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A Tutto Reality

La serie è una parodia dei reality show dove ventidue campeggiatori si stabiliscono a Camp Wawanakwa (per 8 settimane), un'isola immaginaria collocata in una zona non specificata in Muskowka, Ontario. La trama si rifà a quella di Survivor e Endurance, con ambienti sociali simili al mondo reale. A volte, lo spettacolo riesce a ricostruire anche elementi di Fear Factor e Iron Chef. I ragazzi sono divisi in due squadre, le Carpe Assassine e le Marmotte Urlanti. Ogni tre giorni, i campeggiatori devono partecipare ad una sfida che ha normalmente un vincitore (e questo assegna l'immunità a tutta la squadra). I membri della squadra perdente scelgono chi secondo loro sarà eliminato e dopo vengono convocati a una cerimonia: Cerimonia del Fuoco. Chris distribuisce dei marshmallow a tutti tranne al concorrente eliminato. Coloro che ricevono il marshmallow rimangono, mentre colui che rimane senza si deve recare al molo della vergogna dove si trova la barca del perdente che lo condurrà a un resort da favola per tutti coloro che in precedenza sono stati eliminati.

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Scott McCord, Megan Fahlenbock, Rachel Wilson, Stephanie Anne Mills, Kristin Fairlie, Drew Nelson, Dan Petronijevic, Scott McCord (2), Clé Bennett, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Peter Oldring (2), Katie Crown, Novie Edwards, Carter Hayden, Clé Bennett (2), Julia Chantrey, Lauren Lipson, Sarah Gadon, Christian Potenza, None, Clé Bennett (4), Clé Bennett (3), Bryn McAuley (2), Ian Ronningen, Bryn McAuley, Sunday Muse, Christopher Jacot, Daniel DeSanto, Kristi Friday, Bruce Dow, Katie Bergin, Rochelle Wilson, Sarah Podemski, Zachary Bennett, Ashley Peters, Athena Karkanis, Jon Cor, Kevin Duhaney, James Wallis, Barbara Mamabolo, Cory Doran, Marco Grazzini, Carla Collins, Stephanie Anne Mills (2), Adam Reid, Peter Oldring, Brian Froud, Peter Oldring (3),
GENERE: Animazione, Comedy

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Not So Happy Campers (1)

The twenty two contestants arrive at the island, are divided into teams and learn the rules of the competition they will be taking part in.

1x2 - Not So Happy Campers (2)

The two teams face their first competition: jumping off a thousand foot cliff into shark infested waters and building a hot tub out of materials they find in crates at the base of the cliff. The first camper is voted off the island.

1x3 - The Big Sleep

The two teams set out on a twenty mile race that they think is the contest on this occasion. However, the real winning team is the one who has the individual that goes to sleep last afterwards. Another camper is voted off the island.

1x4 - Dodge Brawl

The two teams participate in a grueling five round game of dodgeball with an unlikely hero determining the outcome. Another contestant leaves the island on the Boat of Losers.

1x5 - Not Quite Famous

The two teams participate in a talent competition and the rivalry between Gwen and Heather intensifies.

1x6 - The Sucky Outdoors

The two teams must spend a night alone in the woods in the contest for this episode. Another contestant is voted off the island.

1x7 - Phobia Factor

In this episode, each of the contestants face their worse fears. Another person is voted off the island.

1x8 - Up the Creek

The two teams take canoes to a nearby island and build rescue fires on it in this week's contest. Another contestant is voted off the island.

1x9 - Paintball Deer Hunter

The two teams compete in a paint ball contest with the teams divided into "hunters" and "deer". Another person is voted off at the campfire ceremony.

1x10 - If You Can't Take the Heat

The teams compete in a cooking challenge but one person's attitude towards hygiene threatens to doom his team's chances and Heather and LeShawna's conflict reaches a boiling point. Another person is voted off the island.

1x11 - Who Can You Trust?

The teams take part in a three part competition where trust in team mates could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Another contestant is voted off the island.

1x12 - Basic Straining

Chef Hatchet makes the teams go through several difficult obstacles designed to make people quit. Another camper is voted off the island.

1x13 - X-Treme Torture

Chris has the contestants pair off in the next immunity contest. Another person is voted off the island.

1x14 - Brunch of Disgustingness

The two teams are divided up with the guys on one team and the girls on the other. A surprise awaits the two teams for the next challenge.

1x15 - No Pain, No Game

Two campers from the past return to the game as the two teams are dissolved and the campers face an excruciating challenge with individual immunity at stake.

1x16 - Search and Do Not Destroy

The campers are off on a scavenger hunt and Heather does something so horrible that it makes even Gwen cry. Another person is voted off.

1x17 - Hide And Be Sneaky

The campers play an extreme game of Hide and Seek with Chef Hatchet who hunts them down with a huge water gun. Another person is voted off.

1x18 - That's Off The Chain!

The campers are challenged to build their own bikes using supplies from the Arts and Crafts lodge and race them in a dangerous motor cross challenge with invincibility at stake.

1x19 - Hook, Line And Screamer

The campers go through a challenge where they are stalked by a psycho killer and see who can last the longest.

1x20 - Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

The campers square off in a challenge where they must trap a certain animal and one person gets a delicious meal as a reward. Another person is voted off the island.

1x21 - Trial by Tri-Armed Triathalon

The six remaining campers are split into three teams of two and must compete in various challenges based on teamwork. Another camper is voted off the island.

1x22 - Haut Camp-ture

In this episode, we are shown what happened to the campers who have been voted off so far and hear their thoughts of the final five. They also decide who gets to be voted off.

1x23 - Camp Castaways

After a huge flood, the campers float away on a deserted island and try to fend for themseleves while dealing with the dangers on the island.

1x24 - Are We There, Yeti?

The campers are stuck in the middle of the woods where they have to race back to the camp to win. Another camper is voted off the island.

1x25 - I Triple Dog Dare You

The remaining three campers participate in a series of dares that were made up by the ones that have been voted off so far. Another camper leaves the island.

1x26 - Season Recap

The show's contestants are shown in their audition tapes and highlights from the episode are featured.

1x27 - The Very Last Episode, Really!

The final two contestants participate in one last challenge for the grand prize.

Stagione 2

2x1 - Monster Cash!

The first installment of the Total Drama Action finds the cast members participating in a monster movie challenge.

AUTORE: Alice Prodanou

2x2 - Alien Resurr-eggtion

Chef tracks the players progress as they search for alien eggs.

AUTORE: Nicole Demerse

2x3 - Riot On Set

Teams are chosen and set to shooting some very strange dramatic scenes.

AUTORE: Alex Nussbaum

2x4 - Beach Blanket Bogus

The challenge will contain a beach-theme where the teams will be required to surf over a tank of sharks on a mechanical surfboard.

AUTORE: Emily Andras

2x5 - 3:10 to Crazytown

The two teams square off in several western themed challenges.

AUTORE: Nicole Demerse

2x6 - The Aftermath I: Trent's Descent

Geoff and Bridgette play hosts of an after show which dishes dirt on the cast.

AUTORE: Alice Prodanou

2x7 - The Chefshank Redemption

The remaining contestants square off in another challenge. This week's theme centers around a prison movie.

AUTORE: Brendon Yorke

2x8 - One Flu Over The Cuckoos

The contestants take part in a medically themed challenge. When a deadly virus breaks out, things go critical on set. It all leads up to someone's "acting skills" that gets the reward.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

2x9 - The Sand Witch Project

The castmates compete in a horror themed trilogy challenge. Someone's conscience begins to bother them about their actions, and they end up removing themselves from the competition.

AUTORE: Shelley Scarrow

2x10 - Masters Of Disasters

It's a disastrous time for the castmates, with earthquakes, floods, and lava spills. The disasters get worse as somebody gets seriously injured and the others find themselves in deep water.

AUTORE: Alex Nussbaum

2x11 - Full Metal Drama

The two teams take part in a challenge inspired by war movies. Later, another contestant is voted out of the competition.

AUTORE: James Hurst

2x12 - The Aftermath II: Forgive & For-Gwen

Geoff and Bridgette talk about what has happened in recent episodes and interview cast mates that were recently voted out.

AUTORE: Shelley Scarrow

2x13 - Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

The teams participate in a challenge inspired by bank heist films. However, for one contestant, the challenge holds an unexpected surprise.

AUTORE: Paul Poque

2x14 - One Million Bucks BC

The two teams compete in a prehistoric themed challenge.

AUTORE: John Slama

2x15 - Million Dollar Babies

In a sports themed challenge, the contestants find themselves boxing, playing badminton, wrestling in a ball pit, cheer-leading, and even playing trampoline basketball.

AUTORE: Richard Clark

2x16 - Dial M For Merger

The teams are dissolved and the remaining cast mates participate in an individual challenge which is revolved around spy movies.

AUTORE: Alan Resnick

2x17 - Super Hero-Id

The remaining cast mates do a superhero challenge of bravery.

AUTORE: Alex Nussbaum

2x18 - The Aftermath lll: O-wen or Lose

Geoff and Bridgette talk with the latest cast mates to be voted out of the show.

AUTORE: Alice Prodanou

2x19 - The Princess Pride

Chris appears on the set with a glass combat boot and the remaining contestants learn the next challenge will have a fairy tale theme.

AUTORE: Heather Jackson

2x20 - Get A Clue

The remaining cast members must solve a murder mystery challenge. While on a train, Chris is "murdered" and the cast must figure out who done it.

AUTORE: Alex Nussbaum

2x21 - Rock n' Rule

The remaining cast mates take part in a rock themed challenge and learn that a voted off person is returning to the show.

AUTORE: Shelley Scarrow

2x22 - Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

A kung-fu challenge comes to the set as the boys versus girls.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

2x23 - 2008: A Space Owen

The remaining campers participate in a space themed movie challenge.

AUTORE: Ken Cuperus

2x24 - Top Dog

The four remaining cast mates must bond with creatures of fur and feather.

AUTORE: Ken Cuperus

2x25 - Mutiny on the Soundstage

The remaining two cast mates go up against each other in a series of challenges based on past trials with the winner getting the million dollars.

AUTORE: Brendon Yorke

2x26 - The Aftermath lV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire

After the final challenge ends in a tie, the cast gets together for one last Aftermath. In the end, only one will emerge as the Total Drama second season champion.

AUTORE: Alex Nussbaum

Stagione 3

3x1 - Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 1

The 17 contestants see the plane and all of the accommodations. They then compete in a challenge where they have to navigate around a pyramid to reach the finish line. They can choose to either climb on top of the pyramid, or go under the pyramid (a majority of the cast chose the latter). Duncan quits mainly due to refusing to sing and having to listen to Gwen and Courtney argue the whole way up the pyramid. Three teams are made (names chosen by the teams themselves) according to who finished the challenge first. They are also given a reward. DJ, LeShawna, Harold, Lindsay, and Bridgette are on Team Victory and are given a stick. Owen, Alejandro, Noah, Sierra, and Tyler are on Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot, and are given a goat. Courtney, Heather, Izzy, Cody, and Gwen are on Team Amazon and are given a camel. Ezekiel is the last to finish the race, but is not eliminated because of Duncan quitting, so Chris places him on Team Victory.

AUTORE: Shelley Scarrow

3x2 - Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 2

The remaining contestants are forced to compete in a camel race to the Nile, bringing their rewards to the finish line. Chris tells them that each reward has a "special surprise" (the stick being a divining rod, the camel being a camel, and the goat being small). Izzy and Sierra switch teams because of Sierra's interest in Cody and Izzy's interest in Owen. Chris catches Duncan humming the song from the previous episode while lounging in the plane, but Duncan denies it. Alejandro tries to win everybody over with compliments and remarks, but Heather doesn't buy it, though she admits he's a good manipulator. In the second challenge, the contestants must weave a basket and row across The Nile to the finish line. Ezekiel is eliminated due to accidentally feeding the team's reward to a crocodile. Even though he was voted off, he holds onto one of the plane's tail wings, refusing to give up, and hinting a possible return to the game. Duncan (who had been previously promised a ride home) was instead pushed out of the plane. After the elimination, Alejandro says he plans to hide his backround, and confesses that compared to him, Heather is a saint.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

3x3 - Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan

The contestants figure out they are in Japan after Chef slashes the door open and they fall in a giant bowl of rice. The first challenge was a game of giant pinball with each team having a pinball partner (Teams Victory and CRRRRH got a panda and Team Amazon had Cody and Sierra instead), Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot won thanks to Alejandro's care for the panda. The second challenge was writing and producing a Japanese commercial for the brand new Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails. Team CRRRRH chose to do a Japanese monster mash style commercial, Team Victory chose to do a samurai style commercial, and Team Amazon did a commercial with the leftovers. In the end, Team Amazon won because of Chef's love for exploding donuts. Overall, Harold quit because the samurai style was his idea. Instead of being pushed out of the plane, he "kills" himself with a toy lightsaber and falls out.

AUTORE: , Adam Rotstein, Doug Hadders,

3x4 - Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

The episode opens up with Team Amazon relaxing in the first-class area of the plane. Cody's relaxation is interrupted when Sierra starts rubbing his foot and ends up paralyzing him. In the loser area, LeShawna is playing with the num-yos Harold gave her. Chris walks in, and the contestants begin to complain about Japan. The plane begins to land, terrifying Owen. The plane lands in Yukon. Chris explains that the contestants won't be getting coats, causing them to huddle together for warmth. The first challenge involves team crossing the cassum by jumping from shard to shard. Once at the sleds, the first one there must climb up the mountain while carrying their team on the sled. Team Victory won the first challenge thanks to DJ mysteriously getting there. During the challenge, DJ accidentally got his eyes frozen by crying too much and ended up getting his team lost and hitting a baby seal. Alejandro continues to manipulate the contestants on Team Victory to his pleasure and their elimination, as he starts to flirt with Bridgette, causing her to get distracted. Bridgette starts to kiss Alejandro, but gets tricked and stuck to a pole. Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot won thanks to Owen's weight causing a rapid speed which accelerated the sled. In the end, Bridgette got eliminated for kissing a pole and not crossing the finish line with her team. Before being eliminated, she tries to warn her teammates about Alejandro being evil, but gets pushed off the plane.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

3x5 - Broadway, Baby!

The episode starts off with Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot relaxing in the winners cabin. Team Amazon's female members (except for Sierra) complain about the loosers section. Heather tries to manipulate Sierra and Cody into obeying her, which fails to work, as they both know of Heather's villainous personality. Alejandro continues to manipulate Team Victory by smuggling them food and trying to win them over. The contestants figure out their in New York after falling in a boat and landing on water. The first challenge involves the contestants climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty getting the baby carriges on top of Lady Liberty's crown, then racing down to the boats, and finally driving to Central Park. The contestants figure out the ropes are made of wool when trying to climb them. Alejandro manipulates Sierra into revealing humiliating things about Chris's past, such as him having his own cooking show that got cancelled after one episode, making terrible movies about talking cats, and being a boyband. Eventually, Chris has enough of Sierra and tells her to zip it. Team Amazon wins the first part, later discovering the only way to go down is to slide down a fireman's pole. During the second part, the contestants race to Central Park, New York going through a sewer and end up being chased by a giant alligator who tries to eat them. Team Victory won the second part giving them the shortest path. The second challenge involved the teams pushing their carriges along a pre-deterimied path to turtle pond and bobbing for giant apples with only their heads and loading the carriges. Afterwards, teams have to race to the heart of New York. During the challenge, one member of each team had to stay in the carrige (Cody, Lindsy, and Noah) and sing during while racing. DJ this time hurts a turtle. During the challenge, Heather switches Team CRRRH's carriage with a real carriage. They got to the heart first but lost because of Heather. In the end Team Amazon won once again. The prizes were candy (which Cody greedily started taking), apples (which Sierra wanted to thank Chris for), and an electric meat grinder (which Heather threw out of the plane).

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

3x6 - Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

The episode starts off with the hosts, Geoff and Blaineley introducing the show. They begin to talk to the contestants that could not compete in season three, only to find that they do not mind not being able to participate. Blaineley is upset, as she had hoped that they would be filled with jealousy and anger. Instead, no one seems to mind not participating in the season and are enjoying their time away from Chris and Chef. Then, Geoff and Blaineley reveal that two eliminated contestants that are missing. Duncan and Ezekiel seem to have vanished after their eliminations. The host's tell the audience Chris is looking for Duncan, where as Ezekiel is stalking the current cast. Blaineley then goes into the other two contestants who were eliminated, and attempts to introduce Bridgette. Geoff, upset with Bridgette over her relations with Alejandro brings out Harold instead. They sing Baby, dedicated to LeShawna. Meanwhile, the girls of the peanut gallery (save Eva) and Blaineley scream over The Drama Brothers. Blaineley becomes knocked out after screaming over Justin. Geoff then signs off for commercial. Blaineley then demands that Bridgette come out. Bridgette is shown to have locked herself in the green room, only to be coazed out by Beth. Bridgette is shown to be nervous about being interviewed, especially after cheating on Geoff. Beth convinces her to come out and sing, but she only will if she can sing "her way." Geoff complies. Bridgette then sings I'm Sorry, but Geoff does not fully accept her apology. Blaineley then shows Bridgette's "recap" which is all clips of her with Alejandro. Geoff gets frustrated even further, as Bridgette answers a viewer questions. Geoff and Bridgette start bickering,and then start fighting in a boxing ring, much to Blaineley's pleasure.Suddenly during the fight Geoff and Bridgette start making out. Blaineley gets incredibly frustrated and quits the show,and,has tobe carried out while Beth flirts with the pole. Eva then angrily signs off the show because "they told her to."

AUTORE: Shelley Scarrow

3x7 - Slap Slap Revolution

The episode stars off with Teams Victory and CiRRRRH in the losers cabin, to their dismay a hole opens up and begins to suck up everything. Team Amazon (except for Cody) is relaxing in the winners cabin. Cody tries to protect himself from Sierra by hanging string with bells tied but it ends up not working. The contestants discover that they're in the German Alps when they see them from the window and Chris begins to speak German. After falling from the plane, Chris tells them that they have to sing softly or risk a ‘song-alanche.’ Tyler causes an avalanche after being overjoyed that Lindsy finally remembers him. Also Alejandro continues his tactics by distracting and flirting with LeShawna. When they make it up the hill, their challenge awaits: grind meat into a giant sausage, and then ride the sausage down to the bottom of a deadly hill. Team Amazon yells and gets mad at Heather for tossing out their electric meat grinder reward – they could have used it here and won for sure! Team Victory makes a great big sausage, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is forced to make Owen their sausage after he eats all the meat, while Team Amazon is forced to turn their sausage into a snowboard after Sierra uses most of their meat to make a "meat Cody". During the first challenge's second part ravage goats try to attack the contestants. Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot won. The rewards were hats(Metal, Fur, and Regular). At the bottom of the hill teams get their second challenge – a dance competition that turns violent when they start slapping each other off the platform! Each team had to have 2-3 dancers per team ( LeShawna & DJ, Sierra, Cody & Heather, Al, Owen, and Noah) The coordinator was Chef to the contestants' dismay. The challenge begun when it became a survival of the fittest. Team Amazon won when Alejandro gave up. In the end, LeShawna was eliminated and thrown off by Alejandro.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

3x8 - The Am-AH-zon Race

The episode begins with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot in the economy class section. Owen begins to drool in his sleep and blabber about airplanes. Alejandro commands him to stay quiet, but Owen wakes up in a frenzy and accidentally punches Alejandro in the face, giving him a swollen right eye. Alejandro then complains that Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot needs to be in the first-class section after that day's challenge. Meanwhile, Team Victory, now down to just DJ and Lindsay, is on the opposite side of the economy class section. DJ suddenly regrets voting off LeShawna, and remembers his curse. Team Amazon, in first-class for the fourth time, enjoys their relaxation. Sierra begins to "surf the Net", however, she was staring into a drawing of her and Cody on a pizza box while using a real mouse as an actual computer mouse. The three teams exit the plane as Chris welcomes them to Peru; home of the Amazon River. He explains that the challenge is to hike along an ancient Peruvian trail all the way to Machu Picchu. Chris then gives each team walkie-talkies, in case of an emergency. The hiking trip begins, and Team Victory chooses the left path. Tyler gets Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot to also choose the left path in order to stay with Lindsay. Team Amazon ends up taking the right path. Team Victory reaches the zipline first, and they get the privilege of using the T-Bar. DJ ziplines down, while Lindsay rides on his shoulders. Meanwhile, Team Amazon hikes down a trail, Cody thanks Gwen for taking his epipen, but Gwen confesses that she has no idea how to use it. Cody leers at her and explains that she has to jab it into his naked butt cheek, and Gwen tosses the epipen back to him in disgust. Suddenly, Cody is grabbed by an enormous mosquito, but Sierra knocks it down with a stone. She catches him as he falls and assures him of her devotion towards his safety. Team Amazon is stopped in their tracks as they notice two Zing-Zings sitting around a fire. Meanwhile, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot still needs Tyler, Noah, and Izzy to cross the zipline. Tyler removes his pants and uses it as a makeshift T-Bar. It works for a short while, but it then catches on fire, and he falls into the water. The Zing-Zings have tied Team Amazon to a tree, and Cody suggests that the batteries in the flashlight in his back right pocket could be used inside the walkie-talkie. However, he cannot reach it. This time, DJ slaps innocent monkeys who only want their bananas back. Team Victory reaches Machu Picchu first, and Chris, once again, announces that they are maintaining the first place slot. He worries about DJ's condition, who is bawling over having hurt his seventh animal's. Team Amazon, still in the same place as the previous day, is wide awake except for Gwen, who is sound asleep due to Cody's epipen. Heather is confused for a goddes. In the end, Team Amazon faces elimination until Chris then reveals that the elimination was fake and Heather wouldn't be taking the Drop Of Shame after voting Heather off.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

3x9 - Can't Help Falling in Louvre

The contestants arrive in Paris, France and everything but love is in the air for these teens. As the three teams struggle to complete their challenge, Sierra is having trouble coping with Cody revealing he voted for her. DJ tries his hardest to either throw the challenge or get rid of a "curse" he believes he has, but an unexpected twist ultimately gets Lindsay eliminated instead, much to Tyler's dismay.

AUTORE: , Adam Rotstein, Doug Hadders,

3x10 - Newf Kids On The Rock

The host's hometown in Newfoundland is visited as the eleven teens compete in their next challenge. With Team Victory down to its last member (DJ), who desperately wants to be eliminated, Heather and Alejandro try to align him on their side as an ally by all means possible. In the end, Team Victory and Team Chris share the reward and no one is sent home due to Chris's good mood.

AUTORE: Alex Nussbaum

3x11 - Jamaica Me Sweat

After the plane runs out of gas, the final eleven are stranded in Jamaica. Owen is starting to have second thoughts about his romantic relationship with Izzy and tries to break up with her. As a result, both end up severely injured, with Izzy removed from the competition due to the severity of her injury, but not before she officially breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Alejandro's actions from the previous episode are intentionally revealed and because of this, DJ is finally eliminated, ending Team Victory.

AUTORE: , Emily Andras, Brendon Yorke,

3x12 - Aftermath: Revenge Of The Telethon

The second installment of the aftermath includes a fund-raiser in order to pay for the plane's fuel. The four eliminated contestants are interviewed, while trying to convince the viewers to donate five hundred thousand dollars. After a rampage thanks to Blaineley, the goal is increased to one million dollars. Will they reach the enormous goal in a mere thirty minutes or will Total Drama be gone for good?

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

3x13 - I See London...

With only two teams remaining, the host takes the remaining contestants to London, England, where their goal is to capture "Jack the Ripper" (who is really Ezekiel in a costume) before he catches them. In the end, Duncan is caught by Courtney and Gwen with Jack being caught by Team Chris, giving Duncan a return on the latter team as a consolation for losing. Noah attempts to reveal Alejandro's true intentions, yet he is too late and instead gets eliminated as a result. In the end, Gwen and Duncan kiss, to which Tyler walks in on.

AUTORE: Shelley Scarrow

3x14 - Greece's Pieces

The final nine go to Greece to compete in an Olympics challenge. Duncan and Gwen are nervous about their kiss last episode. Tyler reveals the secret, thanks to Alejandro, and a fight breaks out and tension between Gwen and Courtney grows. After Team Amazon wins, Chris decides not to eliminate anybody just because of the growing drama.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

3x15 - The Ex-Files

After breaking up with Duncan, Courtney decides to get revenge by flirting with Tyler after being encouraged by Alejandro. The two teams must search Area 51 for intact alien artifacts and bring them back to the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. During the challenge, Duncan and Gwen bump into each other and have their second kiss, thus officially starting a relationship with each other. In the end, Team Amazon wins again and Tyler is voted off due to a mistake that costs his team the challenge.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

3x16 - Picnic at Hanging Dork

The remaining eight contestants travel to Australia, where tension really flares after a previous kiss. Alejandro and Duncan's strategy to weaken Courtney proves to work well, while the other team is divided into two alliances. In the end, Team Amazon loses, and a tiebreaker occurs between Courtney and Gwen. Courtney manages to win, and Gwen is eliminated resulting in Team Amazon's first elimination.

AUTORE: Michael Gelbart

3x17 - Sweden Sour

The two teams land in Sweden to compete in a "Viking" capture the flag game. Courtney still tries to flirt with Alejandro, while Cody misses Gwen. Owen becomes aware of Alejandro's true nature thanks to Noah and warns Duncan, much to his surprise. Alejandro starts to reveal his true feelings for Heather. In the end, Chris reveals that there will be no elimination again, sparing Courtney, while leaving the rest of her team upset and disappointed.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

3x18 - Aftermath Aftermayhem

After Blaineley forces Bridgette into doing a world tour of Total Drama fan countries, Geoff becomes fed up. The three new guests join the peanut gallery, where five of them get the opportunity to re-join the competition. However, Blaineley ends up winning instead.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

3x19 - Niagara Brawls

The remaining seven are dumped in Niagara Falls for their next challenge, where it is revealed that Blaineley is debuting onto the show and that the teams have merged. The challenges have a wedding theme, leading to added tension for three particular couples. Alejandro tries his hardest to convince Duncan, Heather and Sierra to vote off Owen, ultimately causing Owen to take the Drop of Shame.

AUTORE: Emer Connon

3x20 - Chinese Fake-Out

The final seven go to China for a visit to the Great Wall. Tension continues between Heather, Courtney, Duncan and Alejandro and Cody plans to establish the connection between him and Sierra. Blaineley allies with Chef, but in the end, she is voted off along with Courtney due to another tie in votes and the show's budget problems.

AUTORE: James Hurst

3x21 - African Lying Society

The final five arrive in Tanzania for their next challenge; hunting down Ezekiel, now feral due to hiding out in the plane all this season. Sierra's obsession with Cody peaks and Heather and Alejandro continue to doubt their attraction towards each other. In the end, Alejandro wins the challenge and Duncan is sent home for the second time after a close vote.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

3x22 - Rapa-Phooey!

The final four contestants are on their way to Easter Island to compete in a egg hunt themed challenge as Heather and Alejandro maneuver to become closer to the end through manipulating others. In the end, Heather won the challenge, but when Sierra was spared due to it being a reward, Heather gets frustrated and picks Alejandro to stay in first class with her.

AUTORE: Shelley Scarrow

3x23 - Awww, Drumheller

The final four head to Alberta, Canada to participate in an archeology-themed challenge. Alejandro frames Heather to anger Sierra. However, when Heather becomes trapped, he decide to save her. Afterwards, Sierra is eliminated despite winning the challenge due to destroying the plane on accident, sparing Alejandro from elimination.

AUTORE: Nicole Demerse

3x24 - Hawaiian Style

The Total Drama Aftermath show reveals the location of the finale is Hawaii. The four most recently eliminated contestants are brought out before the peanut gallery is split into three teams and a final challenge is revealed; a representative of each team competes in a surfing competition to win the finalists a possible advantage for the finale. Geoff regains Bridgette, but with Blaineley joining as well.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

3x25 - Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles

With the Total Drama Jumbo Jet destroyed, the three remaining contestants (plus a tag-along Sierra) must engage in a full-out, no-rules race to Hawaii. Alejandro confronts Heather about attempting to vote him off earlier, enlisting the help of a stowaway in defeating her. Meanwhile, Cody works with Sierra to reach the finish line and in the process, develops a strong bond with her. In the end, Heather guarantees herself a spot in the final two, while Cody and Alejandro tie for second place.

AUTORE: Shelley Scarrow

3x26 - Hawaiian Punch

Total Drama World Tour has reached its final episode, where one of the final three will win a million dollars. Alejandro and Cody engage in a tie-breaker to determine a spot in the final two, and with one last manipulation from Alejandro, Cody gets eliminated. Chris then announces the final challenge with Heather against Alejandro which involves climbing Hawaii's active volcano with a wooden dummy of your opponent. During the challenge, Cody and Harold volunteer to help Heather, while Lindsay and Courtney choose to help Alejandro. In the end, Heather manages to trick Alejandro (by saying that she loves him), which distracts Alejandro, giving Heather the opportunity to bring Alejandro to his ultimate downfall in the game. However, after a misunderstanding, Alejandro still gets the win, after Heather throws Alejandro's dummy into the volcano. Later on, Ezekiel reemerges and steals the million dollar case from Chris, but then falls into the volcano (similar to the death of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings), and nobody gets the million dollars. The volcano then erupts, potentially harming everyone present, and Alejandro is the only one who suffers major injuries caused by the volcano's lava. Alejandro is then put inside a robot by Chef and Chris due to his extensive injuries, an obvious parody of the creation of Darth Vader from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

Stagione 4

4x1 - Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

The fourth season finally begins, introducing a whole new cast, set at Camp Wawanakwa, which has turned into a bio-hazardous waste dump. The thirteen contestants are divided into two teams, the Toxic Rats and the Mutant Maggots. Two contestants build a close bond, and one contestant manages to annoy her entire team into eliminating her that night.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

4x2 - Truth Or Lazer Shark

As the competition narrows down to twelve, the campers must compete in the first part of their challenge; a tell-all trivia game which ends up embarrassing several contestants. Due to the problems in round one, the host makes the second round miserable for both teams. Ironically, a nonathletic camper ends up winning the physical-oriented challenge for his team, sending the other team to the elimination ceremony. In the end, someone becomes too focused on her image and is quickly voted off.

AUTORE: Jenn Engels

4x3 - Ice Ice Baby

The remaining contestants take part in a frigid challenge including climbing a mountain and a snowy capture the flag game. One of the Maggots asserts themselves further as team leader as a Rat continues to ruin their team's chances regardless of other's abilities. Someone gets fearful of their secret being discovered, but it comes through with another victory for their team. Ultimately, through a cruel trick, a camper is thrown off the island while someone else returns in a fame-desperate move.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

4x4 - Finders Creepers

The two teams are sent into the the woods on a scavenger hunt, where one camper's alternate personality hooks up with someone else, despite their true self being in love with a different camper. Meanwhile, someone continues to sabotage their team's chances, but fails in the end due to someone else persisting towards a victory. The losing team attends their first elimination ceremony, where someone volunteers for elimination, but ends up on the winner team, while an intern is eliminated again.

AUTORE: Charles Johnston

4x5 - Backstabbers Ahoy!

As one team deals with their newest member, the other is severely divided by one contestant, who shares feelings for two girls at once. When the contestants' most prized possessions start vanishing, one player initially accuses their teammate, but then places the blame on someone else. Although they figure out the true scheme, it is not enough to prevent elimination.

AUTORE: Scott Oleszkowicz

4x6 - Runaway Model

As one team suffers dysfunction after a particular gamer feels as if they are lacking in the macho department, the other team shows problems with the over-macho nature of another and a persistent conflict of two others. In the end, a contestant suffering from withdrawal loses the game, but wins the heart of the girl of his dreams. Later, in a shocking surprise twist, the host forces two contestants to switch teams.

AUTORE: Alex Nussbaum

4x7 - A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The two teams are sent into an abandoned mine, where one teammate takes charge of their team, and someone's disorder gets more out of hand. Someone throws the challenge to save his old team, leading to his elimination. Meanwhile, an old contestant falls in love with a new contestant and gives her a special reward, which leads to her quitting the competition and a former intern returning to their former team in their place as a contestant.

AUTORE: Eliza Crosland

4x8 - The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

The teams wake up in the middle of the lake and are ordered by Chris to get back to the island, with the last team arriving set for punishment. During this part of the challenge, Mike purposely places Scott in a position for another encounter with Fang, who attacks him near, and then on, the Maggots' raft. Dakota fends off the shark as she begins a mutant transformation into a monster and then seeks friendship from Zoey. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to help Mike keep his secret under control. Scott reveals to have found the Chris Head of Invincibility, and asks Zoey to keep it a secret. At the end, after the Maggots lose the second challenge, finding a buried chest containing a past contestant and an eliminated contestant from the current season, Scott receives the votes to be sent home, but uses the Chris Head of Invincibility to stay in the game, and Dakota is eliminated instead. Gwen cameos, and Sam temporarily returns as part of the challenge.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

4x9 - Grand Chef Auto

The Maggots cabin is destroyed because the teams merge. The contestants must search the kitchen for keys to the go-karts. Then they use the go-karts to go to different locations around the island and spray paint their symbol on each location. There were originally three but chef tricked the contestants into going to a fourth one which was the Chris Monument called Mount Chrismore. Zoey's was a heart, Scott's was an X, Mike's was a check, Cameron's was picture of Chris giving him the money, Jo put a circle with a line through it on top of Cameron's, then Cameron switched to the pi symbol and Lightning's was a lightning bolt. Jo and Lightning briefly get detained by Chef, with Fang ordered to guard them. Jo escapes by using Lightning as a distraction for Fang, but Lightning gets away himself by offering up Scott to Fang. Scott used Mike's MPD to his advantage, by threatening to tell Zoey about it if Mike didn't do what he said. In the end it is revealed to Zoey but not by Scott. Mike overcomes his personalities, thus curing him of his MPD and he and Zoey offically become a couple. Scott wins invincibility and got to decide who should leave. Mike gets voted off by Scott. Mike gives Zoey a pendant necklace to remember him by and they almost kiss until Mike is catapulted. Duncan, a former contestant, makes brief cameos throughout the episode. On Cartoon Network, the title of this episode was changed to "Extreme Chef Auto", presumably to avoid copyright infringement of Rockstar Games, makers of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games.

AUTORE: Jeremy Winkels

4x10 - Up, Up & Away in My Pitiful Balloon

The remaining five contestants now have to fly through rings of fire by each using a specific flying object given by Chris, but first they must go to the waste dump to find the pieces in order build to their flying object. Jo has to build a flying balloon, Lightning must build a helicopter, Zoey must build a plane, Cameron must build a rocket ship and Scott gets to build a bird. To test the rings of fire if they are safe to fly through, Chris uses Heather as a test dummy to see if she survives the flight. Heather uses a jet pack and she does survive. While the contestants are finding and building their flying objects, Zoey is mad that Scott eliminated Mike so Zoey steals Scott's parts to build her plane, causing Scott to get nothing, just a pair of wings he got from birds. At the challenge, the five are ready to fly their objects through the rings of fire, but suddenly Heather gets mad and steals the million dollar case from Chris and then takes off on a blimp. The challenge is now to chase the blimp and capture Heather to take back the money. Everyone is now chasing the blimp and during flight Zoey gets to fly on radioactive flying goats that breathe fire, so then she gets to take her revenge on Scott by shooting fire at him. Scott also has to deal with more attempts from Fang to eat him, both on land and in the air. Lightning manages to get on the blimp, and then retrieves back the money case from Heather. The blimp then loses control when Cameron crashes his rocket into it and falls for a crash landing while Lightning hops out with the case, and then gives it back to Chris. The blimp now crashes into the ocean and sinks, and even though Lightning got the million dollars, it was Cameron who won immunity for crashing the ship and taking out Heather. In the elimination ceremony, Jo is eliminated. The final four are now Scott, Zoey, Lightning, and Cameron.

AUTORE: Richard Clark

4x11 - Eat, Puke & Be Wary

In this episode, Chris gets injured by one of Scott's shark traps and crashes into the restrooms, so Chef temporary becomes the host and makes the contestants do a cooking challenge. Cameron made some quiche pie with radioactive mushrooms, Scott made a more toxic quiche, Zoey made a living salad and Lightning cooked a mutated maggot. They were supposed to feed their meals to classic competitor DJ, but he ran out at the last minute and they were thus forced to eat what they had cooked. Scott switched his quiche with Cameron, and ended up winning the challenge, with the others puking. Soon after, Chef put them through a hunting challenge with them as the prey. They were to make it to a flagpole before Chef catches them with a spaghetti bazooka. After Chef injured Zoey and broke her pendant with Mike, she became bent on revenge against Scott and Chef. However, in the end, Scott got to the flagpole first and almost won the challenge, but suddenly, Fang appeared, chased him, and revealed that he'd only been chasing him because he'd taken his tooth, which Scott refused to give back to him. Fang then ended up in one of Zoey's traps, while another ended up hitting Scott, and putting him in a full-body cast. In the end, Cameron won immunity after riding on Lightning's back to the flagpole. Lightning swore revenge on Cameron for stealing his immunity, igniting a rivalry between the two boys. With two votes against, Scott was eliminated. Chris returned as host and got payback on Scott by making him ride the Hurl of Shame with Fang, who got his tooth back from him, but was still determined to eat him, anyway. Cameron, Zoey, and Lightning are now the final three.

AUTORE: Alex Nussbaum

4x12 - The Enchanted Franken-Forest

In this episode, Zoey and Cameron agree to team up against Lightning to eliminate him before the final two. Cameron is especially interested in doing so because he knows Lightning is targeting him over "stealing" invincibility from him. Then, Chris sends the final three campers into the enchanted forest to retrieve a flower from a Venus Flytrap. Inside the forest, the campers encounter mutated animals, including Ezekiel. Throughout the challenge, Zoey starts to be rude to Cameron while Lighting gets lost. Cameron then begins to realize that Zoey is changing, but Zoey then gives up winning the challenge to save Cameron from dying, so Lightning wins the challenge. In the end, Cameron is certain that Lightning will eliminate him due to their rivalry, but he is shocked when Lightning chooses Zoey to get eliminated instead, because Zoey is a bigger threat, and since it will be easier for him to beat Cameron in the finals. This final two marks the first time ever when two members of the same gender and ethnicity compete against each other in the finale. Cameron is the second "geek" to appear in the final two in Total Drama history; Beth was the first when she went up against Duncan in Total Drama Action. Mike temporarily returns as part of a flashback.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

4x13 - Brain vs. Brawn The Ultimate Showdown

Lightning and Cameron, the final two, are told to vent all of their feelings in the confessional at the beginning of the episode. They then both watch video messages on a television from their relatives at home: Cameron's mother and Lightning's father. Lightning's father bets his championship rings that Lightning can win. They then arrive at a massive arena where Chris, Chef, two interns, and the eleven previously-eliminated contestants are watching them from the stands. A pile of junk is then dropped into the middle of the arena, and the two finalists must find a way to use some of the junk as either armor or weapons for the duel that will follow between them. Lightning creates a rather crude set of armor with ankle plates, a chest plate, a pan as his helmet, and a plastic mannequin's leg with nails sticking out of the top. Cameron at first appears to have nothing, but then reveals a mechanical suitcase that he created that turns him into Iron Man. The battle then begins, and over time, the two battle for so long with no clear winner that Chris later decides to make it interesting and drops every mutated creature from the island into the arena, only for the creatures (including Ezekiel) to start attacking everyone. During the attack, Cameron tries to save the other contestants from the monsters, while Lightning keeps attacking Cameron only. Eventually, one of Cameron's iron suit's abilities causes many of the barrels of toxic waste to magnetize to Lightning's body armor, giving Lightning white hair and causing him to get tired and black out. Cameron then gets tired too and falls down on top of Lightning, making Cameron win the final challenge. Chris then comes and crowns Cameron as the winner of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and the new recipient of the million dollars. As Chef and the thirteen contestants sail away on a boat, Chris attempts to detonate a bomb placed on the underside of the boat, only for the bomb to go off on the dock directly beneath Chris, as Chef switched the bomb. The RCMP then descends on the island saying the island is under government protection. Chris is ordered to be quarantined, while Chef and the rest of the cast flee away and cheer.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

Stagione 5

5x1 - Heroes vs. Villains

Chris brings back players from both casts for an All-Star season, and the Heroic Hamsters battle the Villainous Vultures for a night in the luxurious new Spa Hotel.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

5x2 - Evil Dread

The players gather on the beach to dig up 3D puzzle pieces and use them to assemble an international landmark.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

5x3 - Saving Private Leechball

The Heroic Hamsters and the Villainous Vultures race into the forest to collect unusual paintball weaponry and use it to pick off the other team - last team standing wins!

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

5x4 - Food Fright

Chris combines a pancake eating contest with an obstacle course in the ultimate tummy twister.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

5x5 - Moon Madness

During a race across the island, the local wildlife is radically altered by the rare blue harvest moon and even the littlest bunny becomes a blood-thirsty predator.

AUTORE: Ed MacDonald

5x6 - No Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

The teams travel to Boney Island for an egg hunt inside The Fun Zone, which is anything but fun!

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

5x7 - Suckers Punched

Chris orchestrates a brutal boxing free-for-all that pits the All-Stars against their biggest, baddest enemies.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

5x8 - You Regatta Be Kidding Me

The challenge is a simple life-or-death boat race around the island, but things get complicated when Chris messes with the team dynamics.

AUTORE: Ed MacDonald

5x9 - Zeek and Ye Shall Find

The 100th episode celebrations are cut short when Ezekiel kidnaps Chris and the All-Stars head out in search of their host.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

5x10 - The Obsta-Kill Kourse

The All-Stars face the Boot Camp from Hell as they struggle to survive the harshest obstacle course ever.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

5x11 - Sundae Muddy Sundae

The final five All-Stars race to the most dangerous regions of the island to find ingredients for the ultimate sundae.

AUTORE: Ed MacDonald

5x12 - The Bold and the Booty-ful

The Final Four hunt for Pirate Booty and a spot in the Grand Finale in a challenge that becomes truly life-threatening.

AUTORE: , Alex Ganetakos, Terry McGurrin,

5x13 - The Final Wrech-ening

Zoey gives up on seeing Mike again and faces off with Mal in the Circles of Doom challenge.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

5x14 - So, Uh This Is My Team?

The 14 new contestants fall out of a plane to the new island they will compete on. Then, Chris goes over the rules and the teams. Team Kinosewak: Mean Cheerleader Twin Amy, Outback Survivalist Sweetheart Jasmine, Evil Wannabe Max, Hopeless Romantic Rodney, Nice Cheerleader Twin Samey, Smart and silent Scarlett, and Chris FanaticTopher. Team Maskwak: Sound Effects Master Beardo, Germophobe Pessimist Dave, Singing and Dancing Princess Ella, LARPER Leonard, Paranoid Doomsdayer Shawn, Paegent Queen Sugar, and Gymnast Supreme Sky. The challenge begins with them building a house or a fort. They have to grab items to build the fort but have to dodge tennis balls getting thrown or shot at them. Team Kinosewak won the challenge because There Cabin Survived The Mooses. Team Maskwak Lost Because of Bad Teamwork and There Wizard castle Couldn't Survive the Mooses and at elimination the team votes off Beardo because he didn't talk just made sounds and isn't that helpful and he then takes The Cannon Of Shame from the island.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

5x15 - I Love You, Grease Pig!

The campers are challenged to race wild pigs against the other team. Sky and Rodney face off. Max also races with a pig. Dave also races too but gets hit with a grease ball. Shawn avoids the pigs but one ends up with him to race. Ella dances with her pig in the race. Sugar and Ella still have a conflict in this episode too.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

5x16 - Twinning Isn't Everything

Samey and Amy's sisterly hatred reaches a boiling point during a game of doom balloons while Max gets a little help from a new friend on his quest for pure evil.

AUTORE: Ed MacDonald

5x17 - I Love You, I Love You Knots

Ella's attempts to befriend Sugar backfire during a wild game of Truth or Scare while Rodney's delusional love triangle has a huge effect on his team's performance.

AUTORE: Miles Smith

5x18 - A Blast From the Past

Sky likes Dave, but not as much as Dave likes Sky while Shawn bolts and puts his team in jeopardy. Also, a previous competitor raises some very serious questions about a previous elimination.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

5x19 - Mo' Monkey Mo' Problems

Ella comes up big after Dave puts himself in a dangerous spot while Max tangles with his team's chances to prove his superiority.

AUTORE: Ed MacDonald

5x20 - This is the Pits!

Jasmine reveals a deep, dark fear in a deep, dark cave while Sugar confuses buses and trains. Dave uses his time in the challenge for the perfect opportunity to kiss Sky.

AUTORE: Miles Smith

5x21 - Three Zones and a Baby

Sky chooses her new team over Dave, crushing him. Max shows a softer side that's just as creepy as his evil side. Topher gets a call from the network.

AUTORE: Laurie Elliott

5x22 - Hurl and Go Seek

Chris merges the teams and feeds them expired meat before the first nighttime challenge. Dave finally hears what Sky's saying to him while Jasmine finally sees how Shawn's feeling. While exploring, Scarlett learns the truth about Pahkitew Island.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin

5x23 - Scarlett Fever

Thanks to the last challenge, the island goes insane. Chris reveals the island is artificial as the self-destruct is activated. The contestants must work their way to the control room to deactivate it. When Scarlett and Max find the room, Scarlett reveals her true nature. She uses the robot animals to destroy the others and demands the million dollars from Chris.

AUTORE: Miles Smith

5x24 - Sky Fall

The final four contestants compete in a race to the top of a mountain, and the last person to finish is sent home.

AUTORE: Alice Prodanou

5x25 - Pahk'd With Talent

Down to the final three, Chris has the challengers each make their own challenge, and all compete to see who is the best of all three.

AUTORE: Alex Ganetakos

5x26 - Lies, Cries and One Big Prize

The final two competitors must run a dangerous race throughout the island. To help out, each of them get to random pick a former competitor for a partner to help them win the million dollars.However, their partners may not be as much help as the final two wanted.

AUTORE: Terry McGurrin


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