Histoire(s) du cinéma: Seul le cinema

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Histoire(s) du cinéma: Seul le cinema
Histoire(s) du cinéma: Seul le cinema

Histoire(s) du cinéma, Pt. 3 Godards video series Historie(s) Du Cinema, consisting of eight episodes made over a period of ten years is an extraordinary look at the medium through the eyes of this unique filmmaker. Hugely ambitious in scope, the series covers a wide range of topics from the birth of cinema to Italian neo-realism to Hollywood and beyond. A dazzling montage of sight and sound, Historie(s) Du Cinema features a diverse array of film extracts, the voices of - among others - Juliette Binoche and Alfred Hitchcock, and an eclectic music soundtrack ranging from Beethoven to Leonard Cohen.

Titolo Originale: Histoire(s) du Cinéma: Seul le Cinéma
Attori principali: Julie Delpy
Regia: Jean-Luc Godard
Produzione: Francia, Svizzera
Genere: Documentario, Cortometraggio
Durata: 26 minuti

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