DuckTales: Volume 1

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DuckTales: Volume 1

DuckTales becomes only the second Disney cartoon series to receive DVD release in comprehensive multi-disc format. (The first was Gargoyles, released in December of last year with little promotion and no use of the Disney name.) The box promises Episodes 1-27 and that is very nearly true. The episodes are arranged by original airdate, as per Bill Cotters useful but out-of-print resource The Wonderful World of Disney Television. However, the 5-part pilot episode Treasure of the Golden Suns is nowhere to be found. It was later shown as five separate episodes (titled Dont Give Up the Ship, Wronguay in Ronguay, Three Ducks of the Condor, Cold Duck, and Too Much of a Gold Thing), but as it established the premise of the series and aired first, its absence makes very little sense. One can only hope it is present on a future set and I cant imagine it wouldnt be, but then again I cant imagine why it is not included here.


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