L'uomo ragno e i suoi fantastici amici

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serie tvL'uomo ragno e i suoi fantastici amici

Questa serie viene distribuita poco dopo la precedente (la serie del 1981) ma è poco fedele al fumetto. La trama non si limita a seguire le imprese del solo Uomo Ragno, ma anche dei suoi due partner, i fantastici supereroi Uomo Ghiaccio (IceMan) e Stella di Fuoco (Firestar), con i quali forma una affiatata squadra che combatte contro il crimine e le forze del male.

Titolo Originale: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
STAGIONI/EPISODI: 3 Stagioni , 24 episodi, conclusa
Durata episodi: 25 min., 30 min.
Attori principali: Dan GilvezanFrank WelkerKathy Garver
Creata da: Stan LeeSteve Ditko
Genere: Azione, Avventura, Animazione, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Network: NBC, UPN

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Il trionfo del folletto verde

Norman Osborne's plane crashes, causing him to change once again into the Green Goblin. He decides his new evil plan will be to pollute the resevoir with the same formula used to create him, thereby making an entire city of goblins. Unfortunately, he can't remember where the formula is, so he decides that his niece Mona Osbourne must know, and kidnaps her from a school costume party, attended also by the Spider-Friends, in their secret identities. Spidey and crew manage to rescue Mona and freeze the portion of the resevoir tainted by the Green Goblin's rediscovered formula. During his struggle with Spider-Man, the Goblin accidently electricutes himself, reverting once again to a confused Norman Osborne, who has no memory of the recent events.

GUEST STAR: , Aunt May, Ms.Lion,
AUTORE: , Dennis Marks,

1x2 - Il delitto dei secoli

Kraven the Hunter is in New York to unveil his recently captured prehistoric animals. While at the Natural History museum where the presentation is taking place, the dinosaurs escape and as the Spider- Friends attempt to recapture them, Kraven’s real motive is revealed. The villain is planning to seize control of New York by hatching a dinosaur army under his command. In order to succeed, Kraven steals the Eye of India, a precious ruby on display in the museum, and captures Firestar. Only her power alone, combined with the ruby can fuel his Growth Energizer, a machine that will turn his unhatched dinosaur eggs into an unstoppable dinosaur army. Spidey and Iceman manage to locate Kraven’s lair where Firestar is being held prisoner, but the duo are swiftly captured themselves, forcing Firestar to do Kraven’s bidding. A dinosaur egg is transformed into an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex. Luckily the team manages to break free and lures the dinosaur into a tar pit. Firestar uses the growth energizer to revert the creature’s size and Kraven is handed over to the police.

GUEST STAR: , Aunt May, Ms.Lion, Skelton,
AUTORE: , Donald F. Glut,

1x3 - Il fantastico Signor Frump

Doctor Doom gathers together four pieces of an ancient amulet in order to perform a ritual that will grant him unlimited universal power. Just as the ritual is nearing completion, Spider-Man knocks the amulet from Doom's hands. It falls from the top of the villain's New York mansion and onto the street below. Mr. Frump, a down trodden pessimistic old man, retrieves the amulet and unwittingly gains all of its power. On realizing his newly acquired abilities, Frump begins to use them to his advantage. He starts by radically changing the city to suit his own tastes. Doom, desperate to regain the amulet and claim the power for himself, leads Frump into believing that he is the reason the old man has power, and coaxes him into doing his bidding. During the course of events, the Spider-Friends are turned into stone, robbed of all power and pitted against Ghengis Khan. Doom meanwhile, realizing that his current plan is not achieving the desired result, decides to change his tactics. He teams up with the Spider-Friends and together they convince Frump that he must reenact the ritual in order to keep his power indefinitely. Doom deceives everyone by giving Frump a fake amulet and keeping the real one for himself, thereby ensuring the power will be transferred over to him. Luckily Firestar manages to throw the amulet into the cosmic ray that would ignite it. The amulet is destroyed reverting everything back to normal.

GUEST STAR: , Boris, Genghis Khan, Mabel, Ms.Lion,
AUTORE: , Christy Marx,

1x4 - L'Uomo di Fuoco

Firestar encounters another mutant with powers identical to her own. His name is Sunfire and as the pair develop a relationship he reveals to her that his uncle Genju needs their assistance in igniting his Fusion Reactor; a machine which Sunfire believes will supply energy to the entire world and benefit all of humanity. Unbeknown to Sunfire, his uncle’s true motivation is far more sinister. Genju plans to use the couple's combined powers to release his fire monster, a creature of mass destruction under his control. Iceman meanwhile has misgivings about Firestar becoming emotionally involved with Sunfire due to a bad confrontation he had with him in the past. Spider-Man and Iceman decide to investigate Genju’s company Ichi-Ban Electronics. Robots capture the duo as Sunfire and Firestar, unaware of the true situation, ignite the fusion reactor. The fire monster is released as the couple is drained of their power. Firestar and Sunfire manage to free their friends who help them regain their powers by using the residue energy in the fusion reactor. The four heroes then attempt to stop the monster from destroying the city. Firestar drains a nearby water source and Iceman freezes the water. Spider-Man lures the creature towards them as Firestar and Sunfire melt the ice. The monster is extinguished in a torrent of water. The lovers say an emotional farewell as Sunfire departs to ensure his uncle receives the best possible help.

GUEST STAR: , Aunt May, Flash Thompson, Ms.Lion,
AUTORE: , Christy Marx,

1x5 - L'Uomo Ragno e gli Uomini Ape

A meteor falls and releases a strange being that begins using bees to form his physical appearance. This creature, relentlessly calling himself "Swarm," creates a giant beehive to house the meteor which radiates his power. Swarm begins zapping people with his eyes, turning them into Bee-people and making them his personal drones. The Spider-Friends show up to stop him, but Swarm uses his blue peepers to zap the gang also. Due to the radiation in his blood stream, the zap has no effect on Spidey, but Iceman and Firestar don't fare so well. Spidey leads the two, now Bee-people, into a lead lined room to break the radiation effect and transform them back to normal. The team then heads back to the hive disguised as Bee-people. They grab the meteor, run with it to the ESU science lab, and use a rocket to send it into space. Without the source of his power, Swarm disappears and everyone returns to normal.

GUEST STAR: , Aunt May, Flash Thompson, Ms.Lion, Professor Wells,
AUTORE: , Dennis Marks,

1x6 - 7 piccoli supereroi

A mysterious stranger invites the Spider-Friends for a weekend retreat to Wolf Island. At Aunt May's request they take Ms Lion along with them. On arrival at the island’s mansion, the trio discover that four other superheroes were also invited: The Sub-Mariner, Shanna the She-Devil, Captain America and Doctor Strange. The mystery surrounding the absence of their host is soon solved when a sinister voice threatens the group with their ultimate destruction. The gathered heroes attempt to escape, only to discover that a force field has been placed around the island. Having recognized the voice to be that of the Chameleon, a mutual enemy, who possess the ability to alter his appearance to match that of anyone he chooses, the group reaches an unnerving conclusion; the villain could pose as any one of them at any time. Unable to know whom to trust, they separate and begin to search the island. The Chameleon, using an elaborate array of traps, targets the heroes one by one. The uncaptured members eventually re-group and soon discover that they have an unexpected advantage; Ms Lion's keen sense of smell reveals the Chameleon each time he attempts to impersonate one of them. Although hindered, the villain succeeds in keeping one step ahead until all the heroes have been trapped. Spider-Man manages to escape, and discovers that the island has been rigged to explode. With only seconds to spare he rescues his friends and then apprehends the Chameleon. All escape thanks to the help of Ms. Lion, who is affectionately deemed the eighth little superhero.

AUTORE: , Doug Booth,

1x7 - Un gioco appassionante

Electro attempts to gain control of New York by robbing the city of it’s electrical power. In order to accomplish his scheme, he must gather together the components needed for the completion of his Ultra- Transformer, a machine that will enable him to harness an immense amount of electricity and channel it at will. He transports ‘Videoman’ out of an arcade game and instructs the creature to steal the necessary materials. Videoman materializes at a local arcade and attacks Flash Thompson. Angelica, hearing the commotion, arrives at the scene to offer her assistance. A double misfortune occurs when Flash inadvertently discovers that she is in fact Firestar moments before Videoman traps him inside a computer game. Having managed to escape, Firestar enlists the aid of Spider-Man and Iceman. Peter soon reaches the conclusion that Electro is ultimately responsible and the trio set out to bring the villain to justice. During Videoman's subsequent raids, both Iceman and Firestar are incarcerated inside a computer game where they are forced to pit their wits against deadly computer graphics. Meanwhile Spider-Man locates Electro's lair and arrives just in time to witness the villain activate his transformer. A struggle ensues and Spidey defeats both Videoman and Electro before releasing Iceman, Firestar and Flash from the computer system. Flash suffers from partial amnesia, hence Angelica's secret identity is safe.

GUEST STAR: , Alan Melvin,
AUTORE: , Christy Marx,

1x8 - La confraternita dei mutanti

In order to earn enough money to buy Aunt May a birthday present, the trio acquire jobs as ‘gophers’ at the nation's annual Police Chief And Wardens Convention. The Spider-Friends are called into action when Magneto appears, demanding the release of his ‘Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants’ from jail. The magnetic menace then unleashes a force field, imprisoning the assembled crowd, and seizes control of the east coast's power supply. The Spider-Friends eventually escape and lure the super-villain to the Niagara power plant. There, they ensnare him between the two generators that he has been using to boost his powers. They increase the voltage and the resulting overload knocks him unconscious.

GUEST STAR: , Mastermind, Ms.Lion, The Blob, Toad,
AUTORE: , Donald F. Glut,

1x9 - L'Uomo Ragno va a Hollywood

Mysterio blackmails bigwig Hollywood producer, Stan Blockbuster, into hiring Spider-Man to make a movie. Though Peter is reluctant to do it, his Aunt May needs money for the house payment, so the Spider-Friends are off to Hollywood! On the trip, their bus gets stopped because the Incredible Hulk has been sighted in the area, but they soon get on their way as they pick up a new passenger. Spidey begins to shoot his mouth off and promises the passenger, a nice gent named Bruce Banner, a job on the set of his movie. As production on the film begins, one mishap after another occurs, endangering Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar's lives, and Banner begins to get suspicious of Blockbuster's motives. During the final filming sequence with a mechanical Hulk, it looks as though Spidey is in for it , but Banner loses control and turns into the real Hulk. The two Hulks fight to the finish as Mysterio is revealed as the instigator behind all the film's problems. And though the film is not completed, Spidey still receives his paycheck, saving Aunt May's house. "Hooray for Hollywood!!"

GUEST STAR: , Aunt May, Honey Dove, Lance Macho,

1x10 - La vendetta di Loki

During a government mission to rescue a sinking ocean liner at the North Pole, the Spider-Friends and the Mighty Thor discover a frozen Viking ship. The ship contains one of two ancient gems known as the Twins of the Gods; together they will grant anyone who possess them immeasurable power. Thor's evil half-brother Loki, whom already has control over one of the gems, soon succeeds in seizing the other. He banishes both Thor and Iceman to remote regions of Asgard, homeland of the Gods, and imprisons Spider-Man and Firestar inside the two gems. Having taken on the guise of his sibling, Loki continues his revenge by wreaking havoc on New York City. Iceman meanwhile succeeds in escaping from the Asgard Sea of Flame with the help of Zerona, a giant ice goddess who has fallen in love with him. They travel to the frozen land of the Ice Giants where Iceman restores Zerona to her rightful throne in return for information regarding the whereabouts of Thor. Unfortunately the ice goddess wishes Iceman to remain in Asgard as her consort. Luckily for Bobby, the situation is resolved and the pair part on friendly terms. Thor successfully escapes from The Desert of Despair and the duo travel to New York where they defeat Loki and free Spider-Man and Firestar. The God of Thunder destroys the gems and banishes his evil half-brother to Asgard to receive his punishment.

GUEST STAR: , Eric the Red, Surtur, Ymir, Zerona,
AUTORE: , Donald F. Glut,

1x11 - Il Cavaliere Nero e la spada lucente

E.S.U. is having a Medieval Times Fair for the unveiling of an ancient statue called Darkon. Modred, an evil sorcerer trapped in a another dimension called the Land of Shades, witnesses this and and sees that the Black Knight's sword, the Ebony Blade, is also on display. Modred brings Darkon to life to retrieve the Ebony Blade, which the sorcerer can use to escape to Earth. The Black Knight appears to help the Spider-Friends defeat Darkon, but the creature manages to escape with the Ebony Blade. The Spider-Friends and the Black Knight all follow to the Land of Shades where they get separated by Modred's magic. Now, with the Ebony Blade in hand, Modred manages to escape to Earth as the regrouped Spider-Friends and Black Knight follow. The gang finds the "Merlin Medallion" which they use to banish Modred back to his dimension for a dark ending at the hands of his demons.

GUEST STAR: , Flash Thompson, J. Jonah Jameson,
AUTORE: , Donald F. Glut,

1x12 - Un furto clamoroso

The Kingpin devises a diabolical scheme to steal a unique military weapon known as the Omni-Blaster. It is so powerful that should he acquire possession of it, no Superhero on earth would be able to stop his ensuing crime spree. He and Dr. Faustus demonstrate a small device known as the ‘Psycho Disc.’ The disc, when placed on the back of someone’s neck, allows the person's mind to be controlled for a maximum of twelve hours. The Kingpin uses the device on an unsuspecting Captain America, the only man able to infiltrate the military compound where the Omni- Blaster is stored. The brain washed Superhero enlists the help of Iceman by telling him he is needed on an important government mission. Spider-Man and Firestar, already suspicious of Cap's intentions, follow to the military post where they witness the theft in progress. Iceman, having used his powers to freeze and crack open the vault containing the weapon, attacks Spider-Man and Firestar, believing them to be dangerous androids. He and Captain America then deliver the weapon to the Kingpin. Moments later the Psycho Disc controlling Captain America’s mind disintegrates and both heroes fully realize what has happened. The pair, with the aid of Spidey and Firestar, attempt to apprehend the Kingpin and his co- conspirators. Spidey follows the crook onto an airplane, where in his haste, the Kingpin pushes the Omni- Blaster's self destruct button. The weapon explodes, leaving Spidey able to bring the villain to justice.

GUEST STAR: , Aunt May, Ms.Lion,
AUTORE: , Donald F. Glut,

1x13 - Alla ricerca di Red Skul

On their way home from a party, Peter and Mona Osborn notice something strange going on at Professor Hiawatha Smith's home. Needing to change into Spider-Man, Peter has to ask Flash Thompson to take Mona home for him, even though she loathes Flash every bit as much as Peter does. While checking out the house, Spidey runs into two of the Red Skull's thugs looking for an inscription called the "Scorpio Engraving". Once found, the thugs gas Spidey, leaving him in the wreckage of the house. Hiawatha Smith returns to find the Spider-Friends in his house and a fight of misunderstanding ensues. Eventually the truth is reached and they join forces to stop the Skull. Hiawatha explains that the engraving is actually a map to hidden Nazi experimental weapons. The gang follows the Skull to an African jungle where he has found the weapons. The Skull captures the Spider-Friends and straps them to three of the rockets he aims at another country in hopes to start World War III. Just before ignition, Smith frees Firestar, who saves her friends and aims the flying missile back toward Skull Island, leaving the gang to wonder if the Red Skull survived. Peter, Bobby, and Angelica return home to see that Mona and Flash are now dating because Peter brought them together.

GUEST STAR: , Professor Wells,
AUTORE: , Dennis Marks,

Stagione 2

2x1 - Il Mostro Elettronico

During a rescue attempt to put out a blazing building, Iceman discovers that he is losing his powers. The gang goes to the E.S.U. science lab to use a memory probe to find out why. Iceman's life is witnessed by Peter and Angelica and they watch him as he first develops his powers, when he joined the X-Men, and how he met Spidey, but nothing leads to an answer of why he is losing his powers. As the Spider-Friends travel through the city, they find that Videoman is on the loose again. The villain has been draining the city's electrical power. A battle ensues and Iceman completely loses his power and all of a sudden Firestar seems to be losing hers. Videoman escapes and captures J. Jonah Jameson, trapping him inside a Videoman arcade game. Spidey and Firestar search for Videoman as Bobby tries to locate Jameson with the gang's super crime lab. Spidey figures out that Videoman is responsible for the two mutants loss of powers in that he must be draining the electrical energy from their brain waves. So Bobby allows himself to be 'zapped' by Videoman to see if he can get his powers back, but instead he ends up trapped in the computer with Jameson. Videoman creates two more arcade creatures that end up turning on him and the three destroy each other. Jameson is free and Bobby and Angelica's powers are returned.

GUEST STAR: , Stanley Jones,
AUTORE: , Donald F. Glut,

2x2 - Il ritorno dell'Uomo Ragno

As Spider-Man tries to stop the Shocker from escaping an attempted robbery, Aunt May gets harmed in the effort. That night while May is in the hospital, Peter tells Bobby and Angelica how he feels responsible for the accident because Aunt May (who thinks Spider-Man is bad) was fleeing from him. He thinks he should give up being Spider-Man. But when asked why he became Spider-Man in the first place, Peter reaffirms his original principle for becoming a crime-fighter. So the Spider-Friends set out to stop the Shocker's crime spree. The villain seems unstoppable until Spidey realizes that the Shocker's power comes from his costume. The Spider-Friends destroy the costume and Spider-Man ends up saving the day, even in the opinion of Aunt May.

GUEST STAR: , Flash, Uncle Ben,
AUTORE: , Donald F. Glut,

2x3 - E' nata una stella... di fuoco

Firestar and Iceman attend an X-Men reunion, as Spider-Man encounters the Juggernaut who is headed in his friend's direction, to crush his half brother, Charles Xavier. While talking with the new members of the X-Men, Firestar is asked what it was like to grow up with her powers. She talks of how her inability to control her powers earned her the nickname "Ms. Angelica Jinx" by her childhood rival, Bonnie. But one day after saving her father's life in a construction accident she realizes that she should use her powers to help people. She talks how she joined the X-Men and is about to go into detail about her days in college when the Juggernaut breaks into the X-Mansion (with no Spider-Man to be seen and apparently defeated). The X-Men fight the Juggernaut but to no avail. He works his way through their defense one by one. Just as he is about to reach Xavier, Spidey shows up to pull Xavier from the Juggernaut's reach. Given time to regroup, the Spider-Friends manage to remove the Juggernaut's helmet, leaving him defenseless to Xavier's mental powers.

GUEST STAR: , Angel, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine,
AUTORE: , Christy Marx,

Stagione 3

3x1 - La tempesta dell' uomo sabbia

While enjoying a relaxing vacation at the beach, the Spider-Friends are called into action to save a group of civilians from an attack by killer sharks. With the mission successfully accomplished, Spider-Man changes back into Peter, unaware that the sandcastle nearby is in fact one of his greatest enemies: The Sandman. The Sandman, having learned Spidey’s secret identity, warns Peter to stay out of his way or he will take revenge on him by harming his Aunt May. Devastated, Peter gives up being Spider-Man, as Firestar and Iceman try unsuccessfully to bring the villain to justice. Angelica decides that they need to convince the Sandman that he was wrong about Peter. Realizing that the villain will most likely try to infiltrate the high society costume party that evening, and steal the famous Steven Sapphires, the team forms a plan. Angelica convinces Flash Thompson to accompany her to the party dressed as Spider-Man. The Sandman does indeed attempt to steal the sapphires but the Spider-Friends ensure that he sees both Peter and ‘Spidey’ together at the same time. Convinced that he was wrong about Peter, the Sandman still manages to escape. The trio follow him to a construction site where they trap him in a cement mixture, leaving him solidified for the police.

AUTORE: , Michael Reaves,

3x2 - La sposa di Dracula

While attending the ESU spring dance, Angelica encounters a handsome, yet potentially deadly stranger. Unaware of his true identity, she rapidly succumbs to his charms and is lured outside. Peter and Bobby grow suspicious and follow. The gentleman Angelica under a powerful hypnotic suggestion and escorts her to the airport where they board a private black jet destined for Transylvania. Spider-Man and Iceman, anxiously pursue her by stowing away on a commercial plane. During the flight the man reveals himself to be the infamous Count Dracula and on arrival at his gothic castle proclaims his plans to marry Angelica. Having momentarily revived from her trance, the bride to be is suitably unimpressed by the proposal and transforms into Firestar. Delighted by this discovery, the Count once again places her under hypnosis and when Spider-Man and Iceman arrive, he commands her to destroy them. Spidey manages to subdue the attack by reaching her subconscious and reminding her of all the important aspects of her life. The ordeal takes it's toll and she passes out, turning back into Angelica. The duo then escape with her deeper into the castle. Having discovered Dracula’s laboratory, Iceman fends off Frankenstein and the Wolfman as Spidey develops a concoction to revive Angelica. She then transforms into Firestar and emits a blaze of sunlight throughout the castle, reverting everything back to normal. The team returns to the spring dance.

AUTORE: , John Mendelsohn,

3x3 - L'Uomo Video, super eroe elettronico

The evil Gamesman has a plan to hypnotize all the young people and wreak havoc upon the city. He transmits an hypnotic signal via arcade games using his ‘hypno-sound machine.’ Meanwhile Francis Byte, a teenage video game prodigy, is doing so well on one particular game that it explodes. This results in him transforming into the new superhero VIDEOMAN. The hypnotized teenagers gather in Central Park where both the Spider-Friends and the very inexperienced Videoman attempt to foil the Gamesman's scheme. The villian captures Louise, a girl whom Francis is fond of. In exchange for her release Videoman agrees to take control of a satellite that will give the Gamesman power to hypnotize the world. Fortunately the Spider- Friends defeat the villian before Videoman's mistake can be taken advantage of. Francis is taken to Professor Xavier’s school for proper superhero training.

GUEST STAR: , Flash Thompson,
AUTORE: , Dennis Marks,

3x4 - L'attacco dell' Aracnoide

While the Spider-Friends stop the Scorpion from stealing a canister of Z99, which would turn anyone into a super-villian, a chemical scientist named Zoltan creates a spider-serum that will give him the equivalent of Spider-Man's powers. Zoltan begins impersonating Spider-Man to commit crimes, leaving Spidey with all the blame. The police arrest Spidey and put him in a maximum security prison in a cell right beside the Scorpion. After fearing that Spidey may have been exposed to the Z99, Iceman and Firestar discover that Zoltan is committing the crimes, just as his serum mutates him into the Arachnoid, a creature half-human, half spider. Looking for revenge, the Scorpion breaks into Spider-Man's cell eventually breaking them both out of prison. The cops capture them both but Spider-Man's lawyer, Matt Murdock, hands them a court order that says Spidey is to go free. The Spider-Friends, now in full force, acquire an antidote for the Arachnoid, who is presently wreaking havoc on New York City. Spider-Man uses his spider sense, which is on the same frequency as the Arachnoids, to distract him as he hits him with the antidote, changing him back into a powerless Zoltan.

AUTORE: , Michael Reaves,

3x5 - Una bella amicizia

While attending an inventors convention, where Tony Stark is demonstrating his new computer devised for crime detection, Peter Parker is mesmerized by the beauty of Angelica Jones. All of a sudden the Beetle bursts in through the ceiling to steal Stark's invention. Peter changes to Spider-Man only to find Iceman and Firestar already on the scene. The Beetle escapes without the invention. Later, as Peter is talking to Angelica and her friend Bobby Drake in the Cafeteria, a fire breaks out in the science lab. Peter changes in a storage room. He begins to put out the fire as Spidey, and coincidentally Iceman and Firestar show up. That night, Peter finds that his camera took pictures when it was left in the storage room. What develops are pictures of Angelica turning into Firestar. This makes him realize that Bobby must be Iceman. The three decide to join forces while the Beetle kidnaps Tony Stark, giving The Beetle access to his newest invention, the Power Booster. With the Power Booster, he could amplify his power to the point of making him unstoppable. The Spider-Friends save Stark's life again, so he offers them a reward. He supplies the gang with a crime computer and hidden laboratory. They use this technology to track down the Beetle, and use their combined talents to defeat him, proving how good of a team they are.

GUEST STAR: , Christopher Collins, William Marshall, William Woodson,
AUTORE: , Donald F. Glut,

3x6 - La ragazza del futuro

Brother and sister, Bartow and Ariel, accidentally rip the time field in the future and crash land on present day Earth. Peter and Ariel share an instant attraction, and she and Bartow explain what has happened. Doctor Octopus, who is lurking nearby, decides he must possess the ship as it has the ability to travel through time. In order to repair the space craft, the siblings and the Spider-Friends leave to gather together the necessary components. But when they return, they discover that the ship has been stolen. Even worse, Ariel and Bartow soon fall ill as Doctor Octopus arrives demanding the components and kidnapping the weakened Bartow. While searching for him, the Spider-Friends discover that the sibling’s blood contains no white blood cells, therefore they have no natural immunity against Earth’s germs and will soon die unless returned to their own time period. The team manages to defeat Octopus and repair the space craft, but Peter is faced with a dilemma when it comes time for his new love to leave. He makes the decision to go with her, and travels with the siblings back to their time period. Upon their return however, Ariel and Bartow’s father explains that Peter carries Earth’s germs and that if he were to stay, he would have to be placed in immediate quarantine. He and Ariel would never be able to see each other again. After an emotional farewell, they teleport him back to Earth, leaving the broken-hearted Peter only Ariel’s necklace to remember her by.

AUTORE: , Dennis Marks,

3x7 - La vendetta di Cyberiad

As the Spider-Friends try out the X-men's Danger room, an intruder invades their mansion and traps everyone by taking control of the computer system. Firestar realizes that the intruder is a man from her past. Nathan Price, a former lover that blames her for his condition. He is a schizophrenic half-man, half-machine now calling himself Cyberiad. The entire group breaks up into teams in hopes to reach Cyberiad in the attic before he causes a meltdown. After many traps, the uncaptured members make it to the top floor, but the only way to the attic is through the MAZE OF MADNESS, an unpredictable room of holograms and traps. Only Firestar makes it through the maze without being captured and has to face Cyberiad one-on-one. She fuses his circuits, defeating him and surfacing the Nathan Price side of his persona.

GUEST STAR: , Anne Lockhart, Frank Welker, John Stephenson, Melissa Sue Anderson, Neil Ross, Stanley Jones,
AUTORE: , Michael Reaves,

3x8 - Missione Guardstar

While investigating a robbery the Spider-Friends encounter Lightwave; a mutant who possess the ability to manipulate and control light. It becomes evident that she shares some connection with Iceman, but he is reluctant to reveal the truth regarding their relationship. Buzz Mason, an agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. (an elite secret security force that protects earth) enlists the help of Spider-Man and Firestar. He explains that Lightwave is an ex-S.H.E.I.L.D. agent turned traitor and that she is endeavoring to steal a device that will give her control of a satellite called the GUARDSTAR. The Guardstar would, in turn, give her supreme power over the world. Lightwave attempts another theft and once again has to contend with the Spider-Friends. She easily escapes with the device because Iceman refuses to try and stop her. When confronted by his friends, Iceman confesses that Lightwave is in fact his half sister Auroro and that he feels he should take care of her. Iceman pretends to join forces with his sister and discovers that Buzz Mason has been controlling her mind the entire time. Mason flies off in a rocket to take control of the Guardstar whilst in orbit, as the Spider-Friends stow away on board. During the ensuing battle, Mason commands Lightwave to defeat Spider-Man and Firestar as Iceman is pushed into space. Having to choose whether to obey orders or save her brothers life, breaks Mason’s hold over her. Without Lightwave, Mason is powerless.

AUTORE: , Dennis Marks,