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Persona Non Grata in his homeland, protest singer Klaus Drittemann must leave East Berlin, his wife and child and emigrate to West Berlin, where the representatives of an American record company are eagerly waiting for him. They plan to exploit his defection from communism both ideologically and financially. But Klaus, as ill-at-ease in the West as he was in the East, is reluctant to be used as an expendable commodity. Leaving his contract unsigned (or signed in his manner), he leaves for Cambridge to meet his father, a concert player, who -just like him - left East Berlin thirty years ago as Klaus was a little boy. He is accompanied by a young French journalist, Emma, who knows where his father has been living since he disappeared for more than a decade. The young lady is cooperative but might hide things from him...

Titolo Originale: Fatherland
Attori principali: Gerulf PannachFabienne BabeCristine RoseSigfrit SteinerHeike SchroetterPatrick Gilbert, Stephan Samuel, Heinz G. Diesing, Eva Krutina, Hans Peter Hallwachs, Jim Rakete, Bernard Bloch, Robert Dietl, Marlowe Shute, Winfried Tromp
Regia: Ken Loach
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Trevor Griffiths
Durata: 111 minuti

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