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In un viaggio attraverso la giungla il professor Jonathan Chase (esperto in scienze del comportamento animale presso l'università di New York) scopre di possedere il potere di trasformarsi in qualsiasi animale egli desideri, dai mammiferi agli uccelli. Ereditata questa particolarità dal padre, Jonathan decide di utilizzarla per aiutare i propri amici nella lotta contro il crimine. Diventa così un utile consulente per la polizia che chiede il suo aiuto ogni volta che in un caso vi è il coinvolgimento di animali.

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Michael D. Roberts, Melody Anderson, Simon MacCorkindale, Glyn Turman, Reni Santoni, William Conrad,
GENERE: Azione, Avventura, Thriller

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Manimal

When a group of thieves devise a plan to hijack a shipment of nerve gas, Detective Brooke Mackenzie must stop them. She teams up with Dr. Jonathan Chase, a man that knows the secrets that divide man and animal and who is trained in an African technique that allows him to change into different animal forms. TRANSFORMATIONS - a hawk and a black panther.

GUEST STAR: , Ursula Andress, Gerald Berns, Lloyd Bochner, Michael Gregory, Terry Kiser, Ed Lauter, Floyd Levine, George Loros, Talbot Perry Simons, Robert Carricart, Avner Garbi, Del Hinkley, Ed Hooks, Wynn Irwin, Elias Jacob, Don Knight, James Lough, Cynthia Mayberry, Richard Minchen,
AUTORE: , Glen A. Larson, Donald R. Boyle,

1x2 - Illusione

A Bulgarian Ambassador hides behind his immunity status to smuggle illegal goods into the country. But when one of the stars of an illusion show is murdered, Jonathan must find a way to get him. TRANSFORMATIONS - a hawk (twice) and a black panther.

GUEST STAR: , Christopher Stone, Jonathan Goldsmith, Peter Fox, David Hess, Richard Lynch, Christie Claridge, Patrick Gorman, Alan Koss, Maureen O'Connor, Bobby Jacoby, Talbot Simons, Patrick Strong, Michele Berk,
AUTORE: , Paul Mason,

1x3 - La notte dello scorpione

While being interrogated by Russian agents about the location of a list, a man dies from a truth serum drug. A note and $2 million dollars are left to his daughter, Terry. Jonathan, Brooke and Ty must protect Terry while trying to locate the list before the Russian agents do. TRANSFORMATIONS - a black panther and a parrot.

GUEST STAR: , Doug McClure, Mary-Margaret Humes, Robert O'Reilly, Albert Paulsen, Wolf Roth, Allen Williams, Glenn Corbett, Floyd Levine, Carl McKnight, Darryl Milton, Carol Carrington, Ric Addison,
AUTORE: , Glen A. Larson,

1x4 - La donna lupo

After a girl is found living with wolves in the forests of India, she is the topic of discussion at a local university where she is being held. When an attempt is made on her life, Jonathan takes her into his care and protection. Her identity must be found in order to discover who it is that is trying to kill her. TRANSFORMATIONS - a hawk, a black panther and a dolphin.

GUEST STAR: , Rick Jason, Billy Ray Sharkey, Michael McGuire, Laura Cushing, Gloria Stuart, Steve Burton, Laura Leyva, Shashawnee Hall, Mindy Seeger, Abraham Gordon, Paul Haber, Kenny Tessel, Clyde R. Jones, Mark Harden,
AUTORE: , Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz,

1x5 - Gran Premio

When a horse trainer recognizes her stolen horse in a race, Jonathan helps her try and recover it. TRANSFORMATIONS - a hawk, a black panther, and a horse.

GUEST STAR: , Peter Brown, Tracy Scoggins, Thomas Babson, Gela Jacobson, David Sheiner, Donald Bishop, Ed Gerrabrandt, David K. Johnston, James Ingersoll, Nick Konakas, Fred S. Scott, Lew Horn, Cynthia Frost,
AUTORE: , Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz,

1x6 - La zanna

While at the beach, Jonathan and the others discover a scrimshaw (walrus tusk with carvings on it) in the clutches of a skeleton. They begin investigating at local bar where they encounter someone who has been looking for it for their whole life. TRANSFORMATIONS: a black panther, a hawk and a snake.

GUEST STAR: , Bo Brundin, Charles H. Hyman, Lina Raymond, Robert Tessier, Meeno Peluce, Keenan Wynn, Frank Annese, Anne Ramsey, Ted Peterson,
AUTORE: , Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz,

1x7 - Il soffio del drago

Jonathan, Brooke and Ty must stop a criminal who extorts money from businesses in China Town while posing as a superstitious icon known as The Dragon. TRANSFORMATIONS: a hawk, a bull and a black panther.

GUEST STAR: , George Cheung, Marion Kodama Yue, Rummel Mor, James Hong, Peter Kwong, Lloyd Kino, Rana Ford, Edy Roberts, Deborah Bean, Frank Moon, Richard Lee Sung, John Mahon, Nathan Jung, Lew Horn, Su-San Cheung, Yung H. Sun, Gerald Jann,
AUTORE: , Joseph Gunn,

1x8 - L'orso dorato

While on a well deserved vacation, Jonathan, Ty and Brooke get involved to thwart an attempt by a syndicate boss to illegally take over the town of Birch Hollow in order legalize gambling and build a large casino. TRANSFORMATIONS: a horse, black panther, bear (twice) and hawk.

GUEST STAR: , Jeff Corey, Robert Englund, Dana Gladstone, Grainger Hines, Taylor Lacher, Fran Ryan, Fred Sadoff, Hal England, Maggie Cooper, Clayton Day, Wayne Heffley, Alan Koss, Joe Stefano, Salvador Feliciano, William Bumiller,
AUTORE: , Sam Egan,


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