Transformation by Hats

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Transformation by Hats
Transformation by Hats

In commedia dell'arte style, an actor on a stool presents six distinct characters through speedy application of whiskers and a hat or, in one case, a wig followed by a few gestures. First he becomes the large-nosed squire whipping his horse as he rides in his surrey, then he's a kindly mustachioed ticket taker, next an imperious sea captain with the bearded look of Czar Nicholas. Out comes a light-colored top hat, big nose and handkerchief for the brief appearance of a lugubrious character, followed by a capitalist making a deal in black silk top hat and mustache. Last, white hair, pork-chop sideburns and large mustache capture a retired raconteur.

Titolo Originale: Chapeaux à transformations
Attori principali: Félicien Trewey
Regia: Louis Lumière
Produzione: Francia
Durata: 1 minuti

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