American Psycho 2: All American Girl

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American Psycho 2: All American Girl
American Psycho 2: All American Girl

Patrick Bateman, the yuppie serial killer of AMERICAN PSYCHO may have met his timely end at the conclusion of his own sordid story, but one would-be victim managed to cheat death and escape him. As a result, Rachel Newman has since developed an unhealthy obsession with serial killers--leading her to become one herself. Will anyone catch onto her secret before she can kill again? Morgan J. Freeman directs this continuation of the story that began with Bret Easton Ellis's controversial novel.

Titolo Originale: American Psycho II: All American Girl
Attori principali: Mila KunisWilliam ShatnerGeraint Wyn DaviesLindy BoothCharles OfficerKim Schraner, Robin Dunne, Shoshana Sperling, Jenna Perry, Michael Kremko, Kate Kelton, Kim Poirier, Boyd Banks, Lynne Deragon, Philip Williams, Kay Hawtrey, John Healy, Neil Crone, Greer Kent, Quancetia Hamilton, Andrew Scorer, Billy MacLellan
Regia: Morgan J. Freeman
Sceneggiatura/Autore: Alex Sanger, Karen Craig
Colonna sonora: Norman Orenstein
Fotografia: Vanja Cernjul
Costumi: Donna Wong
Produttore: Christian Halsey Solomon, Chris Hanley, Richard Hull, Michael Paseornek, Ernie Barbarash
Produzione: Usa
Genere: Thriller, Horror
Durata: 88 minuti

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