Maurice Costello (22-02-1877, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

From WikipediaMaurice George Costello (February 22, 1877 – October 29,1950)[1] was an American prominent vaudeville actor of the late 1890s and early1900s, who later played a principal role in early American films, as both aleading man, supporting player and a director.Costello was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Irishimmigrants Ellen and Thomas Costello. He appeared in his first motion picturein 1905, in which he had the honour of appearing in the first serious film tofeature the character of Sherlock Holmes in the movie Adventures of SherlockHolmes, in which Costello played the title role. He continued to work forVitagraph, being a member of the first motion picture stock company everformed, playing opposite Florence Turner. Among some of his best known picturesare A Tale of Two Cities, The Man Who Couldn't Beat God and For the Honor ofthe Family. After an absence of some years he returned to the screen. He wasmarried to actress Mae Costello (née Altschuk). His descendants include twodaughters, actresses Dolores Costello and Helene Costello, a grandson John DrewBarrymore, and a great granddaughter Drew Barrymore. He was one of the world'sfirst leading men in early American cinema, but like a lot of other silentscreen stars, he found the transition to "talkies" extremelydifficult, and his leading man status was over. However, Costello was atrouper, and continued to appear in movies, often in small roles and bit parts,right up until his death in 1950.

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