Det hemmelighedsfulde X

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Det hemmelighedsfulde X
Det hemmelighedsfulde X

One modern critic termed this classic of the Danish silent screen, “a bad story translated into moving pictures with a visual energy that still commands respect.” Directed by future Hollywood emigre Benjamin Christensen, Det Hemmelighedsfulde X told a sordid story of a navy officer (Christensen) falsely accused of being a spy and stubbornly refusing to hand over proof of his innocence in order to protect a philandering wife.

Titolo Originale: Det hemmelighedsfulde X
Attori principali: Benjamin ChristensenKaren CaspersenOtto ReinwaldFritz LamprechtHermann SpiroBjørn Spiro, Charles Løwaas, Holger Rasmussen, Svend Rindom, Robert Schmidt, Finn Wennerwald, Amanda Lund
Regia: Benjamin Christensen
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Benjamin Christensen, Laurids Skands
Fotografia: Emil Dinesen
Durata: 84 minuti

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