Unidentified Flying Mater

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Unidentified Flying Mater

Mater finds a small UFO called Mator and they have a night out. Later, when Mator is captured by the military forces, Mater sneaks up and saves him with the help of Lightning McQueen and the UFO's mother.

Titolo Originale: Unidentified Flying Mater
Attori principali: Larry the Cable GuyLarry the Cable GuyKeith FergusonKeith FergusonGeorge CarlinGeorge CarlinmaschioGuido QuaroniLindsey CollinsLindsey CollinsElissa Knight, Steve Purcell, Bob Scott, Mickie McGowan, Jan Rabson, John Cygan, Paul Eiding, Jack Angel, Lori Alan, Laraine Newman, Mostra tutti

Regia: John LasseterJohn LasseterRob GibbsRob Gibbs
Sceneggiatura/Autore: John Lasseter, Rob Gibbs, Derek Thompson, Scott Morse, Kevin O'Brien, Matthew Luhn
Durata: 4 minuti

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