Soldato sotto la pioggia

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Soldato sotto la pioggia
Soldato sotto la pioggia

Sentemental military comedy revolves around two contemporary army buddies, Master Sergeant Maxwell Slaughter (Jackie Gleason), a smooth operator, who supply Sergeant Eustis Clay (Steve McQueen) idolizes and hopes will join him as a civilian in a private business enterprise. Clay endeavors to be a player in the military, just like Slaughter, but it seems as though Clay still has a lot to learn from his mentor. They are joined by Tuesday Weld as a shrill dizzy blonde teenager named Bobby Jo Pepperdine and Tony Bill as bumbling Private First Class Jerry Meltzer, McQueen's screwball sidekick.

Titolo Originale: Soldier in the Rain
Attori principali: Jackie GleasonSteve McQueenTuesday WeldTony BillTom PostonEd Nelson, Lew Gallo, Rockne Tarkington, Paul Hartman, John Hubbard, Chris Noel, Sam Flint, Lewis Charles, Adam West, Diane Sayer
Regia: Ralph Nelson
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Maurice Richlin, Blake Edwards
Colonna sonora: Henry Mancini
Fotografia: Philip H. Lathrop
Produttore: Martin Jurow, Blake Edwards
Produzione: Usa
Durata: 88 minuti

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