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Seguendo un segnale radio Alf si schianta sul garage della famiglia Tanner che, non sapendo come comportarsi, lo accoglie e lo tiene al sicuro dalla NASA e dai propri vicini, finché i lavori per riparare l'astronave non saranno ultimati. Alf ha abbandonato il suo pianeta natale perché è andato incontro all'apocalisse nucleare (causata dall'accensione contemporanea da parte di tutti gli abitanti del pianeta di un asciugacapelli...) ed è convinto di essere l'unico sopravvissuto della sua specie. Diventa a questo punto un membro della famiglia Tanner, sempre tenuto nascosto, impara fin troppo bene a sopravvivere alla monotonia casalinga dedicandosi alla televisione e al cibo.

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Max Wright, Anne Schedeen, Paul Fusco, Andrea Elson, Benji Gregory, John LaMotta, Josh Blake, Liz Sheridan,
GENERE: Comedy

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Benvenuto ALF

Gordon Shumway, last known survivor from the planet Melmac, crash-lands his spaceship into the Tanner family's suburban garage. Willie dubs him "ALF", short for Alien Life Form. After convincing a military officer that they are not harboring a space creature, the Tanners decide to take ALF in as a member of the family.

GUEST STAR: , Michelle Schlachta, Francis X. McCarthy,
AUTORE: Tom Patchett

1x2 - Una notte movimentata

ALF decides to have some fun while a nervous Mrs. Ochmonek baby-sits Brian.

GUEST STAR: , Randy Simper, Larry Hankin,
AUTORE: , Paul Fusco, Thad Mumford,

1x3 - Cercando Lucky

When Lucky the cat disappears, everyone pins the blame on ALF.

GUEST STAR: , Carrie Lorraine, Darwin Joston,
AUTORE: , Bob Bendetson, Howard Bendetson,

1x4 - Minaccia Atomica

ALF calls the president to address his concerns about nuclear weapons.

GUEST STAR: , Richard Sanders, Harry Shearer, Meshach Taylor, Vince McKewin, Arthur Rosenberg,
AUTORE: Donald Todd

1x5 - Alf si mette in affari

ALF takes a job selling cosmetics over the phone.

GUEST STAR: , Mary Jo Catlett, Sandy Freeman,
AUTORE: Laurie Gelman

1x6 - Cuori solitari

ALF befriends a lonely blind girl.

GUEST STAR: Andrea Covell
AUTORE: , Mitzi McCall, Adrienne Armstrong,

1x7 - L'appuntamento mancato

Willie helps homesick ALF arrange a trip to Melmac.

GUEST STAR: , Bob Fappiano, Lisa Buckley,
AUTORE: , Tom Patchett, Lloyd Garver,

1x8 - Storia d'amore

ALF has a crush on Lynn, so he makes a music video to impress her.

GUEST STAR: Kurt McKinney
AUTORE: Jerry Stahl

1x9 - Un uomo tranquillo

On his 45th birthday, Willie feels unfulfilled, so ALF suggests he go skydiving.

GUEST STAR: , Joe Namath, Ivan Bonar, Michael Lemon, Thomas Callaway, Tim Rossovich,
AUTORE: Gary Markowitz

1x10 - Un giro in auto

ALF sells parts of his spaceship to buy Lynn a Ferrari.

AUTORE: , Thad Mumford, Laurie Gelman,

1x11 - Una vacanza sfortunata

Willie loses his temper with ALF during a family camping trip.

GUEST STAR: , Mickey Jones, Sam Whipple,
AUTORE: , Bob Bendetson, Howard Bendetson,

1x12 - Natale in casa Tanner

It's Christmas time. Unfortunately ALF chops the Christmas tree into firewood before anyone notices. The Tanners then have two tasks: to teach ALF all about Christmas and find a new Christmas tree.

AUTORE: Donald Todd

1x13 - Una visita inaspettata

ALF heads for the garage when Kate's mother pays a visit.

GUEST STAR: Anne Meara
AUTORE: , Bob Bendetson, Howard Bendetson,

1x14 - La telenovela

ALF submits scripts to his favorite soap opera.

GUEST STAR: , Anne Meara, Robert Pine,
AUTORE: Laurie Gelman

1x15 - La seduta spiritica

ALF plays matchmaker for Kate's mother.

GUEST STAR: , Anne Meara, Paul Dooley,
AUTORE: Thad Mumford

1x16 - L'amnesia (1)

ALF hits his head and is convinced he is an insurance salesman. The Tanners try reviewing past events to try and jog his memory.

GUEST STAR: Judy Landers
AUTORE: , Laurie Gelman, Donald Todd, Bob Bendetson, Howard Bendetson,

1x17 - L'amnesia (2)

The Tanners continue to try and jog ALF's memory, and deal with the police at the same time.

GUEST STAR: Judy Landers
AUTORE: , Laurie Gelman, Donald Todd, Bob Bendetson, Howard Bendetson,

1x18 - Ritorno a casa

ALF befriends a young Mexican immigrant.

GUEST STAR: , Phillip E. Gordon, Diane Civita, Earl Boen,
AUTORE: Donald Todd

1x19 - La gabbia

ALF goes through a 24-hour period of bizarre behavior.

AUTORE: , David Silverman, Stephen Sustarsic,

1x20 - Lo psicanalista

Willie and ALF both talk to a psychologist.

GUEST STAR: , Bill Daily, Jack Riley,
AUTORE: , Bob Bendetson, Howard Bendetson,

1x21 - La finestra sul cortile

ALF thinks he witnessed a murder at a neighbor's house.

GUEST STAR: Bill McIntyre
AUTORE: Bob Bendetson

1x22 - Il dente portafortuna

ALF comes to Brian's aid when the boy has to play an asparagus in the school play.

GUEST STAR: , Joshua Rudoy, Marcia Wallace, Mitchell Group, Mimi Davis,
AUTORE: , Wendy Graf, Lisa Stotsky,

1x23 - Il giocatore d'azzardo

ALF develops a gambling habit and winds up in trouble with his bookie.

GUEST STAR: , Anne Meara, David Leisure, Lee Ryan,
AUTORE: , Thad Mumford, Laurie Gelman,

1x24 - Il signor Scienza

Brian causes trouble at school when he repeats some of ALF's intergalactic knowledge.

GUEST STAR: , Marcia Wallace, Gary Goodrow,
AUTORE: Paul Fusco

1x25 - Lo scarafaggio

A cockroach from ALF's spaceship grows to gigantic proportions

GUEST STAR: Doug Warhit
AUTORE: Jerry Stahl

1x26 - Il tostapane

When Mr. Ochmonek becomes sick during a flight, ALF flies the plane.

GUEST STAR: Archie Hahn
AUTORE: Nelson Costello

Stagione 2

2x1 - Bravo ALF

ALF is relocated to the family garage as a result of his mischievous behavior.

AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

2x2 - L'isola di Gilligan

ALF dreams he visits ""Gilligan's Island"", with castaways Gilligan, the Skipper, the Professor and Mary Ann.

GUEST STAR: , Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Russell Johnson, Dawn Wells,
AUTORE: Scott Spencer Gordon

2x3 - Forme di vita aliena

Mrs. Ochmonek thinks she's gone crazy when she spots ALF in the backyard.

AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

2x4 - Il monaco di clausura

ALF joins a monastery after learning that his parents were married before he was born -- a disgrace on the planet Melmac.

GUEST STAR: , John M. Miranda, Bob Bendetson,
AUTORE: Lisa A. Bannick

2x5 - Gli indici di ascolto

The Tanners become a TV-ratings family and ALF decides to rig the system so that his favorite program becomes a hit.

GUEST STAR: , David Leisure, Michelle Brustin,
AUTORE: Lisa A. Bannick

2x6 - Festa in maschera

ALF becomes the star attraction at the Tanners' Halloween party.

GUEST STAR: , Geoffrey Blake, Lewis Arquette, Linda Hoy, Richard Roat, Melanie Noble, Nedra Volz,
AUTORE: Seth Weisbord

2x7 - Il concorso di bellezza

ALF helps Lynn boost her self-confidence by enrolling her in a beauty pageant.

GUEST STAR: Suzanne Hunt
AUTORE: Alicia Marie Schudt

2x8 - Nessuno é perfetto

ALF gets a severe case of hiccups after being excluded from Dorothy and Whizzer's wedding party.

GUEST STAR: , Anne Meara, Paul Dooley, Melanie Manos,
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

2x9 - Correre sui binari

Willie and ALF hop on board a freight train in search of adventure.

GUEST STAR: Tracey Walter
AUTORE: Bob Bendetson

2x10 - La seconda luna di miele

ALF and the Tanner kids give Willie and Kate a second honeymoon.

AUTORE: Seth Weisbord

2x11 - Il dibattito elettorale

Kate dreams that she and ALF are rival presidential candidates.

GUEST STAR: , John McLaughlin, Lou Felder, John O'Connell,
AUTORE: Lisa A. Bannick

2x12 - ALF's Special Christmas (1)

ALF and the Tanners prepare to spend Christmas in a cabin. When the owner comes to visit them, ALF accidently jumps into his trunk and he is taken to a hospital and given away as a Christmas gift to a little girl.

GUEST STAR: , Keri Houlihan, Carl Franklin, Cleavon Little, Molly Hagan, Glenn Withrow, Kate Patchett, James Brown III, Connie Mercede, Patricia Thomsen, Scott Brittingham,
AUTORE: Steve Hollander

2x13 - ALF's Special Christmas (2)

ALF tries to escape from the hospital but ends up stuck in an elevator with a woman in labor. After helping the woman to give birth, ALF pretends to be a toy and the cabin owner puts him back in the trunk and they drive away. When the cabin owner is about to jump off a bridge, ALF disguises himself as Santa and convinces the cabin owner to drive back to the cabin, where ALF is reunited with the Tanners.

GUEST STAR: , Keri Houlihan, Carl Franklin, Cleavon Little, Molly Hagan, Glenn Withrow, Kate Patchett, James Brown III, Connie Mercede, Patricia Thomsen, Scott Brittingham,
AUTORE: Steve Hollander

2x14 - Il ragazzo della porta accanto

ALF befriends the Ochmoneks' belligerent nephew, Jake.

AUTORE: , Al Jean, Michael Reiss,

2x15 - Non sono colpevole

ALF demands a fair trial after being accused of throwing a football through the Ochmoneks' window.

AUTORE: Nelson Costello

2x16 - Zio Albert

ALF believes that he scared Willie's uncle to death.

GUEST STAR: Elisha Cook Jr.
AUTORE: Paul Fusco

2x17 - La sentinella (1)

ALF lends a hand with the neighborhood block patrol and ends up confronting a prowler in the Ochmoneks' house.

GUEST STAR: , Beverly Archer, Raye Birk, Hal Havins, Carlos Lacamara,
AUTORE: , Lisa Stotsky, Wendy Graf,

2x18 - La sentinella (2)

It's up to Willie to save ALF from the SWAT team surrounding the Ochomonek house, in which ALF had been chasing a prowler.

GUEST STAR: , Beverly Archer, Raye Birk, Hal Havins, Carlos Lacamara,
AUTORE: , Lisa Stotsky, Wendy Graf,

2x19 - Una sistemazione temporanea

ALF moves in with his blind friend, Jody, and learns some important lessons about life without sight.

GUEST STAR: Andrea Covell
AUTORE: Marjorie Gross

2x20 - Il dramma della gelosia

ALF, jealous of the attention a stray dog is getting, gives the pooch to a mean old woman who claims to be the owner.

GUEST STAR: , Anne Ramsey, Logan Ramsey, Nicole Dubuc,
AUTORE: Scott Spencer Gordon

2x21 - Campioni in carica

Willie abandons his belief in pacifism after meeting the hostile father of the bully who's been pushing Brian around.

GUEST STAR: Martin Doyle
AUTORE: Kevin Abbott

2x22 - La promozione

Willie has problems trying to sell the house because ALF keeps scaring off potential buyers with phony ghosts.

GUEST STAR: , Joe Colligan, Nancy Linari, Robert Beuth, H. Ray Huff, Pamela D'Apella,
AUTORE: Alicia Marie Schudt

2x23 - Che é il burattino

ALF's mail-order ventriloquist's dummy takes on a life of its own, and it takes a visit from a psychiatrist to cure him.

GUEST STAR: , Bill Daily, Fred Gross,
AUTORE: , Al Jean, Michael Reiss,

2x24 - Tequila

Kate's friend, a known drinker, sees ALF in the kitchen and thinks she's hallucinating.

GUEST STAR: , Dorothy Lyman, Hilarie Thompson, Stephanie Hagen, Beau Dreman, Patrick Cochran,
AUTORE: Art Everet

2x25 - Alf & company

ALF fantasizes that he reveals his existence to the world and serves as substitute host on David Letterman's show.

GUEST STAR: , Anne Meara, Bill Daily, Andrea Covell, Sandy Duncan, Michael Berryman, Ed White,
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

2x26 - Alf cerca lavoro

ALF takes a job as a paper carrier when he learns that the cost of his upkeep is preventing Lynn from attending her first-choice college.

GUEST STAR: Pamela Segall
AUTORE: Lisa A. Bannick

Stagione 3

3x1 - Com'È Difficile Lasciarsi

ALF hides out in the back seat during Lynn's date at the drive-in.

GUEST STAR: Ricky Paull Goldin
AUTORE: , Skip Frank, Gwyn Gurian,

3x2 - L'Angelo Custode

In a fantasy sequence, ALF's guardian angel shows him what the Tanners' lives would be like without him.

GUEST STAR: , Joseph Maher, Lindy Nisbet,
AUTORE: Philip Whitehill

3x3 - I Guai Servono Sempre

The Tanners let Trevor Ochmonek stay at their house after he has a fight with his wife.

GUEST STAR: Beverly Archer
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

3x4 - Tonight Show (1)

ALF hosts ""The Tonight Show"", with Ed McMahon.

GUEST STAR: , Ed McMahon, Fred De Cordova, Tommy Newsom, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Joan Embrey, Rich Little, Teresa Ganzelle, Tim Wade, Eugene Greytak,
AUTORE: , Lisa A. Bannick, Steve Pepoon, Al Jean, Michael Reiss,

3x5 - Tonight Show (2)

ALF hosts ""The Tonight Show"", with Ed McMahon.

GUEST STAR: , Ed McMahon, Fred De Cordova, Tommy Newsom, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Joan Embrey, Rich Little, Teresa Ganzelle, Tim Wade, Eugene Greytak,
AUTORE: , Lisa A. Bannick, Steve Pepoon, Al Jean, Michael Reiss,

3x6 - Promesse E Sottigliezze

Betrayed confidences cause a falling-out between ALF and Lynn.

GUEST STAR: , Michael Des Barres, Mark Clayman,
AUTORE: Beverly Archer

3x7 - Il Tacchino È Scomparso (1)

The Tanners are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner with the Ochmonek's bizarre relatives.

GUEST STAR: , Shaggy Murphy, David Ogden Stiers, Michael Champion, Norma Lee Harris, David Knell, Adrienne Hampton, Robert P. Lieb,
AUTORE: Steve Hollander

3x8 - Il Tacchino È Scomparso (2)

ALF must avoid the Alien Task Force when a bum blows the whistle on him.

GUEST STAR: , Shaggy Murphy, David Ogden Stiers, Michael Champion, Norman Lee Harris, David Knell, Adrienne Hampton, Robert P. Lieb,
AUTORE: Steve Hollander

3x9 - Grossi Cambiamenti

Kate goes back to work when a strike sends Willie home.

GUEST STAR: Wendy Oates-Ferrand
AUTORE: Lisa A. Bannick

3x10 - Vecchi Ricord

Seeing Willie and Kate reminiscing over their old stuff in the attic and show the family film footage of them attending the Woodstock festival, ALF asks Willie about the 1960s, causing Willie to ponder if he abandoned the ideals he held during those years.

GUEST STAR: , John LaMotta, Liz Sheridan,
AUTORE: Ron Burla

3x11 - Solo, Sempre Solo

ALF mistakenly believes his cousin is living in Barstow, when he reads an article in the National Inquisitor.

GUEST STAR: , Richard McKenzie, Kathleen Freeman,
AUTORE: Paul Fusco

3x12 - Il Sorprendente Alf

ALF makes Brian disappear with a mail-order magic kit.

AUTORE: Scott Spencer Gordon

3x13 - Un Killer In Casa

ALF is convinced gangsters are chasing the Tanners' houseguest.

GUEST STAR: , Todd Susman, Jesse D. Goins, Ron Steelman,
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

3x14 - Consumatori ribellatevi

ALF's expose earns Willie a guest spot on David Horowitz's consumer advocate show.

GUEST STAR: , David Horowitz, Tom LaGrua,
AUTORE: Seth Weisbord

3x15 - Il ritorno di Elvis

ALF is convinced that a reclusive neighbor is actually Elvis Presley.

GUEST STAR: Peter M. Wilcox
AUTORE: , Al Jean, Michael Reiss,

3x16 - L'allergia di Alf

ALF has an allergic reaction to a baby.

GUEST STAR: , Nancy Lenehan, Stephanie Hagen, Wendy Oates-Ferrand,
AUTORE: Lisa A. Bannick

3x17 - L'ammiratore segreto

An extortionist threatens to turn ALF in to the immigration authorities for being an ""illegal alien"".

GUEST STAR: , Peter Iacangelo, Bill Wiley,
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

3x18 - Superstizione

ALF ghostwrites Jake's love letters.

GUEST STAR: Carla Gugino
AUTORE: , David Cohen, Roger S.H. Schulman,

3x19 - Il Ricattatore

ALF blames his streak of bad luck on a Melmac superstition.

GUEST STAR: David Wohl
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

3x20 - Alf E Le Grandi Pulizie

Lynn ends up with two dates for a dance through ALF's mishandled phone message.

GUEST STAR: , Mark Clayman, Ricky Paull Goldin,
AUTORE: Beverly Archer

3x21 - Troppo sole fa male

Desperate for a pet of his own, ALF acquires an ant farm.

AUTORE: Scott Spencer Gordon

3x22 - Non aver paura del buio

ALF and Jake suggest Brian camp out to overcome his fear of the dark.

AUTORE: Alicia Marie Schudt

3x23 - Una madre particolare

ALF sees Jake's kleptomaniac mother arrives for a visit, and steals a broach from Kate.

AUTORE: Alicia Marie Schudt

3x24 - Come in un vecchio film

ALF imagines in black and white that he and the Tanners are silent-movie stars.

AUTORE: Nelson Costello

3x25 - Mangia, Bevi E Sii Giocondo

ALF prepares for the worst after experiencing a mild earthquake.

GUEST STAR: Bruno Acalinas
AUTORE: Ron Burla

3x26 - Un bambino nuovo di zecca

ALF prepares for the baby's arrival by re-enacting scenes from ""The Dick Van Dyke Show.""

AUTORE: Lisa A. Bannick

Stagione 4

4x1 - Alf sitter

ALF earns the right to baby-sit Eric, but almost blows it when the child disappears.

GUEST STAR: , Charles Nickerson, J.R. Nickerson, Missy Francis,
AUTORE: , Stephen Sustarsic, David Silverman,

4x2 - Bugie cosmiche

Tabloid photographers accidentally photograph ALF, so the Tanners have to get the film back.

GUEST STAR: , Judith-Marie Bergan, Charles Dougherty,
AUTORE: , Jordan Tabat, Wesley Stern,

4x3 - Il ricercato

ALF shields Willie when a criminal resembling him is profiled on a crime-stopper TV show, but Trevor turns him in.

GUEST STAR: , David Alan Grier, Kenneth Tigar, Bob Bancroft, Aaron Lustig, Parker Whitman, Denise Y. Dowse, John Ingle,
AUTORE: Victor Fresco

4x4 - Un alieno di talento

Using Willie's home computer, ALF discovers and later becomes addicted to the art of making stock-market deals.

AUTORE: , Jeanne Baruch, John Romano,

4x5 - Mind Games

After a visit from a psychologist, ALF subjects the Tanners to a barrage of unwanted psychoanalysis.

GUEST STAR: Bill Daily
AUTORE: Jerry Stahl

4x6 - Hooked on a Feeling

Willie, in an effort to curb ALF's cotton addiction, holds a support group meeting in his living room.

GUEST STAR: , Rob Neukirch, Dale Raoul, Marcia Firestein, Joe Mays,
AUTORE: Victor Fresco

4x7 - He Ain't Heavy, He's Willie's Brother

ALF, forced to hide, plots the removal of Willie's visiting brother Neal.

AUTORE: , Victor Fresco, Lisa A. Bannick,

4x8 - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

ALF gets peeved about having to remain hidden while Willie's brother extends his visit.

AUTORE: , Victor Fresco, Lisa A. Bannick,

4x9 - Live and Let Die

ALF's attitude toward cats changes after his first encounter with kittens.

GUEST STAR: , Holly Fields, Kevin Bourland, Emily Schulman,
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

4x10 - Break Up to Make Up

Whizzer comes face-to-face with ALF when he searches for Dorothy at the Tanners.

GUEST STAR: , Anne Meara, Paul Dooley, Steve Sweeney,
AUTORE: Anne Meara

4x11 - Happy Together

ALF, on the outs with the Tanners, is offered a place to stay by Neal.

GUEST STAR: , Fran Bennett, Timothy Stack, Dan Gilvezan,
AUTORE: , David Silverman, Stephen Sustarsic,

4x12 - Fever

The Tanners pamper ALF after he catches his first Earth cold.

AUTORE: Bruce David

4x13 - It's My Party

ALF is relegated once again to the attic when the Tanners throw a Hawaiian luau.

GUEST STAR: , Jonathan Schmock, Alex Henteloff, Dean Cameron, Ted Raimi, Shirley Prestia, Henry G. Sanders,
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

4x14 - Make 'em Laugh

ALF dreams he's a famous stand-up comic.

GUEST STAR: , Casey Kasem, John Pinette, Joseph V. Perry, Wayne Powers, David Spade, John Apicella, Brandon Tartikoff, Carl Carllson, Carl Carlsson,
AUTORE: Howard Bendetson

4x15 - Love on the Rocks

Neal and his ex-wife Margaret reconcile, but ALF goes a long way to prove her motives are less than honest.

GUEST STAR: , Allyce Beasley, Lela Ivey, Stanley DeSantis,
AUTORE: , Cecile Alch, Patricia Niedzialek,

4x16 - True Colors

ALF enters the art world after he earns praise for a still life made from food.

GUEST STAR: , Kip Gilman, Gregory Cooke, Tara Karsian, Bill Brochtrup,
AUTORE: , David Silverman, Stephen Sustarsic,

4x17 - Gimme That Old Time Religion

As a newly ordained Melmacian minister, ALF must officiate a ceremony on Earth.

AUTORE: Leslie Ann Podkin

4x18 - Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

ALF considers the future with the Tanners, who will age faster than the ageless alien.

GUEST STAR: , Dean Cameron, Edward Edwards, Mark Blankfield, Fran Drescher,
AUTORE: Victor Fresco

4x19 - When I'm Sixty-Four

ALF encounters youth-seeking senior citizens when he's discovered sneaking into a retirement home.

GUEST STAR: , Phil Leeds, Eric Christman, Amzie Strickland, Virginia Russell,
AUTORE: , David Silverman, Stephen Sustarsic,

4x20 - Mr. Sandman

ALF and Willie scour Death Valley for buried treasure after discovering an old map.

AUTORE: Bruce David

4x21 - Stayin' Alive

A morally outraged ALF writes nasty letters to a pollution-producing company.

GUEST STAR: Dan Castellaneta
AUTORE: Steve Pepoon

4x22 - Hungry Like a Wolf

ALF takes to the park in search of food after his diet fails.

GUEST STAR: , Jeff Doucette, Donna LaBrie,
AUTORE: Paul Fusco

4x23 - I Gotta Be Me

ALF is the only one excited by the idea of Lynn moving in with her boyfriend.

GUEST STAR: Dean Cameron
AUTORE: Beverly Archer

4x24 - Consider Me Gone

It's a sad day in the Tanner household as ALF announces he's leaving Earth to settle on another planet with Skip and Rhonda, but ALF is captured by the Alien Task Force before he can get to their spaceship.

GUEST STAR: , Richard Fancy, Doug Ballard, Larry Poindexter, Sherman Howard,
AUTORE: , Victor Fresco, Steve Pepoon, David Silverman, Stephen Sustarsic,


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