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16 anni e incinta

Lo show descrive le vicende di ragazze madri incinte dai quattro mesi e mezzo fino ad alcuni mesi di vita del bambino stesso. Il programma è strutturato come un documentario-reality in stagioni nel quale è possibile vedere un quaderno animato che registra i mesi di gravidanza e la crescita del bambino.

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Ebony Jackson, Joshua Rendon,

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Maci

When her fiancé Ryan takes no interest in helping out with the new baby, Maci has to figure out if her relationship will survive or if she's alone in facing the biggest challenge of her life.

1x2 - Farrah

Farrah is a popular cheerleader from Council Bluffs, Iowa, but when her friends start gossiping about her becoming a single mom, she abandons her high school life and starts spending way too much time with her overbearing mother.

1x3 - Amber

Amber spends her senior year moving in with her well meaning, but immature, boyfriend Gary. But with a baby on the way, the two will have to juggle adult responsibilities on a teenage budget.

1x4 - Ebony

Ebony lives at home with mom and spends all her time with fiancé, Josh. But now that Ebony is pregnant, everything may have to change.

1x5 - Whitney

When home gets too crowded too fast, Whitney and boyfriend, Weston, must figure out how to move out and become a family on their own.

1x6 - Catelynn

Soon-to-be teen parents, Catelynn and Tyler, think adoption is best for their baby, but question if they'll be strong enough to let go.

1x7 - Life After Labour 1

Watch all of the 16 and Pregnant families address the controversial topics that originated from Season One, along with updates on their 'lives after labor,' in the Finale Special, hosted by Dr. Drew.

1x8 - Season 1 Unseen Moments

Stagione 2

2x1 - Jenelle

Jenelle, a North Carolina beach bunny who loves partying, realizes her long-distance boyfriend isn't coming back and that she's too immature to raise a baby herself.

2x2 - Nikkole

Nikkole, a fun-loving cheerleader from Monroe, Michigan, gets the shock of a lifetime when finding out she's pregnant with her troublesome, on-again-off-again boyfriend, Josh.

2x3 - Valerie

Adopted in to a family of 11 kids, Valerie is striving to give her baby the family she never had. Confronted with a boyfriend that denies he's the father, she endures a perilous labor and nearly loses her baby.

2x4 - Chelsea

Popular high school senior and Daddy's girl, Chelsea's caught up with her social life and fighting with boyfriend, Adam. She thinks things will get better after giving birth, but instead learns she can choose her daughter above everything.

2x5 - Lori

Lori is a bubbly teen from a small suburban town in northern Kentucky. Her parents adopted her as a child and raised her into a well-rounded young woman. That's why her parents, not to mention her all-girls Catholic high school, were shocked to find out she's pregnant at just 17 years old with boyfriend, Cory.

2x6 - Samantha

Samantha's good girl image becomes less apparent when she finds out she's pregnant with Eric's baby - her boyfriend of two years. To make things more complicated - in Samantha's already cramped house, her mother, Soledad, is pregnant, too.

2x7 - Nicole

Nicole is a 16-year-old prankster from Longwood, FL. Nicole's mom, Tina, stepped up to raise her when Nicole's dad died at age 2 and it's been the two of them ever since. This changes when she meets the energy-filled Tyler and falls head over heels for him. Tyler's only 15-years-old but he needs to grow up soon because Nicole's pregnant with his baby.

2x8 - Leah

Leah is a popular cheerleader from a small town in the mountains of West Virginia and is practically inseparable from her friends. She just started dating Corey, who is two years older than her. Their relationship started out casual but now it's time to get serious because Leah's pregnant... with twins!

2x9 - Lizzie

When Lizzie's pregnancy forces her to drop out of High School and the marching band, she looks to boyfriend Skylar for support...until she discovers he hasn't always been faithful.

2x10 - Kailyn

After discovering that she's pregnant, high school senior Kailyn struggles to reconnect with her parents and improve the relationship with her boyfriend.

2x11 - Life After Labor 2

All the families from season two of 16 and Pregnant meet to discuss what has changed and gone in their lives since the cameras stopped rolling. The event is hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky.

2x12 - Brooke

Tomboy Brooke spends all her free time tuning up cars and driving on racetracks, but with a baby on the way, she must quickly switch gears. After a shotgun wedding, Brooke and Cody try to balance life as high school students while trying to move into their own place.

2x13 - Felicia

Felicia is the only one in her family who still has the chance to graduate, but when her boyfriend stops supporting her and she moves out of her family home, will she be forced to drop out?

2x14 - Emily

An all-American girl has to hang up her majorette baton after getting pregnant. Moving an hour away from her boyfriend, Emily faces the pressure of starting over in a new school and new town.

2x15 - Markai

Trying to finish her senior year, Markai and her boyfriend James might be kicked out of her house when her disapproving mother has had enough. But will their relationship survive James' infidelity?

2x16 - Aubrey

17-year-old Aubrey tries to get a diploma with a baby, a husband, and no place to live.

2x17 - Christinna

17 -year old Christinna was never a big sports fan, but after moving to Huntsville, Alabama and dating Isiah, the star of the football team, she's gotten used to it. When her mom moved back to New York, Christinna stayed in Alabama planning to go off to college with Isiah, but now everything has changed because Christinna is pregnant.

2x18 - Kayla

Kayla is a southern belle with tons of friends. But now that she's pregnant, this princess must make her own decisions about marriage and making it without the help of her parents.

2x19 - Megan

While her dad is in Afghanistan, Megan gets pregnant and plans to raise the baby in her parents' basement with the help of her video game playing boyfriend, Nathan. With no idea of how to earn a living after she graduates high school, and Nathan not necessarily in for the long haul, pampered Megan has to grow up fast.

2x20 - Season 2 Unseen Moments

Unseen moments from the episodes Brooke, Felicia, Emily, Markai, Aubrey, Christinna, Kayla, and Megan.

2x21 - Ashley

High school senior Ashley wrestles with the decision to give her baby up for adoption, and must make difficult choices when it comes time to choose what's best for her baby girl.

2x22 - Life After Labor 3

This issue-driven, host-moderated, forum on teen pregnancy features the '16 and Pregnant' season two families. All nine girls and their children traveled to NYC to participate in this one-day event with host, Dr. Drew.

2x23 - Where Are They Now? Part 1

The episode provides updates on eight of the mothers who had appeared in earlier episodes.

Stagione 3

3x1 - Jordan

Jordan Ward is a 17 year old from St. Louis, Missouri. She has a twin sister, Jessica, and when she finds out that Jordan and her boyfriend, Brian, are expecting a baby, tension starts to arise between all three of them.

3x2 - Jennifer

A teen is eager for her parents to accept her boyfriend before the birth of her twins.

3x3 - Jamie

3x4 - Danielle

3x5 - Cleondra

3x6 - Kayla

3x7 - Izabella

3x8 - Kianna

3x9 - Taylor

3x10 - Season 3 Unseen Moments

3x11 - Where Are They Now? Part 2

3x12 - Allie

3x13 - Life After Labor 4

3x14 - Adoption

Stagione 4

4x1 - Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a teenager with big goals and a big personality. She must put her cheerleading dreams on hold as she and her rodeo cowboy boyfriend prepare for parenthood.

4x2 - Katie

Katie is a high school senior with dreams of studying psychology in Denver, but her pregnancy forces her to put aside her aspirations and establish a stable life for her young family.

4x3 - Briana

4x4 - Lindsey

An aspiring cage fighter wants to be an independent mother.

4x5 - Alex

An aspiring dancer with an unreliable boyfriend considers adoption.

4x6 - Jordan

Jordan's mother has never been her boyfriend Tyler's biggest fan, and the tension between the two only gets worse when Jordan gets pregnant. Even though Tyler is white and an outcast, Jordan wants to make it work. When she bans Tyler from coming into their house, Jordan considers moving out and raising their baby somewhere else.

4x7 - Myranda

4x8 - Hope

4x9 - Sarah

4x10 - Sabrina

4x11 - Devon

Devon is the second teenager in her family to get pregnant -- and to top things off, her boyfriend Colin is an Iraq war veteran who is still in the reserves. Though she wants to raise the baby with Colin, Devon wonders if she can handle not living at home, especially if Colin is deployed.

4x12 - Kristina

Tragedy marks the pregnancy of a Texas teenager.

4x13 - Life After Labor

4x14 - Where Are They Now? Part 4

Stagione 5

5x1 - Maddy

5x2 - Autumn

5x3 - Millina

5x4 - Arianna

5x5 - Summer

5x6 - Karley

5x7 - Aleah

5x8 - Jazmin

5x9 - Savon

5x10 - Jordan

5x11 - Courtney

Christian girl struggles with abstinence and passing along a cleft lip to her unborn son.

5x12 - Savannah

Sensitive girl tries to co-parent with ex-boyfriend turned friend

5x13 - Life After Labor Finale Special

5x14 - Season 5 Unseen Moments

5x15 - Where Are They Now


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