Eva Ingeborg Scholz (16-02-1928, Berlin, Germany)

Eva Ingeborg Scholz made her debut in the title role of the 1948 film 1-2-3 Corona and appeared regularly in films over the following decade, including a performance as a young lodger in Peter Lorre's only directorial effort The Lost One (1951) and a supporting role in The Devil's General (1955) with Curd Jürgens. Among her later films are the Disney production Emil and the Detectives (1964), in which she played the mother of the title character, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder's The American Soldier (1970). From the early 1960s she appeared increasingly in television, where she remained active until the age of 90 years in 2018. She appeared in popular television productions like Tatort, Derrick, The Old Fox and Stuttgart Homicide. In 2018, she won the Deutscher Schauspielpreis (German Actors Award) for her supporting role in the Tatort episode Die Liebe, ein seltsames Spiel (2017).

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