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A ten year old girl named Angela leads her six year old sister, Ellie, through various regimens of purification in an attempt to rid themselves of their evil, which she believes to be the cause of their mothers mental illness. Precocious, to say the least, Angela has visions of Lucifer coming to take her and her sister away, and one of her remedies for this is for them to remain within a circle of their dolls and toys until they see a vision of the virgin Mary come to them. But such thinking can only lead to an ending befitting of her own mental state.

Titolo Originale: Angela
Attori principali: Miranda RhyneCharlotte Eve BlytheAnna LevineJohn VentimigliaIo Tillett WrightVincent Gallo, Ruth Maleczech, Garrett Bemer, Peter Facinelli, Hynden Walch, Henry Stram, Caitlin Hall, Francis Conroy, Gerard Lyons III, Rodger L. Phillips, William McKnight, Jack O'Connell, Nurith Cohn, Constance McCord, Roxana Stuart
Regia: Rebecca Miller
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Rebecca Miller
Colonna sonora: Michael Rohatyn
Fotografia: Ellen Kuras
Costumi: Todd Thomas
Produttore: Ron Kastner
Produzione: Usa
Genere: Drammatico, Commedia
Durata: 99 minuti

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