Reza Parsa (09-06-1968)

RezaParsa is a Swedish film director. At the age of 22 he was admitted to the4-year directing program at the legendary National Film School of Denmark(1991–95) and directed the most award winning (11 awards) graduation film,Never (Gränsen), in the history of the school. To dateReza Parsa has won more than 30 national and international awards, includingthe Ingmar Bergman Award, the Student Academy Award (Student Oscar) and prizes inCannes Film Festival, Brasília, Seattle, Chicago and San Sebastian. Beforethe Storm Parsa's first feature film, is a suspense thriller which has achievedgreat critical success and has been sold to 35 countries worldwide, incl. USA. RezaParsa and his screenwriter Johan Bergman Lindfors, both based in Sweden, arenow preparing Parsa’s next feature film.

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