Ben Sharpsteen (04-11-1895, Tacoma, Washington, USA)

“Born in Tacoma, Wash. Graduated from agricultural college but gave up agrarian pursuits to help out Uncle Sam’s Marines during the war. Marine life made me so lazy I couldn’t bear the thought of hard work again so I became an animator, joining the old International Film Company in New York. Work as an animator on old Mutt and Jeff cartoons and on Fleischer’s “Out-of-the-Inkwell.” Twice deserted the ranks of animation for newspaper and commercial art. Guess I am too old to make another change so will stick to animating as long as it sticks to me.” -published in the June 20, 1931 edition of The Motion Picture Daily

Attore (2)
Animation (58)
Associate Producer (1)
Director (42)
Post Production Supervisor (1)
Producer (4)
Production Supervisor (3)
Sequence Supervisor (1)