Chill factor - Pericolo imminente

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Chill factor - Pericolo imminente
Chill factor - Pericolo imminente

A store clerk and an ice cream truck driver are thrown together when a dying scientist entrusts them with a deadly chemical kept in ice. This chemical will kill every living thing once it melts. They have to take the chemical codenamed 'Elvis' to the next nearest military base while being chased by terrorists who want it to hold the country for ransom.

Titolo Originale: Chill Factor
Attori principali: Cuba Gooding Jr.Skeet UlrichPeter FirthDavid PaymerDaniel Hugh KellyJudson Mills, Jordan Mott, Hudson Leick, Kevin J. O'Connor, Darcas Macopson, Jim Grimshaw, Tommy Smeltzer, James Van Harper, Richard Todd Aguayo, Rhoda Griffis, David 'Shark' Fralick, Garrett Warren, Ron Clinton Smith, Stephen Jared, Lonnie R. Smith Jr., Martin Valinsky, Terry Loughlin, Bob Penny, Afemo Omilami, Steve Coulter, Phillip DeVona, Suzi Bass, Peter MacKenzie, Wanda Acuna, Erin Daniels
Regia: Hugh Johnson
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Drew Gitlin, Mike Cheda
Colonna sonora: John Powell, Hans Zimmer
Fotografia: David Gribble
Costumi: Deborah Everton
Produttore: James G. Robinson
Produzione: Usa
Genere: Azione, Thriller, Commedia
Durata: 101 minuti

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