doesn’t work either. Their Father then arrives on his motorised sledge, parking it near the record player. He gets out and removes the battery to check, then looks at the sledge’s motor. Pingu, who is sadly wondering what to do next, spots the battery and has an idea. He disconnects it from the sledge, connects it up to the record player and switches on. It works! He and Pinga are delighted but Father is surprised! The music wakes Mother and she goes outside to find out what is happening. Father explains, and they all end up dancing.


Stagione 4

4x20 - Pingu The King

Pingu is shovelling snow outside the igloo when he has an idea. He’ll build a castle. Pingu builds castle like ramparts round the igloo, and a nearby abandoned door becomes a drawbridge. He goes indoors, makes himself a paper crown, and sets out the kitchen chairs and table for the throne room. Pinga comes and asks Pingu what he’s doing. Pingu visualises himself as the king and explains. Pinga decides she wants to be queen and goes to the toy box. While Pinga is rummaging, Pingu is making a royal carpet with a cloth he gets from the cupboard. Pinga returns wearing a crown, and Pingu bows to her and invites her to sit on her throne. Pingu sits on his throne, and has another idea; he needs some subjects. He goes to the phone and, visualising knights wearing armour in battle, invites his friends over to join in the game. Pingo and Pingg arrive, and come in when the drawbridge is let down. They chortle when they see Pingu and Pinga on their thrones. Pingu acts all imperious, and gets annoyed when Pingo and Pingg don’t respond as he thinks they should, and clouts Pingo on the head, to his surprise. After some more ordering about from Pingu, Pingo goes and gets a carton of drink and a mug from the sideboard, pours some drink into the mug and gives it to Pinga, and gives the carton to Pingu. Pingu and Pinga both have a drink. Pingu tosses the carton to Pingo and Pingg, and it bounces off their heads onto the floor. Pingo goes to have a drink himself, and is not very happy to find the carton empty! Pingu now imagines himself in a coach, and orders Pingo to get it. Pingo bows to Pingu, and gets the toy truck. Pingu gets off his throne and into the truck, envisages himself being driven in the coach and orders them to pull the truck. Pingo gets annoyed and decides he’s had enough, and unceremoniously dumps Pingu out of the truck and onto the floor. While Pinga helps Pingu recover, Pingo and Pingg go outside. Pingg makes a snowball and throws it at Pingu, hitting him on


Stagione 5

5x4 - Pingi's Valentine Card

It is Valentine's day, and Pingu gets a valentine card from Pingi. He shows it to Pinga and Mother, and decides he’ll make one for Pingi. Mother gets him the box of card making materials out of the cupboard and he settles down to making the card. He chooses the paper for the card, and then tries to put glue on it to attach a heart shape. Unfortunately the glue won’t come out at first, and then comes out in a big blob. He attempts to stick a heart to a card, but each stays stuck to the hand he’s holding it in. He eventually gets them stuck together, or so he thinks, but after a few seconds it falls off! He then tries to make a card using glitter as well as the heart. He gets the glitter and heart stuck to the card, but then can’t put the card down as it keeps sticking to him - if it isn’t stuck to one hand it’s stuck to the other, or to his head. He eventually gets it off, but meanwhile Pinga has sat up to the table and is rude to Pingu. Pingu is rude back and mother intervenes, but the card then sticks to the newspaper she is reading. It comes off when she has to intervene again, and it ends up stuck to Pingu as before. After another struggle getting it off himself, Pingu stomps into the bedroom to sulk. There he discovers he’s got another piece of card stuck to his bottom. Meanwhile Pinga is making something from some card without using glue and goes to show it to Pingu, who at first refuses to look. Eventually Pinga unveils her masterpiece – a set of linked figures cut out from folded paper. This gives Pingu an idea, and he goes back to the table and makes some cut out hearts. He takes them over to Pingi’s home and gives them to her. She is delighted.


Stagione 4

4x12 - Pingu in Paradise

Pingu and Pinga are playing hide-and-seek. Pingu hides in the toy box while Pinga is counting. Pinga looks for Pingu inside, can’t find him and goes to look outside. She can’t find him there, either. Mother then comes out to go shopping and Pinga tells her she can't find Pingu. Mother takes Pinga with her to the shops. After they have gone, Pingu peers out of the box and can’t see anyone. He feels tired, falls asleep in the box and has a dream. The toybox moves itself across the floor and the lid on the saucepan rattles about. A plate falls out of the cupboard but as it lands on the floor it morphs into two plates. Pingu suddenly wakes up. The telephone rings and Pingu goes to answer it. The receiver comes off in his hand and the body of the phone then falls off the wall and on to the floor. It turns into flowers, and the receiver that Pingu is holding also turns into a flower. A book and some toys jump out of the toybox and onto the floor. The book morphs into three and they start to dance, together with the lid of the saucepan. Some firewood joins in. The propellor on the toy plane starts to turn, and the plane takes off, does a couple of circuits inside and then flies out of the door. Pingu follows. He can’t see the plane anywhere. The snowman suddenly talks to Pingu and points. Pingu goes to where the snowman is pointing and sees some flowers growing in the snow. To Pingu’s surprise, one of the flowers then changes itself into a large tree. Blossom, and then fruit, form on the tree, and an apple falls off. Pingu eats the apple. Nearby he then sees a cascade of pink liquid (possibly milkshake). He goes across to it, produces a straw and drinks all the liquid. A fish flies up from the last of the liquid, lands on Pingu’s hand and then flies into Pingus mouth. Pingu swallows the fish, and then spots a number of giant lollipops sticking up in the ice a short distance away. He starts to lick a large pink lollipop, and is surprised when it moves away from


4x11 - Pingu Gets Help

Pingu comes out of the igloo pulling an empty trolley while the snowman watches him (with its carrot nose fallen down). He puts some snow into it and takes it back into the igloo. He then comes out again, this time with a model sailboat. He sees the snowman and puts the carrot nose in its place and spins the head around. He then makes a small mound of snow, puts the boat on top and chuckles when it slides down the slope of the mound. He goes inside again, with the boat, and then emerges pulling the trolley that now contains the boat. He pulls the trolley to a nearby pool, and puts the boat into the pool. The boat doesn’t do very much, so he blows it to make it sail. He’s dismayed when the boat capsizes and almost sinks, so he takes it out of the pool and discovers that it has a hole in the bottom. Pingu sticks a plaster over the hole, puts the boat back in the water and blows at it. The boat sails away up the pool. Pingu follows it, and when the boat reaches the end of the pool blows it back down the pool. A stranger on skis comes by and asks Pingu what he is doing. Pingu explains, and as they watch the boat it sinks again, this time completely. Pingu goes to look for it but can’t see it, even after putting his head in the water. The stranger decides to help, and edges out over the pool on his skis to see if he can find and rescue the boat. In the process the skis break, and the stranger falls in and disappears under the water. Pingu gets rather anxious, and follows the bubble trail being made by the stranger up and down the pool. Suddenly the boat appears; the stranger has found it. The stranger gives Pingu his boat back and gets out of the pool. Pingu is delighted to have his boat back, and as the stranger happily walks away in the direction he came, Pingu waves him goodbye.


4x10 - Pingu and the Magnet

Pingu is rummaging in the toy box, and finds a horseshoe magnet with a metal ball attaching. Holding the magnet he pulls the ball off with his other hand. He’s surprised when he lets go of the ball and it flies back and re-attaches itself to the magnet. He has another rummage in the toy box and finds a wooden ball, but can’t get it to attach to the magnet. Initially puzzled, he then has an idea and goes outside with the magnet and the two balls. He buries the magnet in the snow, smoothes off the snow and then draws a circle round the area with a stick he finds nearby. Pleased with the result, he picks up the two balls, holding one in each hand. Pingo then walks up and wonders what Pingu is doing. Pingo suggests that they play “toss the ball in the circle” and gives Pingo the wooden ball to use. They then move a few paces away. Pingo goes first, and his ball ends up inside the circle but right at the edge. Pingu’s throw stops short, but the ball wobbles and then rolls right into the centre of the circle. Pingo is astonished! They get their balls and have another go. This time Pingu goes first and overshoots the circle, but the ball rolls back and again stops in the middle. Pingo can’t believe it, and Pingu is convulsed by laughter. Mother then calls Pingu in, and Pingo goes over to examine the circle. Digging it up, he discovers the hidden magnet and realises what has been going on. He takes the magnet and buries it nearby, and then carefully covers up what he has done. Pingu then rushes out, and Pingu offers him the metal ball to use. Pingu throws his ball, which gets to the centre of the circle and then rolls out, ending up at the spot where Pingo has buried the magnet. Pingu can’t believe it! Pingo chortles, then gets Pingu’s ball for him and suggests he has another try. Pingu misses the circle, but the ball then rolls straight across the circle to where it was before. Pingu is annoyed! Pingo then tosses his ball and it ends up in the centre of the


4x9 - Pingu Gets a Warning

Mother is in the kitchen mixing a cake. Pingu walks past carrying his kite, and tells her he’s going out to fly it. Mother pats him on the head, and he goes out. Outside, he pauses briefly to twirl the head round on the snowman, and then continues. Meanwhile, Pingo has been flying his kite nearby outside Pingu’s grouchy neighbor's igloo, but the kite suddenly crashes to the ground next to some washing on a line. The grouchy neighbor comes out of her igloo in a grouchy way, tells Pingo to go away and takes away his kite. He unhappily goes off and hides behind a nearby block of ice. Pingu goes past, blissfully unaware, and stops by the washing. He tests the wind, decides it’s ok and launches his kite. Pingo rushes back and tells Pingu what happened to him, but Pingu laughs it off and waves Pingo away. Pingo is watching worriedly from nearby when the grouchy neighbor suddenly rushes out from her igloo, brandishing a carpet beater, and tells them to go away in a grouchy way. Pingo runs away. The wind then falters. Pingu’s kite goes into a spin and then crashes on to the washing line, knocking off a towel. Pingu's idea is dismayed, and the grouchy neighbor gets very, grouchy. She throws the carpet beater to the ground, takes Pingu’s kite and stomps back towards her igloo. Pingo is quivering nearby as Pingu asks the grouchy neighbor to let him have his kite back. She refuses and marches into her igloo, slamming the door behind her. Pingo comes across, and he and Pingu talk about what to do next. The grouchy neighbor opens her igloo window and tells them to go away in a grouchy way. Pingu and Pingo then have a bright idea and go towards the igloo, watched worriedly through the window by the grouchy neighbor, who is wondering what they’re up to. Pingu replaces the fallen towel on the line, and they both then tidy up the mess surrounding the igloo. The grouchy neighbor comes out from her igloo in a grouchy way, causing Pingu to drop a bucket he’s been balancing


4x8 - Pingu the Archer

Mother is cleaning and Pingu is playing when the phone rings. Mother asks Pingu to answer it; it’s Grandfather, who has found a bow and arrows outside his igloo. Pingu rushes over, and Grandfather gives him the bow and arrows. Pingu excitedly fires one into the air. Grandfather makes a target to aim at and suggests Pingu shoots at that. Pingu shoots and misses. He shoots another arrow and misses again. Grandfather tells Pingu to practice and goes inside for a cup of tea. He sits down to enjoy it, but he hasn’t seen Pingu’s mischievous look! Suddenly an arrow hits an apple in the fruit bowl, which is on the table in front of him. Then another arrow breaks a window. Grandfather is not amused and turns to go outside; a third arrow hits him on his behind. He phones Mother, angrily tells her what Pingu has done and sends Pingu home. When Pingu arrives home Mother is waiting, and takes the bow and arrows away from Pingu. Thinking to try and cheer him up, Mother asks Pingu to tidy up the firewood that is lying scattered around next to the igloo. She takes the bow and arrows and goes inside, leaving Pingu to get on with it. Pingu unhappily goes across to the wood to start, and then has an idea! He takes the broom, which is being held by the snowman, and uses it to quickly sweep all the wood into a neat pile. He then flicks the broom into the air and balances it on his beak, and starts to dance around. Mother comes out to see how Pingu is getting on, and is surprised to see the job done and Pingu dancing. Pingu finishes his dance, and flicks the broom back to the snowman. Mother claps, and gives Pingu a hug.


4x7 - Pingu Has a Day Off

Pingu is at school, and the class are given the rest of the day off. As they set off home, Pingu asks if they’d like to play, but they’re all going to go home. When Pingu arrives home Mother is busy cleaning the floor, and suggests that Pingu might like to help. Pingu’s not too keen, so Mother suggests he could help with the washing, or chopping firewood. Pingu is not keen on these either, and he goes out on his sledge. He passes a signpost, and tosses a snowball at it, so that snow covers the directions. He passes Pingg’s house; Pingg is busy helping his father with the firewood and can’t come with Pingu. He then passes the fish stall, where Pingo is helping his grandfather. Pingo is also too busy to come with Pingu. He meets Pingi helping her mother push a sledge loaded with vegetables; she also can’t come with him. He reaches a pool, tosses in a stone and when nothing much happens lies down for a rest. He hears cawing, and sees the Mother Bird taking a fish to her chicks. This gets him thinking; about Mother cleaning the floor, about Pingg with the firewood, Pingo at the fish stall and Pingi pushing the sledge. He then sees the Mother Bird fly off with the fish bone, and sets off back home. On the way he goes straight past his friends, and rattles the signpost so that the snow is cleared from the directions, all without stopping. When he arrives home, Mother is still cleaning the floor. To her surprise he gets her to her feet and settles her in the chair with the paper, and starts cleaning the floor himself. Mother is delighted by Pingu’s change of heart.


4x6 - Pingu Clears the Snow

When Pingu and Pinga get up and go outside, they discover that it’s snowed during the night, and everything outside is covered in snow. Father is clearing off the motorised sledge, and finding it heavy going. Pingu gets the snow shovel and starts to clear the snow away from around the sledge, as Father continues trying to clear the snow off it. Pingu also finds it heavy going, stops clearing the snow and thinks, and then goes inside the igloo. He returns brandishing the hair dryer. He starts to blow the snow off the front of the scooter, and has some success, but it’s not long before the dryer stops working and bursts apart. Pinga, who has been watching all this, calls excitedly to Mother, who rushes out. Mother is dismayed to see what has happened to the hair dryer. A bit later, Pingu is pondering the problem and goes out for a walk. He comes across a derelict abandoned igloo, and looks around. He has an idea, and starts to make repairs to the igloo. Robby comes along and offers to help, and it doesn’t take the two of them long to patch the igloo up, turning it into a weatherproof garage. Pingu and Robby are waiting when Father arrives home on the sledge that evening, and Pingu tells Father what they’ve done. Pingu and Robby get on the back of the sledge and Father drives to see the garage. Father is impressed and drives the sledge inside. It fits nicely. As Father comes out of the garage it starts to snow, and they congratulate themselves on a job well done.


4x5 - Pingu Shows What He Can Do

Pingu and Pinga are playing outside the igloo with the bricks, seeing how high they can get a pile without them falling over. Pingi arrives on her scooter, and, unseen by Pingu, watches them playing. Pingu and Pinga laugh when a particularly high pile collapses. Pingi laughs as well; Pingu hears and is surprised to see her. Pingu pretends that he wasn’t enjoying the game, and tries to act macho. Pingi asks Pingu if he’ll come with her, on his scooter. Pingu abandons Pinga, leaving her to play on her own, and goes off on his scooter with Pingi. As they ride away he pretends that he’s on a motorbike by making appropriate engine noises. Mother comes outside, sees Pingu and Pingi riding away, and then sees that Pinga is playing on her own, so she joins her. As Pingi goes on ahead, Pingu hides behind a nearby ice column, then calls out to her. Pingi returns, stops near the ice column and looks around. Pingu comes out from behind the column on his scooter and rushes off. Pinga turns and follows him. They reach some abandoned igloos. Pingi gets off her scooter and enters one. Pingu follows, and then kisses her hand. Pingi responds by giving Pingu a big kiss on the cheek. Pingu is delighted, and exuberantly performs all sorts of tricks on his scooter, to Pingi’s amusement. They then ride around the igloos a bit more before making their way back to Pingu’s home. When they arrive they find Mother building a tower of bricks for Pinga, which Pinga then blows down, and they all laugh.


4x4 - Pingu and the Big Fish

Mother is rolling out dough in the kitchen. Pinga is playing nearby. Pingu comes over and sees Pinga’s trumpet on the floor. He picks it up and blows it. Pinga tries to get her trumpet back from Pingu, but he won’t let go. When Pinga lets go, Pingu tosses the trumpet into the air over his shoulder, and it lands in Mother’s bowl of flour. Mother comforts Pinga, then tells Pingu off and tells him to go away. Pingu trudges outside and sees one of his neighbours telling another about his successful fishing trip. Pingu sees the bucket of fish that has been caught and has an idea. He rushes indoors and gets his fishing rod. On his way out Mother stops him, points to the clock and tells him not to be late back for supper. Pingu goes to a nearby pool and starts to fish. Pingo arrives and watches. Pingu has a bite, but hooks nothing, and Pingo laughs. Pingu is annoyed and shoves the rod at Pingo, telling him to try and do better. Pingo soon has a bite, but when he lifts the rod there’s a lobster hanging onto the bait, clacking its claws. The lobster drops back into the water, taking the fishhook with him. Then a big fish jumps from the water and splashes back in. They wonder how they can catch the fish, as the hook has gone. Then Pingu has a brainwave. He takes the handle from the bait bucket and uses it to make a large hook, which he ties onto the line. Pingu baits the hook and Pingo starts fishing again. There are lots of bubbles around the float but no bites. Later, as it’s getting dark, Father arrives home from work. He goes indoors and greets Mother and Pinga; Mother tells him that Pingu went out earlier but hasn’t yet returned. Father goes out on the sled to look for him, eventually finding him fishing at the pool with Pingo in attendance. While Father tells Pingu he should have been back home earlier, Pingu gets a bite, and it takes all three of them pulling together to land the large fish that Pingu has hooked. They proudly take the fish home, Mother cook


4x3 - Pingu the Mountaineer

Father is cleaning the motorized sled, and asks Pingu to go and find him a clean cloth from the shed. Pingu goes to look and isn’t having much success, but then he comes across an old rucksack. Inside the rucksack he finds a photo of Father and Grandfather in mountaineering gear, in front of a cairn of stones. Pingu drags the rucksack out, shows the photo to Father and asks if he can go up the mountain. Father initially says no, but then remembers how he felt about it and agrees, to Pingu’s delight. They get the gear, Pingu carrying the rope, and Mother waves them goodbye as they set off. Just as the reach the base of the mountain the trailing end of the rope catches between two rocks. Pingu tries flicking the rope in various ways to dislodge it, but it won’t budge. He then pulls on the rope as hard as he can. The rope finally comes free, and Pingu ends up sliding on his bottom right up to the base of the mountain. Father and Pingu rope up, and start to climb, with Father leading. Father is finding the going hard and starts to get very tired. He then realises that the reason he’s so tired is that Pingu has been letting himself be towed up by Father, and is not putting any effort into it himself. Father tells Pingu to do his own climbing. They come to an ice bridge over a crevasse and Pingu doesn’t want to cross. Father crosses and, after overcoming his reluctance, Pingu crosses as well. Father gives Pingu a hug, and points out how much closer to the top they are. When they reach the top Pingu is delighted, and can see their igloo in the distance. Father then takes a photo of himself and Pingu that’s similar to the one that Pingu found of Father and Grandfather.


4x2 - Pingu Refuses To Help

Pingu and Pinga are in their bedroom. Pingu is reading, and nibbling on some cereal in a bowl, while Pinga plays with the bricks. Mother is in the kitchen, feeling a bit harassed. First the washing machine finishes, then the phone rings and then a pot on the stove starts to boil. She calls for help. Pingu ignores the call. Pinga responds and goes to the stove, but she’s too little to do anything about the pot. Mother comes over, sorts out the pot and then she and Pinga go to the washing machine. Mother unloads the washing into the basket, and calls to Pingu to come and help, but he doesn’t respond. Mother goes outside with Pinga. She’s just started hanging out the washing when Father arrives home. He greets Mother and Pinga. Mother tells him that Pingu’s not being very helpful, so Father goes to speak to Pingu about it. When Father reaches the bedroom, the door is shut and locked. Father bangs on the door and calls to Pingu, who just ignores it and continues with what he is doing. Mother, Father and Pinga confer, and then leave Pingu to it. Pingu finishes his bowl of cereal and decides he wants some more. He goes to the door, opens it, checks that the coast is clear, then goes to the cereal packet and puts some in his bowl. He then wonders why it’s so quiet and goes to look outside. Mother and Father are hanging out the washing, watched by Pinga. Feeling a bit left out, Pingu goes back inside. He checks the washing machine, and finds a small cloth that has been left behind. He rushes outside to give it to Mother, but she, Father and Pinga all ignore him. Pingu tries to get their attention, but they all turn away and go inside. Pingu looks inside, and sees Mother giving Pinga a heaped bowl of cereal. He disconsolately trudges back outside. The washing on the line starts to judder, and the line frays and then breaks. Pingu grabs the broken ends of the line, one in each hand, just in time to prevent the washing from falling to the ground. He struggles to keep


4x1 - Pingu's Disadvantage

Pingu is out on his sledge. He sees some skis and an ice hockey stick lying at the bottom of an ice tower, stops to investigate and finds Pinga, Robby and Pingg playing hide and seek. Pinga has covered her eyes and is counting, while Robby and Pingg go to hide. When Pinga has finished counting, she turns and is about to go to look for the others when she sees Pingu. Pingu tells her where Robby and Pinng have hidden. Pinga calls out to them, and rushes back “home” before they can get there, so they lose. Pingu thinks this is funny, but Robby and Pingg are annoyed. They let Pingu join in, but he has to be the one doing the seeking, so Pingu counts while the others hide. There’s no sign of them when Pingu turns, so he goes to look. He hears Robby, and goes towards the sound. Robby hides behind a nearby ice tower as Pingu looks for him and goes past. He comfortably beats Pingu “home”. Pingg and Pinga are already there, so Pingu loses! Pingu, reluctantly, is seeker again. This time he cheats by turning while still counting so he can see where they go to hide. Despite this he can’t find them, and is puzzled. He spots a discarded ladder nearby, and props it up against a nearby ice tower so he can climb to the top to get a better view. While he’s climbing the ladder the others come out from behind the broken barrel that was near the ladder, and easily get home first. Pingu loses again! On the next turn he tries the same trick with the counting, but this time goes straight to the ladder and starts to climb. What he doesn’t know is that Pingg and the others have hatched a plan. Pingg has hidden behind the barrel where he was before, and sees exactly what Pingu is doing. When at the top of the tower, Pingu spots Robby’s tail sticking out, and goes to get down from the tower. Pingg, however, has removed the ladder, so Pingu is stuck on top of the tower. The others join Pingg at the bottom of the tower and, when Pingu asks, won’t put the ladder back. They the


4x13 - Pingu's Dangerous Joke

Pingu is out walking. As he goes past a neighbour’s igloo he hears snoring. He throws a snowball at the igloo which lands on the bell, making it ring. Pingu then hides behind a nearby mound. The ringing of the bell wakes up the neighbour, who comes out to see who is there. He can’t see anyone, but then spots the snow on the doorbell. He brushes it off and angrily goes back inside. Pingu thinks this is very funny! Pingu walks on and arrives at Grandfather’s house, just in time to see Grandfather walking off, pulling his sledge. Pingu runs to get ahead of Grandfather, hides as Grandfather goes past, and then follows surreptitiously as Grandfather continues on. Grandfather reaches some old abandoned igloos and starts to collect odd scraps of wood, loading them into a box on his sledge. Pingu has an idea, and hides while Grandfather continues to search for wood. When Grandfather goes a bit further away, Pingu comes out and knocks the box of wood off the sledge, then hides again. Grandfather is surprised when he sees what has happened to his box, and tries to find out what caused the wood to fall off. He stops to examine the ice nearby. Pingu, meanwhile, has crept up to the top of a mound of ice next to where Grandfather is searching, and slides some ice down the mound, which lands at Grandfathers feet. Pingu chortles at Grandfather’s surprise. While Grandfather is consoling himself with a sandwich, a boulder of ice that Pingu loosened when he got the previous ice for sliding, starts to roll down the slope towards Grandfather. Pingu is dismayed and calls out a warning; Grandfather looks up, sees the boulder heading towards him and, dropping his sandwich, jumps out of the way just in time. His sandwich is totally squashed! Pingu slides down, and says he’s sorry when Grandfather tells him off for playing such a thoughtless trick. Pingu then picks up the box of wood he knocked off the sledge earlier, puts it on the sledge and helps Grandfather to get it home.


4x14 - Pingu the Pilot

Pingu is telling Pinga all about the plane in the book he is looking at when he hears a buzzing sound. They run outside, and wave excitedly at a plane as it flies overhead. Pingu rushes back inside and gets his toy plane out of the toybox. Pinga follows Pingu inside, and they have an excited chat. Pingu flies his plane, which crashes into the wall and then falls into the soup that is simmering in a saucepan on the stove. The saucepan falls off the stove, spilling the soup all over the floor. Mother, who is making the children’s beds, hears the clatter and goes to investigate. She angrily tells Pingu to go and play outside. Outside, Pingu wonders what to do. He has an idea, rushes into the shed, and a lot of banging is then heard. Pinga comes out to see where Pingu is, hears all the noise coming from the shed and goes to investigate. She excitedly discovers that Pingu is busy converting his sledge into a plane. Pretending to be flying, she rushes back indoors and gets her rabbit from the toybox, then runs back. They both get onto the sledge, and then wonder how to make it fly. Just then, Father arrives on his motorised sled, and asks them what they’re doing. They excitedly tell him, and then wonder why he then goes into the shed. He emerges with a small sail, which he attaches to their sledge at the back, and then gives Pingu his hat to wear. The wind gets up, and the sledge slides away. Pingu and Pinga excitedly sail about, pretending they’re flying. Mother hears the commotion and comes to find out what is going on. She and Father then watch as the children enjoy themselves on the sledge.


4x15 - Pingu Teases Pinga

Mother comes out to inspect the washing, and checks on Pingu and Pinga who are playing outside, Pingu with his train and Pinga with her rabbit. Pingu is a little bored, and decides to tease Pinga, by taking her rabbit and putting it out of her reach on the snowman. Pinga is distraught, and Mother tells Pingu to give the rabbit back to Pinga, which he does. Mother then goes back inside with the washing, wakes up Father who is dozing in a chair, and tells him to iron the washing. As Father gets started on the ironing, Mother goes past with a package that she tells him she’s going out to deliver. Pingu and Pinga clamour to go with Mother, but she says she’s going by herself. As she walks off Pingu, who’s annoyed at not being allowed to go with her, grabs Pinga’s rabbit and puts it on the snowman again. Pinga asks him to give it back, but Pingu refuses. Pinga makes a snowball and throws it at Pingu. The snowball hits Pingu on the head. Pingu is annoyed, and chases Pinga indoors. Pinga grabs hold of the table leg and Pingu can’t drag her loose. The commotion wakes Father, who has dozed off while doing the ironing, and he tells them to stop it. Speaking together, Pingu and Pinga each try to blame the other. Father tells them to be quiet and to go outside. Pingu sticks his tongue out at Pinga, Pinga sticks out her tongue back, and they both go outside, followed by Father. Pingu gives Pinga back her rabbit, to Fathers approval. Father goes back inside. Pingu walks away, then gets annoyed when Pinga sticks her tongue out and blows a raspberry at him. In revenge, he goes back, grabs the rabbit and puts it back on the snowman. As Pinga tries to go back indoors, Pingu rushes ahead and shuts the door with his back against it so she can’t get inside. Pinga makes another snowball and throws it at Pingu. The snowball misses Pingu but hits the doorbell, making it ring. The bell wakes Father, who has dozed off at the ironing board again! He goes outside, but can’t see a


4x22 - Pingu and the Doll

Pingu is pretending to be a Red Indian, and is outside doing a dance round a pole, to which he’s tied his teddy bear. He goes in, and sees Pinga playing with her teddy bear. Pinga puts her bear on a chair. Pingu has an idea, goes outside to get a rope, and lassos Pinga’s bear. As he pulls it towards him, Pinga grabs hold, and a tug of war ensues which ends up with the arm being pulled off the bear, Pinga with the arm and Pingu with the armless bear. Pinga is rather annoyed at this and confronts Pingu, who ignores her. She grabs back her bear and, as Pingu reacts, clouts him on the head with it. Pingu grabs back the bear, and Pingu and Pinga shout at each other. Pinga then goes to tell Mother, who is in the bedroom making the beds. On the way she spots Pingu’s toy yacht, picks it up and then throws it down, breaking off the mast. She laughs, and sticks her tongue out at Pingu. Pingu is annoyed and throws down the bear. Pinga runs to Mother as Pingu chases after Pinga, and they proceed to have a heated argument as Mother watches. They all go back into the main room and Mother sees the damage caused to the bear and yacht, as the argument erupts again. Mother sends Pingu out, and calms Pinga down by sewing the arm back on her bear and giving her a lollipop. Pinga then goes outside, shows Pingu that Mother has repaired her bear, and noisily licks her lollipop. Pingu gets his bear from the pole and gives it a hug. He then has a thought, rips off the bear’s leg and rushes inside to sadly show Mother what has happened to his bear. Mother is sorry for him and sews the leg of the bear back on. After a bit more “acting”, Pingu gets the message across to Mother that he’d like a lollipop as well, and she gives him one! Pingu rushes out to show Pinga, and they happily lick their lollipops.


4x23 - Pingu Helps Grandfather

Pingu’s family are all at home. Pingu is reading a comic, Pinga is playing doctors, with her teddy as the patient, Father is reading the paper and Mother is knitting. The phone rings. Father answers. It’s Grandfather, who’s had a fall putting up a picture and broken his foot! When Father has rung off and told the family what has happened to Grandfather, he and Mother have a discussion. Pingu goes and sits on the motorised sled, ready to go. The discussion shows no sign of ending, so Pingu calls out to hurry them up. They briefly stop talking, and then resume. Pingu is fed up with waiting, so he gets off the sled and starts walking to Grandfather’s house, muttering to himself. Father gets onto the sled and calls to Mother and Pinga. They come, and then Mother says she’s forgotten something and goes back in to get it. She returns wearing her floral hat. Father moans about the delay, but then Pinga also says she’s forgotten something and goes to get it, coming back carrying her doctor’s bag. Mother and Pinga get on the sled and Father asks if they’re ready to go. They both nod, but then Father can’t start the sled! He also goes back inside and returns, sheepishly showing Mother and Pinga the sled starter key, which he’d forgotten. Mother and Pinga both laugh, and they all set off on the sled. By now Pingu has reached Grandfather’s house. He enters, and commiserates with Grandfather. He then sees the smashed picture on the floor and the stilts, one broken, that Grandfather was using to get high enough, and has an idea. He splints Grandfathers foot using the broken stilt, tying it on with some cloth. Father, Mother and Pinga arrive. Pinga rushes in to help and is surprised to find Grandfather standing, with his foot splinted and using the unbroken stilt as a crutch. They take Grandfather to the hospital. A doctor takes Grandfather inside to be treated, while the others wait outside. Pingu brushes away a tear as Grandfather goes in, and is consoled b


4x24 - Pingu on a Bad Day

Pingu is woken by the alarm clock, and knocks it off the table trying to turn it off. The clock breaks, and Pingu huddles back under the blanket. Mother calls to Pinga and him to come to have breakfast. Pinga gets up, sees Pingu still huddled in bed and rushes to tell Mother. Mother calls again, and Pingu sleepily gets up. He stretches, and then trips over the broken clock, falling flat on his face, which amuses Pinga. He goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and then breaks a mug while trying to get it down from the shelf. Mother, who has been putting Pingu’s lunch into his satchel, tells him he’s too late to have any breakfast, and sends him off to school. Father leaves just as Pingu gets outside, so he can’t get a lift and has to go on his sledge under his own steam. On the way to school he hits a bump in the snow and gets thrown off the sledge (which breaks), landing headfirst in the snow. At school, he falls asleep during the lesson, and is laughed at by the rest of the class when he has to be woken up. When he gets home, he tosses his satchel on the table and then vents his frustration by jumping and sitting on Pinga’s rabbit. Pinga can’t get him off the rabbit so she goes and tells Mother. Mother asks Pingu what's wrong, but he can't answer, and gives Pinga an ice-lolly to cheer her up. Pingu wants to have a lick but Pinga won’t let him. Pingu pleads with Mother, who relents and gives him an ice cream cone. As he’s tucking in, the ice cream falls out of the cone and onto the floor. Pinga laughs, as her ice-lolly is still ok. Pingu is annoyed, but picks up the ice cream and puts it back in the cone. Pinga turns to go out, trips over the clock and drops her ice-lolly, which melts. She asks Pingu if she can have some of his ice cream, but he won’t let her, so she chases him round the room, with Pingu teasing her by holding out the cone to her and then taking it away.


Stagione 5

5x10 - Robby the Snowboarder

Pingu goes snowboarding with Robby. At the snowboarding slope they start on a gentle run, passing Pingi on the way, and all get down safely. They go on to the next slope, which is steeper and which has a jump at the bottom. Pingi goes first, does a somersault off the jump, and lands safely. Pingu goes next and makes a hash of the jump, landing painfully on his rear end. Robby goes last and plays safe, going round the jump. Pingi sticks plasters on Pingu’s rear end, and gives him a safety cushion for protection. On the next jump Pingu crashes again, but this time doesn’t get hurt because he’s wearing the cushion. With some tuition from Pingi, and after being knocked off the ski tow by Pingg, who is skiing nearby, and sliding back to the bottom on his stomach, Pingu eventually manages a successful run without crashing. They then all go up on the tow and try the “big one”. Pingi and Pingu get down safely, but this time, despite previous successful jumps, Robby crashes onto his bottom. We then see Pingu, Robby and Pingi snowboarding again, but this time they’re all wearing safety cushions!


5x11 - Pinga Has Hiccups

Pingu is trying to read his book in peace, but Pinga is noisily slurping her drink. Pingu gets her a straw so she can finish it, and sighs with relief at the quiet when she’s finished the drink. She then starts to hiccup, and stomach rubbing and backslapping by Pingu do nothing to stop them. Pingu takes her on the sledge to see Father at the post office, to see if he can stop her hiccups. Father suggests she stands on her head, and he and Pingu demonstrate how. Pinga tries, but then overbalances. The hiccups aren’t cured. Father then holds her upside down by the legs and tosses her in the air. This doesn’t work either. He then suggests blowing into a paper bag, and then tries giving her a shock by blowing up the bag and suddenly bursting it. Neither work. Pingu then goes with Pinga to find Robby. Robby and Pingu pretend to be walruses, by using icicles as pretend tusks, to try to scare her, but she’s not scared and the hiccups continue. Pingu then pretends that he’s scared when he sees a reflection in the ice of himself with the tusks, and rushes frantically about. This makes Pinga laugh, and the hiccups are stopped at last. Pinga and Pingu then go home, and Pinga reads while Pingu has a glass of orange to drink. Pingu then gets the hiccups and they both laugh!


5x13 - Pingu's Ice Sculptures

Pingu comes across a notice showing a picture of an ice sculptor. Then he sees Mother posing on a block of ice, with pursed lips and holding a vase. He asks her what she’s doing, and out of the side of her mouth she tells him to see Father. Father is nearby, chiselling away at a block of ice, and he tells Pingu that they’re entering the ice sculpting competition, and shows Pingu the leaflet. Father says that Pinga is also entering, and nearby Pingu sees her making a sculpture / model of her rabbit. Pingu laughs at her effort, and Father tells him that the competition has a prize and why doesn’t he join in. Pingu thinks briefly about it, and then continues on. He sees Robby, who is busy carving a sculpture of himself. Pingu throws two snowballs at the sculpture, giving it bulbous eyes, and then adds a moustache, rather messing the sculpture up. Robby goes off in a huff, with his nose in the air, and starts a new sculpture. When he looks around he sees that Pingu is carving a sculpture of him, but it has a very big head with its nose in the air! Pingu laughs at Robby. Robby quickly completes his sculpture, which turns out to be a caricature of Pingu. This annoys Pingu, who makes another Robby sculpture, and Robby retaliates with a Pingu sculpture that has a long thin neck, and that is on a column of ice. Pingu converts this, by changing its height and adding a hat and telescope, so that the figure looks rather more military. They both chuckle at this, and then do some hybrid sculptures together. Meanwhile, Mother and Father are having an argument about their finished sculpture; the beak isn’t right. Then the lower part of the beak cracks and falls off. Mother and Pinga snigger, Father is a bit miffed. They and Pinga then take their sculptures to the competition, passing the various sculptures that Pingu and Robby made earlier, and come across them doing a sculpture together. Pingu and Robby take this sculpture to the competition. When the competition is judged


5x16 - Pingu's Balancing Act

Robby is balancing a fish on his nose and Pingu wants to have a go. Robby tosses the fish to Pingu, and it lands on his head and sticks there. Mother then calls Pingu inside to help lay the table. Pingu sees the plated fish ready to be eaten and can’t resist trying to balance his on his beak, but it falls off onto the floor. He then tries to balance the fruit bowl on his head but this also falls off, and shatters. Mother tells him to clear up the mess. Pingu then spots a banana that was in the bowl and so he stops clearing up and tries to balance this. He does quite well until Mother returns and tells him to get back to clearing up. Father arrives home and the family sit down to dinner, but there’s no sign of Pingu. He then appears, balancing Pinga’s rabbit, but then overbalances and ends up in the toy box. As he emerges, trying to balance a ball, Mother goes across, takes the ball, dribbles it for a bit, and rolls it back into the toybox and tells him to sit down and eat his dinner. He rapidly gulps down his fish but doesn’t want the green stuff. When Pinga drops a piece of her fish, and is distracted, he puts his greens onto her plate and asks to get down. He gets the ball and takes it outside to practice balancing. Robby is still there, with his fish. Pingu has a go at balancing the ball, but fails to keep it up for more than a few seconds. Robby thinks this is funny and shows off his balancing skill with his fish, including flipping it up and down while moving. Unfortunately he goes too far and the fish ends up stuck on top of the shed. Robby’s very unhappy about this, so Pingu goes over to help. He gets Robby to hold the ball in position and then bounces up and down on it until he’s high enough to get the fish. He flips off the fish but is left clinging to the top of the shed. He slips off and lands feet first on the ball. After a wobbly start he discovers that he can balance on top of the ball and move around as well. Robby has a go, but falls off


5x17 - Pingu Gets Lost

inga is ill, and Mother sends Pingu out to get some milk as they’ve run out. As he’s returning home with the milk he tries to balance the bottle on his head and drops it. The bottle rolls into a crack in an ice wall. The crack is too small for him to get into, so he bashes his way through, and finds himself in an icy cave. Unfortunately his method of entry brings down a fall of ice, blocking up his entrance hole. He retrieves the milk and sets off to find a way out. As he wanders around he doesn’t notice that a loose woollen thread in his scarf has become trapped by the fall of ice and the scarf is unravelling behind him. He gets hopelessly lost, and wonders what to do. Then he finally notices the thread behind him, and he retraces his route all the way back to where he entered the cave, rolling the wool round his flipper as he goes. He bashes his way out and triumphantly marches home. When he gets indoors, brandishing the milk, Mother asks him what has happened to his scarf. Father takes the ball of wool and starts re-knitting the scarf, and Pingu gives Pinga her bottle of milk.


5x18 - Pingu and Pinga Go Camping

Pingu and Pinga decide they want to camp out and start making a tent, using the blanket on the washing line. Father disapproves of this, especially as they’ve made a hole in the blanket, and gives them some tarpaulins and old blankets to use instead. Pingu and Pinga put up the tent. Sometime later, as they’re playing in the tent, Father brings them some cushions to use, and as they put them into the tent the washing line comes loose and the tent collapses on top of them. Father ties the washing line back up. Pingu goes to get mattresses and things that they’ll need. Pinga gets her rabbit but Pingu won’t allow it in the tent. Mother then brings them a picnic that they leave in its basket outside the tent. Mother gives Pinga her rabbit, says goodnight to them and they go into the tent and snuggle down. Pingu then sits up, shines the torch on his face and starts making faces and funny noises to try and scare Pinga. She’s not too bothered until Pingu takes her rabbit and pretends it’s a beast; Pinga throws the rabbit outside the tent and they settle down again. Then they hear some funny sounds from outside, and a strange wolf-like shadow appears on the wall of the tent. Pingu and Pingu tremble in fear but Pingu, encouraged by Pinga, takes the torch and goes out to find out what it is. He finds the rabbit where it fell, but then sees a strange shape, making slurping noises, behind the hamper. When he shines the torch on the shape he finds out that it’s Robby helping himself to the picnic. Pingu gives the rabbit to Pinga, and he, Pinga and Robby all go into the tent and share the picnic.


Stagione 6

6x26 - Pingu and the Abominable Snowman

Pingu is quietly reading his comic when he comes across a picture of a monstrous abominable snowman. He draws his own version, and scares Pinga with it. Pingu then draws a three-toed footprint and he and Pinga rush around the igloo playing at being chased until they run full tilt into Mother, knocking her over. Outside, Pingu creates some abominable snowman footprints made from a pair of snowshoes with spoons tied to them. He then goes off, pretending to be an abominable snowman, leaving a trail of footprints behind him. Pinga comes out to look for him, sees the trail of footprints, and follows them. Meanwhile Pingu, who has found an old blanket and put it over his head, continues to make footprints. He hears Pinga following and hides behind a block of ice. When Pinga stops by the block, Pingu scares her and chases her round the block. Pingu then trips and loses one of his snowshoes. While he’s putting it back on Pinga comes up behind him, realises what’s going on and, as Pingu gets up, pulls the blanket away, scaring Pinga. They both laugh, and then continue together. Later, they’re on their way home when they get back to the spot where Pingu ambushed Pinga, and Pingu spots some large footprints that weren’t made by him. Then they hear crunching in the snow, and see a huge shadow on the ice. Terrified, Pingu runs away, leaving Pinga, who covers her eyes and trembles in terror. She hears a sneeze, and looks. From behind a block of ice comes a real abominable snowman named Bajoo, but he’s not much bigger than she is. Pinga and Bajoo then go to find Pingu, and the snowman explains that he’s also been following the footprints. Bajoo quickly hides when Father comes on the motorised sledge to take them home, but as they’re leaving, he pops out to wave goodbye.


6x18 - Pingu Boogaloo

Pingu is playing indoors when Mother comes by, turns on the radio, sits down and starts knitting. Pingu stops playing, and starts dancing to the swing music that is playing on the radio. The phone rings, and Mother turns off the radio and answers it. Pingu gets ready to turn the radio on again but is annoyed when he sees that Mother is clearly in for a long chat as she’s now got her knitting and is still on the phone. He has an idea, and gets the headphones from the cupboard. He plugs them into the radio, turns it on and starts to dance again. Father then comes in and consults the paper. He takes out the headphones and switches stations on the radio to listen to the world cup final, ignoring Pingu’s protests. Pingu goes outside and past the ice rink where, amongst various activities(including the hockey match father was listening to), a penguin is playing music on a special record player on runners that he’s pushing round the rink. Unfortunately, as it come past him Pingu can hear the music and can dance, but he can’t hear it when it’s the other side of the rink so he has to stop dancing. Pingu leaves the rink and goes past an igloo from which music is coming, so he knocks on the door. A penguin, singing opera, bursts out and Pingu hurries away. Then he comes across Pingo listening to the radio on headphones outside his igloo. Pingo lets Pingu share the headphones so they can both listen, but it’s not long before they have a tug-of-war that ends up with broken headphones. Pingu goes home, gets his headphones and gives them to Pingo, and goes back indoors. Mother is playing with Pinga, so Pingu sits down dejectedly on the sofa. Realising what is wrong Mother has a quiet word with Father, who gets out a record and starts playing swing on the record player. Pingu immediately cheers up and starts dancing. Pinga, and Mother and Father, soon join in.


6x12 - Pingu Gets Carried Away

Pingu is on Father’s motorised sledge, pretending to drive. Father comes out and tells Pingu to get off. Pingu is so downcast that Father says that he’ll give Pingu a driving lesson. Pingu and Father get on, and they set off slowly, Pingu driving with Father’s assistance. It’s not long before Pingu wants to go faster, and he gets very excited. Father tries to control him, but in the confusion the drive stick gets pushed to full and they go whizzing off, crashing through some hanging washing. Pingu then manages to break the drive stick, and they plough through a snowman and into a candy stall. The stallholder runs away from the sledge, which follows him, stopping inches away from flattening him against some ice. The sledge starts to go backwards, and is only saved from going into a pool by Pingu throwing the decorative candy from the stall, which got caught on the steering earlier when they hit the stall, in the way so that the driving tracks come off the ground. Pingu, pulling the decorative candy, and his Father walk back to the candy stall, apologize to the stallholder, and Father helps to put it back up. After this, they clean up the mess, but Father wants a lollipop, but the stallholder won't let him, to Pingu's digust, who bursts into tears, who tries to get comforted by Father and the stallholder. They can’t put the decorative piece back because the chain has broken, but the stallholder has a different one that he can use. They leave to get the sledge with Father carrying the lollipop and Pingu pulling the decorative candy. When they get back to the sledge they can’t get it going because the drive stick has gone, but Pingu has the idea of using the lollipop stick instead. Then Pingu, not trusting himself with the sledge, won’t get on it, but Father has an idea and he ends up driving back towing the decorative candy, with Pingu sitting on top.


Stagione 5

5x9 - Pinga Sleepwalks

Pingu is trying to get to sleep, but Pinga is snoring. He tries to stop the noise by throwing things at her, but this has no effect. He gets out of bed and tries comforting her, but this also has no effect. He takes out her dummy, which makes her sit up and yell, so he quickly puts it in again. Pinga spits out the dummy and then sleepwalks out of the room. Pingu is about to get back into bed when he realises she’s gone, and follows her. Pinga goes past Mother and Father, who are asleep on the couch, and out of the front door. Pingu follows, and tries to stop her, but he can’t. Pinga, followed by Pingu, then goes into a neighbour’s igloo and there are all sorts of noises and crashes. She comes out and wanders on, while Pingu backs away as the door is slammed shut. Pingu then acts as a bridge over a ravine so she doesn’t fall in, and generally tries to protect and shepherd her on her walk, including going through an icicle cave and up on to a precipice. Though he’s basically too late each time, she comes to no harm, but Pingu has a few scrapes. Eventually he takes her back home on a sledge. She gets into bed and snuggles down, still asleep. Pingu gets into his bed and also falls asleep. All too soon Father is waking them up for breakfast. Pinga is quite perky but it’s a real effort for Pingu to wake, and then get up. At the breakfast table, Pingu then falls asleep with his head in his breakfast bowl!


5x5 - Pingu Wants to Fly

Pingu is having a snowball fight with Robby. Most of Robby’s snowballs are hitting Pingu, but Pingu has not managed to hit Robby at all, much to Pingu’s annoyance. During the fight, a seagull comes to watch and nearly gets hit by a snowball. The seagull takes Pingu’s side in the fight and makes a snowball, which it drops on Robby. Seeing the seagull flying makes Pingu want to fly himself, so he tries to do it. First he tries jumping off a small block of ice, but he can’t stay in the air. Then he tries jumping off the top of a rather taller block of ice, and still can’t stay in the air. Pingu spots an old barrel nearby and, using an old plank, makes a seesaw-like launcher. He stands on one end and Robby jumps from the high block of ice on to the other end, launching Pingu into the air. Pingu gets rather higher than before, but still can’t fly and plummets head first into a pile of snow, from which Robby pulls him out. Just then a balloon seller passes by, and gives Pingu his helium balloons in exchange for a couple of fish caught by Robby. Robby ties the balloons round Pingu’s waist, and at last Pingu’s into the air and flying. The wind catches him and he drifts away, chased by Robby on the ground. Pingu initially enjoys it, but soon decides that he’d rather be on the ground. The seagull comes by and pops one of the balloons, but this has little effect other than spinning Pingu around. The seagull then pops all the other balloons and Pingu crash-lands on the top of a high block of ice, from which he gets down using a rope made from the balloon strings. Robby then fires a large snowball at Pingu from a catapult. The snowball goes well above Pingu, and Pingu decides he’ll take cover. Robby prepares another shot, but is startled by the seagull just as he’s about to release the snowball; the snowball shoots into the air and lands on Robby’s head. He and the seagull both find this funny.


5x12 - Like Father Like Pingu

After saying goodbye to Mother and Pinga, Pingu and Father set off on a fishing expedition together. A fishing hole needs to be dug when they reach the spot where they want to fish. Pingu plunges the big spade in the ice but can’t get it out again. Father gives Pingu the trowel to use, and then tries to remove the spade but only succeeds in breaking it. Father takes the trowel back off Pingu and laboriously digs a fishing hole in the ice with it. Pingu takes Father’s rod, which is rather better than his own, and goes to start fishing but Father realises what Pingu has done and takes his rod back, to Pingu’s disgust. They start fishing, and Pingu gets a bite. Father takes over Pingu’s rod to fight the fish, pushing Pingu out of the way, but to Pingu’s dismay loses it. They continue fishing, and Father gets a bite. Pingu joins in the struggle and they eventually land a tiny fish! Pingu is amused, Father isn’t. Pingu then gets a bite and Father comes to take over again, but Pingu won’t let him. The fish that Pingu lands is large, and Father claims it as his own, leaving Pingu with the tiddler that Father had caught with Pingu’s help. Before setting off for home they consult the map; Father suggests one way, Pingu says it’s the opposite, but Father knows best! Pingu tells Father several times that they’re not going the right way, but is ignored. After some time they still haven’t reached home, and then Pingu recognises the ice arch where they’d previously been fishing. At last they go Pingu’s way, and eventually arrive home in the dark. Mother and Pinga come out to greet them. Father gets the big fish to show them, leaving Pingu with the tiddler, but then thinks about it and gives the big fish to Pingu so he can take the credit for catching it.


5x14 - Pinga's Balloon

Pinga is trying to blow up her balloon, but she’s not having any success. Pingu comes by and says he’ll do it, but can’t blow it up either. He then has an idea and goes off to the shed. Meanwhile Father comes by and also tries to blow up the balloon, but despite stretching it and blowing hard he can’t inflate it. Pingu comes back from the shed with the bicycle pump and tries with that. He successfully blows the balloon up, but it then comes off the pump and zooms around the room, finishing off by collecting Pinga and shooting her outside into a heap of snow. Pingu and Father rush to get her out. Father then again tries to inflate the balloon. This time he succeeds in getting some air into it and ties off the end, but manages to do it round his wrist. Pingu pulls it off and gives it to Pinga, but as she strokes it, it goes down. They go back inside, and see Mother livening up the fire in the stove with some bellows. This gives Pingu an idea, so the balloon is attached to the bellows and he and Father bounce Pinga up and down on the bellows. The balloon inflates and Pingu ties it off and gives it to Pinga, who cuddles it and gives Pingu a big kiss.


5x15 - Pingu and the Knitting Machine

Mother arrives home with a big package. Pingu wants to know what’s in it, so is close by when Mother reveals the contents – a knitting machine. The machine knits what Pingu thinks is a hat, and he puts it on, but Mother shows him that it’s not a hat but a tea cosy. Mother and Pingu go outside, and Mother puts a sign outside the door indicating that she’s ready to knit things. Grandfather comes by and Pingu tells him all about the new machine. He goes inside just as Robby turns up. When Grandfather comes out he has a new pair of knitted mittens and a scarf. He gives the scarf to Robby and they both go off. Pingu goes back inside. Mother is busy knitting. Pingu goes up to the machine and starts fiddling with one of the balls of wool. Mother tells him to leave it alone and to go and play. He goes away, but sidles back and has another play with the wool. Mother again tells him to stop. Mother then loads up her basket with things she’s knitted and goes out, and Pingu grabs the chance to have a go on the machine. He sits up to the machine, changes the balls of wool for different colours and sets the machine going. Pinga arrives as the machine starts to knit a scarf, which gets longer and longer. Pinga feeds in new balls of wool and the scarf gets even longer. Pingu tries to stop the machine, but it goes even faster and he and Pinga end up wrapped tightly in a roll of the scarf. Mother comes back, and is surprised at what she finds. Then Father comes in, unrolls Pingu and Pinga, and Mother tells them off. They tidy up the long scarf and then Pingu has an idea, so the machine is used to make a hat for each of the four of them using the wool from the scarf.


Stagione 6

6x9 - Pingu and the Toy Shop

Pingu is out shopping with Mother. They arrive at the cactus stall, and while Mother is trying to make up her mind which one she wants Pingu is rapidly losing interest. Then he spots the toyshop, which is close by, excitedly asks Mother if he can go and look, and she agrees. Inside, the shopkeeper is busy working on a model of a galleon. Pingu finds a number of toys that he’d like, takes each one out to ask Mother if he can have it, and each time she says no, to both her and Pingu’s exasperation. Pingu then spots a toy rocket on the top shelf, well out of his reach, and tries to get to it, without success. He notices a pogo stick, gets on, and starts bouncing erratically higher and higher. Eventually he’s high enough to reach the rocket, and makes a grab for it. He misses, loses control of his bouncing and crashes into the shelves of toys, knocking most of them off, before careering outside and landing on his backside in the cacti on the stall. He ends up on the ice by the stall, with cacti all around and a very sore bottom. He helps the stallholder to tidy up, and is congratulating himself on a job well done when the shopkeeper, who has managed to protect his galleon during the commotion, and who is not very happy about what has happened, comes out of the shop and calls Pingu over to sort out the mess he’s made. Pingu tidies up the shop, but then finds the rocket still on the floor. He takes it across to the shopkeeper, and as he’s looking at it the shopkeeper accidentally knocks the galleon off the counter. Pingu dives, catches the galleon just before it hits the floor, and gives it back. Mother then comes in to get Pingu, having chosen the cactus she wants. Pingu is just about to leave when the shopkeeper decides to reward Pingu for saving the galleon and gives him the rocket.


6x10 - Pingu and the Paper Mache

Pingu, Pingi, Pingo and Pinng have arrived at school. Before the bell goes, Pingo starts a snowball fight by throwing a snowball at Pingg. Pingu and Pingg have started to make snowballs when the schoolmaster rings the bell. All sit down except Pingu, who doesn’t hear the bell. Pingu throws a snowball that hits the schoolmaster on the head, to his displeasure. The schoolmaster tells Pingu to sit down, and then just manages to stop his folder blowing away in the wind before calling the register. He then gets out the paper mache making kit. Pingu is intrigued, and gradually moves closer and closer to the schoolmaster’s table as he unpacks the box and models a fish. Pingu wants to have a go, but the schoolmaster tells him to go back to his desk. Just then the schoolmaster’s folder is blown away by the wind, and he chases after it. Pingu decides to play with the paper mache fish, and puts it into a nearby pool. To his dismay this dissolves off most of the paper, and the others laugh. Pingu remakes the fish, and he and the others have a fight with the paper mache, getting it on everything. The others then wrap Pingu in paper mache, until he can be rolled like a ball. All this time the schoolmaster has been chasing after his folder to recover it. He has just arrived back when Pingg rolls the wrapped up Pingu right into him. Pingg helps Pingu onto his feet, and Pingu goes into the pool to dissolve away the paper mache. Then, all together, they make a paper mache model of a penguin.


6x11 - Sore Tummy Pingu

Pingu's Mother arrives home with groceries, including a box of fish-shaped crackers that gets Pingu and Pinga very excited. Pingu gets plates for himself and Pinga. Pingu hoovers his plateful of crackers and asks for more, and every time he does, Pingu's Mother says "no". Pingu asks Pinga if he can have some of hers, she shakes her head. When Pingu's Mother has put away the groceries, Pingu sneaks some crackers from the box and eats them. He then takes the box, which contains the remaining crackers, and goes outside with it. He finishes the box and goes off to search for more crackers. On the way he meets Pingg. Pingu gives the box to his friend and walks off. Pingg puts his hand in the box and discovers the box is empty. Pingu passes Grandfather’s igloo. Grandfather is outside, snacking on a plate of crackers, and he gives Pingu the last one. Pingu asks if Grandfather has any more, and Grandfather goes inside his igloo and returns with the box. Pingu excitedly helps himself to more, and Grandfather warns him not to take too many or eat too fast. As he gives the box back to his Grandfather, his stomach rumbles loudly and he clutches it in agony. At the hospital, the doctor examines Pingu and explains to Grandfather that Pingu has a sore stomach caused by eating too many crackers. Pinga, Mother and Father arrive, with Pinga carrying a box of crackers. Pinga offers a fish cracker to Pingu, which he refuses, and Pinga then offers them round. Mother, Father, the doctor and Grandfather each take and eat one, as does Pinga. Everyone then belches, one at a time, and they all laugh as this happens. Pingu then produces the longest and loudest burp, and realises that all his pain has now gone. Pinga then offers Pingu a fish cracker, but Pingu again refuses.


6x13 - Pingu and the School Pet

The schoolmaster is telling the class all about how to look after the school pet, a green crab. He then asks who would like to look after it. They all shout that they want to, with Pingu the loudest, and the schoolmaster chooses Pingu. Pingu goes up to have a close look, pats the crab’s claw, and the crab clamps him on the beak. He proudly takes the crab home and shows Mother and Pinga, putting the tank containing it on the table and taking off the lid. He pats the inside of the tank, and the crab clamps him on the beak again! While Mother is comforting Pingu, the crab escapes and is followed by Pinga. Mother and Pingu are then surprised to see Pinga and the crab together, with the crab colouring in Pinga’s drawing, and go to have a closer look. Mother goes off, and Pingu indicates that he wants the crab back in its tank. The crab bristles, clacks its claws at Pingu, and tries to bite him when he gets too close. Pingu momentarily turns away, and the crab scuttles off and hides. Pingu and Pinga look, but they can’t find it. Just then Father arrives home, picks up the paper and sits down in the armchair. He quickly gets up with a cry of pain, as the crab has been hiding under the seat of the armchair, has bitten him, and is now hanging onto his backside. Pingu is delighted that the crab has been found, but then Father pulls the crab off, carries it outside and puts it into the pool, ignoring the protestations from the rest of the family. Pingu is looking for the crab in and around the pool without any luck when Robby turns up. Pingu explains what has happened and Robby dives into the pool to look. After a while Robby comes up with a red crab, a yellow crab, a blue crab, a hermit crab and at last a green crab with brown claws. Pingu tells Robby to stop, Robby puts back the blue crab he’s just found, and both of them shoo all the other crabs except the brown-clawed, green one back into the pool. To Pingu’s surprise, the green, brown-clawed crab then offers to


6x14 - Pampering Pingu

Pingu and Pinga have been out shopping with Mother. Father then drives by on the motorised sledge, but as he goes past snow is thrown up by the sledge and splatters Mother, to Pingu and Pinga’s amusement. Just then, Mother notices a beauty salon, and goes inside with Pingu and Pinga. The beautician seats Mother in a reclining chair, and settles Pingu and Pinga on chairs to wait, giving each of them a lollipop. While the beautician works on Mother, Pingu finds a bottle of lotion on a trolley and squeezes it, sending a blob across the room and into a cup of tea that a lady, who is having a face treatment, drinks and leaps from the chair in shock. Pingu hastily puts the bottle of lotion back, and then discovers that his chair will go up and down and round and round, so he spins himself about, eventually coming off. Pinga wants to try this in her chair, so Pingu spins her round very fast, making her giddy, and she falls off the chair. Mother has progressed in her treatment to having shades on her eyes, with vibration from the chair to relax her. Pingu takes the bottle of lotion and uses it to model a beard, moustache and hair on Mother's head. When the beautician spots this she’s surprised and shows Mother. After she’s cleaned herself off, Mother looks across to where Pingu and Pinga are sitting, and sees that Pinga has also sprouted a beard and hair modelled from lotion. She gets Pinga to sit in the chair next to her. Pingu is bored, so he puts on some hair curlers from the trolley, and a towel as a cloak. He goes across to Mother and startles her by his appearance and the noise he makes, causing chaos and generally wrecking the place. When the hubbub has ended, Pingu is angrily told off and has to clear up the place. When he finishes, Mother, Pingu and Pinga leave. As they get outside, Father goes past on the sledge again, this time covering Pingu with snow. Mother takes Pingu back inside the beauty parlour for some restorative treatment, which he’s not happy


6x15 - Green Eyed Pingu

Pingu comes out to play with his ball, when Pingi walks past. Pingu calls to her to stop, catches up with her and starts kissing her on the hand. Then Pingg appears, tags Pingi and they start a game of tag. Pingu tries to join in, but it quickly goes back to Pingg and Pingi playing without Pingu. Pingu has an idea, collects his sledge and then Pingi, and goes off with her. They come to an old igloo, and start a game of hide and seek. Pingu hides, and Pingi starts to look for him. Then Pingg, who has followed them on his sledge, pops up and Pingi starts talking to him, abandoning the game with Pingu. Pingu is jealous and goes off in a huff, then has another idea and gets his ball. He tosses the ball to Pingi, who is on Pingg’s sledge, and she and Pingu start a game of ball. All three of them play together briefly, then it turns into a game of “pig in the middle”, with Pingu as the “pig”, and he never gets the ball. Pingu goes off and comes back with a bunch of flowers and a cuddly toy for Pingi. Pingg goes and gets a ragdoll. Pingu goes off and gets a sledge full of gifts for Pingi, Pingg gets a big bunch of balloons. Pingu dumps the toys in a heap next to Pingi and gets a fish, Pingg then gets a few fish and Pingu then goes and gets a sledge piled high with fish. Pingu and Pingg look at each other across the pile next to Pingi, dump their fish on the pile and face up to one another. They then start a snowball fight, while Pingi is busy getting out from the pile around her. Once out she stands up, and is hit in the face by a snowball thrown by Pingu. They both go to console her, but she shrugs them both away and angrily walks off. Pingu and Pingg make up, and then go off to find Pingi, each with a selection from the gifts. When Pingi sees they’ve made up she kisses Pingg on the cheek, to Pingu’s dismay. She then gives Pingu a proper kiss, to his delight.


6x16 - Pingu Wraps Up

Mother is ironing, and Pingu is chasing Pinga around the kitchen. Pinga then crashes into a chair, hurting her foot, and Mother rushes to console her. Mother decides that the foot needs a bandage. Pingu gets the first aid box out and Mother wraps up the foot. She goes to get the scissors to cut the bandage, but while she’s gone, Pingu finishes off himself by wrapping Pinga’s other foot and her arm. He then goes outside with the first aid box wondering what to wrap next. He starts with the snowman’s head, and then wraps Fathers motorised sledge. He calls in on Grandfather, and Grandfather lets Pingu wrap him up. Pingu leaves without unwrapping him, to Grandfather’s dismay. Grandfather tries to eat his sandwich, without success, then struggles across to the phone to call for help from Father. Meanwhile Pingu has wrapped the sign outside the bakery, some skis he found outside another igloo, a stranger on a bench next to a sign, and the bench and sign. Father arrives on his skis to untie Grandfather, and then goes off to find Pingu by following the trail of wrapped items that Pingu has left behind him. Pingu and Father then return, unwrapping the items, including the stranger, on the way. Pingu is riding on the front of the skis when they crash into a block of ice and tumble off, breaking a ski. They wonder what to do, then Pingu uses his skill in wrapping to bind up the broken ski so that they can finish their journey.


6x1 - Pingu's Sledge Academy

Pingu and his friends Pingo, Pingg and Pongi are out having fun on their sledges, but they’re so boisterous that they’re a menace to everyone else, leaving chaos behind them wherever they go. They go first to a patrolling Sledge Academy students, then to a stall. The Instructor gave Father a vestment. Pingu and his three friends then pass by to an poor lady, from Pingu Wins First Prize, then to a man with the newspaper, and his hat and paper flew. Then they pass by on Pingi, to two igloos and a vegetable stall, and eventually they crash into a fish stall. When Pingu gets home, he’s told by his parents that they’re not happy with his behaviour on the sledge and threaten to take it away from him unless he goes to the Sledge Academy. He and his three friends attend a course and, after a few mishaps, learn to control their sledging. They complete the course successfully and are awarded diplomas.


6x3 - Pottery Pingu

Pingu and Pinga are at Grandfather’s house. Pingu is a bit curious about what Grandfather is doing. Grandfather says that he’s making pottery, and Pingu really wants to try it. Grandfather helps Pingu to try, but it doesn’t go quite right and all that remains on the wheel is a piece of clay shaped a bit like a crown. Grandfather then goes to fire the vase he made previously and the piece remaining from Pingu’s try. Pingu then gets an idea; he could try doing pottery by himself, but Grandfather tells him not to. Pingu then has several tries while Grandfather isn't looking, with the starting piece of clay larger each time and with Pinga either helping or standing guard. The first two tries are unsuccessful, with the clay ending up being splattered about. On the third try Pingu attempts a large vase. This also flies apart and the clay breaks some of the pottery that Grandfather has made, in particular the lid of a vase. It also covers Pingu and unfortunately splatters Grandfather, who has just opened the window of the igloo to see what is going on, as well. Grandfather is not too pleased, but comes out to decorate the pots he’s just fired. He’s even less happy when he realises that the lid of a vase has been broken, but Pingu suggests trying the crown-shaped piece of pottery he made earlier. It’s a good fit, and they all end up happy.


6x2 - Pingu and the Hose

Pingu comes out of the igloo to play, sees a hose lying on the ground and then hears voices coming out of the end of it. He follows the hose to its other end and finds Father and Grandfather in the shed doing some bottling. They are talking, and it’s their voices that Pingu heard coming through the hose. He shows them what is happening, and they’re surprised. He then takes the hose, and plays a trick on Pinga by making her believe that the snowman is speaking to her, and a similar trick on Robby by making him believe that a fish is speaking to him. Then he puts the end of the hose into the shed and attempts to fool Father and Grandfather as well. Their initial surprise soon turns to suspicion, and they find the hose and track it back to the source. Pingu is oblivious to this, and continues making noises into the hose. Father and Grandfather have an idea and place the end of another hose just behind Pingu and they, together with Pinga and Robby, shout into it, startling Pingu. After Pingu has calmed down they all have a good laugh.


6x4 - Pingu and the Litter

Pingu passes a stall selling wrapped fish-shaped snack bars. He gets one, and has just started it when Pingg, Pingo and Pingi arrive, and they also each get a snack bar. The stallholder offers more bars, which are put into Pingu’s satchel. Pingu walks on, and tosses away his original wrapper. Pingg, Pingo and Pingi also toss away their wrappers. Pingu eats another bar, and throws away the wrapper as well. The wrapper gets blown into an ice pool and is eaten by Robby, who then coughs it up into Pingu’s face. Pingu gives Robby a bar to eat. The wind is blowing discarded wrappers around, and Grandfather gets one on his foot and trips up. Pingu offers Grandfather a bar, but he refuses. Pingu eats the bar, and is just about to throw the wrapper away when Grandfather says not to. Pingu looks about, and there are dozens of wrappers being blown about. Pingu starts to collect them, putting them in his satchel. The wrappers are getting everywhere, causing all sorts of incidents, but Pingu continues to collect all he can. Father is driving but a wrapper comes flying in the air blinding him and crashed in front of a dustbin. Pingu arrives back at the original stall and Father tells him of for throwing bar wrappers and put it in the bin then pingu takes the wrapper out of the bin and uses the wrappers that he has collected to make a big arrow that points to a litter bin, to encourage everyone to use it rather than to just throw away their litter. The episode ends when Pingi throws a wrapper into the litter bin, and they all laugh.


6x5 - Mother's New Hat

Mother and Father are out shopping with the children when they pass a hat shop. Father says he’ll buy mother a new hat, and Mother tries on a flowery one and then a hat with a feather. While she’s doing this Pingu and Pinga are amusing themselves by also trying on hats. Mother isn’t sure which of the two hats she wants, but her mind is made up for her as the shopkeeper sells the first hat to another customer, so she ends up with the feathered one. When they get home Mother and Father are both tired out and fall asleep. Pingu comes in the room, sees them asleep, takes the hat out of its box and puts it on. He then goes into the bedroom, puts on a blanket as a cloak and gets a wooden sword, and then plays at musketeers. He twirls the hat around on the tip of his sword but it comes off and Pinga catches it. Pinga puts the hat on and Pingu chases her round the room, and they then have a tug of war with the hat. Pinga ends up with the main part of the hat, and Pingu with the decorative flower, which has come off the hat. Pingu sticks the flower back on, but in the wrong place, and Pinga says that it’s wrong. Eventually they fix up the hat, and manage to sneak it back into its box just before Mother and Father wake up. Mother and Father decide to go for a walk and Mother opens the hat box to get out her new hat, but is very surprised when she sees it as it now has more feathers and a lot more flowers on it than when it was bought. Pingu and Pinga are downcast with Mothers reaction, but are delighted when Mother decides that she likes it. Mother and Father then go off for their walk, and Pingu and Pinga congratulate one another.


6x6 - Poor Pingu

Pingu wakes up, and tries to wake Pinga. She doesn’t wake. Pingu then sees she’s got red spots on her head, and suspects she’s put them on herself with the crayon he finds nearby. Then more spots appear and Pingu pulls back the blanket. Pinga is covered in spots. She has measles! She yells, and Pingu calls his parents in. While his parents comfort Pinga, Pingu is asked to call the doctor, get a wet cloth, get some milk, get a woollen hat, get some biscuits and open the door for the doctor. The doctor examines Pinga, and everyone ignores Pingu, so Pingu starts to examine the contents of the doctor’s bag. He finds a badge, but this is grabbed from him and given to Pinga who by now is starting to feel a bit happier. Pingu is fed up with the attention Pinga is getting and of being ignored himself, so he fakes that he has a cough, then a temperature and then a sore foot. All of this is ignored. Father then asks Pingu to empty Pinga’s potty, which he unhappily does. On his way back out of the bathroom he spots Mother’s lipstick, and uses it to make some spots on his head like those of Pinga. He goes back into the bedroom and pretends that he’s poorly, and he’s put straight into bed. Mother wipes Pingu’s brow with the wet cloth, and the spots start to come off! Pingu is told off, and Mother wipes away the rest of Pingu’s lipstick spots. Some proper spots then appear on Pingu’s head, and he’s now really got a temperature and the measles as well. Pingu is given his own badge by the doctor, and is now the centre of attention rather than Pinga. Pinga is dismayed, so she gets out of her bed and climbs into Pingu’s bed next to him. The doctor gives each of them a lollipop, and they quickly cheer up.


6x7 - Pinga in a Box

Pinga is playing in the kitchen, and bumps her head several times on the table. She sees her cuddly rabbit on top of the toy box and goes over to get it. Also on the top of the toy box is an empty box and, as Pinga gets her rabbit, the box falls upside-down over her. She wanders around bumping into things, but as she’s got the box over herself she doesn’t get hurt. She goes past Pingu, who is sitting on his bed reading, and he grabs hold of the box and lifts it off her. Pingu has an idea! He explains his idea to Pinga, then turns the box the right way up, puts Pinga inside, tells her to be quiet and puts on the lid. He calls Mother, who comes to see what he wants. Pingu tells Mother that the box is for her, and as she’s about to open it to see what it is Pinga jumps up in the box and startles her. Mother sees the funny side of it and gives Pinga a cuddle. Pingu and Pinga, who has her rabbit with her, then go out on the sledge, taking the box with them. They come to Grandfather’s house, and stop. Grandfather is inside, banging, so they put the box outside the door, Pinga hides inside, Pingu knocks on the door and then he hides. Grandfather opens the door, spots the box, looks it over carefully and then goes to open it. Pinga jumps up as she did before, startling Grandfather who almost has a heart attack with the shock. When he recovers he tells them off for playing such a prank and makes Pinga cry. Then he sees the amusing side and gives them a hug. Pingu and Pinga continue their journey and reach the post office. Nobody is about, so they set the prank up again, putting the box with Pinga inside next to some other boxes by the door. Pingu hears Father approaching on the motorised sledge and quickly hides. Father loads some of the boxes, including the one that Pinga is in, onto the sledge and drives off to deliver them. Pingu comes out of hiding, spots that Pinga has dropped her rabbit, picks it up and runs shouting after them. Father doesn’t hear, and stops


6x8 - Pingu and the Present

Pingu is at home, playing aeroplanes, when an envelope is delivered. It’s for Pingu, and when he opens it he sees that it’s a card inviting him to a birthday party. Pinga wants to see it, but Pingu won’t let her, and Mother eventually has to intervene. Mother looks at the card and gives Pingu a fish to pay for a present. Pingu is just on his way out of the door to get the present when Mother tells him to take Pinga with him. Pingu and Pinga is not too happy about that, but Mother insists. At the toyshop, Pingu eventually decides to get a model aeroplane as the present. On the way home Pingu continues to not be very nice to Pinga, this time by hiding from her and being rude to her. While backing away he trips and drops the present, which slides into a small crevice that then gets partially blocked by a small fall of ice, with just a bit of the ribbon from the present sticking out. After searching for a while, Pingu spots where the present has gone and tries to get it out by pulling on the ribbon, but it won’t budge. Pinga says that she’s small enough to go through the gap to get the present, and Pingu is delighted when she gets it. When they get home, Pingu explains to Mother what has happened and sets off for the party, taking Pinga with him to her delight. When they arrive Pingu explains why he’s brought Pinga along as well, and Pinga gives the present.


6x20 - Pingu and the Rubberband Plane

Pingu is on his way to school with his toy truck when Pongi catches him up. Pongi is carrying a box that contains a model plane powered by a rubber band. Pingu goes to touch the plane but Pongi quickly shuts the box and walks on. Then Pingg goes past, carrying a long thin box, and Pingo also goes past, bouncing on his pogo stick. After seeing these toys Pingu is quite envious. At school, they’re all playing. Pingu is playing a game of “catch the fish” with Pingi, Pingo is bouncing about on his pogo stick, Pingg is playing swing-ball and Pongi is flying his plane. The schoolmaster has a try at “catch the fish” and gets one. Just then the plane flies low over his head and lands. Pingu goes over to where it has landed and picks it up, but Pongi rushes over and grabs it back. He then relents and lets Pingu hold it. The schoolmaster comes across to look at the plane and breaks the rubber band, so he goes to his box and gets a new one. He then gets distracted, so Pingu tries out the plane with the new rubber band. It doesn’t go very far, so Pingu gets a bigger one from the rubber band box and tries the plane again. It still doesn’t fly very well. Pingu then finds a very big band in the box and wants to try it, but Pongi doesn’t want to. The schoolmaster then tells them all to sit down, and starts the lesson that is on how to draw a circle. Pingu isn’t doing very well, but then he has an idea and pretends he wants to go to the loo. When the schoolmaster says yes, he sneakily collects the plane on the way, fits the very big rubber band and tries it out. The plane zooms round the classroom, disrupting the lesson, then zooms off, with Pongi and Pingu in pursuit. It then buzzes around Father, who is out on his motorised sledge to make a delivery, and twice he nearly crashes into the fish stall trying to avoid it. When the plane finally lands Pongi grabs it. Pingu catches up, and Father sees them. Pingu explains what he’s done, and Father takes them both bac


6x23 - Pingu and the New Scooter

In the igloo, Mother and Father are cleaning, Pinga is rummaging in the toy-box and Pingu is playing with his wooden engine. Father wants to put the vacuum cleaner away in the bottom of the cupboard, but there’s already a box of oddments in the space. Father asks Pingu to put the box in the shed, which he reluctantly does, and also which angers Pinga. When he gets to the shed there’s no room, so he starts getting some things out of the way. One of the things he moves is an old scooter(His old one from the previous episodes). He puts the box away, and then decides to go for a ride on the scooter. On his ride he meets Pingg and Pingi, who are out on their own scooters that are much newer and brighter. They’re doing tricks using the ice slopes, and Pingu decides to have a go. Unfortunately, he doesn’t manage to get up much speed and rather than jumping the gap falls into it, breaking off the front wheel. Dejectedly he heads off home, but on the way passes a shop with a bright shining new scooter on display in the window. He rushes home and pleads with Father to get it for him. Father agrees to look at it, but only after all the toys have been tidied away. When this has been done, Pingu goes outside and gets a shock; Pingg has already brought the scooter. Pingu and Father go into the shed, In which he created his sled in, where Pingu breaks up his old scooter. He then notices that Father, who has been rummaging around, has found some wheels that would go nicely on a new scooter, and together they build a new scooter. Pingu goes to meet up with his friends, and shows off his new scooter. They then go on the jumps, but Pingg’s new scooter doesn’t perform very well, while Pingu’s does. Father is watching and applauds Pingu’s performance.


6x24 - Pingu and the Paint

Mother and Father go out, leaving Pingu sitting at the table with his painting, which needs finishing. Pingu gets some water, and finishes the painting with some blue, and then orange, paint. As he’s admiring the finished painting, a blob of orange paint falls from the brush onto the table. He tries to get it off, but only succeeds in making a bigger mess, and getting it on his chair as well. He then has an idea! He gets a pot of orange paint and a brush from the shed, and paints the table and everything on it, and the chair, orange. He spots a bit he’s missed, and while painting this gets a blob of orange paint on the wall. His solution to this is to make it slightly larger and rounder, and then frame it. As he’s straightening up the frame he gets some more paint on the wall, and then treads in some paint he’s dropped on the floor and leaves footprints behind as he backs away. As he backs out of the igloo he trips, and lands on his sledge, which slides away and into a lump of ice. The impact jogs the pot of paint and the brush out of Pingu’s hands, and these fly into the air and leave orange paint on a couple of igloos and an ice sculpture when they land. Pingu’s solution to this is to add even more paint to most of the igloos in the village, and the sculpture, in a variety of patterns and colours. The villagers see the results of this and gather to discuss what’s happened, and wonder who’s responsible. Then a villager (that is, the postman) saw a trail of footprints, and they follow them to the barrel in which Pingu is hiding. To clear it up Pingu starts to throw snowballs at the paint, and is quickly helped by Pingg and Pingo, which Punki tries to evade them. The other villagers then join in themselves. It then starts snowing heavily, and the new snow soon finishes off the job of getting rid of all the paint.


6x25 - Pingu Makes a Big Splash

Father takes Pingu and Pinga to the swimming pool. While they’re getting ready to go in, they see a penguin dive into the deep pool from the top of the diving block, which worries Pingu. Father then jumps into the shallow pool, as does Pinga, but Pingu gets in by sliding in from a sitting position. Pingi, Pingo and Pingg arrive and have a good laugh at Pingu in the shallow pool, and challenge him to come over to the big pool and jump in. Pingu goes off with them, and they climb to a ledge halfway up the diving block. Pingo and Pingg jump straight in, but Pingu shows off to Pingi and climbs a bit higher. He goes to jump in but once he sees the height he can’t, and climbs back down to Pingi. By now Pingo and Pingg have climbed back up, have a laugh at Pingu and jump in again. Pingi also jumps in. Pingu decides he’s not to be outdone, so he climbs right to the top and stands on the edge. With Pingo, Pingg and Pingi urging him on, Pingu gathers his courage and jumps, but changes his mind at the last minute and just manages to grab hold of the edge of the diving block before he falls, thinking it might be frozen solid. Father and Pinga come over as Pingu hangs precariously over the water, and Father shouts instructions to Pingu. Pingu tries to climb back but slips, and falls head first into the pool with a big splash. When he climbs out Pingu is congratulated by the others, but is a bit shocked by the experience. He then gets his courage back and dives in properly from the lower ledge, and is cheered by the others.


Stagione 5

5x1 - Pingu's Bouncy Fun

Pingu is jumping up and down on his bed, which causes dishes to fall down and break from a shelf. Mother comes in and tells him to stop and makes him sit on a chair. Pingu then jumps up and down on the chair, nearly frightening Pinga, and is for the second time told not to bounce. Pingu then jumps on a cushion and then on Pinga's rabbit! Mother takes the rabbit away from Pingu and passes it to Pinga. Father arrives and settles down to read the newspaper. He and Pingu build a makeshift trampoline, and they bounce on it. When Mother comes home, Pingu falls head first on the chair. Then they take the trampoline outside and Mother puts on crash helmets. Pingu and Father do bouncing on it.


Stagione 4

4x16 - Pingu's Wish

When Pingu is out, he sees a poster fr a magic show and pretends that he’s the magician performing. On the way home he finds a magic wand, and conjures up a hat and four flowers. Pingo comes by and asks Pingu what he’s doing. Pingu turns to Pingo, and while he explains, the hat and flowers disappear. When Pingo says he can’t see anything, Pingu turns and is amazed that the hat and flowers aren’t there. Pingo consoles Pingu, and they walk on together. They reach the toyshop. On display is a magic box that Pingu decides he really wants. He rushes home to ask Mother, but she tells him he’ll have to wait till Christmas. Pingu plods unhappily out. After he’s gone, Mother realises how far away Christmas is and has a change of heart, so she rings Father and tells him to get the magic box on his way home. When Pingu arrives back at the toyshop, he’s dismayed to find that the box has gone, so he goes back home again. When he arrives, Mother and Father are waiting. Father puts on a top hat and pretends to be a magician. He then tells Pingu to cover his eyes. Mother goes and gets a Christmas tree and a wrapped present from where they were hidden. Father makes some more magic sounds and tells Pingu he can now look. Pingu is amazed to see the tree and a present, and on opening the present is really delighted to find that it’s the magic box that he wanted.


4x17 - Pingu is Curious

Pingu is asleep in bed, and is woken by Mother and Pinga singing “Happy Birthday”. When he gets up and goes into the kitchen he finds a large parcel waiting for him. He wants to open it, but Mother tells him he has to wait until 12 o’clock. Pingu goes outside, paces up and down for a short while and then notices that Mother and Pinga are about to go out. As they leave, Pingu is sitting by the door nonchalantly looking at a book. Mother asks him if he’d like to come with her and Pinga, but he says that he’ll stay and read the book. Once Mother and Pinga have gone he rushes inside to the parcel, and looks at it from several angles, including from under the table. Forgetting he’s under the table he gets up and bangs his head, and while rubbing it is dismayed to see that he’s knocked over a flower vase, and that the water inside has run all over the parcel. He puts the parcel on the stove to dry it off, and sets about clearing up all the water that was spilt. On finishing, he remembers that the parcel is still on the stove and takes it off, but it’s very hot and he drops it on the floor. Pingu blows on his hands to cool them, and then notices that the parcel is somewhat battered. He straightens it up, and then goes to get a drill so he can make a hole in the parcel to see what’s inside. While he’s looking, he hears Mother and Pinga returning. As they come in, Pingu goes out with the drill hidden behind him so that Mother and Pinga don’t see it. Pinga notices that a patch has appeared on the outside of the parcel, follows Pingu outside and sees him toss the drill into the shed. She asks him what he was doing, but Pingu tells her he wasn’t doing anything. When 12 o’clock arrives, Mother opens the parcel while Pingu, Father, Pinga and Grandfather watch. Inside the parcel is a very battered birthday cake! They’re surprised to see the state that the cake is in, but Father and Grandfather sample it and say that it tastes good, so everyone is happy.


4x18 - Pingu Gets Organized

There’s nobody in when Father gets home from work. The igloo is in a mess, with toys all over the floor and cooking stuff not put away. As he starts to tidy up, Pingu comes in. Father asks Pingu to put away the toys, and gets on with clearing up the cooking stuff himself. Pingu tosses all the toys into the toy box, and tells Father that he’ll go and tidy up the bedroom. While Pingu is in the bedroom Pinga arrives. She rummages in the toy box and, tossing toys out of the way, emerges with Pingu’s toy engine. She goes outside to play with it. Father is there, hanging up the washing. Pinga shows him the toy she’s got, and makes it go in a circle round herself. Pingu comes out from the bedroom and is a bit niggled to find toys left out on the floor. He puts them away, goes outside, and is even more annoyed to find Pinga with his engine. He grabs it from her, which makes Pinga distraught. Father comes over to mediate, and whispers something to Pingu. Pingu thinks this is a good idea, gives the engine back to Pinga and goes back indoors. He soon comes back out, pulling a truck full of toys, and he and Father build a ramp to slide the toys down. Pinga, meanwhile, is building with the bricks. Pingu makes a tunnel at the bottom of the ramp, and he and Father slide all sorts of toys down the ramp, but none go through the tunnel! Finally, Father rolls the engine down the ramp, and Pingu is delighted when it rolls through the tunnel. Father goes inside, and initially is not very happy when he finds the toy box on its side with the toys spilling out. However, on reflection he realises that children will always make a mess and decides not to worry about it.


4x19 - Pingu Builds a Tower

Pingu, Pinga and Robby are looking at a picture of the Tower of Babel in a book. He spots some ice bricks nearby, and decides he wants to build a tower. Robby and Pinga agree to help. While Pingu puts the first few bricks into place, Pinga gets a brick to add. Pingu points to a big pile of bricks and sends Pinga over to get more. Robby flips a brick neatly into place with his nose. Pingu applauds. Robby shoves another brick across. Pingu can’t reach it from where he is standing on the tower and gets Pinga to lift it to him. Pinga gets several bricks together, stacked like a train. Robby then finds a plank and has an idea; they can use it to get the bricks up to Pingu who is on the top of the tower. He places the plank on a brick, like a seesaw. Pinga sees this and wants to try out the seesaw. Pinga then puts a brick on the end of the plank and Robby hits the other end of the plank with his tail. The brick flies into the air and lands in just the right spot on the tower. Pingu pats it into place. Robby and Pinga then set up a production line. Pinga pushes blocks on at one end and Robby flips them into the air. This process gets stopped when Pinga loads several blocks together and the plank snaps. While they’re wondering what to do, Pingg turns up. He’s amazed by what he sees. They explain what they’re building. Pingg thinks the idea is hilarious and has a good laugh at them, which annoys Pingu. Pingu makes a snowball and tosses it at Pingg, just missing. Pingg runs off. Robby then flips a brick up to Pingu, who catches it and puts it in place. While he’s doing this the seagull lands on the top of the tower next to Pingu. Pingu tries to shoo the seagull away; the seagull tries to peck Pingu. Pingu calls down to Robby, who tosses a fish up to the seagull. The seagull catches the fish and flies away. Pinga and Robby wave it goodbye. Pingu wants more bricks to lay, but Pinga and Robby can’t find any more. Then Pinga comes with several more. Robby is delighted


4x21 - Pingu the Baker

Pingu walks past a shop with a large cake on display, sees it is a bakery and decides to have a look. He looks in the keyhole in surprise, and sees the baker mixing something in a bowl. There’s a good smell in the shop. The baker goes to the oven, slides out some bread he’s baking, and then returns it to cook some more. He sees Pingu and greets him. A table full of delicious looking cakes and other similar goodies then amazes Pingu. The baker shows Pingu how to make the baking mixture; while he’s getting the yeast to put in Pingu can’t resist sneaking a taste. The baker shows Pingu what to do with the yeast, and then takes the bread he’s baked out of the oven. He presents Pingu with a baker’s hat. Pingu is very excited, thanks the baker and rushes off home to do some baking himself. He gets all the ingredients out, and finds a bowl to mix them in. Pinga comes out of the bedroom, comes over and asks Pingu what he’s doing. Pingu explains, settles down to do the mixing and then realises he needs a whisk to stir the mixture with. He asks Pinga to get it for him, which she does. Pingu starts to mix in the ingredients, but can’t get much out of the first packet and throws it away in disgust. The packet hits the wall and the contents splatter. Pingu compensates by putting all the contents of the other packets he’s got into the mixture, and stirs vigorously, spilling quite a lot of the mixture in the process. He then goes to add the yeast, can’t remember how much, and ends up adding nearly all of it. The mixture gets another good stir, and he tries it. It’s rather good! Pinga wants a taste as well, so he lets her have a lick off the whisk. Pingu puts the whisk in the mixture. It moves around, preventing Pingu from grabbing it, and then disappears under the surface. Pingu is annoyed and shouts at the bowl; the whisk shoots out and Pingu catches it. Pingu gets a pan, tips in the mixture, and puts the pan in the oven. He then notices the mess he’s made


4x25 - Pingu Loses the Bet

Pingu is going out on his sledge, but before he gets very far Mother calls to him to stop, and asks him to take Pinga with him. He’s not happy about this but does so reluctantly. They stop at a fairground stall, where the main prize for throwing balls at six cans, and knocking all the cans down, is a large teddy bear. With his three balls, Pingu knocks all the tins down, and wins the bear. Pinga wants to have it, but Pingu won’t give it to her. The stallholder sees what’s happening and wonders what to do. He has an idea, and suggests that Pingu and Pinga compete for the bear by throwing at the tins against one another. Pingu and Pinga agree, but what Pingu doesn’t know is that the stallholder has used a magnet to hold Pingu’s cans onto the shelf! Pinga completely misses the cans with her first throw, and hits a nearby snowman. With his first throw, Pingu knocks down four tins. Pinga gets closer, but still misses, with her next throw. Pingu gets one more tin on his second throw. Pinga gets one tin on her third throw, and Pingu is gleeful. He takes his last throw and hits the remaining tin full on, but is amazed when it doesn’t fall down. He’s even more amazed when Pinga has another throw – the stallholder has sneaked her an extra ball when Pingu wasn’t watching! She hits the tins. Only one falls initially, but the rest soon topple with a bit of help from the stallholder. Pingu has lost, and regretfully gives Pinga the bear, which she cuddles. Pingu and Pinga then go home, and wave goodbye to the stallholder as they leave.


4x26 - Pingu and His Cup

Pingu is competing in the sports day, and has already failed in his first event. He runs up for the high jump, trips on a bump in the snow and crashes into the jump, dislodging the bar. The bar lands on his head! Pingo and Robby then both successfully knock the ball through the ring. Pingu skies his ball; it hits the schoolmaster on the head, and stops just short of the ring. Pingu gets his third cross on the scoreboard in three tries. In the sledge race, at the start Pingu just can’t get his sledge to go, and Robby (on a tray) and Pingo disappear into the distance. Pingu then manages to start by pushing his sledge, catches up, and has a narrow lead over Pingo at the turn. On the way back, Pingo hits a rock in the snow when trying hard to catch up with Pingu and his sledge goes out of control. He crashes head first into the snow, and his sledge shatters. Pingu stops and goes back to help. At the finish, they’re wondering where they all are, and then Robby appears on his tray and finishes first. Pingu and Pingo then arrive together (both on Pingu’s sledge), cross the finish line and crash into the first aid tent, which falls on top of them. The schoolmaster marks up the scoreboard with success for Robby, and fails for Pingu and Pingo. Pingo, on a crutch, then explains to the schoolmaster what has happened, and Pingu has his fail erased and is given three successes! He is awarded the cup, has his photograph taken holding it, and rushes home, but no-one is about! He puts the cup on the stove and goes looking, eventually finding Father sawing wood. He excitedly explains to Father about his win and rushes inside to get the cup to show him, but the cup has melted! Pingu is aghast, but then remembers the photograph that was taken with him holding the cup, and shows Father that instead.


Stagione 3

3x1 - Pingu the Cross Country Skier

Pingu comes out of his igloo and sees Pingo, on his skis, nearby. Pingu gets his own skis, goes to meet Pingo, and they agree to have a cross-country skiing race. As they are very evenly matched, it soon gets competitive, and Pingu tries to slow up Pingo by putting his ski-stick between Pingo’s legs. Pingo does the splits and stops, but soon gets going again and quickly catches up with Pingu. They come up to another rather older cross-country skier who is travelling more slowly and, as they go past him one to each side, Pingu surprises the other skier by shouting into his ear. The older skier is understandably none too pleased, shouting angrily and waving his stick at Pingu and Pingo as they race off ahead. Both Pingu and Pingo think this is rather funny! A little while later Pingu and Pingo start arguing again, and Pingu repeats his trick with the ski-stick. This time Pingo falls over and is somewhat annoyed, while Pingu stops and has a good laugh. Pingo makes a snowball and throws it at Pingu, knocking Pingu backwards off his skis. As Pingu gets up, the older skier comes past, stops, waves his ski-stick and tells off Pingu and Pingo. Pingu mockingly mimics the older skier, and then he and Pingo start off on their race again. Again they go past the older skier, but this time downhill where they’re all travelling faster. After various evasive manoeuvres by all three, Pingu ends up crashing into the older skier, falling over and breaking a ski. The older skier tells Pingu it was all Pingu’s fault, and starts to ski away. Pingu starts to cry, and the older skier takes pity on him and turns back. He then kindly helps Pingu get home by giving Pingu a ride on the back of his skis to the starting point of the race, where Pingo is waiting to flag them in!


3x2 - Pingu's Museum Visit

Robby goes to Pingu’s home to ask him to come out and play, which Pingu thinks is a good idea. They go off with the sledge and slide down a slope. At the bottom they narrowly miss Father, who is on his motorised sledge. Father then tows them to the art museum, which is where he is going to deliver a large package. While Father and the curator of the museum unload the package, Pingu and Robby go over to a sculpture that is in the form of a ring on top of a block. Pingu does a circus trick and Robby becomes a blue ball. After briefly wondering what it is meant to be, they then have some fun jumping through the ring. They then wander across to a tumbledown igloo, which has a somewhat skewed picture hanging on the wall. Pingu straightens it up. At this point the curator arrives and tells them off for messing about with the exhibits, and they go. The picture then slips back into the crooked position and, after a couple of attempts by the curator to straighten it, to his annoyance it falls off the wall. A final attempt by the curator to get the picture straight, by hanging it from a nail he hammers into the wall, ends up with the wall collapsing on top of him, to the amusement of Robby and Pingu. Pingu and Robby then spot a sculpture made of little blocks balanced on a larger block. Robby taps the sculpture, and it falls apart! They decide to rebuild it and it ends up looking like a rabbit, but is rather wobbly. Robby finds a stick, which Pingu uses to prop the sculpture up. Father then calls out that he is going, Pingu and Robby rush to get on the sledge, and they leave. The curator then spots the “rabbit” sculpture, removes the stick and the sculpture falls apart again. Once more the curator ends up less than happy! Features Pingu, Robby, Father and the Curator of the Museum.


3x3 - Pingu's Grandfather Comes to Visit

Father is cooking dinner, and Pingu and Pinga are laying the table – except that Pingu is juggling the beakers and Pinga is enjoying watching the act! Father then comes out of the kitchen, and tells them to hurry up and finish off laying the table. After Pingu finishes up he reads a book, while Pinga prepares the chairs. There is a knock on the door - Grandfather has arrived. After greeting the children Grandfather gives them each a lollipop to suck. Father comes and greets Grandfather, and then takes the lollipops away from the children and puts them away, much to their disgust. Grandfather and the children then sit down at the table, and while they are waiting for the food Grandfather amuses them with a trick, making a flower disappear and then finding it again behind Pinga’s head. Father then appears with the fish part of the main course; Pingu grabs the biggest fish (his fish) much to Pinga’s dismay. Father brings the vegetables, lectures Pinga that she should not have the biggest fish and gives her the little fish. They all finish off their fish, and they are forced to eat their greens, which they don't like. Grandfather tries to feed Pinga hers, but she refuses and shoves the bowl to Grandfather, who reluctantly finishes them off. Pingu then also shoves his bowl of greens to Grandfather, who eats those as well! Father then brings out a large chocolate cake for pudding and dishes out portions all round. The children tuck in but Grandfather is too full to eat his. Pingu and Pinga then each take a second slice, and so does Father. However, Grandfather doesn't want to eat his. Father wants to know why, and he finds out that Grandfather has ate all of Pingu and Pinga's greens. Father tells off the children for spoilng Grandfather's appetite by refusing to eat their greens and making him eat all of them. By then Pingu has finished his second slice of cake so he snaps at Father, and he takes Grandfather’s unwanted slice and tucks it, finishing up the cake. Wh


3x4 - Pingu's Big Trip

Pingu is on his way home with his sledge when he sees a poster showing a tropical paradise. He is excited, and when he gets home goes into the shed. A lot of sawing and banging is heard. This catches the attention of Pinga, who is playing nearby, and she goes to listen at the door. Pingu tells her to go away. Pingu goes back into the shed to finish off the changes he is making to his sledge – he has put on a deck, and a mast for a sail. He finishes off by putting a small barrel on the sledge. He then raids the igloo for food, taking a fish and a loaf of bread, which he puts into the barrel. He leaves the shed and Pinga goes in, and is surprised to see what Pingu has been doing. She attempts to get into the barrel, but with both her and Pingu’s food supplies it’s too full. To make room she takes out the food and hides it in a nearby box, and gets into the barrel. Pingu then returns with a cloth that he puts on top of the barrel and sets off, pushing the sledge. After a while he’s a bit tired and peckish, so he stops for a rest and a snack. He takes the cloth off the barrel, and is surprised when the barrel jumps about. Pingu is then annoyed when Pinga pops up out of the barrel, and even more annoyed when he discovers that the food he put in the barrel is not there! Pinga then produces a couple of lollipops from her satchel that they eat. They continue on the long journey and stop when they reach another poster. Pinga cries because she is hungry and wants to go home, so Pingu consoles her and they set off home, arriving as it’s getting dark and the stars begin to come out. They go into the igloo and rapturously greet Mother, who has just finished baking a chocolate cake and seems blissfully unaware of their adventure, and they all sit down to eat.


3x5 - Pingu Pretends to be Ill

Pingu wakes, gets up sleepily, goes to the toilet, and is about to go back to bed when he notices that Pinga is already up, and realises he should be too. He decides that he’ll go back to bed anyway, and snuggles down again. Mother calls to him to get up, but all he does is go completely under the blanket. Pinga leaves for the nursery with Father, and Mother calls again to Pingu to get up, as it’s getting late. When nothing seems to be happening she goes to see what Pingu is doing. When Mother asks Pingu why he hasn’t got up he says he’s not feeling very well. Mother feels his forehead, and goes to get the thermometer. Pingu chortles to himself. Mother brings back the thermometer and a hot drink, puts the thermometer into Pingu’s mouth, and goes away again. Pingu takes the thermometer out, puts it into the hot drink to get the temperature up and then puts it back into his mouth. Mother comes back, sees that Pingu apparently has a temperature and calls the doctor. The doctor rushes over, Mother shows him the thermometer and he examines Pingu. The doctor ponders for a moment, and then calls Mother out of the room to consult. Mother is worried, but the Doctor reassures her that there’s nothing much wrong! Pingu goes over to the door and looks through the keyhole to find out what is going on, and sees the doctor pull a large syringe out of his bag. Pingu is rather worried by what this might mean, and when Mother and the Doctor return to the bedroom Pingu is nowhere to be seen as he has hidden under the bed. Mother and the Doctor go to the bathroom to see if Pingu is there, and Pingu takes the opportunity to sneak out of the bedroom. Mother spots him, and the doctor explains that the syringe was just a way of getting him to admit that he's fine, so they both let Pingu go. He grabs his satchel and rushes off to school, getting there just as the bell rings for the first lesson.


3x6 - Pingu Pittore

Pingu has a pad of paper, and goes over to the shed to look around. In an old wooden container he finds a box of paints, brushes, etc. which is just what he’s looking for. He loads them onto his sledge, finds an easel and artist’s cap in an old barrel, loads the easel on to the sledge, puts the cap on his head and sets off out. After a while he comes across an interesting ice formation but, after examining it carefully from an artists perspective, decides it’s not quite right and continues on his way. He finds a block of ice that will do, sets up his easel, measures up and starts painting. He has completed a painting when Robby appears from behind the ice, pulls up a convenient block and strikes a pose! Pingu paints Robby, and has just about finished when Robby starts messing about and not holding the pose. Robby then strikes a new pose and Pingu starts afresh, but it is not long before Robby starts messing about again, which gets Pingu rather annoyed. Robby poses yet again. Pingu paints a "sad" Robby, but as he admires his third Robby painting a blob of red paint lands on the paper, which makes the face on the picture move, and change from "sad" to "surprised", to Pingu's astonishment; Robby has abandoned posing and has found the tubes of paint! Pingu then has a paint-fight with Robby, which ends with both of them laughing and a lot of paint on the ice. Pingu then packs up and they leave together. What they don’t realise is that the mess of paint left behind on the ice is a work of art in itself!


3x7 - Pingu's Prank

Pingu’s neighbour comes out of the igloo, puts out a piece of washing to dry and goes back inside. Pingu happens to walk past, and as he does so the washing falls off the line. This worries him, so he picks it up and rings the doorbell to tell the neighbour what has happened. The neighbour takes the washing, hangs it up again and rewards Pingu for his kindness by giving him some biscuits. Pingu then meets Pingo, who sees Pingu finishing a biscuit and asks if he can have one. Pingu gives him the bag, but it is empty! Pingu explains how he got the biscuits, and shows Pingo where. To Pingu’s horror, Pingo pulls the washing off the line and rings the bell on the igloo. When the neighbour opens the door, Pingo tells the same tale, expecting the same reward. The neighbour realizes what is going on, and shuts the door in Pingo’s face. Pingo and Pingu then play a couple of tricks on the neighbour, both involving ringing the doorbell and then running away, and the neighbour gets very annoyed. Another penguin then comes to deliver a parcel, rings the doorbell and, when the door is opened, is soaked by a bucket of water thrown by the neighbour! The neighbour apologizes, but the other penguin is very angry, then slams the parcel into the hands of the neighbour and stalks off angrily. The parcel then starts to leak (an indication that there was a liquid of sorts in the parcel), then the neighbour throws it to the ground, kicks the bucket away and goes back indoors, slamming the door. Then the washing drops to the ground again, so Pingu hangs it back up and both he and Pingo walk quietly away!


3x8 - Pingu and the Birds' Mother

Pingu pushes a box containing some fish out of the igloo, and lays the fish out in a line on the bench. He walks off, but then sees a seagull fly overhead carrying a fish. It appears to have come from the direction of the igloo. He goes back to the igloo and sees that one of the fish he put out has gone missing! As he’s standing there, the seagull swoops down and grabs a fish. Pingu then hides under the fish box, and when the seagull comes back to take another fish he grabs it. There is a tug-of-war for the fish between Pingu and the seagull. This ends with the seagull getting away with the nice parts of the fish and leaving Pingu holding the skeleton, complete with head and tail. Pingu is rather annoyed, and goes to find out where the seagull is taking the fish. He sees it fly to an ice tower, and sneaks up to the bottom of the tower. When the seagull flies away, Pingu climbs up the tower to see what is going on. He finds a nest containing three baby gulls. The mother seagull comes back with another fish. Pingu realises that he left the fish at home undefended and rushes back, but arrives just too late to stop the seagull taking yet another fish. He is annoyed, but then hears the seagull cawing as it searches for fish to feed the baby gulls, and he decides to help. He puts the last remaining fish into the fish box, puts the fish box onto his sledge and goes off. When he goes past his neighbour’s house he spots two fish hanging on the line and takes them. The neighbour comes out and wonders what has happened to the fish, and goes to talk to another penguin nearby who is outside his igloo, cutting wood. Pingu spots that this neighbour has a fish hanging in a bowl, and takes it. He goes past another igloo and takes the three fish he sees hanging there as well. He then goes back to the seagull’s nest and, when it flies away, tosses the fish he has collected up to the nest. Pingu is very pleased at what he has done for the seagull and goes home. On the way he pass


3x9 - Pingu Argues with his Mother

Pingu is outside the igloo splitting wood for the fire. Pingo comes by, carrying a ball, and asks Pingu if he’d like to come and play. Pingu goes in to ask Mother, who is ironing, if this would be okay. He is angrily denied and Pingu starts to argue. Eventually, Pingu goes back outside and tells Pingo the answer. Pingo goes off, and Pingu angrily goes back to chopping wood. After a while, Pingu goes to ask Mother, who has finished ironing, again, when he is still denied, he starts to argue some more. Pingu angrily leaves, sticking his tongue outside the igloo to his Mother, and starts moving the wood he’s cut into the igloo, stacking it by the fire. Pingu goes back out for another load of wood and brings it inside. But he decides that he’d rather go and play, and sneaks off. He meets up with Pingo, who is trying to sink balls into a makeshift basketball hoop, supposedly a barrel, and Pingu joins in. Mother comes and fetches Pingu back, and stands over him while he loads more wood and takes it to the igloo. Mother follows, shutting the door behind her. Pingu angrily strews the wood all over the floor, hurting his foot in the process. Mother is not sympathetic, so Pingu angrily kicks the table, breaking a fruit bowl and hurting his other foot even more. Mother becomes very furious: (she had enough for slapping Pingu in the face) and tries to punish him, but he gets terrified, bursts into tears, and runs into his bedroom in a terrified way and slams the door, leaving Mother stricken with remorse and feeling ashamed of herself, so she sits in a chair to calm down. Later, Mother, Father and Pinga sit down to dinner, but Pingu isn't there. When Father asks where he is, Mother glumly explains to him what has happened. Father, annoyed, goes to find Pingu, but there’s no sign of him in the bedroom and the window is open. They all go outside to look for Pingu, but can’t find him. They sit down to their meal again, Mother and Father still can’t eat as they are worr


3x12 - Pingu and the Broken Vase

Mother goes out, leaving Pingu and Pinga alone at home. They make themselves a makeshift house indoors, using the chairs as walls with a blanket on top as the roof. They take some toys and cushions into the makeshift house, but it collapses on them, much to Pingu’s annoyance. They then have an argument, and Pinga throws a cushion at Pingu, hitting him on the head. Pingu chases Pinga around the room, and throws the cushion back at Pinga. He misses, but hits a vase on the sideboard. The vase falls off the sideboard and shatters on the floor. They then realise that their parents are due back shortly, and rush to tidy everything up. Pingu wraps the pieces of the vase in a cloth and puts it in the cupboard, and tells Pinga not to say anything. Father then arrives with a bunch of flowers for Mother, and is surprised when he can’t find the vase. Pingu and Pinga deny any knowledge of the vase’s whereabouts, but Father becomes worried after he finds a piece on the floor! To Pingu’s dismay, Pinga tells Father what happened and shows him the bag where the pieces of the vase are hidden. Father looks furiously at Pingu, who bursts into tears. Father spots a jar on the dresser and puts it onto the table with the flowers in it, which cheers everyone up. Mother then arrives back and is rather pleased with the flowers, but Pingu is still dismayed when Pinga tells her everything that has happened.


3x13 - Pingu and the Paper Aeroplane

Pingu and Pingi are on their way to school on Pingu’s sledge, when they hit a bump and fall off. Pingo comes past on his scooter, has a good laugh at their predicament and continues on his way. Later at school someone in the class throws a screwed up piece of paper into the air. It hits Pingu on the head and bounces off as Pingi notices. Pingu realizes who threw the paper when Pingo chortles, and throws a screwed up piece of paper from his own exercise book back at Pingo. Pingo picks up the piece of paper thrown by Pingu, straightens it out, makes a paper plane and throws it into the air. It hits the teacher on the back of the head. The teacher asks the class who it was, and Pingo says that it was Pingu. Pingu can’t explain away why the paper the plane is made from is from his exercise book, and gets sent to stand in the corner. Pingu then spots Pingo’s scooter and plans revenge. He sneaks over and unscrews the nut that secures the front wheel on the scooter. He throws the wheel-nut away and sneaks back into the corner. When school finishes, Pingu is just leaving when he sees Pingo offering Pingi a go on his scooter. She only gets a short distance before the front wheel comes off the scooter and she falls off. Pingu goes over to Pingi, while Pingo wonders what has happened to his scooter and how he’s going to get home. Pingu is just about to leave with Pingi and although he feels amused at first, he feels some remorse, so the front of the scooter is propped on to the back of the sledge and, with Pingu and Pingi on the sledge and Pingo on the scooter, they ride off together.


3x14 - Pingu Seeks Revenge

Pingu has been out with Pingi, and kisses her goodbye. Pingg spots them and, while Pingu is waving to Pingi as she walks away, throws a snowball at Pingu which hits him on the back of the head. Pingg is amused; Pingu is annoyed. Pingu throws a snowball back that Pingg avoids. After again being hit on the head by a snowball thrown by Pingg, Pingu chases him home, throwing several snowballs at him on the way, but none of the snowballs hit their target. Pingu and Pingg end up with Pingu on the wooden bridge over the water in front of Pingg’s igloo, exchanging words with Pingg who is by the front door. Pingu is still annoyed, but then has an idea. He goes home, gets a saw, returns and cuts partway through the bridge. He then stands at the edge of the bridge and taunts Pingg, who comes out of the igloo and shouts back. Just then Grandfather comes to use the bridge, and starts across. Pingu tries to stop him crossing by going onto the bridge and shouting, and jumping up and down. The bridge breaks as Pingu had planned but he, rather than Pingg, ends up in the water! Pingu is rescued, but is completely frozen in a block of ice. Once home Mother, aided by Pinga, and a lot of hot-water bottles, thaws him out. Pinga then laughs at him.


3x15 - Pingu and the Mix Up

Pingu is looking after a neighbour’s egg, which is on a padded sledge outside the neighbour’s igloo, while she and Mother go out. It doesn’t take long before he starts to get restless. Then Pingo arrives, and Pingu abandons looking after the egg in favour of a game of ball with Pingo. A little while later, when Pingu goes past the sledge to recover an over-hit ball, he notices with dismay that the egg has gone. He and Pingo can’t find the egg nearby and go off in search of it, with Pingu pulling the sledge. They spot it going into another neighbour’s igloo while this neighbour, who has tufts on her head, is distracted hanging out the washing. The other neighbour also has an egg, which is on a cot in the igloo. The run-away egg jumps onto the cot, knocking the other neighbours egg off onto the floor. Pingu and Pingo sneak into the igloo and recover the egg that’s on the floor, thinking it’s the one they’ve been chasing, and Pingu returns with the egg to the original neighbours igloo. This neighbour has returned home by the time that Pingu gets back, and she rewards him for looking after her egg with a lollipop. The egg that Pingu has returned then cracks open, and a baby penguin is born. The original neighbour is initially happy, but then sees that it’s not her baby as it has a yellow beak and a tuft on its head. She's angry with Pingu, and takes the lollipop away. Pingu then realises what has happened, explains, and he and the neighbour go to the other neighbours house, where the other egg has now hatched. The babies are united with their correct mothers, everyone is happy and Pingu gets the lollipop back.


3x16 - Pingu and the Toy

Pingu meets Pingo, who is playing with his new clockwork car. Pingo winds up the car and sets it going. The car runs into a block and Pingu goes to rescue it, but Pingo won’t let him touch it. Pingo winds the car up and again sets it going, chuckling away as it goes round and round. Pingu, who wants to have a go himself, sticks out his foot as the car comes past him so that the car hits it and crashes. Pingu then goes off, leaving a somewhat annoyed Pingo. Pingo sets his car going again, but the car only goes a short distance and then breaks apart. Meanwhile, Pingu has hurried home and found his piggy bank, but all that’s in it is a button. He sadly goes out and walks away. He goes past Grandfather, who asks him why he’s so sad. Pingu explains, and Grandfather takes him to the stall that’s selling the cars and buys him one. Just after they’ve gone Mother goes past the stall and is also sold a car. Pingu goes off happily, and his way takes him past Pingo, who is looking sadly at his broken car. Pingu has a good laugh at Pingo’s bad luck, and then sets his own car going. When it stops Pingo wants a go but Pingu won’t let him. Pingu then starts his car again, but it stops almost immediately. Pingu gives it a good kick to get it going. It slides away and breaks, much like Pingo’s did, which greatly amuses Pingo and annoys Pingu. Pingu goes home, tossing the broken car away. When he arrives, Mother says she’s got a surprise for him, and brings out the toy car she’s bought. Pingu makes an shocked face, comes and takes it, and angrily tosses it into the trash bin, where it breaks apart in the same way as the others! He then goes and plays with his wooden bricks.


3x17 - Pingu Plays Superman

Pingu is out walking when he comes across Pingo, who is brandishing a sword and making mock attacks. Pingo explains that he is acting like the character he’s found in a comic book, and shows it to Pingu. Pingu takes the comic book home to read and tosses it down onto a chair. It lands open at a picture of a superhero in a red cape (similar to Superman) fighting a helicopter. Pingu finds a red blanket in the wardrobe, puts it on as a cape, and acts out the fantasy by beating up the room. Pinga hears the noise and comes in. She finds a book on the floor that has fallen open at a picture of a princess and decides to play at this. Pingu, meanwhile, is still playing at being a superhero, getting more and more boisterous. The game ends when he falls off the table onto the floor and hurts his foot. Pingu is taken to the doctor by motorized sledge ambulance, accompanied by Mother and Pinga. Already waiting to be seen are Pingg, with a hurt foot and Pingo, who has hurt his arm and broken his sword. While they are all waiting Pinga explains what was also in the book, to the amusement of them all.


3x18 - Pingu has a Fishing Competition

Pingu, Pingo and Pongi decide to have a fishing competition. When they arrive where they’re gong to fish they first have to cut holes in the ice. Pingu and Pingo do theirs quickly and start fishing, Pongi struggles to get the saw into the ice. Robby then pops up out of Pingu’s hole, and they all have a laugh at Pongi’s efforts. Robby then helps by cutting out the hole from underneath. Pongi then breaks his rod and has to repair it. Once they’ve all managed to get fishing nothing very much happens for a while and they have difficult in staying awake. Then a fish jumps out of Pongi’s hole and drops back into the water. Pingu tells Pongi that he wants to swap holes with him, which Pongi does reluctantly. After a while another fish jumps, this time from Pingu’s original hole. Pingu swaps with Pongi again, and manages to catch a small fish that he shows off to the others. Then Pongi gets a bite, and it takes all three of them working together to drag the huge fish out of the water. On the way home Pingu and Pingo push the large fish, with Pongi on top, up an incline and pause for breath. They start thinking about the feast they’re going to have on the huge fish. Pongi sees this and slides off down the slope on the other side, and away, much to Pingu and Pingo’s consternation.


3x19 - Pingu Hides a Letter

Pingu comes in from playing with his ball and sees a letter on the table. The letter is sealed, and has nothing written on the envelope. He wonders what it might be about but leaves it and has a snack. He is about to go out again when curiosity gets the better of him, so he returns to the letter, opens it and is about to look at the contents when he hears someone coming. He quickly hides the letter, just before Pinga and Mother enter. Mother notices the letter is no longer on the table, and asks Pingu if he knows where it is. Pingu says he doesn’t, so Mother and Pinga search everywhere for it. Mother then asks Pingu again if he knows about it, and this time he owns up to having opened it and gives it to Mother. It was for Pingu all along, and is an invitation to a party. Pinga shows Pingu her own invitation that she’d already opened. Pingu then notices that the party is today, and it’s now the time that it’s almost time to start, so they have to rush to get there, and they make it just in time before it started.


3x20 - Pingu is Not Allowed to Join in the Games

Pingu is on a walk when he comes across Pingo and Robby playing badminton. He wants to join in, but they won’t let him. He mopes off to a nearby block of ice, where he finds a basket of fish. He’s about to look closer but Pingo tells him to leave it alone. Then Pingo hits the shuttlecock very high, and it lands on top of the ice block. Pingu goes up to the top of the block to get the shuttlecock but won’t return it except in exchange for their basket of fish. Pingo and Robby decide to play a trick on Pingu, so Robby gets a crab that they put under the fish before letting Pingu have the basket. Pingu puts his hand in the basket and is bitten by the crab, which holds on. Pingu is so startled he falls off the block of ice, and the crab makes good its escape. Robby is sympathetic about Pingu’s hurt hand, but then goes onto the top of the ice-block with Pingo and he and Pingo eat all of the fish except one. They then feel sorry for Pingu and take him the last fish, which he eats. Robby then gives Pingu his racket to use, and all three of them then play together happily.


3x21 - Pingu Draws a Winner

On his way home from school Pingu passes a lottery ticket seller, and watches a man as he has a go. The man doesn’t win, and goes off angrily. Pingu is about to leave when the ticket seller points out the prizes; a car, an igloo and first prize, a box of fish. Pingu is now keen to have a go, but has only a small fish, so he tries to pay with it. The ticket seller angrily refuses and Pingu trudges off. The ticket seller, who is very poor, then relents and calls Pingu back, and gives him a ticket in exchange for the fish. To his delight, he wins a prize and rushes home to tell Mother. She realises that Pingu has won the fish, and phones up to have it delivered. When it arrives Pingu and Mother are very pleased, but then Pingu thinks that rather than keep it themselves it would be better to give it to the ticket seller. Pingu takes the fish to the ticket seller, who is very happy to accept. As Pingu is leaving the ticket seller calls Pingu back and gives him a talisman as a thank-you. Pingu is delighted, and goes excitedly home.


3x22 - Pingu ed il Fantasma

Mother is ironing, but is distracted when a pot on the stove comes to the boil. Pingu sneaks out of the bedroom, takes a newly ironed sheet and returns to the bedroom without being seen. He draws a ghostly shape on the sheet and puts it over his head. He then jumps out of the bedroom right in front of Pinga, giving her quite a scare. Pinga dashs, crying, squealing, and squeaking. over to Mother to be comforted. Pingu laughs at her. Mother is not so amused, particularly when she spots what Pingu has done to her clean and newly ironed sheet, and Pingu is sent to bed. Later, Pingu is awake and alone in the dark bedroom, as Pinga is snuggled up in bed with Mother and Father, when the wind gets up. As well as the wind whistling round the igloo, Pingu can hear lots of odd noises coming from outside. The bedroom window suddenly bangs open and Pingu sees a strange shape moving around nearby! Is it a ghost? By now he is very frightened and hides under the blankets. Then a light shines under the door, he hears strange footsteps and there is also a mysterious shadow. Pingu cries out and is heard by Father, who has been having a late snack. Father goes into the bedroom and turns on the light, and then sees that the window is open and shuts it. Pingu tells him about everything he’s seen and heard. Father tries to reassure him, and tells him that the strange moving shape was just the towel blowing in the wind from the open window. Pingu is not convinced and is still frightened, so he’s allowed to join Mother and Father, with Pinga, in his parent’s bed.


3x23 - Pingu and the Postcard

A postcard is delivered which Pinga picks up. On it is a picture of a Hawaii beach fringed with palms. On the beach is a dancer who is wearing a garland made with pretty flowers, and a drummer. Pinga shows the card to Pingu, and says that she wants a garland of pretty flowers. Pingu is not sure that he can do anything about it, but Pinga points out Mothers lovely pot of flowers. Pingu goes over to the pot, takes off all the flowers, and makes Pinga a garland with them. He then takes off all the leaves and uses them to mimic the palm trees. Finally he empties the pot, throwing the soil and stem aside, and turns it upside down. He uses the upside down pot with a pan from the stove, which makes a good sound when banged with a spoon, to make a drum. He then plays the drum he’s made while Pinga dances. Mother then arrives home and at first enjoys what she finds them doing, but passes out when she sees what has happened to her plant. Pingu and Pinga rush over to her and are wondering what to do when Father arrives home. They seat Mother in a chair, and Pingu and Pinga explains to Father what they have done, and why. Father goes to the florist and gets a replacement pot of flowers for Mother, who is delighted when she revives and sees them. Mother and Father then enjoy a repeat performance given by Pinga and Pingu.


3x24 - Pingu Makes a Discovery

Pingu and Robby are sledging when they come across what appears to be the tail of a large fish sticking out of the ice, and anticipate a good meal. Pingu tries to pull it out of the ice, and gets annoyed when it won’t budge. Eventually they dig it out, still encased in ice, and take it home. Pingu stokes up the fire in the stove to melt the ice on their fish, while Robby gets the frying pan. The frying pan is put on top of the stove to warm up, and together Pingu and Robby lay the table in anticipation of a feast. A little while later all the ice has melted, and then they realise that what they’ve found is not a fish and, disappointingly, it’s not edible. Grandfather then comes to visit, and decides to call the curator of the museum to come and take a look at it. It turns out to be the missing figurehead of a boat on display at the museum, and the curator is very pleased that they’ve found it. Pingu, Robby and Grandfather accompany the curator when he takes the figurehead back to the museum, where a reception party is waiting, and Pingu and Robby have their photograph taken.


3x25 - Pingu Steals

Mother sends Pingu to the bakers to get some bread. He is just leaving when he sees the jam biscuits. He notices that the baker’s wife is distracted talking to another penguin and takes one of the biscuits. On the way home he starts eating it, but conceals it when a stranger walks past. He is still eating it when he gets home so he hides it behind his back. Mother eventually asks him what he is hiding and after Pingu tries to hide it, she demands to know what he has, so Pingu is forced to own up and Mother takes him back to the bakers to apologize, much to his dismay! Once there, Pingu is too unhappy to apologize and turns away. The baker comes outside and hears about what has happened and decides that as a punishment, Pingu should help him clean the chimney of the bakery, to which Pingu accepts. Pingu is sent onto the roof of the bakery to free the chimney brush, which has got stuck because the rope is tangled. Pingu untangles it, but unfortunately is still holding on to the rope when the baker tugs on the other end, and Pingu gets pulled down the chimney. As a thank-you the baker gives Pingu a cake in a bag, and he rushes home to show Mother. Mother is pleased and she and Pingu go into the bathroom to wash up. Pinga lookes curiously in the bathroom where they are washing up. But when Pingu and Mother come out, much to Pingu's dismay, they find Pinga eating Pingu's cake! Mother decides not to help him or let him make her apologize and bring it back, Pingu shouts at her in an attempt to get it back but Pinga still continues eating it. Pingu is not happy and tells her off.


3x26 - Pingu and the Lost Ball

Pingu is building a tower with wooden blocks when Pinga comes along and picks up her ball, which is nearby. Pingu’s tower falls down and Pinga laughs. In revenge, Pingu takes Pinga’s ball and won’t let her have it back. Pinga wants it, and chases him round the igloo. Pingu then puts the ball up on to a high shelf out of Pinga’s reach and goes out to play. He meets up with three of his friends, who are skating. After playing he goes home, and is annoyed to find that the ball is not where he’d left it. He asks Pinga if she knows where it is, but she says she doesn’t. He then asks Mother, who is ironing, but she also says she doesn’t know where it is. He looks around the igloo, but doesn’t find it, so he goes to look outside. A stranger walks by, pulling a sledge laden with boxes. The sledge bumps on a small block of ice, the lid on one of the boxes bounces up and Pingu sees what he thinks is the ball in the box. He confronts the stranger, who invites him to look in all the boxes. It was actually a Piggy Bank. The ball isn’t there, and Pingu apologizes to the stranger and trudges home. The family sit down to tea, but Pingu is still worrying about where the ball has gone and doesn’t want his. He goes into the bedroom and finds the ball under the blanket on Pinga’s bed, where she had hidden it! Pinga goes to the bedroom and sees what's going on and laughs, but she becomes dismayed when she finds out what he's going to do with it. Pinga chases Pingu around the house to get the ball back, while Pingu gets happy that he found the ball, to Mother and Father's amusement!


Stagione 5

5x2 - Pingu Finishes the Job

Mother and Pinga go out to the shops, and Father and Pingu go into the shed to repair a leg on a broken table. When Father rummages in his toolbox Pingu does as well, so Father moves him out of the way. While Father repairs the table, Pingu sidles back to the toolbox and starts rummaging in it again. Father spots what Pingu’s doing, removes him from the toolbox and plonks him in a chair. Father then pops out to get some paint, leaving Pingu alone in the shed. Pingu can’t resist the lure of the toolbox and has a good rummage, then puts it on the newly repaired table. The table collapses under the weight. Pingu tries to repair the damage but only succeeds in sticking his hand to the tabletop, and then trashing the shed in getting it free. Grandfather comes in and collects the legs of the table together, and Pingu gets the top but gets his hand stuck again. As they’re recovering from freeing Pingu’s hand, Father arrives back. Pingu and Grandfather tidy up, and Father starts putting the legs back on the table. When he’s finished he stands the table upright but it wobbles, as one of the legs has been broken and is now shorter than the others. The three of them then try to fix the problem by sawing pieces off the legs, and end up with a table with very short legs! Pingu and Grandfather paint it, cover it with a cloth and go back into the igloo to await the return of Mother and Pinga. When they arrive the table is unveiled, and Mother is not amused. Pingu has an idea; he sits Mother down on the sofa, pulls over the table and puts a cushion on top, and invites Mother to use it as a footstool. She puts her feet up on it and relaxes.


5x3 - Pingu Digs a Hole

Pingu comes out of the igloo with Father, to see him off to work, and they find the sledge covered by snow from an overnight fall. Father digs it out, but leaves the shovel behind in the snow when he goes. Pingu decides to try it out and digs a hole right outside the front door of the igloo. Mother comes out with the washing and falls into the hole. While she’s getting herself out, Pingu sneaks off so that she doesn’t see him. Pingu then meets Robby, and they dig a hole together. Soon they are tunnelling around the neighbourhood, and the fishmonger can’t understand where a crate of his fish has gone or why he’s sinking into the ground. Father returns home to collect the rest of the family for a picnic and finds Mother, with Pinga, outside the door where the hole has appeared, but there’s no sign of Pingu. They walk off, calling Pingu. Pinga, who is lagging a bit behind, then gets picked up on the crest from the rapidly growing tunnel, and she’s deposited on the ground in front of Mother and Father. When they catch up to her they can’t understand how she’s got in front of them. Father lays out the picnic but the tunnel arrives and stops right under the cloth. The picnic sinks into the ground and Pingu and Robby surface, Pinga, Mother and Father find out and Father yells angrily at Pingu, closely followed by the fishmonger who is not at all happy. Pingu and Robby fill in the tunnel and recover the crate for the fishmonger, and he gives them both a fish. Pingu then tucks into his fish at the picnic, which is now being held back in the igloo.


5x6 - Pingu's Windy Day

It’s a very windy day. Indoors, Pingu and Pinga are playing happily, building a tower with bricks. Mother empties the washing machine into a basket, and leaves it by them. Pinga turns the basket upside-down over herself and runs around, being egged on by Pingu. To stop them messing about with the basket Mother, who is about to go out with Father, asks them to hang up the washing outside. As Mother and Father leave the wind blows down the brick tower. Pinga and Pingu go outside to hang up the washing, which they manage to do after a bit of a struggle against the wind. As they start to go back inside the washing gets free and blows away. After a bit of a chase they manage to catch all the washing and go back indoors. Pingu rigs up a line between two chairs and hangs the washing on this. They then resume their play with the bricks, building another tower. Mother and Father then return and, as they enter, Pingu just manages to prevent the tower from being blown down by the wind by shielding it with a piece of the washing. Father then asks if they’d like to come outside to play with the kite. They say no. Father decides to go by himself but as he opens the door to leave the wind blows down the tower of bricks!


5x7 - Pinga's Lost Rabbit

Pinga is cuddling her toy rabbit. Pingu offers her his teddy in exchange, but she doesn’t want it. Pingu sneaks up and takes the rabbit, and then teases Pinga by keeping it just out of reach. Pinga cries, and Pingu thinks it’s a huge joke, but he’s not so happy when Pinga starts jumping up and down on the teddy. He tosses the rabbit away, and it lands on the windowsill. Pinga screams, and Mother and Father come in to find out what is going on. Pingu denies any wrongdoing on his part, but is told to go and get the rabbit. As he’s going to the window he trips and knocks the rabbit out of the window. Pingu is told to go and get it back and, rather reluctantly, he goes outside to get it. He tosses it into the air and it lands on the sledge, but as Pingu goes to get it from the sledge he trips again and knocks the sledge away. The sledge doesn’t stop so Pingu goes after it, following the tracks it’s made in the snow. When at last he catches up he finds that Robby has now got the rabbit. Robby won’t give it back, and he does to Pingu what Pingu was doing to Pinga, keeping the rabbit just out of reach as Pingu tries to get it! When Robby finally flips it away Pingu follows it, but he can’t find it anywhere. He’s about to give up when he sees it drifting away on an ice floe. Fortunately there’s a fishing rod leaning against the wall of a nearby igloo, and he uses the rod to catch the rabbit as it drifts past. He returns triumphantly home, but Pinga is now happily playing with the teddy, which is on a chair being offered a pretend cup of tea. Pingu offers her the rabbit but she doesn’t want it, so Pingu sits it on a nearby chair and goes away.


5x8 - Pingu's Moon Adventure

Pingu’s and Grandfather are outside looking at the moon, and Grandfather explains to Pingu how to get there in a rocket. Pingu decides he wants to visit the moon, so when he gets home he goes into the shed and gets out the toolbox. Pinga comes and asks what he’s doing. Pingu tells her that he’s going to build a rocket to go to the moon, and she wants to help. They go into the shed and come out with a miscellaneous collection of objects that, together with an old barrel, they use to build the rocket. Grandfather arrives just as they finish with a present for Pingu - an old diving helmet for him to use as a space helmet. Grandfather shows Pingu how to do a moonwalk like in the war while Pinga is getting her potty to use as a helmet, and both Pingu and Pinga go into the rocket. Grandfather tells them not to land on the grass if they land on another planet. Inside, they make their space uniforms using tinfoil. Pingu sits in the pilots seat and pulls the lever to take off, but they’re then both scared when the rocket starts rocking and shaking. They then see a strange alien face, that's peering in at the window and making weird noises. Pingu looks out of the window to find out what’s going on, and realises that Grandfather is responsible. Pingu and Pinga get out of the rocket, hide, and then watch Grandfather performing! They creep up behind him and yell, giving him quite a shock. They all laugh about it, and together moonwalk off to plant a commemorative flag.