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Aeon Flux

Fasciata di pelle e letale, Æon Flux - agente segreto e sabotatrice - ingaggia una battaglia senza quartiere con il suo amore/nemesi, Trevor Goodchild. E se le manca qualcosa in termini di morale e calore umano, è ampiamente sostituito dai suoi riflessi da felino e dalle munizioni. Questa innovativa serie di Mtv è un'acuta combinazione di animazione stile fumetti-killer, intrecci e temi complessi e un ritmo narrativo improntato all'azione. Æon Flux non viaggia al limite: lei è il limite. E riuscirà a prevalere, anche se questo significa sfidare la morte. Ancora, ancora e ancora Questa la dicitura riportata sul retro del cofanetto director's cut della serie. La serie racconta le vicende di una giovane e sexy agente segreta di nome Æon Flux. Æon è una Monicana, ossia un'abitante di Monica, la nazione rivale della gloriosa Bregna, il cui presidente è il suo rivale e amante Trevor Goodchild, un uomo dalla lucida follia. Le atmosfere futuristiche, i temi trattati e le musiche di sottofondo fanno di Æon Flux un vero cartone cult per gli amanti della fantascienza.

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Denise Poirier, John Lee, John Rafter Lee, Matt K. Miller,
GENERE: Animazione, Sci-fi

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Pilot

A heavily guarded fortress of concrete and steel. One lone, silent assassin fights against overwhelming odds to bring down a tyrannical regime. Almost nothing that can stop Aeon Flux from fulfilling her mission...

Stagione 2

2x1 - Gravity

A hollow tooth, a traincar, a briefcase, a mysterious man in a long coat, and the irresistible pull of gravity.

2x2 - Mirror

A nighttime hit in an empty house pits Aeon against her own worst enemy.

2x3 - Leisure

Aeon comes home to settle in for a nice quiet evening of her favorite game.

2x4 - Tide

Strange circumstances force Aeon to enlist the aid of an ally against Trevor.

2x5 - War

Aeon's unique skills on the battlefield are tested in a war without beginning or end.

Stagione 3

3x1 - Utopia or Deutoronopia

Trevor has an obsession with Aeon and tries to create a space in the ambassador's body (whose gone missing) for several days now. A Breen named Gildemere teams up with Aeon and tries to bring down Trevor and his evil ways, but instead Aeon turn on Gildemere as he is charged with the murder of the ambassador.

AUTORE: , Shari Goodhartz, Japhet Asher, Peter Gaffney, Mark Mars,

3x2 - Isthmus Crypticus

Aeon is trying to free two bird like creatures (a male and female). The thing is Trevor feels for the female one but she ends up dying. The male on the other hand ends up with Aeon's friend Una, as they soar into the sky.

AUTORE: , Todd French, Japhet Asher,

3x3 - Thanatophobia

Aeon and Trevor play with two peoples life, Sybil and Onan, who are a couple trying to get to Monica, where it has more freedom. They are currently in Brenga, in which Trevor runs. When they both try to escape Onan is successful but Sybil is not. She breaks one of her spinal column and keeping her from falling apart or upright, she needs a device in which Trevor provides. Sybil decides she had enough of Aeon, Trevor and Onan and decides to try her jump into Monica again. Only to see a new device, that she help make, was planted there, cutting her legs off instead.

AUTORE: Mark Mars

3x4 - A Last Time For Everything

Aeon teams up with a double agent named Scafandra, who has hands on her feet. Trevor manages to create a cloning device and he manages to clone Aeon. Aeon then, we think, switch places with her clone but Trevor knows this. The ""real"" Aeon falls for Trevor, the ""clone"" Aeon tries to carry on. In the end things get too complicated to explain to the clone and the real Aeon allows herself to get killed as the ""clone"" runs away.

AUTORE: , Mark Mars, Peter Chung (II), Japhet Asher, Peter Gaffney,

3x5 - The Demiurge

Aeon is afraid of a thing that Trevor managed to acquire. This things acts as a god with peaceful intentions but Aeon wants to destroy it.

AUTORE: , Steve DeJarnatt, Peter Chung (II), Michael Ferris, John Brancato,

3x6 - Reraizure

There is a creature called Narghile that produces a pellet that erases human memories. Rorty and Muriel vows to get rid of these creatures by launching them into the sun. Muriel ends up dying and Aeon, out of guilt, takes her place as Rorty and her try to finish it out. Rorty finds out (from Aeon) that Muriel was cheating on him with Trevor, which he doesn't believe at first. He gets proof himself and can't deal with it. So, he takes the pellet erasing all of his human memories about Aeon, the pellet and Muriel.

AUTORE: Japhet Asher

3x7 - Chronophasia

Aeon is caught in a time loop, in a lab in the jungle somewhere. The reason she was going to the lab was, she was planning to save a test subject but go more than she bargined for. She encounters a little boy, who seems to be the cause of all of this. He wants her, but not in a sexual way, in a motherly figure way. We end the episode, as if they are in another dimesion (in the past) as Aeon drives this little boy (presumbaly her son) to baseball practice.

AUTORE: Peter Gaffney

3x8 - Ether Drift Theory

Aeon decides to help someone named Lindze, who is trying to get to Bargeld, the man she loves. Who was working with Trevor in a lab somewhere in the middle of a fluid. The fluid puts you in suspend. Bargeld managed to find a ""cure"" for the fluid, turning it to water. In the end things get complicated and Aeon gets taken over by the fluid as the lab surroundings decays.

AUTORE: Todd French

3x9 - The Purge

Aeon tries to stop a criminal named Bambara. Trevor has a new robot looking thing, called the custodian that gives you a conscience. It enters in though your naval. Aeon teams up with a group of people wanting to stop Trevor as well.

AUTORE: Eric Singer

3x10 - End Sinister

Trevor encounters a device that could wipe out the entire world but Aeon stops him. They both encounter an alien in which Trevor is very interested in. Trevor decides to go back with the alien to their planet and Aeon decides to wait for him, (Trevor) in the very same pod the alien had travel in. Years, (presumably hundreds) past and Aeon wakes up. She notices that the ""aliens"" had taken over earth and that Trevor is still alive. She then uses the device, (from the beginning) killing the entire race. What Aeon later finds out is that these alien creatures were actually humans. We end as the final words are spoken by Trevor, ""It's the evolution of the revolution... may the best man win.

AUTORE: Japhet Asher


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