Omicidio nel vuoto

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Omicidio nel vuoto
Omicidio nel vuoto

A team of skydiving crooks led by DEA-agent-turned-bad Busey specialize in landing on police roofs and breaking in so their evil computer nerd can steal undercover agents' files and sell them to drug lords. Federal Marshal Snipes lost a brother to this crew and learns skydiving with the help of tough-but-lovable instructor Butler so he can track them down.

Titolo Originale: Drop Zone
Attori principali: Wesley SnipesGary BuseyYancy ButlerMichael JeterCorin NemecKyle Secor, Luca Bercovici, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Rex Linn, Melanie Mayron, Grace Zabriskie, Robert LaSardo, Claire Stansfield, Mickey Jones, Andy Romano, Rick Zieff, Clark Johnson, Charles Boswell, Natalie Jordan, Ed Amatrudo, A.J. Ross, Al Israel, Steve DuMouchel, J.P. Patrick
Regia: John Badham
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Peter Barsocchini, John Bishop, Tony Griffin, Guy Manos, Peter Barsocchini
Colonna sonora: Hans Zimmer
Fotografia: Norman Kent, Roy H. Wagner
Costumi: Richard C. Goddard
Produttore: John Badham, D.J. Caruso, Lauren Lloyd, Wallis Nicita
Produzione: Usa
Genere: Azione, Thriller
Durata: 101 minuti

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