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Ogni mattina, alle 8 in punto, il Presidente degli Usa riceve un rapporto sulle attività che possono minacciare la sicurezza degli Stati Uniti, sia che provengano dall’interno o dall’esterno del Paese. Questo rapporto si chiama Codice Matrix. Per combattere ogni attività ostile, il Presidente, attraverso il Dipartimento per la Sicurezza Nazionale, ha creato una speciale task force di agenti speciali. Leader della squadra è John Kilmer (James Denton, il fascinoso sedicente idraulico Mike Delfino di Desperate Housewives). Ex agente dell’FBI, Kilmer ha avuto dalla Casa Bianca il pieno accesso ai più moderni ritrovati tecnologici in materia di armi, comunicazioni e altri mezzi utili per le indagini, oltre che la collaborazione degli agenti dell’FBI, dell’NSA e della CIA. Il suo diretto superiore, oltre al Presidente, è il colonnello Roger Atkins (Will Lyman). Il suo vice è invece la sua ex moglie, l’agente speciale Frankie Ellroy-Kilmer (Kelly Rutherford, attrice di Melrose Place), una giovane donna dall’alto profilo professionale e abilissima nello smascherare i nemici più insidiosi. Completano il team l’agente Mo (Anthony Azizi), di origine egiziana e un tempo nell’organico della CIA, Lia “Lark” Larkin (Melora Walters), scienziata forense, e Jelani (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali), afroamericano genio dei computer e vero asso nell’intercettare segnali radio, fax e telefonici provenienti da qualsiasi parte del mondo.

Attori principali: James Denton, Kelly Rutherford, Steven Petrarca, Anthony Azizi, Kurt Caceres, Will Lyman, Melora Walters, Shoshannah Stern, Kelly Hu, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali
Genere: Azione, Avventura
Network: ABC (US)

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Episodio pilota

A prisoner who is requesting asylum in the United States tells the government that there is a shipping container in which a group of terrorists is hiding, and that it is on its way to the U.S. Frankie is sent to Jarkarta to question the one man who might know if the government has been told the truth, and so, to find out exactly where the container is headed. Frankie gets the job done, but before she can get out of the country, she gets wounded and then caught. With the ""Threat Matrix"" team, from their headquarters (the ""Vault"") at Fort Meade, John Kilmer (the head of the ""Threat Matrix"" team *and* Frankie's ex-husband) works to find the answers they need to be able to neutralize the terrorist threat, even though doing that means that he has to leave Frankie to whatever fate awaits her until his primary job is done.

GUEST STAR: , Brad Greenquist, Marc Casabani, Fred Maske, David Rountree, Adam Donshik, Dendrie Taylor, Mike Finnegan, Matthew Yang King, Gregg Daniel, Bennet Guillory, Larry Bagby III, Danny Chambers, Colby French, Brittany Haid, Teddy Lane Jr., Christopher Michael, E. Roger Mitchel,
AUTORE: , Daniel Voll,

1x2 - Il giorno dei veterani

When a homicide detective becomes the victim of a terrorist car bomb, the Homeland Security team fears that a similar event is going to take place at a Veteran's Day parade that is planned for Washington, DC. Their investigation unearths the fact that a military munitions officer has been selling C-4 to terrorists and that the terrorists have been using money supplied by a Utah drug dealer to make their purchases. The team puts all of the pieces together in time to stop the terrorists from bombing the parade. The moral of the episode is that: ""We are, ironically, our own worst enemies. Terrorizing ourselves ... Fighting a war of dependency ... that, unfortunately, makes veterans of us all.""

GUEST STAR: , Paul Webster, Mary Strong, Matthew Sullivan, Tilu Leek, Paul Ganus, Dar Dixon, Liana Curtis, Ian Paul Cassidy, Wade Williams, Dahlia Salem, Megan Follows, Dustin Harris,
AUTORE: , Jim Parriott,

1x3 - La dottoressa morte

When an Iraqi scientist who specializes in bio-weapons slips away from a U.S. operation to capture her, the Homeland Security Team becomes involved. During her escape, Dr. Hassan gives the keys to a car to the Iraqi family who helped to keep her hidden, then tells them that if they stop their car, the Americans will kill them. As a result, the husband, wife and child are shot at the border by a young American soldier, when they fail to stop at the checkpoint. Although Dr. Hassan murdered many people in the village in which she stayed while developing and testing her bio-weapons, the villagers still do not willingly assist the Homeland Security Team in gathering information that might aid in apprehending her, and ultimately, the American soldier who shot and killed the Iraqi family at the border is himself shot and killed by the villagers. Dr. Hassan is eventually apprehended, but no longer has the nerve gas in her possession, having passed it off to her assistant, who is preparing to

GUEST STAR: , Jim Fitzpatrick, Marina Sirtis, Corbin Allred, Derek Webster, Maz Jobrani, Lorraine Toussaint, Brandon Barash, Raja Fenske, Parsa Yazdani, Matthew Sullivan, Jaisey Bates, James Caprell, Matthew Jones, Eloy Mendez, Wells Rosales, Sean Hannity,
AUTORE: , Daniel Voll,

1x4 - Contagio

A dog from the Congo, infected with a new strain of Ebola, ends up in Amarillo, Texas. Because the daughter (Hannah) of the pet and feed store owner who ordered and received the dog is a cocktail waitress at a popular local bar, she ends up exposing dozens of people to the virus in one night. Although the outbreak is a natural one, the homeland security team takes charge, to prevent it from spreading. Their job is complicated by the fact that on the night that Hannah infected everyone, she and her ex-convict boyfriend (Shane) leave Amarillo and head to Las Vegas, where they plan to be married.

GUEST STAR: , Jamie Brown, Rodney Eastman, Aaron Paul, Brooks Almy, Brent Hinkley, Marshall Allman, Nancy Anderson, Loanne Bishop, Henry Brown, Juan Carlos Cantu, Kyle Davis, Donna M. Duffy, David Earnest, Colby French, Charles Howerton, Tilu Leek, Marina Gonzalez Palmier, Ray Proscia,
AUTORE: , Nancy Miller,

1x5 - La minaccia sconosciuta

When the homeland security team goes after a serial bomber who has been targeting universities, Mo ends up investigating his childhood best-friend, Amir Abadiyah, who is now a professor at the first university to be bombed.

AUTORE: , John Shiban,

1x6 - Un carico di morte

A corrupt West Africian airport official and a CIA agent who has changed sides as a result of the role that the U.S. played in Angola end up being key components in the theft of an airplane that is used to attempt an act of terrorism on the east coast of the United States.

GUEST STAR: , Sherman Augustus, Treva Etienne, Timothy Carhart, Lorraine Toussaint, Benjamin Ajak, Mark Arnold, Lee Oliver Boyd, Wanda Lee Evans, Colby French, Bashir Salahuddin, Michael Eric Strickland,
AUTORE: , Timothy J. Lea,

1x7 - Alpha 126

Considered an enemy combatant, a French-Algerian man is detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Because Frankie refuses to allow him to see a doctor while she is interrogating him, even after he tells her three times that he needs to see one, the man suffers a heart attack and dies. Whether it was because he was unwilling or unable, the Algerian national never directly gave Frankie any of the information she was trying to get before he died, and she ends up in a courtroom, first disobeying the order to quietly accept a plea bargain, in order to keep the entire incident below the radar, then pleading ""not guilty"" to the charge of second degree murder, which means that the matter goes to trial. With Mo's help, Kilmer ends up saving Frankie from going to jail by using the information that was gained before the sleeper-agent died, to stop an assassination attempt that might have started a war in the Middle East, and then testifying in court about it on Frankie's behalf. As a result, Frankie is

GUEST STAR: , Bobby Hosea, Julie Warner, Walter Addison, Mark Ivanir, Jean-Christophe Febbrani, J. Kenneth Campbell, Dublin James, Lorraine Toussaint, Diana Burbano, Niel Fouriner, Sandra Hess, Anthony R. Jones, Reggie Jordan,
AUTORE: , John Shiban,

1x8 - Il cecchino

A sniper is loose in the city, and the Threat matrix team is trying to profile and locate the killer before he strikes again.

GUEST STAR: , Ron Morehouse, Scott Paulin, Joan McMurtrey, Tamlyn Tomita, Michael Dempsey, Edward Edwards, Michael Rothhaar, Elaine Bromka, Marcus Coloma, Jennifer Gould, Andrew Hoeft, Miriam Korn, Tiiu Leek, Lee Oliver Boyd, Colby French,
AUTORE: , Jim Parriott,

1x9 - Doppio gioco

Atkins is reunited with a Russian agent and an American double agent from his past when the team attempts to prevent poisoned money from reaching wide circulation.

GUEST STAR: , Peter J. Lucas, Pasha D. Lynchnikoff, Steven Petrarca, Denise Crosby, Lorraine Toussaint, Raff Anousian, Frank Crim, Courtney Ford, Colby French, Christopher Goodman, Gunther Jensen, Tiiu Leek, Daniel Nicholas, Terry Maratos, Patrick O'Connor, Damara Reilly, Dean Shelto,
AUTORE: , Ray Hartung,

1x10 - Il trafficante di armi

Mo goes undercover to set up a deadly international arms dealer who is scheduled to be delivering his wares on U.S. soil

GUEST STAR: , Patrick Bauchau, Edoardo Ballerini, Alice Krige, John Bennett Perry, Brian Evers, Andre Ware, Jack Galle, Jack Guzman,
AUTORE: , Daniel Voll,

1x11 - Messico

A combined United Nations/Threat Matrix operation to audit a Mexican bank suspected of funneling money to Al Qaida turns dangerous when the bank is robbed and Frankie's life ends up in danger.

GUEST STAR: , Efrain Figueroa, Cristian de la Fuente, Geoffrey Rivas, Wayne Wilderson, Lombardo Boyar, George Perez, Miguel Burciaga, Lee Oliver Boyd, Colby French, Sandra Purpuro, Diego Serrano,
AUTORE: , Timothy J. Lea, Jim Parriott,

1x12 - Un segreto dalla Corea del Nord

The aide to the North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister (who is also his illegitimate daughter), is kidnapped by Korean drug dealers, who want to use her as leverage to influence the Foreign Minister's decisions. Almost rescued at the moment of her kidnapping by Tim Vargas, she is ultimately set free by Kilmer and undercover DEA agent Danny Roh.

GUEST STAR: , Lorraine Toussaint, Kathleen Luong, Sung Kang, Will Yun Lee, James Lee, Colby French, Lee Oliver Boyd, James Shigeta, Tina Lifford, Steve Kim, Brian Imada, Tom Yi,
AUTORE: , Cheryl Cain, Timothy J. Lea,

1x13 - Attacco alla petroliera

Kilmer and the team try to stop a terrorist and his young daughter before they leave the country and to disarm a potentially deadly bomb before irreparable damage is done A terrorist associated with Al Qaida attempts to flee the country with his daughter after setting the wheels in motion for a deadly disaster. Kilmer and the team attempt to stop them and to disarm the deadly bomb that was set, before irreparable damage is done.

GUEST STAR: , Tiiu Leek, Joel Connable, David Koff, Navid Negahban, Tessa Vonn, Kevin Sizemore, Kim Myers, Scott Vance, Nicholas Guilak, Kevin Sizemore,
AUTORE: , Trent E. Jones,

1x14 - Pericolo radiazioni

In order to avert a deadly radioactive blast, the Threat Matrix team has to work with an unsure suspect to identify terrorists who, after plastic surgery, now have new faces.

GUEST STAR: Griff Furst, Jeff Libby, Melody Butiu, Steven Monroe, Matt Bellner, Henry Maguire, Michael Emanuel, Currie Graham, Leonard Roberts, Yareli Arizmendi, Robert Hallak, Danaka Reaney, Giovanna Brokaw, Kirin Rao, William Christopher Stephens, Sara Vance, Mark Adair-Rios, Jasmine Marie Villegas, Tiiu Leek, Kelly Hu
AUTORE: Joan Rater, Tony Phelan

1x15 - Eco terroristi

(Shown on Ch.7 Sydney, Australia, 18th Monday.) A Chemical plant is suspected of being a target of a terrorist attack. As the Threat Matrix team is ready to trap/capture the suspects, a shootout takes place in the plant and 4 people are killed. (One from the assault team and 3 suspects.) Home Land Security is then on suspension and placed in a senate hearing where they are all grilled. While that's happening, Frankie along with two other agents ""cross the line"", and do their own investigation.

GUEST STAR: , Kelly Hu, Leyna Nguyen,

1x16 - Cambogia

GUEST STAR: , Kelly Hu,