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The adventures of a beaver pup and his friends in the forest of Clairefontaine. In 1975, 26 episodes were produced by Knack Productions in Japan, under the title, 'Don Chuck Monogatari'. The following year -- in 1976 -- another 76 episodes were produced by Knack under the title, 'Shin Don Chuck Monogatari'. Of the 99, 53 made up the French Canadian (Quebec) version dubbed by Bellevue Pathe in the 1980's. Known in French as 'Le Petit Castor', it aired on Teletoon Retro (Francais) in Canada in April 2009 until late February 2012. Plot Castor lives in the forest of Clairefontaine with his father -- his mother died when he was a baby. He misses his mother terribly and his love for her is reflected through his looking into the sky and 'talking' to her, resulting in a vision of the deceased, usually in the moon during the night. Family relationships are more often than not a focus of the series, through reunions, finding lost relatives and conflicts between family and friends, the latter sometimes resulting in a character running away from home. Happily, these situations end on a positive note. Meet The Characters Castor: He is small, but he is so strong! This is the story of Castor, a carefree beaver pup living in the forest of Clairefontaine. Castor is always willing to give anyone a hand and his curious nature leads into many adventures with his friends. But Castor is still young and sometimes the adventures and questions can be quite a lot for his father to handle. Lily: One of Castor's best friends, Lily usually accompanies Castor on many of his adventures. A good-natured beaver pup, Lily can also be found helping out her mother at home or picking the most beautiful flowers. Dressed in red from bow to toes, Lily's wish is to be a princess who dances and sings, or to at least meet one someday! Daigo (pronounced dye-goh): When Castor isn't hanging around with Lily, he can be found with best friend Daigo. What this bear cub lacks in courage, he more than makes up for in feats of strength for someone so young when he and Castor are on an adventure. Daigo is usually found along the river trying to catch the big one -- he's a bear who loves to fish almost as much as he loves to eat! Mimi: A pleasant lilac bunny rabbit, Mimi can be found from time to time with Castor, Lily and Nounours on their adventures. Mimi somtimes finds herself in trouble even though her intentions are good. She is likely to fall for or in a trap and is eventually rescued by Castor. Mimi also tends to worry whenever there is a threat, but her parents and friends are there to comfort and reassure her that everything will be all right. Garou (pronounced gah-roo) (in English, werewolf): Garou is a wolf who is the chief troublemaker in Clairefontaine. He is jealous of Castor and his popularity and is usually challenging him in verbal confrontations or physical contests -- mostly on the losing end. On occasion, there is a good side to Garou, but only if he is rewarded in the form of a dessert, nuts or other food (cakes and cookies are his favourite)! Finaud (pronounced fee-noh) (in English, sly, cunning): One of Garou's sidekicks, this sly fox is the eyes and ears for Garou to let him know what Castor and his friends are up to. But Finaud also dreams of being the 'king' of Clairefontaine -- similar to Garou. At times, he becomes the target of physical punishment from Castor, before Castor's father stops him. Lourdaud (pronounced loor-doh) (in English: clumsy, oaf): Garou's other sidekick is Lourdaud the badger. If nothing else, he loves to play with his 'claquettes' (tap sticks)! Lourdaud is faithful to Garou, but lacks the strength and cleverness for his plans to work out. Aristotle: Castor's father finds taking care of his son is a handful. Between trying to raise his son on his own and helping him during his adventures, Mr. Castor is known for his philosophical views on life and his interest in science and the environment. Castor's father also loves to read -- now if he could just Castor to read a little more often! Christina: Lily's mother. She Is a good friend to Mr. Castor, similar to the friendship Lily experiences with Castor. She is very kind and appreciates the help from her daughter and is able to lend an ear to Castor and Daigo. Dr. Bouc (pronounced book) (in English, goat): In addition to being a doctor, he is also the forest elder who is looked up to for his wisdom. When Mr. Castor needs to know what to do or have a question answered, he usually goes to Dr. Bouc for advice. The two are very good friends. Margot (pronounced like Margo): Daigo's mother. Daigo's mother is good-hearted, but is strict when it comes to raising Daigo. Even when her son is telling the truth, she sometimes doesn't believe him to the point of calling him silly or punishing him. Oscar: Garou's stubborn grandfather, whose relationship with Mr. Castor is similar to that between Castor and Garou. Often ridicules Mr. Castor's scientific research and makes light of any warnings the senior Castor has for the animals of Clairefontaine regarding a danger resulting from an act of Nature. Fifi: Also known as Fute (foo-tay, meaning in English: 'smarty'). This little kangaroo lives up to her nickname and she'll only be too happy to tell you herself! Nicknamed 'Smarty' by her friends, Fifi is probably the only animal in Clairefontaine with a map of the world to go with her many books -- a world Castor and the others can only dream of. She proves to be more than capable of handling the scheming Garou, but there are times where she is too smart for her own good. Natasha: Castor's deceased mother. She died when Castor was just a baby, leaving Castor's father to take care of him. When his father is unable to help him, Castor looks to the sky to ask his mother's spirit to guide him. Other Characters: Tirelaine (pronounced teer-len): A leopard who as a bandit, threatened to harm Castor, Lily and Daigo as they searched for a plant to help an ill Finaud. He changed his ways after Castor made good on a promise to deliver the plant to Finaud and return to rescue Lily and Daigo before sundown. Tirelaine becomes a friend of Castor and later rescues him and his father from a trio of bandits who kick them out of their home and move in. *Pappy: Fifi's baby brother. Fifi is excited when Pappy is born, wanting to be a 'big sister', but learns parenting is a big responsibility when Pappy has to be rescued after being abducted during the night. This adorable joey -- baby kangaroo -- is the apple of his mother's eye and is happy to meet anyone, even long as he doesn't take him away! *not shown in Quebec/Canada.

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