Bumchoiwaui junjaeng

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Bumchoiwaui junjaeng

'Nameless Gangster' depicts the clashes in the Busan underworld when the government declares its war against crime. Former public officer, Choi Ik-Hyun (Choi Min-Sik) and crime boss Choi Hyung-Bae (Ha Jung-Woo) sit in the center of the maelstrom that sweeps the city. In 1982, Choi Ik-Hyun works as a customs officer at the Busan Port. Choi Ik-Hyun and 3 other officers takes bribes, which leads to an internal investigation. The head customs officer has dinner with the 4 men under investigation and asks them point blank for one person to become the fall guy. Choi Ik-Hyun is chosen as the fall guy by virtue of having the least amount of dependents in his family.

Titolo Originale: 범죄와의 전쟁
Attori principali: Choi Min-sikHa Jung-wooKwak Do-wonMa Dong-seokKim Sung-kyunKim Hye-eun, You Jae-myeong, Cho Jin-woong, Kim Jong-su, Kim Jong-goo, Kwon Tae-won, Song Young-chang, Kim Yeong-seon, Kim Eung-soo, Kim Min-joo, Park Byung-eun
Regia: Yoon Jong-bin
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Yoon Jong-bin
Colonna sonora: Cho Young-wuk
Fotografia: Go Rak-sun
Costumi: Rim Seung-hee, Kwon Yoo-jin, Hae In, 정아연
Produttore: Han Jae-duk, Jang Won-seok, Park Eun-kyung
Produzione: Corea del Sud
Genere: Orientale, Thriller, Poliziesco
Durata: 133 minuti

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