London to Brighton

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London to Brighton
London to Brighton

It's 3:07am and two girls burst into a run down London toilet. Joanne is crying her eyes out and her clothing is ripped. Kelly's face is bruised and starting to swell. Duncan Allen lies in his bathroom bleeding to death. Duncan's son, Stuart, has found his father and wants answers. Derek, Kelly's pimp, needs to find Kelly or it will be him who pays.

Titolo Originale: London to Brighton
Attori principali: Georgia GroomeJohnny HarrisSam SpruellLorraine StanleyAlexander MortonNathan Constance, Jamie Kenna, Chloe Bale
Regia: Paul Andrew Williams
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Paul Andrew Williams
Fotografia: Christopher Ross
Produzione: Gran Bretagna
Genere: Azione, Drammatico, Poliziesco
Durata: 85 minuti

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