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Death is the ultimate unknown; something we both fear and are intrigued by. 1,000 Ways to Die chronicles the last moments of people who met an untimely demise by making bad choices or through sheer bad luck. As well as being horrifying and morbidly funny, 1,000 Ways to Die is also educational and recreates the scenes using state of the art CGI graphics animation.

ATTORI PRINCIPALI: , Ron Perlman, Joe Irwin,
GENERE: Documentario

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Stagione 1

1x1 - Unforced Errors

A young beauty works out a fantasy; an attorney jumps out a window; a helium-filled death trap.

1x2 - Death Over Easy

A fetish orgy and some grizzly realizations; a dozing beauty and a fire-breathing midget.

1x3 - Dead and Deader

A man has a reaction to a rubber suit.

1x4 - Death Gets Busy

A man accidentally takes a bath in acid; a super model eats herself to death; an exploding tire.

1x5 - The Lighter Side of Death

A farm hand gets into trouble with the farmer's daughter; raw snails; a magician bites the bullet.

1x6 - The Good, The Bad, and the Dead

A survivalist has a run in with snakes; a shoplifter jumps in a dumpster.

1x7 - Death Be Not Stupid

A narcoleptic falls asleep on the job; a biker drinks gasoline; a couple die after making love.

1x8 - Cure for the Common Death

1x9 - Death: A User's Manual

An overeater goes belly up; a body builder juices and loses; a young couple text themselves to death.

1x10 - I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up)

A fatal colonic; a delayed reaction to death; a hot dog thief chokes to death.

Stagione 2

2x1 - Death On Arrival

2x2 - Death Bites!

2x3 - Up With Death

2x4 - Putting a Happy Face on Death

2x5 - Bringing In The Dead

2x6 - Gratefully Dead

2x7 - Come On Get Deathy

2x8 - Death Watch

2x9 - Waking Up Dead

2x10 - You're Dead! LOL!

2x11 - Dead to Rights

2x12 - Dead on Dead

Stagione 3

3x1 - Death On A Stick

A drunk man literally slides into death, a game of Russian Roulette has an unusual twist and a boy band's swan song ends with a swan dive.

3x2 - Putting A Smiley Face On Death

Russian mobsters share their last drink, a blonde bombshell literally lights up the night and a nature lover ends up joining the dead animal friend she tried to save.

3x3 - Stupid is as Stupid Dies

A meth addict bites off more than he can chew, the sorority girl from hell gets sucked down into it and a young couple share their last kiss.

3x4 - Dead Wrongs

Two con men get blown away, a sushi chef becomes the butt of a joke and the deadly consequences of porn addiction.

3x5 - Fatal Distractions

A drug runner gets a heads up, a glutton goes belly up, a man-baby gets timed out, a nature hater gets turtle waxed, two stoners get bonged, a woman gets down and dirty and a man-hater gets feminated.

3x6 - The End is Weird

A exhibitionist gets the shock of his life, a death that's literally hard to swallow & a street ball player gets some deadly hang time.

3x7 - Hurry Up and Die

An amateur car customer gets swept away, a cheapskate gets what he paid for and a real estate deal goes up in flames.

3x8 - Death Puts On a Dunce Cap

A hunter becomes the game, a soccer fan blows himself out and a crack addicted couple's world comes crashing down.

3x9 - Young, Dumb and Full of Death

A clumsy salesman burns out, a phony priest sees the gets sent to Kingdom Come and a when man does his own version of "Man vs. Wild", wild wins.

3x10 - Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death

Death in the 70's! A mean girl gets a chubby bunny, a juicer gets juiced, a thief bites his tongue and a biker boy craps out.

3x11 - Cure for the Common Death

A low rider gets crushed; nun chucks take out a dummy; Big Foot gets the boot; a case of spy vs. die; bikini girl swallows the wrong thing; a jockey gets thrown; an adult clown gets deep throated.

3x12 - Sudden Death

A geek has his revenge against a jock, the deadly results from a corset and a British torturer comes up with an idea for a man that's too tall for the rack.

3x13 - Dying to Tell the Story

A spoiled man learns the hard way to not fall asleep in the middle of Africa, an Amish man and a southern couple die sipping on the good stuff and in a battle of man against computer, the computer wins.

3x14 - If You're Dead - Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You

The origin of the phrase "Mad as a Hatter", a criminal's cries for help literally fall on deaf ears and a con artist who intentionally injures himself ends up getting a much worse unintentional injury.

3x15 - The One About Dumb People Dying!

A cremator gets creamed, Two luggage thieves steal the wrong bag and a pumpkin thief gets gourd and many other bizarre stories.

3x16 - Getting A Rise From The Dead

A sign spinner who picks a deadly way to flip his sign, a sneaky sous chef who picks the wrong place to hide from other staff and a mob hit by two mobsters that goes very wrong.

3x17 - Ready Or Not, Here Comes Death

A Japanese game show contestant dives down but comes up dead, a parkour enthusisast takes an unhealthy leap and two drunk hunters finding out that dynamite usage can be hazardous to one's health.

3x18 - Grave Errors

A hairstylist discovering drugs and alcohol while working can be deadly, a pair of female con artists who find going into a flooded basement can be shocking and a cell phone addict meeting her end in a move theater.

3x19 - Killing Them Softly

A Nigerian scam artist who winds up on the wrong end of his latest con, a grave robber who falls victim to the graveyard surroundings and an ex-Nazi who falls victim to delayed justice.

3x20 - Better Them Than Us

A theater owner finding out that flying can lead to the final curtain call, a Russian who gets death from above and a Revolutionary war setting with explosive results for one man.

3x21 - Dead Before They Know It

A girl takes cream from an unaware roommate with deadly consequences, two Sudanese thieves get death from high in the sky and a holiday mall Santa who ends the season on an icy point.

3x22 - Stupid Is As Death Does

A drunk sitting in an old pilot's seat gets fatally launched, teenagers in a drinking game find smoking and booze can be deadly and a video game addict learns the hard way that long term playing can lead to a real life "game over".

3x23 - That's "Mister Death" To You

A football player's odd place for storing his gun has deadly results, a terrorist escapes only for his method of escaping leads to his demise and a bank robber losing his head during the attempted theft.

3x24 - Death, The New Black

A disco dancer takes a fatal spin on the dance floor, a sauna contest has deadly results for the last contestant and an obnoxious drunk meets a heavy end at a plus sized beauty pageant.

3x25 - Death Be A Lady Tonight

An obnonoxious man steals a cab ride and gets cut down literally, an unhinged woman learns there is a fatal way to stalk her ex and terrorists find out that death can come from an unseen enemy.

3x26 - Today’s Special: Death

A woman who lied about her welding experience gets an explosive payback, a Prohibition era gunman finds a steamy bath house room is not the place to pull a gun and a right wing political activist makes a fatal point.

3x27 - Eat, Pray Die

A Dark Ages witch hunter meets death by stones, a juvenile delinquent fools around with a piece of farm equipment with fatal results and a drunk at a bachelor party receives a sharp and fatal blow.

3x28 - Wait, Don't Tell Me - You're Dead

A neo-nazi opens up a can of whoop ass, an epileptic stripper goes lights out, a poser diver washes out, a bunch of drug smugglers get caught red handed, a voyeur gets hood winked, a stalker gets shafted and a prankster’s prank backfires.

3x29 - Death: The Gift That Lasts Forever

A cheatin' hubby gets eaten by a bear, an old pervert sex-plodes, a bride goes down at the altar, a package gets an anthrax surprise, an insomniac commits a hit and run, a bearded hipster drowns and a drunk worker's pants explode.

3x30 - Death: One Size Fits All

A bakery worker, a coal miner, an oil wrestler and a driving instructor meet untimely demises.

3x31 - Death By Request

Highlights of the goriest, sexiest and most delightfully horrible deaths.

3x32 - Deadliest Kitsch

Dictator gets stuck; securtiy guard gets hosed; rock climber falls; cyclist runs out of breath; circus clown meets an insane posse.

3x33 - Grave Decisions

Politico has a sneezing fit; a gun toting man blows up; a dirty biker gets justice; camper boils over with love.

3x34 - Dirt Nap

A bank robber sticks his neck out for a friend, red head gets taken down, a badass teen meets a mail box, a sheister shopper takes a dip, a fat man loses face, and a fart that kills.

3x35 - Death Takes A Vacation

Food trucker gets fried; chemical engineer gets burned; drug dealer goes for a trip; mime is silenced.

3x36 - Wild Wild Death

An inside job sucks the air out of a room; a superhero tries to fly; girl wants to strangle her boss.

3x37 - Death Penalties

3x38 - Die-abestic

3x39 - Star Death: The Last Generation

3x40 - Death - Putting the 'Fun' in 'Funeral'

3x41 - Sor-Dead Affair

3x42 - Locked and Low Dead

Stagione 4

4x1 - Enter The Ferret

4x2 - Think Globally, Die Locally

4x3 - Tweets From The Dead

4x4 - A New App Called Death

4x5 - Death Certificates

4x6 - Crying Over Spilled Blood

4x7 - It's A Dead Dead Dead World

4x8 - Death, The Final Frontier


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