Ultima fermata Saber River

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Ultima fermata Saber River

As America recovers from the Civil War, one man tries to put the pieces of his life back together but finds himself fighting a new battle on the frontier. Cable is an embittered Confederate soldier who returns from the war to reclaim his Arizona homestead from rebel pioneers who sympathize with the Union war effort. Desperate to rebuild the life he once knew, Cable ultimately joins forces with Vern Kidston, his Union adversary to make a last stand for the one thing worth fighting for -- his family.

Titolo Originale: Last Stand at Saber River
Attori principali: Tom SelleckSuzy AmisRachel DuncanHaley Joel OsmentKeith CarradineDavid Carradine, Tracey Needham, Chris Stacy, Harry Carey, Jr., Patrick Kilpatrick, Eugene Osment, Denis Forest, David Dukes, Lumi Cavazos, Raymond Cruz
Regia: Dick Lowry
Genere: Azione, Drammatico
Durata: 96 minuti

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