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Chrono Crusade

Siamo nell’America dei ruggenti anni ’20, in un periodo di cambiamenti e di fervore in tutti i campi. In quegli anni erano ancora lontane le leggi proibizionistiche e ognuno era in grado di esprimere i propri ideali e dare sfogo alle idee innovative. Tuttavia una oscura società segreta sta tramando nell’ombra per dominare il mondo grazie al potere dei demoni. In questo contesto emerge l’organizzazione “Ordine di Maddalena” creato secoli prima per difendere l’umanità per volere del Signore e guidata da Padre Remington e Sorella Kate. Membro giovane e il più scriteriato dell’organizzazione è sorella Rosette, la protagonista. In gioventù ha stipulato un contratto con il più potente dei demoni esistenti, Chrono. Rosette e Chrono combatteranno con i più feroci demoni nemici dell’umanità, ma quale sarà il prezzo da pagare? In cosa consiste il contratto che ha stipulato Rosette?

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Tomoko Kawakami, Akira Ishida, Michiko Neya, Saeko Chiba, Junko Minagawa, Kazuhiko Inoue, Takayasu Usui, Hiroshi Yanaka, Kouichi Toochika, Natsuko Kuwatani, Norio Wakamoto, Show Hayami, Tomoko Kawakami, Tomomichi Nishimura, Yoko Soumi, Yoshiko Sakakibara, Yuki Masuda, Yuuko Sasamoto,
GENERE: Avventura, Animazione, Drama

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Sorella Rosetta

Sister Rosette, an exorcist for the Magdalene Order, is dispatched late one night to exterminate a troublesome devil. But things get a little out of hand, and she ends up destroying a building! So the following day, as always, she has to write a letter of apology. Sister Kate uses this incident to suggest Rosette’s partner, Chrono, might be the problem. But Rosette quickly blows this idea away as so much hot air. Rosette and Chrono then get ordered to the New York harbor, and this time they have to play hide-and-seek with a monster that’s stowed away in a freighter’s cargo!

AUTORE: Atsuhiro Tomioka

1x2 - Il Contratto

Elder, a mad scientist, is responsible for the equipment the soldiers of the Magdalene Order use. And he has just invented his latest masterpiece, the "Spirit:" a bullet that, as the devil sealed inside of it begins to materialize, transforms the released spiritual energy into a powerful destructive force. Rosette, who is entrusted with the Spirit, loads it into her gun during a mission--and then promptly loses both gun and bullet! Rosette and her friends scramble to find the Spirit before Sister Kate discovers it's missing, but it's already too late: the bullet has fallen into the hands of a devil...

AUTORE: Atsuhiro Tomioka

1x3 - Apostoli

Rosette and Chrono receive orders to take Azmaria, one of the Apostles spoken of in the Prophecy of Fatima, into protective custody. For this mission, they must infiltrate a hotel managed by the tycoon and devil worshippers Ricardo. Rosette and Chrono try to get Azmaria out but are attacked by the Viscount Lerajie, who knows something of Chrono’s past. When innocent people get hurt in the fight, Azmaria thinks it is all her fault. Her horrified feelings of regret, however, activate a hidden power, and the people’s wounds are miraculously healed.

AUTORE: Atsuhiro Tomioka

1x4 - Peccatori

Viscount Lerajie finds a way to snatch Azmaria from the protective custody of the Magdalene Order, and Chrono is severely wounded in the process. To get Azmaria back, Rosette is prepared to undo the seal that binds Chrono, but to do that would cause great harm and tragedy to herself. Meanwhile, up inside an airship, Ricardo is trying to obtain a new life by harnessing Azmaria’s powers. But Lerajie double-crosses Ricardo, and makes the power that flows in from the Astral Line his own.

AUTORE: Atsuhiro Tomioka

1x5 - La Milizia

Rosette, who has been prohibited from searching for Joshua by Sister Kate, goes with Minister Remington's suggestion and takes the test to become a Militia, who have the right to do independent investigations. Remington secretly releases a devil for the test, but Azmaria is also in the testing area! Rosette will be attempting a dive in order to save Azmaria, whose body has been taken over by the fiendish mind eater, but will she be able to save Azmaria's heart?!

AUTORE: Atsuhiro Tomioka

1x6 - La Strega dei Gioielli

Rosette's first mission as a Militia is to recover a corpse being smuggled by the Mafia, who desire power. Rosette, who brought Azmaria (now an apprentice exorcist) to where the smuggling is taking place, meets Satelle the Jewel Witch. Rosette goes along with Satella in order to follow the corpse released by the smugglers, but Satella, who harbors a strong hatred for devils, discovers Chrno's true identity and sees him as an enemy.

AUTORE: Thomas Gonzales, Kiyoko Yoshimura

1x7 - Il Demone

The red moon appears, the statue of Mary cries tears of blood, and as the disasters prophesized in the Bible occur, the seal on the land that is connected to Pandemonium is undone. In order to reseal the area, the Magdalene Order is dispacted to Central Park where the dead have returned and miasma is scattered all about. But Rosette and Chrno's old enemy, Aion, reveals himself. Aion, who desires the power of the Apostles, is aiming for Azmaria and reaches out his devil's hand...

1x8 - Pioggia battente

Rosette is happy and in high spirits, because she was called to go and pick up Minister Remington from Grand Central Station. But it's all a trap laid by the Sinner Rizel, who is aiming for Rosette. Rizel, who has received orders from Aion, skillfully manipulates the words of innocent people and tries to take Rosette away. Rosette hears that Joshua is in pain, leaves Minister Remington behind, and heads for the train...

AUTORE: Takahashi Natsuko

1x9 - Joshua

Rosette takes Chrono and Azmaria to the Seventh Bell orphanage. While at the orphanage Rosette explains how she and her brother Joshua met Chrono four years ago and the events that followed.

1x10 - Corna

Aion appears in front of joshua and gives him Chrono's horns. Later Joshua start to stop time, making all stones. Rossette is unable to do anything but she decides to make a pact with Chrono so she could save Joshua.

1x11 - La Bestia

A big black dog-like beast is attacking, and killing, members of the mafia in New York. But there are problems when the Rosette and Magdalene Order try it defeat this beast; it seems to have no physical body and can run much faster than any car. Can Rosette defeat it using a new machine Elder invented?

1x12 - Notte santa

Its Christmas time at the Magdalene Order and everyone is preparing. This will be the first time Azmaria can have a nice Christmas, so she wants to find the perfect gift for Rosette. Meanwhile, Rosette finds more clues to Joshua’s whereabouts.

1x13 - Il treno delle marionette

Rosette, Chrono and Azmaria are on a train headed to San Francisco, where they believe Joshua is. While on the train, Rosette sees a photo of Joshua in a bag of treats that someone gives her. But this leads her to fall into a trap set by the Sinner Rizel.

1x14 - Preghiera

After the escapade on the train Rosette and the others arrive in San Francisco. After Chrono passes out from a fever, Rosette ends up running all around the city looking for a remedy to cure a fever and work on a devil.

1x15 - Gli inseguitori

Duke Duffau, a man who is also after Aion, shows up at Satella's door. He asks for Rosette and the others to ally with him. The Magdalene Order is unsure what do to about him and leave the decision up to Rosette.

1x16 - Credere

Rosette and the Magdalene Order start to work together with Daffau and his friends. Meanwhile; Satella, who disagrees with Rosette's decision to work with devils, starts to do some exploring and investigating of her own. She ends up being captured by a follower of Aion in an abandoned mine. As Aion appears before her, what will she do?

1x17 - Complici

The Pursuers (Duke Duffau's group) and the Magdalene Order battle the Sinners Genai and Vido.

1x18 - Fotografia

All are stressed, Azmaria, seeing everyone suffering decides to take Chrono, Rosette and Satella to a festival. At first they didn't like the idea but then they start to have fun. Rosette and Chrono are alone and see the sky, then they kiss each other. Afterward Rosette sees Aion's bird and starts to run toward it. Rosette sees Joshua...

1x19 - Penitenza

Rosette finally meets Joshua but he doesn't remember her. Aion already has the 12 apostles and is going to accomplish his dream. Rosette is revealed to be an apostle too, a reincarnation of Mary of Magdalene. And Fiore is the missing sister of Satella.

1x20 - Tentazione

Chrono and Joshua battle in the sky over San Francisco, causing damage to the city below. Meanwhile, the battles with Aion's Sinners continue. Although everything is in vain because Aion captures Rosette and makes his escape.

1x21 - Maria Maddalena

While still frozen in place, Chrono remembers his past when he still worked with Aion. He remembers the first women he loved, Mary Magdalene, and her prediction of her own death by Chrono's hands.

1x22 - Addio

Under the control of Aion, Rosette has been using the power of miracles to heal the sick and wounded. Meanwhile, Fiore escapes from the Madgelene Order with Joshua. Satella finds her on the streets. Will she have to fight her older sister?

1x23 - Noise

Chrono receives a letter telling him to meet Rosette in an abandoned church. When he arrives, he is surprised to learn of Rosette's desire to cancel their contract. Later, after letting Aion get away once, Chrono prepares for their final battle.

1x24 - Chrono

Things are starting to get back to normal at the Seventh Bell Orphange after everyone has become unfrozen. Meanwhile, Azmaria and everyone at the Magdalene Order are still searching for the missing Rosette and Chrono, who have decided to stay hidden so they can spend some time together before Rosette's life runs out.


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