Juve contre Fantômas

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Juve contre Fantômas
Juve contre Fantômas

When a disfigured body of a woman is found in the lodgings of Dr. Chaleck, Inspector Juve immediately suspects this to be the work of his arch-enemy, the master criminal Fantômas. He and journalist Fandor trail Chaleck across Paris and see him being handed a note by a girl called Joséphine. Joséphine is the lover of Martialle, an employee of a distillery company who is taking a large sum of money by train. Fandor follows them onto the train where he and Martialle are robbed by Fantômas. Fantômas sends a telegram to Juve, purporting to be from Fandor, to lure him to the distillery. Informed by Martialle, Fandor has gone there himself. He and Juve fire shots at each other by mistake, before being caught in a violent ambush. Juve and Fandor return to Paris and decide to pay a visit to Lady Bentham’s former house. To their surprise, Lady Bentham returns to the house to meet her one-time lover Fantômas. They overhear Fantômas saying that he intends to dispose of Juve in three days’ time.

Titolo Originale: Fantômas II: Juve contre Fantômas
Attori principali: René NavarreGeorges MelchiorEdmund BreonRenée CarlYvette AndréyorJane Faber
Regia: Louis Feuillade
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Louis Feuillade
Produzione: Francia
Genere: Drammatico, Poliziesco
Durata: 62 minuti

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