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Acapulco Shore

La versione messicana di Jersey Shore! Dopo gli inglesi di Geordie Shore e gli spagnoli di Gandia Shore, ecco i chicos pronti a mostrarci cosa vuol dire divertirsi davvero: Luis “Caballero”, Manelik “Mane”, Fernando “Koko”, Joyce, Tadeo, Talía, Jawy e Karime. Che la fiesta abbia inizio!

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Luis Caballero, Karime Pindter, Manelyk González, Tadeo Fernández, Luis Méndez, Fernando Lozada, Nicole Olin, Tania Gattas, Danik Michell, Brenda Zambrano, Joyce Islas, Talía Loaiza,
NETWORK: MTV Latin America

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Episodio 1

1x2 - Episodio 2

1x3 - Episodio 3

1x4 - Episodio 4

1x5 - Episodio 5

1x6 - Episodio 6

1x7 - Episodio 7

1x8 - Episodio 8

1x9 - Episodio 9

1x10 - Episodio 10

1x11 - Episodio 11

1x12 - Episodio 12

Stagione 2

2x1 - Episodio 1

2x2 - Episodio 2

2x3 - Episodio 3

2x4 - Episodio 4

2x5 - Episodio 5

2x6 - Episodio 6

2x7 - Episodio 7

2x8 - Episodio 8

2x9 - Episodio 9

2x10 - Episodio 10

2x11 - Episodio 11

2x12 - Episodio 12

2x13 - Episodio 13 Reunión

Stagione 3

3x1 - En la Cima del Mundo

The guys return to Acapulco for vacation with a lot of changes. New house, new roomies, new job and new adventures. A welcome home party will make a mark in history.

3x2 - La Cruda Moral

Danik and Jawy face their first crisis under the look of Mane. The new boss brings surprises and a new way of see their work.

3x3 - Danelik

Mane and Karime start to feel they don't like Danik, they feel Danik is an impostor and that she tries to copy Mane in everything.

3x4 - Modo desmadre: ON

This vacation is on fire: the guys start to like partying, fiesta, swingers, love and a lot of fights, so the switch of partying is on mode ON.

3x5 - F de furioso

The romance between Jawy and Danik is about to take a turn she didn't expected. She'll be accused of something she never thought, and of course, Mane is involved.

3x6 - El joven manos de tijeras

Nikki faces her boyfriend face to face for everything that happened the first day. Suddenly the shores begin to understand why Nikki is the way she is.

3x7 - La riviera de los celos

Karime organized a surprise trip to the Riviera Maya with Tania, who is very excited to see her boyfriend, and made a whole plan of activites.

3x8 - Los reyes de la peda

Chaos 100% at the Riviera Maya: jealousy, drunkenness, party, missing boyfriends, marriage proposals, colors and a resistance competition.

3x9 - La fulana esa

The situation become untenable after visited the Riviera Maya, and the Shores make a plan to get rid of Nikki definitely.

3x10 - La casa de Úrsulo

The plan to get Nikki out of the house starts, but she seems determined to stay . Jawy and Danik stop talking and this time seems serious.

3x11 - Hasta cierto punto

The happy shores celebrate their last night on Guadalajara, so they can go to Vallarta the next day; without suspecting that something will break in the family and things will never be the same .

3x12 - Una familia bien normal

Everything comes to an end, and with this family couldn't stop being the most freakin' chaotic, winnowed, and surrealistic from all television .

3x13 - Uy pero qué bueno! (Parte 1)

The first episode with the best of the season, commented by the cast. With deleted scenes and their protagonists discover truths that will leave us all with his mouth open.

3x14 - Uy pero qué bueno! (Parte 2)

Second and last episode with the best of the season, commented by the cast. With deleted scenes and their protagonists discover truths that will leave us all with his mouth open.

Stagione 4

4x1 - Episode 1

4x2 - Episode 2


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